A Bunny Blog makeover

Hello friends! Welcome to my little blog makeover. I've been on a roll switching out my summer wardrobe and filling my closet with fall & winter clothes. This past weekend I finally stopped procrastinating and went thru my childrens closets and cleaned out and reorganized everything nice and neat. Well, I kinda thought my blog could use it as well. (wink!)

If you didn't already know I am a HUGE bunny lover! These precious cuties inspired me to set up a sweet vignette and use them for my new look.  


The bunnies seen in these photos were recent great finds at the Long Beach Flea Market. My sweet friend Amy Powers was with me when were were strolling along looking at all the goodies and we stumbled upon a vendor that had the most amazing collection of vintage toys and stuffed bunnies.  I fell in love with their worn body and faces. 

How sweet is her purple lids, long eyelashes, and pink heart shaped lips! The lady that sold me the bunny  said that she is a Madame Alexander stuffed bunny. Apparently they were very rare and made for a very short time. The bunny has no tags, but if anyone knows this to be true please let me know. Im very curious!


EEEK!!!!! Is this chalkware bunny not the cutest thing???? She sits sweetly on my bedroom dresser now. 

 I hope you like my "new look".  πŸ™‚ I like to compare it to a new haircut and style. Eventually I will get tired of it, and change it all over again. hee! hee! 

I would like to give my daughter Vivi a BIG CONGRATS!!!!  Her nursery is seen in the pages of the new Country Victorian magazine.  Look how proud and happy she looks. 




When I took these photos I couldn't resist taking a few candid snapshots that to my wonderful surprise turned out so beautiful!!!!!   


 OK! OK! Enough boasting about my kids! hee! hee! I dont want you to BARF on your computer screen. LOL!!!

If you have your speakers turned up and can hear this song playing. How FUN is it??? I've never heard this song until I saw this movie.

Hubby was out of town this weekend, so for entertainment I took the kiddies to see this movie. GO SEE IT!!!! It's soooo cute!!!! 

I appreciate you stopping by for a visit! I wish you all a wonderful, happy & creative week! Oooh and a healthy week as well. πŸ˜‰ Flu is going around! Hubby's got it! ICK!




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Love the new blog makeover, it’s so pretty! And all of your bunnies are just adorable!
Congrats to Miss Vivi…she has such a beautiful room….and the photos of her are darling!

Absolutely beautiful new look for your blog. So soft and cuddly! Super sweet Vivi fits right in! ~ Angela

Hello Vivi, You have a beautiful bedroom. I love how your Mom decorated it with pink and bunnies.You are a Precious little girl with a beautiful smile:) Have fun sleeping,playing and having tea parties in your adorable room. Sweet Hugs, Mary πŸ™‚


Every Girl needs a Makeover once in a while, keeps things fresh. Love what you did too. Miss Vivi is looking so Adorable and Proud. Love the shots of her. She is precious. Have a Wonderful Week, Jamie

Jenn, I love the new look of your blog!
Also, a big congrats to Vivi ~ and your candid photos of her are just beautiful!

love all your bunnies! The sweetest is your Darling Little Vivi Bunny!

Teacup Lady (Sandy)

We’re on our way to Florida on an RV trip and I bought three country magazines to drool over on the road – and two of them featured your lovely home! What a beautiful bedroom for your beautiful daughter, Vivi. Your daughter is even more precious than her bedroom. Thank you so much for sharing your home with us.
I love the vintage stuffed bunnies. I’ve never seen one with eyes with lids like the Alexander one. That is lovely.
And in one of the magazines I even noticed that your kitchen had a cute bunny wall paper strip running along the top of it.
Several years ago I saw a lovely bunny painting at one of the Biltmore Estate stores and have been looking unsuccessfully for one like it for my livingroom. I won’t give up trying though.
Love your new blog look too!

Jenn, your makeover is precious…i love how you used your bunnies for your sidebar buttons too, very cute…Vivi looks so adorable looking at her magazine spread!!!


O.k. I am loving the new look!!! The bunnies are all so beautiful!!! Vivi is so adorable to:)

This is just the Sweetest and the music is perfect!! On your M.A. Bunny check behind the neck for a siggy or a mark. Have a great week!
Huggs, Nancy

OMG….Your bunnies are to die for and that one with the heart for her nose is SO STINKIN CUTE…Can you hear me squealing all the way over in Arkansas? Such great memories for Viv to have her nursery featured in a magazine. I need to go check out that magazine.
P.S. I love the new look of your blog. I know exactly how you feel, I have been thining about a new look for mine.
Take care,

Jennifer Grenko

Jenn, I just want to tell you how much I look forward to finding your latest blog entry on Mondays.. It is a sweet way to start the week. I am at work so I don’t want to turn up the music but I will later… thanks for sharing. Jennifer

Jenn, I LOVE your blog makeover!!! Of course, you know I would, lol! I LOVE the bunny with purple eyelids!! SCREAM! I also love the sweet brown one with a white dress! I think I would have screamed if I cam across that booth, lol! LOVE the background of your blog too! It is so you πŸ™‚
Vivi is just getting more and more beautiful by the day!! I could just kiss those precious cheeks all day! And if anyone’s nursery belongs in a magazine, it is Vivian’s! You have created the most beautiful, magical wonderland for her and it deserves to be showcased!
My boys want to see that movie!! I CANNOT wait to see Where The Wild Things Are this weekend!!! Remember that book?? I am so excited, lol! I love that book!!
I am so sorry your poor hubby is sick πŸ™ What kind of flu does he have? There is so much going around here and it scares me! My son told me he had 11 kids absent Thursday! The sick room was so full, kids were laying on the lobby chairs with buckets and thermometers. I have been a basket case!! I hope you and the kids don’t get sick Jenn!
I have been thinking about ya, hoping all is well!
Love ya lots,

My kids have been dancing around the room while I read your blog, Jenn. I should have taken pics, haha.
I love bunnies and LOVE the makeover! and how sweet are Viv’s hands. I love toddler’s sweet little chubby fingers…too, too cute. She is a beautiful girl and with every pic that you post you can see the subtle changes in her. You are going to have your hand’s full in the teen years. Poor Grant will be defending her honor ALOT!

Thanks Jenn! You’ve made me smile with your sweet comment! :)XO,Jenn

Thank you sweetie!!! I just KNEW you would love the new design! I totally thought of you!!! πŸ˜‰ XOXO,Jenn

Hee! Hee! Yes…I hear ya squealing! Thanks Lori!! XO,Jenn

Thanks Angela! Oh too cute that your boys are dancing around the room! hee! hee! Isnt it amazing how just in a few months time you can see the changes in Vivi. SHe will be a teen before I know it and i will have my hands full! LOL!! XO,Jenn

Love the new look Jenn! Vivi is such a cutie. She is going to be a heartbreaker!

The new blog decor is very pretty! I wish there were more sites that were compatible with a Mac.
As I sit here, I am looking at my cute little Miss Rosie. She is just too cute Jenn. Thank you! And loved the magazine, but it’s looking like I’m going to have to go out and buy another one to see your other featured room! TOO FUN!
Went to Glitterfest last Sat and saw Jess and Kim and lots more. It was fun too!
Have a great day! Karen


Love the new look of your blog. Absolutely darling! The bunnies are adorable.


Love the blog makeover…
And congrats to beautiful Miss Vivi for having her nursery displayed in Country Victorian magazine.
Love your blog..:)
Kirsten , Denmark, Scandinavia.

Yes, I loved that song in the movie! Its an old one I remember from when I was a kid. Yep, a real old one!!
I saw the nursery in the magazine and have to say it looked every bit as beautiful as the room did in person. Very pretty, congrats!

cute makeover Jenn. You talk as much as you like about your kids, I love talking about my Princess! How Vivi has grown, she was not even walking when I found your blog, her hair is divine and she is so pretty!!! No wonder you are a proud Mama! Congrats on the nursery spread also – Rachaelxo
p.s. bet your hubby is dying!!!

Vivi is more beautiful everyday!! Great pix!
Love the bunny makeover too!
I love the bunny with the purple eyelids! Hee hee!

Maureen Reid

I love the new look with the vintage bunnies and your little girl is lovely……

How cute is the bunny makeover???!!! And I just can’t believe how grown up Vivi’s looking!!! Love your blog as always!! xxx

awww, just found your sweet blog! love, love, love everything! : ) Your creations are amazing & your home is like something from a fairytale dream! So pretty..
your daughter is such a cutie, congratulations little Vivi!
Sheryn xox

The Bunnies are adorable!!! I love the makeover

How could your daughter’s nursery not be showcased, it’s beautiful!
Lovely makeover πŸ™‚

Cute blog, love the makeover… and Miss Vivi and her room…. ahhh…. soo beautiful!

love the new look! and vivi is so cute!
xoxo, Tiffany

Oh! I love your new blog header! And your daughter is such a doll! I’ll have to look for that magazine.

The new look girl is fabulous!!!! Love reading bout’ you in the magazines…. Keep making the prettiest of things, you always get my creative juices going. Thanks Creatively, Tammie Moore

Your makeover looks wonderful. I showed my 2 1/2 year old daughter your bunny collection this morning and she literally gasped with glee. She is a bunny lover too! All morning she was asking to look at the bunny’s again and again and…
Best wishes,


Hello! I love your blog and visit when I can. So sweet that your daughter is featured in the magazine! Well deserved, the article/room looks incredible! PLEASE tell me where I may purchase the magazine? I can’t seem to find it anywhere online. Where can I get a copy? Not just this issue but furture issues as well! Thank you kindly! Tricia

Jenn…..your blog makeover is Beautiful!!! It brought a smile to my face (boy did I need it),,,,let me know when you get your box. I am sooo behind schedule, and am so sorry. Your daughters room is amazing….and she is a doll.
xxoo Valarie


Love your new look! I need to be brave and do something new to my blog! Love your new bunny banner and those pictures of Miss Vivi– so precious!!!

Oh Jenn, Vivi’s photos were so darling. I’m amazed at how much she is changing! She’s loosing her babyface, sniffle sniffle! A true future Southern Belle! I had the issue about a week ago and felt so warm and fuzzy knowing you and Miss Vivi, and she made print! How adorable is that? Once again, she is so precious! If you’d like to be invited to my private site, feel free to email me at pinkfadedroses@sbcglobal.net
Lovely new look, Lori

Your page is great! SOO pretty! I’m new to blogging and am looking to follow Shabby Chic lovers, garage sale and vintage collectors, Classic Hollywood lovers or just Mom’s like myself. It would be great to make some new friends. I would love if you would come join my page and follow me, save my site and come back often:-) If you would like:-) Have a great day! Winona

Hi Jenn,
Just love the bunnies. I did my daughters room in Bunnies by the Bay when she was your daughters age. She outgrew them but I never did.
I am just peeing my pants waiting for Petticoats and Parasols. I spent the day with Tiffany on Monday and she gave me a peek at her project. Yay! Looking forward to finally meeting you.
Tiffany suggested me having a vendor table, I am thinking about it πŸ˜‰

Amanda, I LOVE Bunnies by the Bay! Vivi had two of their bunnies in her room. I can NEVER outgrow them either. hee! hee! Oh good!!! Im happy you are excited about P&P! I would be thrilled if you wanted to be a vendor. It’s going to be a FUN night and a faublous location! Cant wait!!! Hugs!XOXO,Jenn

So fabulous and beautiful! I love it.
Here is a little blog award for you, if you like please pick it up at:

very pretty makeover. So girly and pretty :o)
Not surprised your little girl is so proud, she should be. I love the photos you took. I always say that Mum is the best photographer, because there are times when only a Mum could take a really good photo. Each year I use a photo of our gorgeous girl (aged 3) on our Christmas cards. She gets a fab new frock, then we have a few days of ‘photo shoots’ until she gets fed up with me and refuses to join in! I use the same piece of tinsel on her head – it’s our little tradtition – and so many times people have asked me where I’ve had the photos taken! I just laugh and say at Mum’s Studio!
Have a good week, well, what’s left of it. Hope your hubby is better soon and that the little ones don’t get it too.
Sadie x

Your blog is so DELIGHTFUL!!!!! I just love the bunnies!!!

Your new blog banner and all of it is so pretty and cute! Now…if I could only convince my husband to “let” us get a bunny that hops around the house and wiggles his nose!
Vivi is lovely ~ wow, how did she manage the photo shoot so well!?!
Ciao bella,

I love your new makeover with the adorable bunnies! I remember this song from years ago & alway loved it! Vivi is just too precious & pretty, Jenn! I know you are so proud!

Hello Jenn!
Missing you loads here:)I’m so excited again while reading and rolling my eyes on your beautifully makeover blog! Moreover i just couln’t skip any of your previous post and its time for me to get back on track for my long break…..
Bunnies!!! HEHEHE I LOVE SO MUCH!!!In chinese belief my mom & hubby were born in rabbit year, my pet bunny! I beg you must had so much of fun at “Fall festival in North Atlanta” lovely shots!lovely finds helloween chair so vintage! Vivi such a doll….and CONGRATS!!!
Adore Your Beautiful Life Jenn:)
I’hv change my blog to this addreas http://dreamcometruelovekz.blogspot.com/
The previous one no longer use, your comments always brighten my day! Thanks for visiting my blog:)
Fabulous weekend!


love your blog but am now depressed that i’m so old as to remember when this Leslie Gore song first came out in the 60’s. She also sang “It’s My Party & I’ll Cry if I Want To” and “Now It’s Judy’s Turn to Cry”—ahh the memories! My 3 sisters and I used to belt out all of these, memorizing each word!!
I have a brand new blog–I’d love it if you’d come visit!

Hi Jenn! MISS VIVI is soooo darn cute posing with her magazine! You must had been jumping for joy when you opened that magazine. I am so excited for you.
Lots of love,

What an adorably fun bunny surprise! I immediately thought of Amy! ☺

Such cute bunnies!

such a delightful makeover! and sweeter than that is adorable miss viv! goodness..it is such fun to see the babes grow up…and sad at the same time with how fast it happens! my hubby keeps pushing down on maddysen and maxx’s heads to try to keep them little for a bit longer! (hasn’t worked…and they keep growing…) i saw the article, it was beautiful!!! big hugz and hope hubby feels better soon!

I love the sweet bunnies, and the photos of your daughter are precious!

Hi! I was just wondering if you know where I could buy a copy of the Country Victorian magazine your daughter’s room is pictured in? They are almost impossible to buy here in Australia!
By the way, I enjoyed the home tour of your house in Romantic Country. πŸ™‚

I bought that magazine last week not even realizing that Vivi’s room was featured! Imagine my delight to discover it! Vivi’s a celebrity!
Love your new banner and overall look. So pretty. And that song is just SO you, Jenn!

The pic of your Vivi holding the magazine is so adorable. She is a great little model! All of your bunnies are so sweet too. You really have a great personal style, from your art to your photography to your unique way of writing.

Well, your bunny was so cute. I am sure my nephew will gonna love this. Thanks for giving me an idea.

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