A joyful Easter Weekend!


Spring Greetings! I hope ALL of you my sweet friends had a WONDERFUL & BLESSED Easter Holiday. We had a terrific weekend and it was NON STOP busy!

Grant’s pre-school had an Easter egg hunt and had some very sweet and fuzzy guest.


Each child had the opportunity to hold a baby chick. I think Grant made a friend. πŸ˜‰



Sweet hugs…..


Of course I had to take a BEST FRIENDS picture!


It’s OFFICIAL!!!! Im a SOCCER MOM! EEK! Is that good or bad? You always here mixed things about the term "Soccer Mom". There’s a sterotype behind the name. Well, all I know is my little man wants to play soccer and hubby and I took him to his second practice. At three years old, they honestly dont do much except little drill practices. Parents are highly encouraged to be involved. So, here are some fun pics of Grant and I on the field.


We had to carry our childern on our backs and kick the ball. πŸ™‚


Kicking the ball with Daddy.


Here are some super cute action shots. Img_9417 

At the end of the practice. The coach makes all the children throw their soccer ball up in the air and scream "POPCORN!!!!" It’s just the CUTEST!!!!


Saturday my parents came to visit and stay the night, and I invited some friends over for a very last minute impromptu dinner party. We had GORGEOUS weather that day, so I decided it would be the PERFECT weather to dine outside in our garden room. I set the table all within an hour. If I had more time Im sure I could have gone all out, but Im pretty happy with the results. Unfortunately, I dont have many potted flowers and plants in the room because of the cold nights and frost, but with a last minute purchase of pink hydrangea it turned out pretty. With a little candle light, good food & wine, family and friends, and XM radio old jazz playing in the background it was a PERFECT night!



Close up


I have a small bistro table I used for more seating. It’s soooo sweet and intimate. My parents sat at this little table. 



Easter Sunday we went to my in-laws house for the day. My mother in law had a HUGE spread of yummy food. The kids of course easter egg hunt and had a BLAST! Here’s one of my bunnies eating a strawberry.


Getting ready to hunt eggs.





Checking out the loot with the girls from next door.


Now onto some fun easter yummies!!!!!!!

I went to the Flea market Saturday and picked up some wonderful goodies. Im not going to show all, because some are for swap gifts, but I found this ADORABLE gem and only paid $2 for this bunny candy dispenser. I cleaned it all up and it currently sits in Grants room. πŸ™‚


I had a wonderful and lovely surprise from my friend Suzanne Duda with whom I met at Silver Bella and is practically neighbors because she lives about two hours north of me. She emailed me and told me that she had a little gift for Miss Vivian. She found it one day while antiquing and knew it would be PERFECT for Vivi to have.  I knew whatever Suzanne bought had to be FABULOUS! She has such beautiful taste! Well lookie lookie….Miss Vivi has her first apron now. It’s a vintage child apron in a gorgeous shade of blue.


I tried putting it on her but it looked more like a big skirt. LOL! However, as she get’s older she will grow into it and look darling wearing it while helping Mommy cook. Thank you soooo much Miss Suzanne! Vivi is blowing you kisses!!!!

Hello! My name is Miss Fabulous! YES! These precious little clothes pin doll is just the SWEETEST! Jennifer of Lollipop workshop has started creating these darling little gals, and they are flying off the shelves. I took one look at Miss Fabulous and her froo froo poodles and knew she had to come home with me. πŸ™‚


I participated in Bella’s Enchanted Easter Basket swap and I was EXTREMLY lucky to have been partnered up with my adorable and fabulous friend Miss Cheryl Rosey Posey.    I received my basket of goodies the other day and was BLOWN away by all the yummy sweetness! It felt like Christmas all over. Cheryl knows me and my style SO well, and she did a fantastic job on my basket. Gotta share the treats with ya!


LOVE my chenille easter basket!


I ADORE the sweet little embroidered lamby and bunny!!!!


Gorgeous sachet.


Pink chenille for my work and adorable itty bitty baby.   


I am TICLKED PINK with my Easter Basket. Miss Cheryl you did such an awesome job creating and personalizing this custom basket just for ME! I LOVE EVERY BIT!!!! πŸ™‚

Here’s a lookie at the basket I made for her.





I made this adorable little Easter sign for Cheryl to display.


Wanna be friends?


What is Easter without a bunny???? I know Cheryl loves soft soothing colors with a touch of heirloom and sweet sentiment. So I created a special bunny girl just for her. She is the LARGEST bunny I have ever worked with, and she is so lifelike!  She carries her basket of flowers and along with her vintage hankie. I’ve adorned the basket with lace trim and vintage pearl earbob. Her straw hat is adorned with pink paper roses.   





I LOVE LOVE LOVE how she turned out, it was almost hard to part with her. hee! hee! I hope Miss Cheryl will love her Easter Basket as much as I enjoyed making it for her.

Now that Easter is behing us hopefully things will be a little less hectic this week, and I can get busy filling some orders and catching up on swaps.

Wishing you ALL a dreamy inspired creative week! Hugs and Kisses! XOXO,

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aahh jenn ya all look so cute!
that little soccer player is a cutie!
they both looked lovely easter sunday! and that basket from cheryl. yummy. what fun treasures! you look beutiful as always. you all look so happy!
thats what it’s all about!!
have a great week

What a sweet, wonderful, and bright blog you have. I just feel like I am eating ice cream when I visit. Everything is always so bright and cheerful. Your children are just adorable.
You must have a wonderful camera, all your pictures are really crisp.
Thanks for sharing

What fab pictures for Easter, the children look like they had a wonderful time.
I especially love the mini Beckham on the football pitch:)
Ooooh and the Easter baskets are beautiful too, I LOVE the easter bunny with the hat and the little basket.
Happy Easter to you all.


Oh my goodness I loved looking at all the pictures, your basket you made was fabulous, the one you got was fabulous too. I loved the table you set for dinner and adored the Easter pictures, how darn cute is your son playing soccer!!! great great post

Such lovely pictures of your family. I love the basket full of goodies from Cheryl….I’m so jealous!hee!hee! And Cheryl was a lucky girl to get that beautiful bunny and adorable sign! I love that sign!! :O)
Thank you for sharing your beautiful Easter.

Oh how precious!!! Love the pics of the kiddies egg-hunting! Leroy was getting so excited watching Grant with the duckling, and he thought the pic of the two little boys was fun! lol!
Loving the new beauties you’ve been making and the easter baskets are TDF!!! xo

OHHHH WOW beautiful pictures! Love the basket you get and the one you send.Really pretty!!Your childrens are so cute and i think its good to be a soccer mom πŸ™‚

Jenn, i just love when you have pictures of the children:) they are both so very adorable!!! and Miss Vivi always has the cutest expressions on her little face…her Easter dress is soooooo sweet…i could eat her up:) LOVE LOVE LOVE that bunny you made for lucky ducky Cheryl, she is beyond precious!!!

What a wonderful Easter you and your family had!
Those chicks are sooo cute!
Victoria xx

Your garden room is beautiful! What a sweet place for a dinner party. It looks like Easter was a wonderful time for you and your family. I miss egg hunts!

Wow! This is my first time visiting your blog and it’s the wonderful blog I’ve ever seen! Every single picture is filled with things that make you sigh and gasp. Your home is beautiful! I will be back regularly!

This post truly is candy.. those tables.. duckies.. Easter Baskets.. your daughters cute little sweater and dress! Darling all! Love it! (love the tunes too!)

Fun photos! Grant is quite the little athlete – watch out David Beckham! The Easter shots are wonderful.

Your garden room is fabulous. The white milk glass, the green goblets…my oh my I love it! The baskets are amazing. I love the sweet lamb Cheryl made and your Happy Easter sign and bunny had to bring squeels of joy! The children look darling. They are just so precious.

Ana Barrett

OHH HOW SWEET jenn! Glad to hear you had a awesome easter! And you make a fabulous soccer mom! how sweet! that basket from Cheryl is so you and I totally love yours just as much. GREAT POST JENN! AWESOME TO HEAR from you and your weekend! HAVE A SUPER SWEET WEEK!!
ana p.s. LOVE my shadowbox! (made my whole easter!!)

What a fun post, Miss Jennifer! Your kidlets are as cute as ever and I’m just loving seeing Miss Walking Vivi in her big girl dresses….soooooo precious! And Grant in his soccer uniform is so sweet…you know I’m picturing Andrew in a couple years. πŸ˜‰
I’m so glad your Easter basket made you happy! I had so much fun putting it together for you. πŸ™‚ And Sweetie, suffice it to say – YOU SPOILED ME! I’m IN LOVE with my BEAUTIFUL bunny and she is a total heirloom, as are the little bisque bunnies and the darling sign you made. I adore it all!!!! All the yummy-tasting and yummy-smelling treats are making me smile and my kids were busy blowing bubbles, popping eggs in the air and cuddling their darling rabbits ever since the package arrived. Thank you again, Sweet Friend.
Hugs to you and yours…
Cheryl πŸ™‚

Where do I start?! The bunny is sooo adorable. Vivian in that sweet little Easter dress, cutie pie! But Grant cuddling that little duckling, how precious! I love the one where he’s holding it out to look at the duck eye to eye, oh those little cheeks!! As always, your pics of goodies are so fun and inspiring! I’m sending your package today, so be checkin’ for it sometime this week!

Jenn, The children looked adorable as always, Grant so handsome and Vivi a baby doll! Hum….where Mom’s picture??? Loved how the table looked for dinner! Gosh I’m so envious of you Southerners and Westerners who have a real Spring!! Now onto Suzanne’s apron too precious!!!! She alone is so special to me1 And you and Cheryl had some awesome baskets to each other!!! Have a great week sweets, love ya, Lori

What a fantastic swap you had with Cheryl! And I am drooling over that little dress your baby has on, the flowers on it are wonderful.


Hi Jenn~
Oh, the pictures of the baby chicks with your little ones is so PRECIOUS!!! It looks like you had a wonderfully blessed Easter, with lots of fun and love.
Enjoy your day!!!
xxxooo Ruth

Hello, Jenn! I was cruising along, reading your post and enjoying your basket of goodies from Cheryl Dack, when I said, “Whoa!” I made that blue-striped hanging flower basket that she gave you!! Isn’t she sweet? She bought a couple of them from me. That was a great collection of stuff! Enjoy!
Cheryl (the other Cheryl) πŸ™‚


Jenn Everything looks wonderful on your blog, I love all your wonderful things you share. You did a great job on the Dinner party, looks delightful. And your swap with Cheryl is so beautiful and fun! You sure have the Good Life my dear.
Hugs, Diane

I love the soccer pics! And the picture with the little chickie and your son is just adorable. Miss Vivi in her Easter dress is too cute for words!
It is such a treat to come here and visit!

Every time I visit here, I am receiving such a wonderful gift from you! EVERY photo is truly precious – your photos especially of your babies touch my heart.. Grant reminds me of my son too when he was little. I was a baseball mom – enjoy every moment of their activities.. as it is all so fleeting. The chickies, the beautiful garden room, the gorgeous baskets, the sweet bunny that you made, Vivi’s soooo cute apron from soooo sweet Suzanne – ALL that you share is just wonderful. Thank you for your inspiration – thank you for being YOU. A breath of fresh air.

ooh!! what a great post!!! love the pics of the kiddos!!! so adorable!!
love the goodies from Cheryl and the ones you sent her too!! I adore all the little lollipop girls that Jenny makes!! So glad you got one! Aren’t they sweet?

Lots of fun eye candy. Love baby girls Easter dress and baby boy chasing the soccer ball. So sweet. Love the Easter creations swap.

Hi, I believe I was in a class or two with you at our wonderful Silverbella weekend. I saw Jessi lolli-doll. Oh, how charming. She is just the cutest girl on the block. Take care and hope to see you this year at SB. Kara

Hi Miss Jenn!
My goodness it feels like months have passed by!! We have missed your beautiful blog but are soo happy to be home for a short while and catch up all your news and GORGEOUS photos!!
Grant is so precious, your little soccer man, how adorable is he, so full of enthusiasm!! Love his gear! And popcorn, how cute!!!!
And Miss Vivi, her first steps, there no stopping her now! What an adorable little lady she is too! Love her pretty dress and the photo of her sharing her eggs with the neighbours children, that is so sweet!
We don’t know what to say about the basket of goodies you made and received, on my goodness, we are lost for words and that is saying something!! lol Absolutely stunning, so much thought and love put into everything you do.
Miss fabulous is certainly that, how cute is she? Will have to check that out, thank you for providing the link!
We really missed your Blog and will fly by again whenever as soon as we can. Have a gorgeous Sunday and enjoy your Spring weather, bet your garden will soon be in full bloom πŸ™‚
Hugs and love,
Jenn and Jacqui

Marion (from Brazil)

OH!! Once more a great post! Grant playing soccer, just adorable. My 3-old-year grandson (JoΓ£o Carlos) plays CAPOEIRA, a brazilian marcial art. Grant would love it.
Loved everything you shared with us, specially your gourgeous creations. Sooo nice the garden room! You are so blessed! Wish you all the best.
Love and kisses from Rio de Janeiro,

Hi Jenn,
Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your sweet words.
Your site is beautiful and so much fun, I love it.
I noticed your home was in Romantic Homes,
its so funny because I remember seeing your home when It came out several years ago and fell in love with the lavendar dining room
its still one of my favorites. how funny to find you now.

Sweet Cottage Dreams

You have the sweetest children!!!! A lovely post and filled with precious and sweet goodness. The baskets you and Cheryl made are wonderful. Each one had lovely things..I’dve been tickled happy, too.
Have a lovely week!

OH MY GOSH!! Your babies are SO CUTE!!! Love those sweet little faces!! I could kiss those cheeks all day, lol! Your home is over the top gorgeous! And oh, the swap gifts ~ fabulous!! Your son is SO precious with those baby ducks, I could cry! So sweet and innocent! I have been a soccer mom for a few years now and love it πŸ™‚

*love* *love* *love* ALL your photos! Adorable children! Sweet Easter swaps and so much more!!!!!
Everyday Cookies

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