A little Birthday Eye Candy….

Oooh do I have an EYEFUL to share with you! First off Im going to share a little birtday gifts that I gave and received. Im such a lucky girl to have recevied such sweet and beautiful birthday gifts from my dear friend Cheryl. This is the first personalized gift I have ever recieved that has my blog and store name. Im soooo TICKLED over my precious bisque doll. I adore her little headband! πŸ™‚


Cheryl also spoiled me with this gorgeous vintage satin box.


Lookie at what was inside…….


This gorgeous beaded bag and vintage hankie will be perfect for a dressy occasion, and I will most definitely find the pefect spot for it to display it in my home. Thank you MISS CHERYL!!! I LOOOOVE all my gifts!!! Kiss! Kiss!

Well Miss Rosey Posey herself just celebrated her b-day as well, and I couldnt resist making something super cute and whimsy! I had sooo much fun creating this special piece for Cheryl.

This piece is titled "The Rosey Posey birthday parade float".



Doing the birthday wave! πŸ™‚


Birthday queen hood ornament.


Etsy bumper sticker


Doll Banner


HONK if your a CRAFTER!



I also sent her the most darling little birthday Betsy created from super sweet Sadie Lou.


Enjoy your b-day goodies Miss Cheryl!!!!

Ok, my next OOOH SOOO GORGEOUS eye candy is my custom designed crown tiara made created by the wonderful Holly of Hollydoodle Designs. She truly OUT DID herself with this stunning crown. I knew I wanted the colors to be lavender and pink and super super soft and erethral. She adorend it with the sweetest bunnies, butterflies,fairy dancer, and the most *SPARKLEY* BLING!!!! 



Holly in my eyes I offically crown you as the "Crown Tiara QUEEN!"  Thank you sooo much for creating this gorgeous crown for me. XO

Since were on the topic of magical and enchating eye candy, I wanted to do a little feature on one of MY top 10 favorite artist. Debrina Pratt. Many of you Im sure are very familiar with her work. She is very well known for her whimsical fairies. This is a piece of her’s that I purchased awhile back. It’s a fairy tea party. I just ADORE it!!!


Im blown away by the fact that Debrina creates ALL the time and sells every single piece she makes sells on Ebay. She has a HUGE fan following. I can totally see why. Check out these OVER THE TOP darling pieces on her Ebay and Earth Angels shop.  I want to covet them all. HEE! HEE!   

Im am honroed and so thankful to have received the "You make my day Award" from the lovely Miss Jennifer of The Old Painted Cottage.


THANK YOU JENNIFER! I soo appreciate it!!!!

You MUST check out the cottage of the Month for March. OH MY STARS! Drop dead beautiful!

Ok, I think Im on a sugar high now. More to come in a few days for I am about to list SEVERAL new Sugary sweet Easter pieces in my store on Monday.

Thanks for stopping by! Toodles! Have a GREAT weekend!


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Awwwww….I’m so glad you like your pretties! And I ADORE what you made me for my pressie! I’m about to post my blog about this, too! Big huggies! Cheryl

hey jenn both you and cheryl had such great b days!
that float is over the top by far the best thing i have seen in blogland! i love it! so fabulous!!!!
your tiara rocks!!!
glad you had such a great month!

Oh what gorgeous creations and gifts you and Cheryl exchanged for your birthdays. Oh so beautiful – I love your float.
Wow what a fabulous crown Holly has made and Debrina’s creation is so sweet.
Congrats on your award.

WOWZERS!!! You two girls made each other the most fabulous birthday gifties! And you both deserve them! What a whole lot of sweetness here! Loving the dolly box and that float, gosh Jenn how did you ever think of that??? You amaze me with your ideas! oxo

Hi Sweet Jenn, OK, that AMAZING float you made knocked my socks off! Oh my gosh, over the top fabulous! I love all your sweet gifties from the darling Cheryl too. And that fairy tea part…oh my. I’m so glad you love the crown we collaborated on! I call it a collaboration because I never would have put this together without your ideas, and I am so glad to have had that opportunity. It’s one of my favorites I’ve made, probably because I tried new things. And that color combo rocks. Thank you so very much, my sweet friend.xoxoxo

Wow! What fun yummies you both got. Thanks for sharing your eye candy with us. Have a beautiful weekend!
Hugs and Blessings,

Ana Barrett

WOW JENN!!!!! THAT FLOAT IS BY FAR THE MOST FABULOUS CREATION I HAVE EVEN SEEN IN BLOGLAND!! INSANELY CREATIVE AND YUMMY! so glad to hear you got some birthday yummies and made some as well! You’re so creative and sweeet! I will ****DEFINITELY**** TRY MY BEST TO SCORE SOMETHING FROM YOUR ETSY THIS MONDAY IF EVERYTHINGS NOT SOLD! i Really love your shadowboxes! so yummy! I can’t get over that tiara that holly made as well! totally made me melt in my chair! so amazing!

Oh what wonderful gifts!!! The purse would be great for the Prom…and the float is the perfect entrance for the prom queen to attend the next gala in!


such beautiful creations to share! I Love them all…

Lovin all the birthday goodies both given and received. The tiara is amazing – Holly always leaves me speechless.

Oh that car you made is off the charts oo-ee, gooey sweet! Very nice~

Lucky, lucky girl!! Love the crown and the float is AMAZING! You are one talented chick-a-roni!!!!

Jenn, That pink birthday car is too gorgeous for words.
This was an awesome blog post. Full of eye candy, especially that TIARA! OMG!!!!!!! You have wonderful taste and Holly is the best tiara maker in the universe.

what lovely eye candy…loving your birthday creation!

I LOVED the beautiful pink car you gave Cheryl – so creative! I saw it and my first thought was it was a stroke of genius! Love the hood ornament!! I always love to check your blog – it’s full of such sweet things! Nan

Wow! Eye candy for sure! What lovely birthday treats!!! Everything is absolutely delightful! Thank you for sharing. You’ve made my day!

Sweet Cottage Dreams

Hi Jennifer~
I agree with you about the COTM this month -super sweet and filled with kinds of pretties!
Love your gifts and that bag is just perfect for going out!
The gift that you made for Rosey Posey is delightful! Sweet post here!

Your “float” and tiare are spectacular! I love them! How lucky are you! Enjoy your day
xo, Tiffany

Such wonderful crafties!! I enjoy reading your blog. It’s so uplifting.

oooooh – so much prettiness over here! I love ALL of your creations.. and all of your sweet treasures! The vintage purse is fab too! EVERYTHING is gorgeous!
You are so talented girlie!

Oh! I love everything! The Debrina Pratt shadow box is MY OH SO FAVORITE!

Oh, Jenn! That float reminds me of my old Barbie car! How FUN! I’ll bet Cheryl loved, loved, loved it!!
Cheryl (the other Cheryl πŸ™‚

You’re so right Jenn! Debrina’s work is beyond fabulous! I only have small pieces…I’m so jealous of that tea party piece you have!! Perfect! her work is priceless!
have a good weekend..xo natalea

Everytime I stop at this blog I get my dose of super girly things! That float you made for Rosey Posey is just incredible! Your Easter things are fabulous as I’ve hearted them in shop, and that crown you ordered is just too too beautiful!

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