Affaire At Tiffany’s!

Affaire at tiffany's 1250


After five full magnificiant day's in sunny CA Im slowly coming down off my Affarie at Tiffany's high!


Affaire at tiffany's 432


Affaire at tiffany's 454


Once again, Kim Caldwell has hosted another gorgeous and extradoinary event!

I've attended four of Kim's event's and to date….I think this one was my personal fav.

The event was a glamour girls dream!!!


Affaire at tiffany's 594


Kim did not spare one detail!

She showered and pampered us with gifts galore!!!


Affaire at tiffany's 438



The best part of attending events is the opportunity to see your friends again and forming new friendships.



My weekend kicked-off with hanging with my close peeps and hitting the LA shops. 




My darling friend Christine Rose Elle was our shopping hosting.

Showing us ladies the best shops!






LOVED Eleanor Jean!!!




 Sherry, Christine, Tiffany,Me, Jessi





Thursday I spent half the day with these wonderful lovely friends shopping the L.A. garment district and eating at the gourmet yummy Bottega Louie restaurant.




Karla basking in ribbon heaven!!




Tiff and I hanging on the street corner.

I can't help but smirk when I see this photo. The Lou Reed song "Take a walk on the wild side" starts playing in my head.









Thursday evening was the main kick off to the event.


Terry Frias & Cheryl Stoneham did it up BIG TIME hosting the Tiffany Cocktail Pre-Party.



Affaire at tiffany's 014


Pink Champagne & Cupcakes!!!



Affaire at tiffany's 004




My gorgeous big Sis Jessi!






After some drinks and nibbles it was SHOWTIME!!!


Photo op's and Vendor Night


Strike a pose in front of the gorgeous Tiffany mural that Karla Nathan handpainted.


Affaire at tiffany's 123


Holly & Christine


Affaire at tiffany's 132


The rockin' fabulous Angela Howard


Affaire at tiffany's 126



The Queen of the Night!




Affaire at tiffany's 328


Affaire at tiffany's 401



After photos we shopped the most fabulous artist and designers.


Affaire at tiffany's 080



The fabulous Jenny Doh signing her newest book.


Affaire at tiffany's 258


I bought several pretty treats.


Love this candelabra assemblage by Kecia. 


Affaire at tiffany's 423



Friday and Saturday we were ready for classes!


Affaire at tiffany's 521








Affaire at tiffany's 625


Affaire at tiffany's 624-1


It's amazing how much I learn in the classes. New techniques I've never learned before. 


I enjoyed Kecia's Deveney altered fabric lampshade class The Social-Lite.

Affaire at tiffany's 592



Jeanne Olivers Mixed Media class Just Call Me Holly


Affaire at tiffany's 1261


Affaire at tiffany's 1270



This is how mine turned out. 






Laura McCollough sharing her beautiful It's All About A Girl project with us. 

Affaire at tiffany's 634




Saturday during a beautiful outdoor luncheon we had the opportunity to listen to the wonderful and talented Carol Spinkski talk to us about building your creative business.


Affaire at tiffany's 1188


Affaire at tiffany's 1241











Our weekend was full of fun swaps, make & takes, candy galore and PJ party!


Affaire at tiffany's 1315


This table cured any sweet tooth craving! πŸ˜‰


Affaire at tiffany's 1325




Make and takes Mother Day coupon books


Affaire at tiffany's 748



Gorgeous Swaps, packages and treasures!


Affaire at tiffany's 704


Affaire at tiffany's 826



Affaire at tiffany's 857





Affaire at tiffany's 905


Affaire at tiffany's 957



Eeek! The cutest bunny slippers!


Affaire at tiffany's 1360




Cute girls!


Affaire at tiffany's 669



I made this girlie glass cloche assemblage to be raffled off.





Eeeek!!! Christine won her!! Yippee!!!


Affaire at tiffany's 1131



The compact I made for the girlie compact swap.





During Audrey PJ night Kim had a cute fluffy bed all made up and on display.

What a perfect opportunity for fun pictures and…….


Affaire at tiffany's 1402



Affaire at tiffany's 1412-1


Affaire at tiffany's 1389


Affaire at tiffany's 1420





Affaire at tiffany's 1393


Affaire at tiffany's 1394



One evening a group of us girls headed to Manhattan Beach for dinner by the water.


Beautiful views!








Sunday was all about SHOPPING!!!

One of the hightlights of the weekend is the Flea Market trip.


The girls on the bus go SHOP SHOP SHOP!

Affaire at tiffany's 1524



Irvine Flea Market than on to Urban Barn.


Guess who's working a deal!





Holly & Christine


Affaire at tiffany's 1471



Kecia and her creepy life size doll. hee! hee!


Affaire at tiffany's 1500



Affaire at tiffany's 1539



Adorable Tricia and her Vintage Bliss trailer.









Last stop…..Vignettes! 


Affaire at tiffany's 1575




She shop was one big Tiffany display!










Affaire at tiffany's 1595



Vignettes was an eye full! Stunning beauty each and every corner.




After a long day of shopping we headed back to the hotel to the dreadful chore of packing. πŸ™

That's when the looming feeling of having to say goodbye to your dearest girlfriends start to take over. 


I had the BEST weekend ever and was sad to see it to end.


More good times, memories, pretty projects, gifts & treasures were all going home back to GA with me. 


Affaire at tiffany's 554


Thank you Kim for going above and beyond once again for us ladies. 


Im already looking forward to next years!


One last note…..

Majority of the stunning photos seen here in this post were shot from the photographer extraordinaire Tiffany Kirchner Dixon.


Affaire at tiffany's 101

Thanks Tiff for capturing our amazing weekend together so beautifully!


Till next year!!









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OMG Super Fabu! What gorgeous pictures. But then again with such Gorgeous Audrey Ladies how can they not be gorgeous? lol Looks like another wonderful event. Thanks for sharing! Grace xoox

Hey sissy,
eekkk i think you captured the week. what a fabulous trip.
Miss ya boo.

Linda P.

I so enjoyed vicariously attending Affaire at Tiffany’s through this beautiful photo-filled blog post. You ladies obviously had one fantastically glamorous time! Everything looked over-the-top wonderful. : )

Oh my oh my ….could this be the most amazing thing I have ever seen! I feel like I am in a sweet darlin dream…my dream! Now I need to run back and look again! By the way miss elenor jean bought my sweet lil trailer! Small world! Happy to visit ur place…. Now back to the eye candy

An amazing trip!!

Just looking at this darling post makes me RE LIVE all the fun we had. It was so good to see you & all the other Art Sisters. Just never seems to be enough time to see everyone & everything. And like you… looking forward to the next event. It was soooooooooo much fun to see you again. HUGS!

Once again Jenn, I’m speechless! It’s always so fun to look at photos of your incredible art adventures (and event themed wardrobe!!). Looks like an amazing time once again! xo, Jen

Hi Jennifer~
It’s been quite awhile since I’ve dropped by your blog and this is the first time I’ve left a comment too. Your trip to California looks amazing, and quite delicious too! I was once a Cali girl many years ago and know how beautiful it is! Anyway, love all the pics and will be better at visiting your beautiful blog.
~ Stephanie

my mouth hangs open every time i visit your GORGEOUS blog!! this looks beyond FUN!! thank you so much for sharing…

That was one great party , every event of it was over the top
thanks for sharing so many pictures with us all

Wow, what an event. I love all the photos and getting to see what you all got to experience, pure fun! The bunny slippers are so cute and so you Jenn.
Big hugs,

what fun Jenn! Loved seeing all the pictures. Everything looks so over the top awesome. Kim certainly goes all out and doesnt spare a detail!
now back to reality huh!
have a great day

Kim’s Event + Tiffany’s pictures + Your blog = An enormous feast of eye candy! Thanks for sharing! xoxo, Jennifer

Looks like you all had such a wonderful time. I’d love to attend one of Kim’s events some day. Thanks for sharing!

What an amazing time we all had. Sooooooooooooooo wish we were back playing & shopping together. HUGS!

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