Artsy Mamma Vintage Party SWAP!!!!


Hello sweet and fabulous friends! WOW! I feel like I’ve been away, but I really haven’t. I’ve just been a busy bee working on my swap gifts, that I’ve haven’t made time to blog or LOOK at  blogs for that matter. I MUST catch up!!!! . Im the worlds worst procrastinator! I wait to the last wee second, and than EEK!!! Stress myself out trying to create like a mad women and get it in the mail by deadline. However, I must admit I ALWAYS work better under pressure because Im sooo focused. LOL!!! Ok enough of the rambling mindless chit chat.


On to the FUN STUFF!!!!! The talented Miss Kari aka Artsy Mamma hosted a super sweet and FUN swap titled " Vintage Party Swap". I was SOOO lucky to be partnered up with Miss Heather "Speckled Egg". She has a FABULOUS online shop full of yummy craft supplies, and she is always creating the most precious little treasures and keepsakes so we were both tickled to be paired up with one another. Since we both have small wee ones, we thought it would be PERFECT to each do a VINTAGE BIRTHDAY SWAP!!!!


I LOOOOOOOVE creating whimsy cute treasures. So I had an idea to create a colored filled FUN birthday centerpiece keepsake box.





I hope this colorful whimsy birthday box puts a HUGE smile on Miss Heathers face! πŸ˜‰

What’s a birthday party without CAKE OR CUPCAKES???? So, I added a box of cake mix, frosting,yummy sprinkles, a vintage Betty Crocker Parties for Children book, and the CUTEST vintage inspired girlie cupcake picks from Rock a Bye Retro. 



All you Mommies know that when you throw a birthday party you MUST have treat bags! No one can go home empty handed. So I made up these sweet girlie treat bags.


Ask any child and they will ALL tell you they LOVE sugary sweet CANDY! I named these "Sugar Bears". I think they turned out sooooooooo stinking CUTE!!!! I MUST remember this for future birthdays. These are honey bottles that I opened and poured out ALL the honey into Mason Jars, and cleaned out the honey bear bottles. I dressed them up with party hats, and stuffed them full of SWEETS!


Behind shot.


Hello! Do I look good enough to eat????


Here is the last shot of everything getting ready to get boxed up and shipped to Miss Heathers home. I hope all these sweet treats will create giggles,squeels and happy smiles with all the children. Enjoy Miss Heather!!!!!!!


Over a week ago I recieved a SURPRISE package at the door. I buy ALL sorts of stuff on the internet all the time. So Im use to boxes arriving daily at my front steps. However this was an unusually large box. I thought to myself "Hmmmm…. did I buy something on Ebay that I forgot about?" Well to my SURPRISE it was a beautiful and EXTREMELY thoughtful gift from a customer of mine named Suze of Junque Drawer Chick . She had purchased one of my Easter bunny creations and was head over heels in love with it. She was so tickled and thrilled with it, and like me is 100% girlie girl, she decided as a token of her appreciation she would create something for Miss Vivi’s room.  You MUST check out Suze’s mosaic work! GORGEOUS!!!!  Lookie at what she created for Miss Vivi’s room!



I was BLOWN away! No one has done anything like this for me just out of random kindness. Let’s put it this way it’s far and few between!  The letter Suze wrote me was full of gratitude, and just warmed my heart and it made me feel so good to know that my work made her smile and happy.

Not only did Vivi get a gift, but Suze and her 3 small boys didn’t want Grant to feel left out, so her darling boys wanted Grant to have their hand me down super hero’s that they no longer play with!Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!! HOW SWEET! Suze is trying to teach her boys to be "kind little men". Grant took one look at the bag and super hero’s and he lit up with excitment! Here’s some pics of him playing with the super hero’s.




This face cracks me up! 


Thank you SO SO SO much Suze! You and your boys were so thoughtful to think of us. We truly appreciate it!!!

Ok, the time has come to SHOW OFF my new "DO". LOL!!!! Ok, I did not cut off much of the length, because hubby would have been upset. However, I know have bangs,and my cut is more choppy in the back. Cant really tell from the pics. Im STILL getting use to wearing my hair this way. So far I’ve received great compliments and my hubby loves my new hair style. Says I look  younger with bangs. WHOO-HOO!!


Sorry for the SAME background as all my other pics.It’s getting boring seeing me in front of the shower curtian. LOL!!!!

More playing around hair pics.


PONYTAIL time! Im usually in a ponytail 24/7.


Omigosh! I had NO clue that wearing bangs could be so hard. Apparently there is a technique and special brush that I have to use to dry and style them. I just happened to stop by the salon today to buy more product and my hairdresser saw my hair and bangs,and said "NO!!! Your not doing it right! Your bangs are too curled under! You look like your SIX years old!" LOL! Jeez….  She gave me another "lesson 101" on the right techniques to styling my bangs and getting my hair super straight. AUUGH!!! Oh well! I like the style and it’s growing on me. Hubby likes it and I guess I look 10 years younger so that’s not a bad thing!

Hope each and everyone of you have a FABULOUS & SUPER CREATIVE week/weekend!!!!!!

Hugs & Kisses!!!! XOXO,


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Jenn you look gorgeous with those bangs!!! THey are hard work but they are so so so cute on you, just perfect!
Loving your gorgeous vintage party creations, oh my Heather is going to FLIP over them!!! I can’t believe you did that with all that honey! i hope you guys like to eat honey, lol!
How sweet of Suzy to send you that beautiful mosaic piece, she’s so talented and so kind! Love the action heroes and Grant’s face is a scream!
I owe you an email, i’ll write to you tonight i promise! (going out now xoox)

Hi Suzy,
I am new to the wonderful world of blogging,fell out of the creative touch for a while ,then my friends showed me the blogging world and let me tell you, You gals are getting me on fire, How fun, Your site is Beautiful and Uplifting, You are Darling, love the bangs! have a wonderful week! Diana Lyn

I agree with your hubby, it does make you look younger, and the ponytail gives you that cute “Sandra Dee” look.
LOVE LOVE LOVE the birthday box, but I think I would have to be selfish and keep those bears for myself and put them on a shelf.
Grant looks pretty excited with his package!!
And the mosaic is gorgeous!!!

What’s wrong with looking 6 years old?!!! If that’s all it takes to look younger than I’m heading upstairs to curl my bangs under super tight!!! hee hee!! You look absolutly adorable! Love the cut! Your party swap gifts are crazy cute! Wow, that’s alot of honey. And the mosaic is wonderful. What a pretty post today!!

Hey cutie!!
your hair is fab!! bangs darling! yes they shave off 5 years, and my hairdresser says the stave off botox.
I LOVE all your creations. darling. i love the candy bears. yummo!!!!
you sent your buddy such fab junque.


you look wonderful! Love the hair! and wow what a cute swap, your partner is gonna adore your creations! what will you do with all that honey-lol

You look amazing Jenn! You were just lovely before, but that is just the right do for you! So cute! Your birthday party stuff is all so darling! I love it!

Ele at A bit of Pink Heaven

I always enjoy your post so much. Your creations are always amazing and you are just gorgeous. The bangs look great. I’m with you on th pony tail. That’s been my do lately!

Your hair looks great! Love the bangs. I love all of the swap goodies. Heather will be thrilled – I think I’m partial to the Sugar Bears for obvious reasons!


Oh, my! You are soooo cute! The bangs, the smile, the skin, the cheeks, the talent! I am so impressed with the party kit. I am hosting a family party on July 4th for my grandaughters’ birthday so I am on the hunt for empty honey bears, I don’t have the ambition to empty and wash all of the containers. When I think of all the bears that I have thrown..not to mention the vintage Betty Crocker party book. I have 3 homes and am thinking of downsizing so I am afraid more treasures will bite the dust. Every piece of junk must look like a future treasure to you! Thanks for the fun. Love, Gayle

Jenn, I just LOVE your bangs! I may be biased, but seriously, they look great!!!!
Those honey bears are too adorable! Did you sit there for like 3 days pouring out honey? Holy smokes! That is the best idea for treat container! Love it!! Hope all is well! xox natalea

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your bangs. You look like a Pinup! & What a stash of birthday fun! Im sooo jealous! Great idea with the honey bears! Ill surely have to use the gift bag idea when my daughters birthday rolls around πŸ˜€
Have a great weekend Jenn!

Jenn, you look great! I agree it makes you look younger! I also love your mosiac, and swap items! TFS!
xo, Tiffany

I really like the new dew. It really does make you look younger.

You are so gorgeous! Just like a movie star! I LOVE the new style!
OHMYGOSH to your swap goodies!!! Jen, that is fabulous! My boys would FREAK! And the honey/sugar bears are an awesome idea! I will have to think of that for my boys next party! I LOVE the box! The dolly and elephants are just so sweet!
What a beautiful gift for your daughter’s room! These gals are just too sweet arent they? I am blown away by the generosity! Grant is just too cute with his superheroes!

Shelley Davis

Hi Jenn,
I love your hair! The first time I saw you I thought “why doesn’t someone tell Jenn to cut bangs to frame that beautiful face?” Your features are so delicate that it really showcases your face.
Your blog is one of my favorites. You have such wonderful ideas. Thank you for sharing them.
Have a wonderful weekend.

I absolutely love the honey bottle idea, so cute, and the centerpiece reminds me of my birthday parties when I was little(forever ago). Oh how I wish I had been your partner!
I also think your new style looks great on you, after years of trying bangs I gave up because I always seemed to curl them under too much as well.

sweet cottage dreams

Jenn, your new DO is adorable and I do like your bangs! You already look so young!!! πŸ™‚
Love the plate and how sweet for Grant to get a treat, too. Now I have to tell you that those have to be the very best party favors I have ever set eyes on – ever! I love the graphics – do you have a special software package for the cute lettering? Totally sweet! I have a sweet tooth, too, but having been a dental assistant for years, I try to stay away from too many goodies! Oh well, my hubby can make me a new tooth if it gets too bad! haha.


I just love your sweet creations! I might copy the honey bear favors! Too cute! And your hair is perfect! I do love it! But I dont think any hair style would look bad on you! Have a great night! Julie

Ana Barrett

LOVE YOUR BANGS JENN!! YOU’RE SUCH A DOLL!! and those little bears are the most creative adorable mouthwatering lil’ creations! you still amaze me with your work and i cant get enough of all your swap gifts! you’ve done it again.. AMAZE ME!! lol your so great and hope you have a happy and joyful weekend!! hugs hugs

Love the Bangs makes you look about 10 years younger. i have them more now too, it is definately a getting used to thing. The Birthday cake is absolutely Gorgeous. Your Swap partner will Love your goodies. Jamie

Girl you should be a party planner! Heather is sooo lucky! Your new ‘do’ is lovely!


Jenn, Love the new Doo looks great, and all your wonderful creations what a beautiful talented lady you are, very impressive. Keep the great Creations coming. I t is always a joy to see what you come up with ([:
Hugs, Diane

*LOVE* the bangs! πŸ™‚

Jenn!! Your new hair is FABULOUS!! Love it!! And that amazing vintage party box? WOW!! It is over the top fun and adorable!! LOVE it!!
Michelle xoxo

I think your bangs look fantastic! I’m envious, really… I’ve wanted bangs for the longest time but I just don’t have the right hair to pull it off. Well done, you!

I adored to look at your blog, it is very interessant, to continue your beautiful work.

You and your blog are just as sweet as can be. I will be back for more goodies for sure. Your hair is darling! You are so pretty and you do look very young! Super sticky sweet and oh so yummy! Thank you, Suzy
Join us for our “Beautiful Day” giveaway πŸ™‚
Love your music, too!

Geez…You are the cutest thing ever! Like a 50’s barbie doll! I adore your style. That party stash was incredible. You should be a party planner, are you?
My kiddies are grown but I am 38 so maybe on my 40th….I can have a little girl vintage party LOL

Hi Jenn!
You look stunning!This is the perfect hairstyle for your beautiful face.It is both very natural and young but also glamourous. I bet you feel fabulous!
Your party swap for Miss Heather and boys is dreamy! Love the Honeybear idea~and those little polkadot party hats are retro sweet.
When you make a piece,Jenn, you make “happy” as well as “fun”.
Miss Heather is so thoughtful! What a beautiful heirloom mosaic!
Keep scattering your joy~


I love all of your crafty party goodies! Sooo cute and creative!
And your bangs look adorable.

Your blog is EYE CANDY!!!! And love the bangs.


beautiful gifts your recieved JEnn. and beautiful you! you look great with bangs!
I also love the party that you put together for your swap partner. Cute! Cute! cute!

Love the new hairstyle! Your swap goodies are amazing! Have a fabulous weekend!
kari & kijsa

Your bangs are perfect! Very cute. And wow! What a wonderful bag of treats you are sending for the swap. Anyone who swaps with you is in for a big treat.

I think you look fabulous in bangs Jenn!! I do bangs too, and it’s hard not to get them too curled sometimes. :0)
I adore the things you made Heather!! So, so cute!
Just a little FYI, Fresh Market carries the empty bear bottles. (In the bulk candy section) You have Fresh Market in Atlanta, don’t you? So next time you make those darling bears you don’t have to empty out honey! (I can imagine that was a total pain!) :0)
~Cerri xoxo

Had fun visiting. You are a doll and your blog is fun and pretty.

Jenn…your party creations are AMAZING! You’ll have honey forever, LOL… And what a sweet gift you received, wow. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your hair. The bangs look fantastic and I love how thick it looks. xoxoox

Your new hair looks great! WOWZER! Those party swap items are the BEST. oh! I love the honey bear containers!!!! Great idea. And..that mosaic plate is so pretty! Suze does great work. Her mosaic creations are so pretty!!!!!

I LOVE your swap creation. It’s so original. Love the way you used candy necklaces. I would hope to get some of your fun work in a swap someday. The bangs were a good idea. You were brave to go for it & it paid off! Thanks for shring.
Angela Harris

Jenn and Jacqui

Hi sweetie!
Oh Jenn you are amazing!! The goodies you have made are soooo ADORABLE and cute, the most gorgeous we have ever seen! You come up with the sweetest creations Jenn!! Heather will be over the moon! All that honey too, you will be having toast and honey for months!! lol The mosaic from Suze is beautiful, love the dimensional look, very pretty πŸ™‚ And Grant is so happy there and you my dear, look beautifil with those bangs !!
We will be absent friends for while, but we will be thinking of you πŸ™‚ Keep well and huge hugs to the kiddies for us πŸ™‚
Jenn and Jacqui xoxo

Oh Jenn, darling! Your NEW bangs look fabulous on you! I’ve been sporting bangs for a year and four months now! It was a tad difficult at first, but I ended up loving them (and so does my mom, who pleaded with me for years to just “try it”!)
Oh… and the mosaic is breath taking. How can you not sleep with it right next to your bed at night! And those darn cute candy filled honey bears… OH MY! You are so clever – is “Clever” your middle name!
As always, I adore stopping by here to drool.
All the best,

Jenn, you look just adorable wearing bangs!!! as you get older {like ME} you will also come to realize that they are awesome at hiding all sorts of things that you don’t want the world to see…LOL:) love all the party goodies, the honey jars are SO adorable, what a sweet idea!!!

You are so adorable and creative! I am so glad I found your site!
Can’t wait to read more!

Oh my goodness! You are one sexy Honey!
I love your bangs! You look like the most perfect 1950s housewife–the kind that does the laundry in pearls and heels!
I love your vintage party creations soooo much!
Good work!
You are AMAZING!
Hugs and smooches!

Wow! I leave town for a few weeks and so many things have happened! Love your bangs and yes, you do look younger but if you looked any younger you’d be jailbait! Love the birthday box you made – it’s just adorable. Hey keep me in mind for the next swap – I know my blog doesn’t reflect much vintage but I LOVE the stuff!


Just finished reading this second to last blog post of yours & once again, at am a loss for words. Your beauty just strikes me down, & at times I’m not even sure which beauty it is most, your inner or outer! There is this warm, gorgeous, fairylike otherworldly glow you have that radiates right through my screen! You have the sweetest eyes I have ever seen on a grown woman. I guess it’s that adorable girlishness in your soul that simply makes you look like there’s a sweet little six year old girl staring out. Though it’s funny because you’re also the most elegant glamour girl I know! I know I sound like a broken record at this point, but I have to reiterate, you just remind me so much of the human version of a 50’s illustration. One of those terrific, grin-inducing, spirit-lifting adverts of a housewife smiling from ear to ear over the greatness of Lux soap or Daz detergent! You know how they always drew the most attractive women with the excited expressions & dazzling smiles? There is just such joy & purity in your gaze. I feel happier just looking at you! And then there is all the rest… your amazing-looking, also right out of a storybook children & pastel-tinted surroundings & creations! I have never seen ANYTHING like the flabbergasting extravaganza of fun & circus-themed goodies you compiled for Miss Heather. I surely would have fell unconscious to have received such a treasure chest of gems! It’s no wonder someone like Suze felt compelled to reach out & give a little something back. As far as I’m concerned, more of us should follow her lead & spread your sunshine! You are honestly the most incredible, inspirational breath of fresh air. I have more reasons to adore you than I can count, & they range from everything from being in awe of your flawless complexion to being flat out shellshocked that your type of kindness exists. I am so addicted to you as a human being, Jenn. What goes around comes around & you must have the most amazing karma known to mankind! I can’t wait to take in another one of your blog entries tomorrow night. And to get a second to sit down & write you properly. You etsy convos & flickr comments send me soaring. You are just too sweet to be true! xox!

How great! I actually JUST ordered empty honey bears to use for my son’s 1st “bee day” party. I’m going to fill them w/ bee related items (stickers, candies, etc)…. tie a bow around the neck and put a little round nametag for each kid.
I found EMPTY honeybears at:

Adorable! Everything! I esp. luv the honey bear bottles. I try to get creative, but…Well! A site worth sharing.

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