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 Hello blogging friends new and old! Glad you've stopped by for a visit!

Im sure it's no surprise to many of you that I LOVE bunnies! Shocker huh? hee! hee! My collection continues  to grow and grow. I can never tire of looking for vintage stuffed bunnies. These darlings that Im showing you are some of my recent purchases.  



I have some new creative ideas to use these bunnies for my future pieces I create. They will be quite altered and super whimsy! 



How sweet is this aqua and pink bunny? I love it's little worn face and cute red tongue.


He's sticking his tongue out at YOU!!!! πŸ™‚


Wanna see more bunny sweetness? Lookie at this precious Bunny foo-foo face!


His name is Gucci. Gucci is an Italian name (which Im sure MANY of you ladies might know. (wink!) ) His proud new owner is my sweet and dear friend Suzanne MacCrone of Italian Girl in Georgia.  Suzanne invited me and the children over last week to meet her cute furry loveable guy. He has one ear that stands straight UP and the other ear is always DOWN.


EEEK! He is  too adorable for words! He hopped all over the room, and once in awhile would THUMP his back leg real loud. 

When the children weren't bothering him he would spread out and chill. That's when I took a few close up shots.

Oooooh I so want one!!!! However, I dont think my yorkies Lulu and Coco would care for that too much. My girls dont like competiton.

Look! Bunnies are even drawn to me. hee! hee! ;)


Another HUUUUUUGE bunny lover is my darling friend Amy of Bunny Rose Cottage

Amy just celebrated a birthday recently, and because she is such a loyal fan and customer of my work I wanted to surprise her and make her a small b-day gift.



"A" for Amy and all the sweet things she loves.


Pink Ele's, roses, and bluebirds.


Va Va Va Voom red head doll.



This image is from a vintage birthday card I found. Pure sugary sweetness!


Later this year I will be more than happy to take customer orders for Alphabet signs. I can do any theme for a boy or girl childs room. I will replace the doll head with a cute photo image of the child. Or, for you BIG girl grown up's I will be happy to create a personal one for yourself to hang and enjoy. 

These two GORGEOUS and romantic jewelry pieces were handcrafted with love from the imaginative creative genius Christine Rose Elle of DollyBelle's Peepshow. I oooh & aaah over every piece she designs and creates. So, I felt like the luckiest girl in the world win I WON her giveaway!


Im convinced that Christine has an invisible halo and angel wings. She found and took in this homeless dog that was starving and needed medical help.


 Christine decided to name him Louie and had the great idea to raise money to help cover his medical expenses and meanwhile enter your name in a giveaway. I happily donated with others, he got the wonderful medical attention he deserved, and now he his happy and living with his new owners. Christine has the BIGGEST caring heart!!! Louie was a lucky dog to cross paths with Miss Christine.

I won her beautiful Jane Austin inspired necklace.


Also, this precious whimsy doggie cuff.

 Im SO happy this turned out to be a win/win situation. Louie is loved and well cared for now, and I am the THRILLED owner of more fantastic Dollybelle pieces.  

(Designed by Christine Rose Elle)

I have had several inquiries regarding vendor night. It is  juried and space is limited. Spots are quickly filling up, so if you are interested in being a vendor please contact me. Trust me…we will be ready to party and shop! 

Thanks for taking the time to stop by! I ALWAYS appreciate your comments!

Wishing you a happy, wonderful, and creative inspired week!!!


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Hi Jenn!! Oh my gosh, I love this post beyond WORDS!!!!!!! BUNNIES!! YAY!!! I love all of your new vintage sweetie pies! That aqua and pink cutie is the sweetest thing EVER!!! I adore him and his ears are sooo cute! I cannot wait to see what you do with them for your art!! Your friends pet bunny is so cute, I could just squeeze her! I have two gigantic pet bunnies, cupcake (he is white with pink eyes) and a big grey guy named Max πŸ™‚ My boys love the show Max and Ruby πŸ™‚
I love my A so much Jenn, It is the best surprise I have ever received! You know me so well πŸ™‚ Thank you so much for thinking of me and creating a special piece just for me! I will cherish it forever :):) You are such a good friend.
Christine’s pieces are so over the top gorgeous!! She is so talented!! I am so happy you won her drawing πŸ™‚
Have a beautiful week sweet friend!!
Love ya,

Jenn….your post was pure eye candy, as usual. I love the necklace you won. It is so you!! I am so excited to see what you create with those amazing bunnies. I cannot wait to order one of your beautiful letters for my Granddaughters. Let me know when you are taking orders. You cheered me up when I was feeling down. Thanks sweet Jenn.
XXOO Valarie

I sooooooo love bunnie too. I have three.. DAffodile,Thumper and Obee one. Yeah like on star wars. I got him (well it was pose to be a him) turns out she is a female.. still call her obee one though. well actually obee. She looks like a beautiful siamese cat.I am always looking for a vintag ebunny in pink but Sighhhhhhh… Have not found one yet.. I have found new ones that are so cute i can’t stand it. but the vintage ones just have a look about them.. loved i guess is what you would call it. Thanks for the gteat post

I LOVE the bunnies Jenn! You have such an eye! Every little thing you choose is so wonderful!
I am so glad you like the necklace and cuff! It was meant to be and Louie has his forever home! I couldn’t have asked for a more fantastic outcome! Hee hee!
You are such a beautiful soul sweet Jenn!
Can’t wait to make magic with you in Savannah!
Big big hugs and SO MUCH love!

hippity hop…… nice bunnies, nice real life bunny, did you not feel the urge to ’embellish’ him….???? lol Saw the birthday A over at Amy’s – GORGEOUS!!! Rachaelxo

What a sweet post… love the bunnies… and can’t wait for vendor night!! whooo hooo!! xo Bryanna

I live in Warner Robins, and I wish to participate on the vendor night, please let me know the details, californiamom92@rocketmail.com

Bunnies-Sweet sweet Bunnies! Especially love the blue bunny with the tongue:P Who can resist the real Thumper? Those ears are a sight! Sweet A for Amy-it is totally her.

just realized my website name was wrong..now it’s is fixed:D HUGS

LeAnn Mooney

What a wonderful post! Bunnies always remind me of my childhood, when me and my sister had bunnies for pets. I saw the “A” on Amy’s blog, and thought, how cute it was. I’m so glad that you will make them for us (yay!) Thank you for saying that you would make me a Pink Santa, and a collage; when you have time. Love, Love your work.
P.S. I’m getting a Clarasonic!
–Have a great week, Jenn


So many Pretties! Love Bunnies, we have many in our community by the way that love my Garden and all of blooming glory. I still Love them though, especially the little guys. Christine’s Work, Absolutely Inspirational. You are blessed to have her teach at your Gorgeous Event. xo Happy February. Jamie

Eeek! Too much sweetness Miss Jenn. Love the new bunnies – I thought Gucci was your bunny – I could so see you with one. The alphabet letters are a great idea – love the idea of the child’s face being at the top.

Hop-Hop-Hippity!! When I see a new post on your blog, I have to run right over! Can’t wait to see what you do with those bunnies….Eeeeek!! I’m sure it will be over-the-top cute…. as always!

Congrats on your win!!! I know how fab Christine’s work is since I own some!!
You bunnies are delicious- I’m especially drawn to the aqua and pink one, with that aged, well-loved look.

Love the bunnies! Especially the thread bare ones. My daughter (who is now 19) didn’t take her sweetie Bun-Bun with her to college in Sept. I was shocked since Bun-Bun had been all over the world with her. A couple of months into the school year I got a phone call, it was my daughter whispering “Can you send Bun-Bun” My heart melted and Bun-Bun was so excited to go to college. I have been wanting to write a post about it since I took pics before he left. You have inspired me to do it.
Hugs Sweetie,

OH soooooooooooo love the pink & aqua bunny the best. The real one is cute but, I don’t want anything else to take care of!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love your Cupcake Vendor Night Poster. Looks GREAT! Can’t wait! Still looking for a roomie! Have a great week! Hugs! Charlene

gosh, I absolutely adore the very worn – or should that be, very loved – aqua bunny. So adorable. Looking forward to seeing the whimiscal pretties you will use them for.
Lucky you with winning the giveaway! Not surprised you are delighted :o)
Sadie x

I love all the bunnies! The aqua one is my total fave.
I am sure Amy is thrilled with her beautiful initial you created for her. She is such a sweetheart.
I can’t wait to see new creations from you!

Your blog is such a vision of lovliness and I am so inspired each time I wander through your lovely posts. Thank you for sharing so much beauty. Keep creating…

I adore that blue and pink velveteen rabbit! Can’t wait to see what happens with that one, but please tell me you aren’t going to alter the live one, well I guess a bow around the neck would look pretty cute!

Jenn, I’m putting the call out for LolliShops.com Press Kits for the LolliShops.com Sponsor to your event. I will have my vendors do a Cupcake/Parasol theme on their Press Kits!
~Sadie Lou

Thanks for stopping by Jenn! I LOVE all your bunnies, but esp. love the aqua/pink with the huge ears! I feel the same way about dolls. I can’t stop collecting them!!!!!!

How sweet of you to make that for Amy, she is going to love it!

I love your blog! What a great post, I especially love the aqua and blue bunny, he looks so well loved and cute! The real bunny is pretty cute too πŸ™‚

Always lovely things on your blog. You have no idea how much I want to go to your event, but am not able to. When all my birdies are out of the nest, (which isn’t too long until), I will be there. Until then, I am making press kits for Sadie, so I will be there in my press kits!

Thank you sooo much for your loving kind words!!! Im SO *appreciative* that youve signed up to make press kitsfor my event. A million THANK YOUS!!!!
Sweet hugs!

I just had to tell you how much my girls LOVE looking at your blog (me too!). They are almost 3 and just adore bunnies and ask “Mommy let’s look at the bunnies, please” Oh, mommy, that’s the bunny lady!”. Your collection is just adorable!
Best wishes,

These bunnies are adorable, but I’m especially smitten with Gucci!

John Charles Griffin

Very sophisticated creations you’ve done Jennifer, and the musical background is very classy. Keep on doing what you do best. Rabbits are sacred little creatures which epitomize innocence, softness, and and the zen of childhood memories in their myriad of mother nature themes and floppy ears. Brer Rabbit of Uncle Remus fame was actually born in Georgia. Wishing you fullfillment of hopes and dreams.

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