Christmas In The Heart


Christmas In The Heart





This gorgeous photo I'm sharing with you is one that I discovered on Flickr. It captivated me instantly, and I became mesmerized  at how peaceful and beautiful the scenery is.

It looks like the front of a Hallmark Card, and I want to jump in!


Im sure many of you are like me spending these next few days busy getting last minute gifts wrapped, running to the grocery store to gather ingredients for your favorite baking or festive dish. 


All the hectic business leads us to one beautiful, and peaceful day snuggled in our warm homes with our loved ones. While enjoying celebrating santa's arrival and the most important…the birthday of our Lord & Savior.


This stunning photo taken by Karen is more than just a wintery snow scene. I see the photo as Christmas Day and the peace and calmness (well maybe after the kids tear thru all their Christmas gifts) I will finally get to enjoy on this blessed day.




This past week I finally put the finishing touches on decorating my home.

I've changed the decor in my den just a little bit this year. If your much like me you tend to get bored easily and want to change things up a bit. Instead of my traditional large green tree, I opted to decorate a smaller white tree and place it on the back of my sofa table. Still so pretty and much less work!







I've created a few little vignettes around the room.




My mother recently gave me this heavy silver piece that was dark and very tarnished. After a good polishing it became the perfect holiday candle centerpiece.







Oh did I tell you that when Santa comes to visit my home he likes Mumm Champagne? πŸ˜‰




I made this collage a few months ago. I adore this sweet image. 



The little poem is even sweeter.


Im sure many of you gals might recognize this lovely pink silky looking fabric. πŸ˜‰

I decided to make it into a slipcover and turn my grandmothers victorian sofa into a more french boudoir-ish sofa.  






I placed an altered glam Christmas book I made in Teresa McFayden Silver Bella class one year.




A festive corner table.





Snippits of my tree 




It would not be Christmas in my home if I did not have my Sugar Plum dining room.

This year, I am not going to share photos of the dining room, BECAUSE….Im honestly almost too embarresed to say and admit that….

I never took down my holiday decorations last year.

Yep! My dining room as been a sweet Christmasy sugar plum room all year long!

Let's just say It's been a busy year and I never slowed down or really took the time to take it all down. It's so pretty, and I thought why not leave it up.

If you would like to see pics from last year you can click here.


One little thing Im into now is collecting vintage angels. I recently found these little beauties and added them to my buffet decor. 







Love this beauty!




I was able to take a much needed break and enjoy a little festivity!

My dear sweet friend Suzanne MacCrone hosted a lovely afternoon luncheon and gift exchange in her home.

I was really sick last week with a major cold and almost had to cancel on Miss Suzanne, but Im SO happy I didn't.


The beautiful hostess.



My fabulous and creative peeps!


Miss Sherry.

Isn't her headband adorable and SO her??



Holiday Kissy Poo!



Adorable and super sweet Jennifer Grenko.


I was so happy to see Rosalyn Sue who made the long drive from North Atlanta. 


We missed Angela Meeks. She couldn't be with us because she was sick. She was definitely missed!!!

Suzanne's table setting was gorgeous and looked like something out of a magazine!




Who knew a pitcher of water could look so beautiful and festive.

Cranberry and mint water.


We had angelic looking cupcakes for dessert.


After lunch and much laughter and giggles we had our gift exchange. We each made an ornament.

This was my gift to the girls.


Sherry made stocking ornaments with the cutest paper kewpie doll. 



Jennifer made these precious vintage assemblages.


Rosalyn-Sue sewed the prettiest floral quilted stockings.


It was really nice to get dressed up, and enjoy a few quality hours with the girls.




I braved the crazzy crowds this past weekend to take my children to visit Santa. When we arrived there was a SWARM of other parents and impatient children waiting and waiting just to see him. I ended up having to take a  pass in order for the children to see Santa Claus. It was a 3 hour wait! YIKES!!!




While the children were waiting I took this photo of Vivian while she was leaning over watching the toy trains.

I call this photo

"Dreaming of Santa"



After 3 long hours we finally got to see the big man and NO one cried. YEAH!!!! 


2010 Holiday photo



Thank you for the Christmas wishes so many of you have blessed me with.

From my heart to yours… 


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Oooh Jenn, everything is so gorgeous, right out of a fairytale!… what a beautiful winter wonderland you have created… I must go back and look at it all once again… love your pink boudoir couch and everything!… your girlfriend gift exchange sounds so fun, glad you are feeling better and were able to make it… I have so enjoyed visiting your blog this year… Merry Christmas to you and your family!… xoxo Julie Marie PS Your little ones look just precious visiting Santa!

Jenn, Your home is beautiful!!!!!!!!!!! And it looks like that luncheon was divine. Loved the gift exchange! And good to see Rosalynn Sue & Sherry again. The photo shoot with the kids was adorable. And I loved your comment that “No one cried”! I remember those days… Merry Christmas & I can’t wait to see you next year.

I love what you did with your living room, Jenn! The lighter colors look beautiful! The pictures of the kids with Santa are adorable!! It’s just a wonderful time for all of us but to see the magic in our little ones eyes is priceless. We had so much fun at Suzanne’s…can’t wait to see everyone again!

Merry Christmas sweet friend, to you and Curtis and your little ones… Your friendship is such a blessing and inspiration to me. love, Jennifer

Ah Jenn, there is so much gorgeousness in this post, I’m sure I can’t do it justice in my comments. Still, I’ll try. Your home is lovely. Your tree is equally lovely. Your family & friends such a blessing to you.
And that red barn truly is perfect!
A very Merry Christmas,

Wow! Beautiful family, beautiful home – just gorgeous!
Merry Christmas!

Why doesn’t it surprise me to know that you left all your pretty decorations up all year in your dining room Jenn? LOVE THAT IDEA. Less to do this week ; ) That picture with the red is BEAUTIFUL. Looks like my little wee back yard with all my red and the white snow.
Now the pink fabric…OMG. That caught my eye right away. WOW. Your children, oh your children Jenn, so so precious, it’s beyond words really. Very handsome young man in the middle too : )
I’m stealing Suzannes look for those cupcakes. Mine will be soft just like them. I’m making the base for them today, while Randy starts on his dishes for Xmas Eve.
I’ve talked to my “girls” about your Oct. event… I’m getting them pumped.
I hope I get to see your home in Oct. and hug those sweet kiddos of yours. It looks like I will be coming out for a week or more. Jeanne want’s me to spend time with her in N.C. and Miss Bee also. Then CC is in GA. so time with her too. So many pretty ladies to visit, so little time lol
Love You Jenn.
Merry Xmas again and again. Listening to my XM tunes… yeah.
Love You
Love Me

Oh, Jenn it all looks like a fairytale! Your kids are too sweet waiting for Santa!! And you are just a beauty… no signs of you even looking slightly sick! Merry Christmas to you and your family! xoxo

Merry Christmas Jen ~~ Your so incredibly crafty and creative. I just love the little girl reindeer collage!!! It’s so precious!!! Versus from the old vintage greeting cards always seem to have the sweetest sayings. Your home looks gorgeous and your kiddo’s look to cute!!
I hope you have just a beautiful Christmas filled with lot’s of love and goodness!!
Sincerely, Mrs. Tricia k.

Oh… one more thing… Santa seems to like Champagne at out home too!!! It’s a wonder he even gets anywhere that evening!!!

Merry CHRISTmas Lovee,
I am loving your beautiful home and precious family!
{is it me or is Vivie growing up too fast?} :-)OMG
All 3 are gifts from God…..ever so beautiful!
Your such an inspiration to me Jenn.
Every time I leave here I feel up lifted and my heart is smiling!
Have a wonderful CHRISTmas dear sweet friend!

Beautiful post-like a fabulous magazine article or a little book. You have such interesting pieces and decorations. I have to smile that you never took down the decor from your dining area.
The children look so sweet-bet they can’t wait for Santa!
Thanks for sharing and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Awwww…your babies are so beautiful!
Merry Christmas to you Miss Jenn!
Deanna πŸ˜€

Your Christmas home is so pretty!!!!
By the way, I also like Mumm’s Champagne! πŸ˜‰
Merry Christmas!!!

Your photo’s are always SO amazing that I just never even have the words… Wishing you and yours the Merriest Christmas ever!! Here’s to great things in 2011!! Thank you for all the pretty eye candy in 2010 πŸ™‚
your michigan pal,

I think this is one of my all time fave posts in your blog! So sweet, bright and cozy!!!!
Merry Christmas!

What a beautiful home & post ….stunning photos Jenn~~
Wishing you and your family a beautiful & blessed holiday:))
Love the pics with you & Sherry so cute!! Hope to meet Suzanne in person one of this days…we are flickr & blogging friends:))
Your kids are precious in the Christmas photos!
Merry Christmas,
Kay Ellen

Hi Jennifer, A friend of Claudie Frid’s dropping in…she has sparked my curiosty to join you in October in Asheville, and after visiting your blog…I know I’m IN! πŸ™‚ You have a precious blog, and I adore your “spirit”! πŸ™‚
Can’t wait to catch up in person with you. I live north of Atlanta, and come to Asheville a couple times a year typically.
Ciao for now…~CC Catherine from Catherine de th`e Cups

Jenn–BEAUTIFUL photos!!! It’s like looking at an online version of Romantic Country magazine! πŸ™‚
Have a wonderful & blessed Christmas! Can’t wait to see photos of your new studio!
Holiday HUGS!

Merry Christmas Jenn!
My how the blessed little darlings have grown this year!
The new, old angels are precious! I have the same from my Mom, from the 1940’s.
Have a wonderful holiday and know you’ve brighten so many of my days this years! Love,Lori

oh jenn,
where to begin … this post is filled with heart, beauty and family!
wishing you a very merry christmas!

Hello! I just discovered your absolutely beautiful blog through Dear Daisy Cottage – and I will be visiting often! Wishing you a wonderful holiday season!

Each picture is prettier and prettier. What a lovely posting.

I always enjoy seeing your lovely photos Jenn! The ones of your holiday decor just transport me to such a happy, festive place :-). Looks like such a wonderful luncheon and beautiful pictures of your family too! I just love that one of Vivi dreaming of Santa! Happy New Year!!

Hey Doll
“Happy New Year!”
Have a Fab 2011!

Hi Jenn.HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can you make pink shadow box with pink fabric and barbie doll with pink clothes everything pink? Can you pink gumball machine with lots pink figurines?

First of all, the red barn house looks delightful! It just looks so perfect for Christmas, right? Your home is looking wonderful as well. It’s so bright and happy!

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