Calling all friends and wee little children! Are you ready for a sweet treat to the Circus? Well step right up for some yummy cotton candy and a fun show! I've been collecting a few circus theme trinkets and treasures along with some adorable vintage circus reproduction fabric and thought it would be fun to create a super cute whimsical vintage inspired circus shadowbox.

DSCN3036_edited-1How colorful and fun is this? I swear sometimes I think Im a little kid in a grown adult body. hee! hee!


You cant have a circus without animals!!!!




Ok, some people are scared of clowns. Me being one of them. Think the movie Poltergeist and the clown under the bed. CREEPY! However, these pastel little clowns are too stinking cute!


Fun little circus acts.


DSCN3060_edited-1Pink Elephants. Doesn't get any cuter!


This is a tin cover lid to a vintage childs watercoulor paint set. 



This darling shadowbox is currently available in my Etsy shoppe!

I've also added some blonde bombshell brooches as well.

This little doll is already reserved. Her name is Daisy.


This is Miss Kitty. She's available to someone that will pamper her. πŸ˜‰


Less than 1 week ladies till the Sweet Six Studio art retreat begins!!!


Have you signed up yet?  If not, what are you waiting for!!!! I have more beautiful yummies to show you. Lookie at what you will be making.

Miss Analise *Sugar Sugar* has made these sweet and shabby flower brooches. Arent these DARLING!!!!!! Would dress up a cute sweater, or tote bag!

Flower brooch

Flower brooch2

I love the textures and sweet little bits Analise used!

This next project took my breathe AWAY!!!!! Sooooo incredibly beautiful!!!!! Embellished ribbon lanterns created by the "QUEEN" of all things "pretty" Miss Heather . The lace,ribbons, rhinestones just make these lanterns so feminine and dainty. You can create any style, color, theme, or look your little heart desires.


How GORGEOUS would these look hanging up if you were hosting a tea party or spring garden party?  



Just a little tip. These lanterns can be found at local party stores in the baby or wedding section. Another option would be a lampshade that you can decorate and hang by a ribbon. Miss Heather will give you all sorts of tips and valuable info on how to create these beauties with your own personal stash of goodies! Are you excited yet??? I know I am!!!

Well girls are ya ready to see some MAJOR CUTENESS??? Meet my darling new fur baby Coco. She is the newest addition to our family.


Can you spot her amongst the dollies? She's tiny enough! hee! hee!


Lulu my older yorkie isn't too thrilled. She is still showing her teeth everytime Coco bounces and jumps on her. Overtime Im sure Lulu will grow fond of her wild out of control baby sister. πŸ™‚

Have a great Labor Day weekend my friends. I've got Friday night concert tickets to the REGENERATION tour! Total blast from the past 80's music! Let's see if I can scrounge up a big slouchy off the shoulders Forenza sweater, leggings, big wide belt, neon jelly shoes, and my black rubber bracelets. Total Belinda Carlisle! hee! hee!

Hugs & Kisses! XOXO,

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Jean Eakin

You are a very talented lady. Your little shadow box is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. Alas I don’t have a single place I could use it. You doggie is precious! Have a fun evening.
Jean in Virginia

your circus collage box is wonderful jenn! Im trying to remember who out here in blog land has their babies room decorated with a circus theme.. this would be perfect. I dont know how you make something so darn cute and then part with it! I’m sure you guys have a ton of girls signed up for your art retreat! those lanterns are adorable!
have a great weekend!

love the circus box that is just so colorful and beautiful love it…Lisa

Oh my goodness so much sweetness in one post, as I was reading down I was thinking about my comment and then each bit something more exciting was in there so I shall comment like this
1. Love love love the pink elelphants, they are one of my favourite things
2. I don’t like clowns either but yes the pastel ones are very sweet
3. The whole creation is just magical..well done again jen
4. Ohhh i love your new puppy, i so need one like that she is just too too cute, be prepared for sleepless nights again for a while!
Have a wonderful day, thanks so much for sharing just gorgeous gorgeous things.aaahhh
kiss noises Linda Lilly Cottage.

Coco is SO cute! She is just like a lil cream puff! Love your shadowbox too! Adorable!

That little baby Coco is about the cutest thing I’ve ever seen!!!!! Ooohhh…I want to hold him!!!!

Jenn, your collage box is adorable and what a great theme…your dolly holding the cotton candy is cracking me up…toooo cute:) Coco is adorable, what a tiny sweet little bundle of cuteness she is…the sweet six studio peeks are wonderful, i just LOVE what Heather did with those lanterns!!! they are fabulous:)

I miss your cuppy cake song! But the circus is wonderful and I agree, pastel clowns are not spooky at all?
And I don’t know how is cuter, you or the yorky baby.

jillian haupt

OMG, I hated that clown in Poltergeist!! But I love yours, they seem much sweeter!!! Your new puppy is just too cute for words. Is she going to stay that small? Enjoy her!

Oh my gosh – your newest shadow box is absolutely delightful! Brings back some good memories of the circus. What a cutie Coco is! How can you get anything done? I’d just want to cuddle her all day!

Coco is sooooo cute and your circus shadow box is to die for!!!! Sandy xoxo


Loooove this. It’s so cute. We love the circus music, but we are missing the cupcake song!

I love that shadowbox so much! And your little dog, too. πŸ™‚

Your puppy is adorable!Great choice on the name- My puppy name is Coco also! I just love those lanterns, I just might have to make one of those!

Hi Jenn,
Thank you for making my morning with this lovely post! The circus themed piece you created is out of this world!!! I love the way you think and very clever you are!
Your new baby is absolutely adorable. The photo of her on the dresser is priceless. I’m sure your older girl will soon learn to love Coco.
I hope you’re having a wonderful holiday weekend.
Take care,

Ana Barrett

OMGGG JEN!!!!!!!!! i loveee thee shadowbox sooo much! soo sooo sooo ADORABLE! i just can’t get over it.. heehee and coco is equally adorable! HUGS!
ana =]

That is the cutest thing I have ever seen jenn!I simply adore it!! So crafty you are! xoxo

I forgot to tell you , that little doggie is adorable!

Hi Jenn,
I hope you had fun at the concert.
Your circus creation is absolutely adorable, as usual. The music is too cute. And your puppy, OMG!! What can I say. I love it all.
xo Cath

Your circus shadow box is delicious! You have such a playful, creative spirit that shines through in your work.
Coco is ADORABLE! What a great idea to take her photo amidst the other treasures on your dresser πŸ™‚
How was the concert? Haven’t heard the phrase Forenza sweater in AGES! I used to have tons of them “back in the day”….thanks for putting a smile on my face this morning!!

It’s so funny–I have been saturated with Circus ever since I started LolliShops–it’s like this wild trend that popped up in our creative minds all at once!
I love the shadowbox, Jenn! Very sweet.
Your “fur baby” is just as precious!
~sadie lou

Oh Jenn! That Pink elephant is gorgeous! And your Coco is so stink’in cute…OMG! I want one but I don’t think my 120lb Alaskan Malamute would be very nice to play with…chew toy is what I am thinking he would think! Teehee!
Come by and take a peek at what I have a ‘brewin’ over at my place!


Jenn, too dang cute on the circus shadow box! Honestly, I don’t know how you can part with them…I’d just want to keep them all & smile.
And, omigoodness on the cute puppy sitting amongst the pretend dogs…so adorable.

it is always such a delight to visit you here – and I have been away for ages – but hope to come back and visit regularly again.
I love all your creations as you well know but it is always exciting to see what new things you create.
best wishes Ginny (far away in England) xx

It is all soo sweet, especially Coco. Just love lookin at your shadow boxes. The pink elephant is too cute! Wish I could join in on the creative fun, but we are in harvest season and life is just too busy to plan anything extra. Good luck!

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I just adore your new creations Jenn!!! That shadowbox is out of this world! Coco is such a little sweetie, can’t wait to meet her and Lulu and have some cuddles! xo

Hi, Jenn! If I haven’t introduced myself, I’m Holly from To know Him More.
Love your circus box and I especially love your pastel candy necklace embellishments! I wore those when I was a littler girl than I am now. Yes, it’s true, (Shhhh) I am a little girl trapped in a grandma’s body!
I joined the SSS art retreat. I look forward to seeing what you have planned for us.
~ Hearts ~

I love the little ballerinas in the circus box…too cute!
Can’t wait to see what your new baby gets added too! She’d be perfect with some gitter and rhinestones!

Oh My Sweetness!!! Where did you get that lovable lil’ girl? We lost our dog Chloe, May 25th this year and are now thinking about getting a puppy. Is that a mini yorkie? How big will she get? She is so sweet, especially amongst the dolls!!! Thank you for sharing.
I also like you lil’ bisque doll. I am on the look for one. I have some vintage trims that she would be perfect for.

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