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Hello sweet friends! I have some fun and exciting news to share! I am very  flattered and excited to have been chosen as April's "Cottage of the Month" at the Old Painted Cottage. The sweet & lovely Miss Jennifer created the Cottage of the Month on her website back in 2006. The homes and families she has featured over the years are all so so INCREDIBLE!!!! I remember appx 6 months ago my Mom and I sitting at my computer looking at every home of the month for each year. We just "Ooooh'd and Aahh'd" It is like looking at a home decorating magazine but 10x  BETTER!!!! When Jennifer contacted me about my home being featured I was beyond thrilled. Such a lovely honor!!! You can click here to see photos of my home and you MUST if you've never been to Jennifer's site before browse and look at all the other gorgeous homes. You will fall in love and become inspired!!!!  

I've just recently joined an altered apron swap hosted by a good friend of mine. I have NEVER worked on an apron before and I DONT SEW!!!!!  I just like to purchase them and displaying them in my home. hee! hee! I thought to myself this will be a fun challange! As long as I can use "liquid sew" I'm "IN"! Im creating this for my lovely swap partner Miss Ginny.  These are a few "sneek peaks".  



DSCN9938_edited-2EEEK! I cant wait for Ginny to see the "whole" apron once it's finished. It's pretty and feminine and definitley will have a "touch of whimsy". πŸ™‚

Have a lovely & creative weekend!!!

XOXO, Jenn       

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Congrats! Isn’t it such a huge honor?! When she asked me I kept re-reading the email to be sure I was seeing things right! Lol! But your home is so beautiful, I am surprised it took this long! Can’t wait to see it…off to visit now!

I think I was the one that hooked you up with Jennifer, remember her and I lived on the same street? It sure is a small world. FiFi had featured her home in Oct 07 in Romantic Homes. I am thrilled to see your lovely home featured it sure does deserve all the fame it gets.
Hugs, Diane

Oh I LOVE cottage of the month!!! If anyone should be in there, it is YOU!! Your house is absolutely to die for!! Congratulations, I am so excited for you!!!!
The apron looks fabulous Jenn and I cant wait to see the rest! You know, I won a 40’s sheer pink apron in a drawing a couple years ago and just loved it. Now you have me hooked on them and wanting more, lol! I cannot sew and NEED liquid sew, lol! Thank goodness for that stuff!
Have a beautiful weekend!

Your sneek peeks are absolutely beautiful!!! I know Ginny will love the apron…

Your home is so lovely! Full of beautiful touches and lots of sweet eye candy! Smiles, H
PS. Best wishes on your upcoming event. I know it will be spectacular!

How wonderful to be a featured cottage of the month! I just checked it out and your home is so beautiful! I love every sweet shabby chic inch of your home. I feel very honored that a piece of my mosaic art is living in your house.

I do love your style for your home ~ so many lovely things and styled in just the right way.
ooh and yes EEKK those colours and ruffles are JUST Gorgeous, I can’t wait to see more, i am so excited about this one !!
best wishes Ginny X

Congratulations Jenn! Your home is so beautiful, and I love how you’ve personalized it and made it your own. How lucky that I will get to see it in person next month!
xoxo andrea

Ahhh I know the painted cottage of course, she use to be my neighbor..well, lived on the same street- San Marcos. I haven’t been inside her new home but I got to visit her last home, and wow, it was beautiful!!! It left me speechless! Congrats jenn, you deserve it!
-Breezy (Diane’s daughter aka Saturdayfinds)

Congratulations Sweet Jen! How wonderful and sooooo deserving! Your feature is gorgeous – just like you – and yes, Jennifer is a sweetheart… she gives us so much joy in all that she shares.
Your home is beautiful!!!!!

Just found your lovely blog, I love it and your designs are adorable!!!

Just finished viewing the pictures of your beautiful home at “The Old Painted Cottage”! I love your eclectic style, Jenn!
Can’t wait til the retreat next month!!

Jenn, congrats on being “cottage of the month”…how cool is that? your apron peek looks really super cute!!! i can’t wait to see the whole thing!!!

Wow Jenn!! This is so awesome! I can’t wait to jump over and feast my eyes on your gorgeous home! I’ve always loved visiting Jennifer’s “Cottage of the Month” and like you, have Ooh’d and Aahh’d over every photo! I’m no doubt going to do the same as I gaze at your stunning home!
Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful honor with us~
Big hugs,

Oh Jenn, your home looks amazing! So cozy and inviting! Full of special, whimsical touches! Love it!

You absolutely deserve that award Jenn!!! You are too fabulous! Your upcoming altered apron is super sweet also. OHH.. I made my hair REALLY big yesterday πŸ˜‰

oh jenn, your apron looks divine! Can’t wait to see the whole thing! I also think your new blog pic is too cute!!!
xoxoxo, Tiffany


your house is a leaving dream!
i can only imagin how wonderfull it is to wake up everyday in a fairy tale home like yours!
your my idol long befor i have seen the house’ now you are… ( no words can describe! )

Congratulations, your home looks truly fabulous. You have done such a lovely job in decorating it. The sweet style you use throughout your home gives it a sense of warmth and hominess. Well Done Jenn.

Jenn, your home is THE MOST AMAZING site! I loved loved loved looking through your photos and even though I have seen peeks before it is nice to see them all together to really get a feel of how your home is laid out and how warm and inviting you have made it. You are SOOO deserving of being featured!! Congratulations!!
I can’t wait to see that gorgeous apron… and I know it will be a pretty, whimsical delight!
xo heather

Your home at her site is unbelievable. I emailed the link to my sister. I told her that she had to see your home. I wish I could print out the pictures to be inspired over a cup of tea whenever I have a quiet moment.

Jenn, your home is fabolous! You definitely deserved the feature. I just love the colors. See ya next month!

Jenn! Congratulations! I love Jennifer’s site and I’m so proud of you that you will be featured! Good things come to good people!
Deanna πŸ˜€

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