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Hello friends! This past week my son Grant hit a BIG milestone. He turned the BIG 5 on Feburary 4th!

We celebrated by having a family birthday party for our little man! The theme was a mixture of Power Rangers, Transformers, and Speed Racer.



Brother and proud sister. 




Grandma also made a cake and I busted Vivian sticking her fingers in the icing. hee! hee!

Make a wish! ( I looooove this shot!)

 Whoo-hoo! Big Uncle Brock stops by to watch Grant open gifts and have cake and ice cream.

Wow…who's more excited over the gifts??? Grant or Mommy? LOL!!!

 Of course I was feeling very sentimental and sappy and needed a photo of me and my little 5 year old man. 

 It's a BUSY birthday month. Mine is in a few days, and Vivian is next week the 18th. We are planning on taking the kids to Disney! Whoo-hoo!

This past Saturday I had the wonderful invitation of joining some of my super fun crafty girlfriends for a day in Atlanta.

The lovely Rosalyn-Sue who I met and had the incredible of opportunity of getting to know at my En Le Jardin event last year decided to host a special Valentines Day Craft-In at her home. 


I packed up some fun goody bags treats for the girls!

We had lunch at the historic Marietta square, and spent a few hours shopping the fabulous antique shops!

Jen Grenko, Teresa AtkinsonSuzanne MacCrone,Sherry Williams,Rosalyn-Sue,& ME!



Pretty treasures everywhere! I scored on some great finds. πŸ˜‰ I'll show and tell soon!

Jenn & Sherry 

  EEEK! Cute vintage animals!




Happy Birthday To Me party crown.

 After an afternoon of shopping we headed back to Rosalyn-Sue's house to get started on our Valentine Crafts. 

The day turned out being colder than we all expected and it started to sleet on us while we were shopping. Once at Rosalyn's she was sweet & kind enough to let us borrow her warm fuzzy socks to keep our tootsies warm.



You should have seen the look and expression on our faces when we first went downstairs to Rosalyn's crafting room. Oh my heavens! Sugar overload!!! She had it decorated so so pretty and truly went ALL out for us!

She had a sugar bar set up for us. Whatever we want we grab for the taking.


Her spread was beautiful. Candy, cupcakes, and gourmet macaroons that Rosalyn spent 7 hours making!!! DEEEEELISH!!!!!


Bowl of icing heart cookies.
Gorgeous cupcakes.

 Rosalyn-Sue's craft room looked like it belong on the set of Martha Stewart. So bright, cheerful and happy!

She has a little spot for her adorable son Coe to hang out and play.

Ribbon wall.

 Needless to say we had a field day playing in her craft room.  

Our project was to make decorative candy heart boxes. This is Rosalyn Sue's. Stunning!!!!

She supplied us with all the goodies and of course encouraged us to do whatever we want to make it our own style if we wish.

This is my candy heart.

I really love the soft colors.

I have to thank Rosalyn-Sue for allowing me to rumage thru her INCREDIBLE millinery collection that was handed down from her great grandmother. She let me have these beautiful cream colored millinery flowers to decorate my box with.

Once finished we filled our boxes with SWEETS GALORE!!!!

 We all had SOO much fun we even left 2 hours later than we originally planned. Rosalyn offered us to spend the night and if we had our overnight bags I think we would have. hee! hee! Thank you girl for the awesome fun and memories!!!!

I wont post again until early next week. I'll be a busy girl celebrating my (thirtysomething) b-day this weekend, and having a night out on the town with hubby for Valentines.

So Im sending you all BIG Valentines hugs & kisses!!!! Wishing you a day FULL of LOVE!!!!!



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Hi Sweet Friend!! Oh Jenn, You always have the best posts!!! I dont even know where to start here, lol! I always love seeing pictures of your children and you with them!! It is so touching. I love that Grant, Vivi and you all share the same birthday month πŸ™‚ Grant is getting so big, he is a doll!! My youngest two (5 and 6) are SO into Transformers right now, lol! I remember when they cam out when I was little! You are stunning these pics, I love your hair!! Did you do something different with it? I hope you all have a wonderful time in Disney!!! We are headed there the end of next month. Will you be home the 6th or so of April?? I would lovet stop and see you!
You always get to have all the fun, lol! I was gasping at every picture of your friends craft room, oh my goodness!! To die for!! LOVE all that candy and the box you made is so over the top yummy!!
I am trying to set up a date for this weekend too. Guess what? You and Chad share the same birthday, lol! How cool! I Want to take him out on the town this weekend and try to combine his birthday and Valentines Day. I hope you have the best birthday EVER!!
Love ya sweet friend,

what a sweet little birthday boy…i remember the power ranger days…LOL…seems like such a long time ago…what a fun craft day you had with the girls…the candy boxes are stunning…i LOVE the little bunny girl, she is adorable, i know you snatched her up!!!

Oh fun! Happy birthday to Grant. So fun! Can’t believe he is 5 already! Time flies for sure. The spread and crafty goodness – wow! Drooling big time over here…..

Hi Jenn,
That was quite the sweet post! The little man turning 5, and I love the theme for the party *wink *wink, I miss those days mine is 11 now and its all wonderful but different. Looks like he had a great day!
Ok I have craft room envy! We live in a historical home I can’t really add on too but there’s a dream huh? How amazing was that! too fun, love the way your box turned out just gorgeous!
Have a fabulous, sugary, glitter filled day!
luvs and glitter
p.s. could you please drop me a line next time you finish a gumball machine I would love to have a piece of your fab art in my collection πŸ™‚

Your pictures are fabulous, Jenn! Most of mine turned out fuzzy for some reason! I love Grant’s hair…too cute for words!! His birthday pictures are so adorable.
We really had a wonderful time Saturday & I hope we can do it again soon. We will definitely have to plan to spend the night next time!lol

Happy Birthday to all of you!! Grants Birthday looked like so much fun. He is a doll. The picture of Vivian sneaking some icing is so sweet. I love the Candy Box you made. It is wonderful….the treats inside didn’t look too bad either. I hope you have a fabulous Valentines Day. xxoo Valarie

Looks like a super fun time was had by all! πŸ™‚

Jenn what a fun day! Loved it all – especially the socks! Well . . . and of course the sugar, oh and the millinery flowers! Her great grandmother? WOW! Happy birthday to Grant and to Mommmy too! Have a wonderful day!
Hugz! Karen
ps – LOVE this song . . .

Hi Jenn,
It looks like y’all had a wonderful time. Sherry’s has been talking about it for weeks. Love your creation & Rosalyn-Sue’s room. Too cute!
Happy early Birthday! And Happy Valentine’s Day!
hugs, Joanna

What adorable pics of you and the kids! A very warm Happy Birthday to your handsome little man, Grant! He has such a BIG, HAPPY smile! Have fun at Disney we just returned from WDW – eight fun days – our 5th visit in 2 years! I just love WDW! Hubby may take me back in Oct. so we can get another visit out of our annual pass before it expires. I hope he doesn’t get tired of going there cause it is my most favorite place.
Teacup Lane (Sandy)

Thank so much sweet Jen for you lovely comment! I will absolutely drop ya a line when I list another gumball machine! Thanks doll! Have a fabulous week! HUGS! XO,Jenn

Believe it or not Lori I didnt buy the bunny girl. I showed restraint! LOL! πŸ˜‰ XO

Hey girl!
WOW! That is so cool that Chad and I share the same b-day! Let’s TRY and see one another somehow when you are passing thru town. Even if it’s just a quick HUG! We’ll chat before then. ;)Thank you for always leaving me the most heartfelt lovey comments. XOXO

Love your beautiful post. So much to look at, I love your valentine box and the oh so sweet candy to fill it. What fun!!! Your children are so beautiful. And your studio is just fabulous, boy could I have some fun in there!!!!!
Have a wonderful birthday and Valentines Day.

wow Jenn! first of all.. Happy birthday to you and Grant! The pictures of you and him are adorable. and second of all.. wow! Your friends craft room is to die for and both of your valentine heart boxes are gorgeous!
Hope you have a great week celebrating your birthday and valentines.. OH yes.. and you said its little vivi’s birthday too! I think the month of Feb must be a fun month at your place!

Your words were so very sweet. I have so much admiration for you and am absolutely-inspired by you not only as an artist but as a mother and friend, as well. Thank you for joining me and bringing everyone up for a visit. Happiest birthday coming up…to you and Vivi…and a belated one to sweet Grant. Looking forward to our TJ Maxx run in the near future πŸ™‚

I’m sitting here looking at your pics and screaming (in my head)”DO OVER”, I absolutely hate that I missed out on the fun at Rosalyn Sue’s and we must have a do over!!!
Tell Grant Happy Late Bday and I wish you and Viv a wonderful one as well!!!

Jenn, I made that happy birthday to me hat you are wearing in one of the photos lol. how great to see it on you, it looks darling. do you happen to remember which shop you were in? anyway happy birthday to all three of you!!!

Oh do have a very Happy Birthday and a special Valentine’s Day – you deserve it!! And, thanks for all the wonderful pictures….I am salivating over here in the north at all the gorgeous stuff in those stores and at that fantabulous craft room! It is HUGE!! Makes mine look like a closet….lol…

what a beautiful pure eye candy post … Happy Birthday to all of you too !
I love your friends work room … wow i wish we had more of these kind of get togethers over here – yet again another reason for emigrating lol … gorgeous hearts, love, love, love them.
Happy Valentines to all
best wishes Ginny x

Happy Birthday to everyone! You girls look like you had a blast! Rosalyn- Sue’s room is amazing! I think even Martha would be jealous! Your box turned out to die for! She really went all out. I am sure the gilrs will remember it forever! xoxo

OMG! What a jam packed post!! where do i start? Happy birthday to darling grant! Your girls day looked FAB!!
i can’t wait to see all you girls again!
xoxo, TIffany

LeAnn Mooney

I wanted to wish both you, and the kids a Happy Birthday! I love the picture of Vivi, and Grant together. She definitely looks like the proud sister! So sweet. Rosalyn-Sue’s craft room, is to DIE for! Have a wonderful Valentines Day, and Birthday!
Please post what you get for your Birthday. I know they’ll be fabulous!

Hi Jenn!
Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed reading your blog (as I always do)
Grant and Miss Vivian are so darling!!!
Happy Birthday to the 3 of you!
I sure wish I lived near Atlanta! You all have so much fun!
Looking forward to
your next post!

Hello Sweet!
I guess i have said the samething in FB but i’d hope you don’t mind me tell you again your son is too handsome cute*teehee* loving the lil princess Vivi!
I can see there’s loads of presents:)
Gosh so much of tresures in that store! I wish i can be there too, beautiful pictures and i love your heart*teehee* so sweet and girlie like you!
Wishing you have a fab sweet Valentine!

What a candy head explosion!!!!! Your creation is beautiful, as always- so very lovely!! Did you buy that little bunny you saw shopping?
The phtos of the kids, and you and GRant are so fabulous! Absolutely adorable children and party. You rock Jenn!!!

What a fun group!! And wow, what a craft room!!
Happy Birthday to you and to your little guy.

I want to move into Rosalyn-Sue’s studio! Rachaelxo

Thank you Mary! So so sweet and kind of you! πŸ˜‰ XO,Jenn

Hi JoAnn! Oh wow!!! How neat! I love the hat! I found it at an antique shop called Duprees in historic Marietta. DARLING!!! πŸ˜‰ XO,Jenn

Me too Rachel! hee! hee! XO,Jenn

Hee! hee! Believe it or not I did NOT buy the bunny! Shocker huh? I bought other FAB stuff instead! LOL!!! Thanks Maija for the love. πŸ˜‰ XO,Jenn

Thank you Zoe! Your the best girlie!! Love ya! Jenn

oh wow! What a fabulous post! I love everything. I want to go shopping with you ladies, and I sooooooooo want to have a room exactly the same as Rosalyb-Sue! What a treat!
All the photos are just gorgeous, but my favourite is of Mummy and Birthday Boy. That is simply beautiful.
Happy Birthday Grant, looks like you had a wonderful time :o)
Have a wonderful birthday yourself Jen, and a happy birthday to your little Princess. What a busy month!
Happy Valentine’s Day :O)
Sadie x

Happy Birthday, Grant! Happy Birthday, Miss Vivi!
Happy Birthday, Jenn!
Your Blog is so amazingly Beautiful!
Happy Valentine’s Day
Jenn and Her Family!
Hugs, Tonya

Im sure you bought plenty of wonderful stuff- you have a great eye for the goodies!!

Oh Jenn this looks like so much fun! Roselyn Sue’s craft romm is over the top to DIE FOR! Those ribbons! And the heart you made! Positively edible!
Speaking of edible, Grant and Vivi are luscious little creatures that i just want to gobble up they are so cute!!
Great photos Jenn! A big happy birthday to you too dearest friend!

5… what a GREAT age! We’re all february babies- I’m on the 17th πŸ™‚ I wish I was in GA too!!
That studio… be still my heart! I am on the lookout for a small building to put on our property, I have a studio in our lower level that I outgrew the day after I moved into it!!

Kathy Baker

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Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you!!!
Happy Birthday Dear Jeeennnnnn!!!!!! Happy Birthday to you!!
Happy Birthday sweetie pie!! I hope you have the BEST weekend EVER!!!
Love ya lots,

Hi Jenn,
I absolutely loved this post from start to finish. The pictures are to die for and what a great friend you have in Rosalyn-Sue. That craft room is INCREDIBLE! I don’t know what I would do with all that space.
Anyway, looking forward to our little soiree soon.
P.S. Having a giveaway right now, pop on over to enter

looks like such a fun day! if you ever get the chance to go to Senoia (south of atl), stop by ms. wendy’s antiques ( and see me! counting down the days to p and p! {hugs} Heidi

Happy belated birthday my friend!!!
Happy birthday to the little big guy too!!! Tehy’re both adorable, and you look so excited there, lol!
Must be something in the air over there, Rosalyn-Sue is an amazing hostess like you! I can’t get over those macaroons she made. And her craft area, holy cow, it’s fabulous! Loving the beautiful boxes you made, and how special you got to use her lovely flowers πŸ™‚ xo

Thanks for the sweet post, Jen! Your kiddos are so cute!
~ β™₯ ~

Hello Jenn ~I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to come by and wish you a Happy Valentines Day.
Sometimes our lives can become very busy making it difficult to return visits. I wanted you to know how much I truly appreciate you taking the time to not only visit but, especially for leaving me with your sweet comments.
It always leaves me feeling inspired. It’s also a joy to share with you what I’ve created. just as you do with me.
I celebrated my Birthday on the the First of the month.
I’ve always thought Feb was a great month for a B-Day being that it’s the month of “LOVE”. Oh I adore the pictures of Grant with his ear to ear grin and I got a chuckle at Vivian sampling the cake.
I can’t even imagine the incredible fun you had in Atlanta!! Your Heart box was stunning. What a memorable keepsake it will be, not to mention the candy.
Have a marvelous time celebrating your Birthday.
I hope you can stop by for some V-Day fun. I’ve posted a tutorial on Conversation Heart Petit fours. It’ll be posted through next Thursday.
Sweet Valentine Wishes,

Oh wow you’ve been having so much fun. Such cute birthday party pictures too! I had so much to get caught up on! And I forgot how much I love Everything but the Girl… I’ve just let all the songs play. I have got to download some of their music – I used to really love listening to them! Happy early birthday too Sweetie.

Thank you Holly!!! HUGS!! Im a BIG fan of Everything But the Girl! I am NOT surprised that you love them as well. You’ve got good taste in music girl! πŸ˜‰ XO

I am loving all of these photos and her studio is gorgeous! I just wish I had a room in my house to put all my goodies and create…maybe oneday!

Oh, one more thing- Do you know where I could maybe get some of those cute red valentine goody bags with the little girls and boys on them? They are so cute! I would love to have some!

Hi Daisy, I am soo sorry, but I found them at a garage sale. πŸ™ I wish I knew where you could find them. Jenn

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