Cupcakes & Tea Parties

Hello sweet friends! So lovely of you to stop by! 

Would you like to see what I've been up to the past two weeks?

Well, besides the not so fun part of cleaning out children's closets, working in the yard, and reorganizing the office and my little studio. I have been a busy gal working on a fun DIY project for my daughter Vivian's bedroom.

She is now officially sleeping in her big girls bed. We have said "Bye Bye" to her baby crib.

(click on image to enlarge)


I splurged on this FABULOUS pink tulle ruffle bedskirt from Garnet Hill.

Tulle bedskirt 


Once I took her crib out of the room I was on to the next project.

Decorating a $10 table and chair set I found at a garage sale.

I wanted to turn this into something really cute. So I brainstormed until I came up with the perfect idea. I had several gorgeous petticoats from my event that were not being used, and I wanted to decorate it with a cupcake theme. I own a few cupcake pieces of Jenny & Aaron of Everyday is a Holiday, and thought how precious would it be to decorate her table and chairs with their yummy sweet images! 

After 2 weeks….


(click to enlarge)


It turned out so sweet & magical!

I decoupaged the cupcake and dessert images onto the table and chairs.

I took the sherbert colored petticoats and made them into chair and table skirts.  



Vivi's new table and chairs look charming and perfect in her room.

(click to enlarge)


Needless to say my daughter is OVERJOYED with her cupcake table set. THANK YOU Jenny & Aaron!!!!

Now she is ready for her first tea party and you my friends get to be a part of Vivi's first tea party in her big girl room!!!!


Vivi wants to greet you.

Would you like a cupcake? They are sprinkled with extra sugar just for you!

Perhaps you might want one of Vivi's sugar cookies? 

All the tea sets are full and ready to pour.

The little bunnies are enjoying their tea. 


Vivi invited her dolls to join us.

What a gracious hostess to help push in her dolls chair.

Would you care for a delicious cookie? 

Perhaps a cupcake also. Here let me help you.

You must be thirsty. Let me pour you a cup of tea.


I didn't mean to neglect you. You must be starving. Take a bite…you'll love it!


Cindy says this tea is the BEST she's ever had!!!!



Hmmm…who's at the door???

Grant!!! The Cupcake thief!


Sorry says Vivi. Your not allowed to crash my party and steal my cupcakes.

Grant…if you want a cupcake than you must sit at the table, and you have to dress up. Here….wear my crown for the special occasion.


Would you like some tea?




Mmmmm…this taste good! 


Knock* Knock*

Oh my heavens…who could it be now???


So sweet of you to stop by. Please stay awhile and join us for some tea and cupcakes.


 Wow! This has been the best tea party ever! Thank you Mommy for my pretty table and chairs.

Thank YOU everyone for stopping by and taking a peek at my tea party.



Ok, all these faux cupcakes having me craving REAL ones! hee! hee!

Looks like Betty Crocker and I have a date this week. πŸ˜‰


Wishing you all the opportunity to let your mind daydream, imagination soar, and to become inspired as my children have done for me. 

Have a fabulous & creative week!




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my goodness.
that is a room that every girl dreams of!
and that every mommy dreams of putting together for her little girl.
you did a fabulous job.
just fabulous!

How precious and how positively gorgeous!!! A room definitely fit for your little Princess! You have created a wonderful effect with the entire room! Congratulations!! Every little girls dream! Just beautiful!!

Oh my goodness, is that not what little girl dreams are made of? The most divine room, beautiful decorations, wonderful tea treats but most importantly gorgeous parents who take the time to play with their children and encourage make believe….they will grow into amazing adults.
Kiss Noises Linda (thanks for sharing)

The bedroom is fabulous…I want that tulle bed skirt for MY bed now! hee hee…I guess the little girl [our inner child] is never far from the surface..thank goodness.
You did a wonderful job of creating a joyful and enchanting space for your daughter.
Are you adopting?! :0)
Have a wonderful day..
Stephanie β™₯

“Cupcakes and TeaParties” is one of the sweetest,most loving and beautiful posts I have ever seen. The newly decorated room is adorable. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful home and family.

Your daughters room is absolutely the stuff that fairytales are made of!!! Gorgeous!!! And what a beautiful family you have…!!! I loved this post!!

Viv, cutest post ever!!! ViVi’s room is totally adorable…i love the cupcake makeover…total bummer the bedskirt doesn’t come in bigger sizes, i about fell over when i saw that…it is stunning!!! ViVi {and friends} look like they are really enjoying the makeover too…that is one gorgeous tea party!!!

i think i just called you Viv??? i meant Jenn of course…i just woke up…and i didn’t sleep well last night…so, don’t hold it against me…LOL…plus, i was be~dazzled by the cuteness of your post!!!

I want that room! I could live and play in there….what a dream! You’ve done an amazing job of creating a beautiful, magical place. Spectacular!

omg, this has got to be the dreamiest room in history. all of your loving and frou-frou touches are wonderful. the bed ruffle was a worthy splurge because it is just amazing. the petticoat chair skirts are a sweet touch. what a lucky little girl!
looks like a wonderful first tea party was enjoyed by all!
i am sensing this pretty room will be published somewhere soon.

what a perfectly delightful little tea party! Im so glad I stopped by, now I can leave for work with a smile on my face after attending the sweetest little teaparty! Jen, I wish you were my mom!! lol.. Well, yeah, so I’m a little older then you.. but you are the bestest mom.. I’m sure your kids would agree. and, do you dress your husband, or do you just have him trained to dress in just the right colors to blend into your home so well!? lol!
have a great week.

This is so sweet! I just loved that table! So sweet! Thanks for sharing! xo Cassandra

Vivian, you tickle me!!! Can you honestly believe that I did NOT dress my hubby and I actually had to beg him to come upstairs to Vivis room to see the party. He was busy working outside and I made him come visit us for a minute. So glad I did! πŸ™‚ Thanks Vivian! XOXO

Thank you Elyse! Decorating Vivis room has been so much fun!!! πŸ™‚ XOXO,Jenn

Hee! Hee! Thank you Lori!!! Im glad you enjoyed!!! πŸ™‚ XOXO,Jenn

How beautiful is this post!??!? I love it how sweet is EVERYTHING!!!:) What a sweet daddy playing tea party:) ~Shelley

Hello Jenn… Vivi’s room is just precious, every little girls dream room… how sweet of you (and Vivi) to invite me for tea and cupcakes… they were yummy! I must go back and look at everything again, it is all just sooo lovely! xoxo Julie Marie

Her room is sweet, sweet and dreamy! So sweet that Dad and brother joined the fun too! I love the ruffles and fluff on her tea table and bed skirt – what fun! You did a wonderful job creating such a magical room for her! xo’s Heidi

Jenn….I agree with everyone…You truly are the best mom a child could ask for. Sweet Vivians room is absolutely gorgeous. Can I please move in when she gets tired of it? The table and chairs are beyond magical. You rock!!
xxoo Valarie

I want this for my big girl room, not sure my husband would appreciate the scheme.
Just simply adorable.

Jenn, I think you did a fab job…..beautiful!

How adorable! A fairytale in the making!!
The teaparty table is very pretty and your family ahhhhh just precious!
Just curious ~~~Jenn did you use the Sealah tape to attach the tutu or trim on the chairs or table?
Thank you for sharing your daughter’s magical room:)
Kay Ellen

Michelle Evans

Hi Jenn, this post makes me want my little girl back so badly!! They grow up and leave so fast, we always had tea parties and teddy bear picnics,now she is a grown up married lady!I have to admit she lives across the street from us so that helps a little!! Enjoy every minute with Miss Viv and Grant they will be grown ups in a blink!! Have fun, Michelle E.

Hi Kay! Thanks for your super sweet comment! YES!!! I did use the Sealah tape! Its fabulous! I should become your spokesmodel! hee! hee! XOXO

Possibly the sweetest post of the sweetest kids in the sweetest room EVER! If I EVER get a grand-daughter I’m going to make her a table like that…or else, you could make them and sell them!! Love it all! xo, Nan

What a post! What an amazing room ~ sweet Vivi is THE luckiest little girl to have a sweet mama like you! I love when you share about your kids ~ it brings back the happiest of memories of my kiddos when they were little ~ love it!
Hugs ~
xo Heidi

this really is a storybook! Vivi’s cupcake world!
Too too adorable Jenn! love all the party crashers too! The best tea party ever!

Well Vivian’s room is an absolute dream room! She must so enjoy that room every moment of the day. I would pinch myself to make sure I wasn’t dreaming! The table came out pefect. It fits right into her room and Jenny and Aaron’s art meshes perfectly with the peticoats. Brava brava!


the first blog post that ever left me speechless! Beautiful!

Wow! Thank you Julie!!! πŸ™‚ XO,Jenn

Awe Jenn!
I just love Vivi’s new “Big Girl” room…it’s totally fit for the princess that she is!!!
I’ve enjoyed having tea with her and Grant (he looks just like you!). She’s already on her way to being the best hostess in the world…just like her Mother πŸ™‚
This post was too cute!!! Thanks for inviting me in πŸ™‚

Yes you should Jennifer!!
My Mom will be so excited!!~~~ when I show her the tea table!!
Kay Ellen


LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! Vivian’s new room! It is GORGEOUS!!!! She is one lucky girl! That bedskirt is TO DIE FOR!!! You are so creative. Thank you for brightening my day by sharing.

Hi Jenn, what a lovely post. Vivi’s bedroom is a wonderfully magical place.

eeekk this is the cutest thing i have ever seen.
i love miss vivi.
she is so organized.
the table and the decorations. to die for.
so sweet.
grant is fab too
love you.

Will you adopt me?
This is just every little girl’s dream room.
I’m tellin’ ya – I’m on my way.
{{hugs!}} Karen

This bedroom and all its decorations is beyond beautiful. You have done the most incredible work. A work of art !!!

Totally adorable!
Wow how Vivi and Grant have grown~! I bet you are loving this age where you can do fun things with them – especially sweet tea parties πŸ™‚
You have created beautiful special memories for your gorgeous family – and captured adorable pictures of them! xo

precious, although I am absolutely gutted those cupcakes are imposter cakes, I was convinced they were right until you mentioned Betty Crocker! Rachaelxo

Sweetie, everything is just delightful as can be! Such gorgeous pictures and I love everything you’ve been doing. Just delious. You have such a creative mind and you make everything so pretty. Your kids are adorable too. But you already know that!
July will be here before we know it. Can’t wait!
Big hugs,

such a beautiful post! A room that all little girls – and not so little – dream of :o)
I need to start working on my little humbugs room soon. Though I think I’ll leave it until next year. I have *plans*, could take some time ;o)

What an AMAZING room!! I absolutely love this. So dreamy, whimsical and pretty. I wish I had a room like that while growing up, I would have been in heaven! Hahaha, actually I wish I had a room like that -right now-.
Your children are adorable! πŸ™‚

Oh Jenn this was so much fun. You did a wonderful job on the room and all the furnishings. Vivi is such a lucky little lady and Grant is so much fun to watch. I am so reminded of my childhood of perhaps 60 years ago when I would be wanting a tea party playmate and had no one to share with so my little brother would grudgingly agree to participate until his boy pals would appear and he would be out of there and of course not until he had made a mess out of my tidy little party room. BOYS! Yuk………

Oh Jenn!!! How beautiful!!! I am sure Vivi just *adores* her sweet new table and chairs! The tea party is just perfect!

True eye candy!! Inspiration to renovate my girls room! Thank you for sharing…
The Vintage Barn


I can only say that May God keep blessin your mind with such amazing inspiration….wish you could come to Brazil! xoxoxo from Brazil!

What a lucky, special little girl to have you for a mommy. Will you be my mommy?!?!?!

What an adorable tea party. Those petticoats are amazing, how creative and your children are so sweet! This would have been a perfect Pink Saturday post! Please visit us this weekend we are celebrating 2 years of Pink Saturday posts! I am having a PINK giveaway and there could be over 700 particpating bloggers. You have until Friday to join in the fun. Stop by Beverly at How Sweeet The Sound,( and tell her Valrie sent you! Come see me too! email me, blog:

i typed an extra s in the blogspot. sorry

This over the top special post brought tears to my eyes! How wonderful Grant and Vivi have you two as parents, it makes me so proud! The love and wonderful childhood memories you create for these darling children is phenomenal, may God Bless you for being such a engaged parent! No matter how busy, your family comes first, such a joy to see! The table is adorable and I so love the ruffled bed skirt! Thank you Vivi for being such a precious hostess to us all! Love, Lori

That is the sweetest, not to mention the most beautiful tea party ever!

oh my goodness, life doesn’t get any sweeter than this!!!
Vivi looks so happy, and grant is looking so handsome!!
xoxo Tiffany

And I thought the wipeout post was cute…this is even cuter!! I just recently posted my princesses’ room ~ I am going to have to show her yours…she’ll want to be little all over again! For a day anyway! Thanks for sharing!!

What a lovey and delightful room…will be lots of
grand tea parties there for sure!!!

Jenn, the table and chairs couldn’t be any more adorable!! And your kids are as sweet as those cupcakes! You can see that Vivi just melts her Daddy’s heart!

OK….I need that bed skirt for my daughter. We are re-doing their rooms. WHERE IN THE HECK IS THE LINK FOR THAT SWEET SKIRT? I went on the site but I can’t find it? OMG….it is beautiful!!!!
P.S. who did you amazing blog banner? I read my blogs in Bloglines and very seldom do I click on a blog to see a banner…I love it!


Oh Jenn, that is so adorable. I just love what you did with the petticoats on the bed, table and chairs, oh and let’s not forget the beautiful light hanging down. So dainty.I can’t wait to have another granddaughte. My dil would never let me do things like that in Theresa’s room,maybe Chris, my daughter will let me turn hers into a fairy tale room like she had when she was young. Such a delight seeing all your beautiful things and I have not forgotten the pages I promised—just health problems keep getting in the way. And I’m working on things for a Cancer Aid bingo in 2 weeks. Hugs, Pat

This is the most darling room in the UNIVERSE! Every single detail is wildly amazing!!! Your sweet VIVI is one precious girl with a room to match. πŸ™‚

Charmaine McL.

Oh Jennifer! This is the sweetest post!! What little girl wouldn’t love this room? You are so clever with the table, chairs, room decorations, etc. I think this room should make its way into another magazine! Looking forward to meeting you at the Creative Connection Event!

Wow! I have never seen anything so beautiful! Way to go Mom!! Come Link up with me at
I’d be so thrilled…

Vivi’s room is so full of whimsy and magic! I know she must love it! This was such a beautiful post, Jenn!
hugs, Sherry

I always love the sweet photos of your babies, they are adorable. And lucky little girl with that precious room, you just have to smile when you look at it! Wishing you a beautiful day.

hi jenn,
just popped in (again) for a cupcake fix! so sweet!

Those cupcakes looks so good. Yum!
I can’t resist them. They are my favorite.
Have a great day!

Oh my… that is so adorable. Seeing days like that makes me wish I had a girl too…Just me here with all these boys!!! Even our bunny is a boy! The turtle and fish are probably boys too! Oh well! That is the best teaparty!!


Oh you did a fabulous job on her room. What a dream room !!! I am sure she loves it!!!
Can we have a tour of Grants room?????

that is BEYOND GORGEOUS!!!! Jenn… i am speechless! It is just amazing….

Swoon! What a dreamy place! You’re really somthun Jenn, you know that? πŸ˜‰

Gerry Kruse

I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed this post! It is absolutely adorable! I have shown all of my little granddaughters these pictures and read it like a little storybook! They LOVED it and wanted me to read it again! I look so forward to your posts. You have such a gift and I love looking at your pictures….they make me so happy! THANK YOU! Don’t stop!:)

Gerry, thank you SO much for making my day!!! I have the biggest smile on my face. πŸ™‚ Glad your granddaughters enjoyed it. Smiles,Jenn

That is adoreable! I think if I had been able to design my own room as a little girl, it would have looked an awful lot like Vivi’s room. Snaps for a job well done!

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