Hello sweet friends!!!! How CUTE are these cupcake toppers??? They are so adorable and PERFECT for a childs birthday party! What's even better is they are EASY to make! Yes, this is my "revealed" project for the Sweet Six Studio online art retreat that beings September 2nd. There is STILL time to sign up!!!!

** This music you hear I just HAD to play. Could not resist! So sweet. My son loves this song so much he must have at least asked me to play it OVER & OVER again 15 times! hee! hee! **   

Take a look at this GORGEOUS decorated bath bottle made by the lovely Natasha Burns


Such beautiful details. You will learn step by step on how to make this. INCLUDING the bath crystals.


Oh my! The the bling and ribbons are just FAB!!! Come on gals you know you need to make one of these for your powder room. πŸ˜‰

Ok…… I have some exciting news to share!!!! Miss Vivi's nursery has a little feature in the current Romantic Homes Bedroom & Bath issue. YAY!!! 


Her nursery was featured with other designers.


Romantichomesnursery1_edited-1 The wording is a bit blurred in the photos, so I guess you will have to go out and purchase the magazine in order to read it. hee! hee! Im must say every page of this special feature is SHOW STOPPING!!!

Romantic Homes has been very good to me and I cant thank the editors enough for taking special interest in Miss Vivians Nursery. 

It's been awhile since I've created something really cute and whimsy for a babies room and this article inspired me to create a collage titled "Kiss the Baby".


I ADORE the vintage inspired baby fabric!!!!!!  




How sweet is this? A darling little baby standing in a baby bootie on top of a vintage lamb planter.


  This sweet and one of a kind collage is available in my Etsy shop. 

I cant thank you ALL enough for the amazing responses to my vintage doll head brooches. These gals are SO much fun to make!!! Im STILL making these little beauties and trying to update my shop as often as I can.

The girlie little doll is Katie. 


This strawberry blonde beauty is Nicole.

DSCN2846_edited-2  Both of these gals are available as well.

This custom order brunette vixen is Olivia.


A little french "twist" with this custom order. This parisian gal is Angelique. She is a lover of poodles, french, and pink and black! 


Many of you all know my BIG sis Jessi Nagy. She is the QUEEN Barbie lover! I couldn't resist making her a custom retro Barbie doll brooch. She is always surprising me with gifts so we've kinda started our own CONSTANT swap. Dont you love how the za~za marabou feather matches her blue eyeshadow. hee! hee!


I must do a quick little show and tell before I end this post. I am a huge fan of my good friend Natasha's work. Her paintings are just divine, and dont EVEN get me started on the Marie Antoinette round robin book! Makes me want to *FAINT*! Well, she just recentely updated her shop with some BEAUTIFUL FROOFY fan's and of couse I took one look at the pink and it just screamed "me", and I had to have!

DSCN3168_edited-2 Isnt it GORGEOUS! *sigh*

I MUST BOAST!!!!!! I WON! I WON! I WON! I WON! hee! hee! Yes, I was the LUCKY winner of Miss Sadie Lou's Tiara Betsey!  


 I LOVE how sweet, dreamy and glittery she is. Thank you Sadie!!!

All right sweet friends thanks for stopping by and paying a visit! More yummies to come REAL soon!!!!


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How cute those cupcake toppers are!
how exciting to have your little girls room featured in Romantic homes.
your home is gorgeous and deserves the feature you are very talented.
I just gave my cousin the doll head pin I purcahsed from you.
She LOVED it!!!!
ill send you pics later of her wearing it.

Oh my gosh Jenn there is just SO much to talk about!!!! FIRST Of all… the MUSIC…. oh my! I keep refreshing the page so I can hear it again! haha
LOVE those cupcake toppers and they WILL be making an appearance in my sons classroom this year for his birthday. just adorable!!
CONGRATS on the magazine article… Vivi’s nursery is just so gorgoeus and it makes me get all emotional to think that someday she will look back on how much love you pour into creating a sweet space just for her.
I AM LOVING your new creations as always you stunn us with your gorgeous work. xoxox Heather
p.s.- sorry so long, SOO much to say!! lol

WOW! What a post!!! So much to see!! Love it all!
M ^..^


I love the cupcake toppers! You have a beautiful home, I am going to go and buy the magazine. B.

HEE HEE! Now who might the beautiful Angelique be for? MOI! She is better then I could ever dream up!!!!
I am so excited…I am taking an itsy blogging break from my blog…but you can bet she is going to be shown off as soon as I Post next week.
Is the issue currently on the stands? I have to brag that the room featured in the mag is someone I know….well from blogging anyway and then show off my Eye Candy Doll~Angelique πŸ™‚ Is Jess really your sis or is that just a term of endearment? Also I was waiting for you to make a barbie pin…I played around with some barbie jewelry because I have a ton of barbie heads around my place. The daycare kids pop off the heads..go figure. I guess playing with headless barbies is fun LOL
XOXO Sheri…the proud new owner of ANGELIQUE

Jenn~ I love this song so much, I played it for my kids a few months ago, and they did the same thing… we listened to it like 25 times in a row!
Congrats on the magazine! It looks amazing!
And your brooches are just so sweet!

Your blog is always packed full of the most fabulous things on earth! My heart always goes pitter patter whenever you blog something new because it is always MAGNIFIQUE!

I love that song too! cuppycake!
congrats on the magazine article and winning sadie’s sweet tiara betsy:)

Hey Jenn,
Love those cupcake toppers…and I know you baked the little cakes yourself, didn’t you!?!?!
Congratulations on the great press in Romantic Homes and your new venture, Sweet Six Studio! I know it will be a success ~ I have already seen it linked on some unrelated blogs! Hooray! You go girls.

Oh my God, the tiara Betsie is just amazing!!!!!!!
Love it!!!!

hey my love
what a fabulous post.
so much yumminess all wrapped into one blog.
love that.
everything is udderly fabulous!!

Jenn, those cupcake toppers are totally adorable!!! love them…congrats on having Vivi’s darling nursery featured in the magazine…LOVE the Betsy you won!!!

Oh my goodness…first of all…that nursery piece you made is just about the cutest thing I’ve EVER seen in my WHOLE life!!! Adorable. And I’ll be making one of those cupcake topper for Andrew right along with the rest of the “class” during the Sweet Six Studio art retreat. And the same for Natasha’s project…must make! Soooo cute and soooo original! Vivi’s nursery is just divine and of course deserved a feature…lovely article, Jenn…congratulations! And last but not least, I’m IN LOVE WITH THAT SONG! Precious…just precious.

Darling Creations Jenn! Love them all! And congrats on getting miss viv’s gorgeous room published in romantic homes!
xoxo, Tiffany

I can not tell you how much I love the Baby collage! so cute!the cupcake toppers are so sweet too!! I will sooo have to buy the romantic homes mag with sweet Viv’s room in it!!!how exciting!! xo Britt πŸ™‚

Well here you go again,another great success story and to a very well deserved person I might add. I always thought you had a great talent in decorating and finally you have been discovered. No holding you back now! Everything looks so darling you know I love your style (: I cannot wait to get the magazine, I tried to find it tonight no luck, but I am on a mission. Congratulations Jenn!!!
Hugs, Diane

Oh Jenn, what beautiful creations and Romantic Homes no less!!! I must say that song is so absooolutely gorgeous and I was a bit concerned I wouldn’t hear it when I went to write a comment, but no there it is playing in the background…too tooo sweet. Gorgeous post,just like looking through our own Sweet Eye Candy Creations magazine!! Kiss Noises Linda Lilly Cottage.

What a wonderful post! SO many sweetly treatly things! Oh and BTW, those cupcakes toppers are super cute and make me smile but I have to say, I think it’s those beautiful pictures of your babies in them that have a lot to do with it! πŸ™‚

Okay, *heart stop beating* this post was wild! Was it all things frou frou and frilly or what?
Thank you fo photographing the Besty so sweetly! She looks so pretty with your “lighting”
I don’t know how you girls do it but your photos always look so dreamy–must be the nice cameras–I have an oldie (but goodie)
Love everything–especially the Bebe collage!

oh my gosh ~ I di get the magazine and I it was awesome ! congratulations ! everything is so pretty! come by and enter my giveaway!

Hey beautiful girl!!!
Loving your new creations! Bebe is divine and those dolls are getting even cuter, if that is possible!!!
So glad you liked the fan sweetie!
Those cupcake toppers are so FUN and whimsical! I can’t wait to make them along with you!
Lucky you winning that sweet Betsy doll!!!
Oh and how wonderful Vivi’s nusery looks in the mag, congratulations!!! xo

I love the cupcakes – so cute! And I love the song so much that I had to keep clicking on your blog to hear it again! It’s the best! Nan

Ohhh Jenn,
Congrats on everything!!!!
Those cuppy cake toppers are tooo tooo sweet!
Oh my gosh…. I love everything you create!
I can’t wait to get that magazine to see Vivis’ nursury!
Have a fun week,

Congrats on the spread in Romantic Homes! I love the darling cupcake toppers, super cute!

The cupcake toppers are so sweet! Can’t wait to learn how to make them. Congrats on being featured! I’m not surprised – that is one gorgeous nursery! You’ll just have to come up to CT to help me decorate mine!

Congrats on the article. Everything is so sweet!

Ana Barrett

ohhh jen!
i just love everything in this last post (and recent ones as well!)
im back and school and down about that but whenever i read a new post from you i can’t stop smiling!
have a WONDERFUL week!
ana =]

I love the nursery! Wow!! I also am in love with the baby collage. Your blog is always such a treat to visit. πŸ˜€

What a fantastic post! Where do I start? 1.The cupcake toppers are such special treats. I call my teenaged daughter my Cupcake Princess…..should I make some of these for her 18th birthday? I hadn’t planned on getting involved with Sweet Six Studio because I’m working on my master’s degree,teaching school and I’m the parent of a very busy senior in high school….but I LOVE these cupcake toppers!
2. Vivy is one special little girl to have a mommy who can create such a fairytale of a nursery! Congrats on the magazine feature!
3. That pink fan is awesome! The pink feathers, the pink flowers, the ribbons…oh so sweet and feminine!
With school starting back up, I haven’t been able to spend some quality time out in the blogasphere……what a delightful visit I’ve had here today!
Happy Saturday!!

Hi Jenn, I always love your colorful and fun posts! I have to remember to pick up that magazine when I go grocery shopping tomorrow!
your new shadow box is adorable! someone will be very lucky to have it!

Of course the doll brooches are having a great response, they are cute as can be! And I can’t wait to see the nursery in this issue, I’ll be picking one up today while I am out running errands. That will make going to the PO and the bank less boring, if I know I get to pick up a treat while out!

The cupcake toppers are so sweet. I love the pink fan….that IS gorgeous!
Chloe Rose

Your fun filled box arrived today! Thanks so much, its beautiful. I can’t wait to share all the packs with everyone.
I’ve posted some pictures on my blog today.

I just played that ADORABLE song for my kids about 15! Congrats on being in the magazine again! I love Cheryl’s cuppy cake picks and Natasha’s gorgeous feather! I just posted my daughter’s room- and it shows your hot-air balloon. Come by when you have a chance! Huggies! Sandy

Jen, I bought the magazine a couple of weeks ago and when I saw the nurseries, I recognized Vivian’s room. You are an awesome decorater and I love all the frufru and wish it would catch on in our little country town. My budget doesn’t allow for some things, but when my mother died, I got tons of old crafts that I have seen in other blogs. Congratulations on the article.I recently had a Birthday giveaway with tons of things—you can see it at Mary’s blog-CrashNSmash. Hugs, Pat

Jenn! Just darling and the song to boot! And congrats on the win too! She is beautiful!
Come by and see the last installment of my mystery trip!

Just found your site and its is just loverly! My boys heard the song and keep asking for me to refresh the page! What is that music from??? It is soo delightful! Again wonderful site! Love the cupcake toppers! You should sell a tutorial on Etsy for them!

Come by and claim your prize! I love natashas fluffy fan! I bought the white one! πŸ™‚

Love the music!!!!!! Jennifer thanks from the bottom of my heart!!! Your words really comfort me!
Your blog just gets more and more fetching!!! It is brilliant and so are you.!! I love my bunny!!!! xoxoxox Jennnifer

Jenn! So many wonderful things in this sweet post! Congrats on having Vivi’s sweet nursery in Romantic Homes. It is so adorable.
I saw your toppers on Natasha post and thought they were the cutest thing!
Congrats on winning Miss Sadie Lou’s Tiara Betsey!

I read the article!! SO FUN! Congrats on making it into the magazine.. its surely NOT hard to believe at all. Your so gifted its insane! OOO And the cupcake toppers are SOOO SWEET!!!
Keep on rollin these awesome blogs in Jenn.. I soo love reading them!
xo jen.

Barbara Jacksier

What a super post. So much eye candy and a song that I won’t be able to get out of my head for months. Hope we get to meet in NYC in November.

maria luisa

I love your blog!! It is so sweet, colorful, full of ideas. Always it makes my day happy and I want to do a lot of things!!!. I love the cupcake toppers!!!

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