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Im home from a dreamy, creative, and festive whirlwind of a weekend!

The lovely and gracious Cassandra VanCuren hosted her first art workshop event 

and I must say it exceeded my expectations.

She did a brilliant and amazing job and  honestly you would never know this was her first event ever hosting.

The whole weekend was like a Marie fairytale!!!



(I would like to note that majority of the photos were taken by Tiffany Kirchner-Dixon and she has graciously allowed me to use them) 


Tampa's weather was a perfect sunny mid 80's. The resort was breathtaking and you truly felt like you were on a tropical vacation. Miss Tiffany and I managed on the first day to squeeze in a few hours of sunning by the pool. It was restful and the perfect way to start the festive weekend.


We started of the weekend with vendor night and the make and takes. 

Our lovely hostess greeting everyone.





Can you believe Cassandra made these dresses? Stunning!




Look at all those dreamy ruffles!




Tables were set beautifully with lighted candelabra's, sponsor goodies, and welcome packet.








(As you an tell… I accidentally picked up the wrong mask. ;) 


The vendors had the most beautiful treasures for purchase.











What I love most about attending these events is the opportunity to spend time with my old friends and the incredible opportunity to make new friends. 



Roomie and dear friend Tiffany.


Sherry aka sweet Mamma!





It was such a pleasure to finally meet Lulu Kellogg. 

She is genuine and a sweet as pie!




The adorable Zoe.




Cassandra had a shoe contest for most fanciful altered Marie shoe.

The ladies took turns showing off their prized shoes!





Bryanna and Heidi both taught fun make and take projects.




Saturday the girls hit downtown Planet City for a tea luncheon Cassandra hosted and afterward antique shopping at the local charming shops.


Her Majesty!









Saturday night was the Grand Ball which was held outside the gorgeous outdoors. It was a perfect night for laughing and dancing under the stars!




Boy….did we laugh!!!!


Cassandra and party girl Julie Ann



Joanna and Bryanna




Hot Marie Momma Sherry

How cute are they!



 Michelle, Karen, and Marion

Loved these girls!






I kinda felt like I should be in a Juicy Couture ad campaign. lol!


These fabulous shots were taken by Tiffany Kirchner-Dixon



We had a Marie fashion show and Tiffany was the fashion mic announcer.




We all voted and Sophie won best costume!



Adorable Marion showing off her Marie bump.



Becky looking vibrant in purple!



Heidi beautiful in blue.



Cute photo!





It's not a party until someone jumps in the fountain.

Michelle Duke definitely had a ball!




Shall we dance?




After a night a fun celebrating we woke early Sunday for our big day of workshop classes.



Cassandra did a gorgeous job setting the room beautifully for our classes.






I know several of reading this really wanted to attend and couldn't wait to see photos. 

So because of that I would like to share several fabulous photos that were taken by Tiffany throughout the day.

























As you can tell from the photos it was an unforgettable weekend!

Thank you SO much Cassandra for inviting me! You were the most gracious hostess and went above and beyond to make this event unique and memorable!


Im sure Marie would be PROUD!!!!




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Breathtaking!!! I’m speechless, literally! Xxoo

So pretty Jenn ~ what a beautiful event. Ciao bella, Suzanne

I enjoyed seeing all the photos….simply beautiful! And the outfits – to die for gorgeous! Loved your pink marie hair! This is so making me want to create….
xo Rochelle

Jen ~
I am in complete awe of how absolutely gorgeous it was and
how gorgeous you all look !!
What a fabulous time!!
Thank you so much for sharing so many photos with us πŸ™‚

It’s like a dream, just breathtakingly gorgeous. Your costume was amazing and you look gorgeous with pink hair!

Oh my goodness, that looks like such a Heavenly weekend and soooo much fun. You of course look gorgeous as do all the other girls and what a workshop!!! Thank you sooo much for sharing so many beautiful photos.
Kiss Noises Linda

Your pictures are gorgoeus Jenn and so are you! You absolutely shined in all your regalia! A true beauty with your powdery-pink scrumptious wig! Looks like the event was so much fun and everyone had a great time! Lucky giri… this event and now Moulin coming up in two weeks! YAY!

Jenn, first of all, you are absolutely stunning, you look so gorgeous, just like a movie star and a fairytale combined. Your dress is just to die for you you look sooo good with pink hair!! What a beautiful event, I could faint from all the yumminess. Such beauty and talent all in one place! You girls are all so lucky to have been there. What magical fun. Thank you so much for sharing all of these gorgeous photos with us!! So glad you had an amazing time!
Love and hugs,

oh my Jenn! what a fabulous time! I Love All of the costumes, but seriously, someone should make a doll out of you in yours! beautiful! I’m jealous that you got to meet Lulu! I would love to have been able too. One of these years I’ll meet up with all of you at some event. It looks like your hostess did a wonderful job and thought of every detail.
such fun!!

Hi Jenn, I’m sitting here doing a breathing treatment and having to take out the mouthpiece so I can ooh and ahh! Jennifer, you look like a dream and pink hair definitely suits you! It looks like you all had such a lovely time together and I adored all the photos of the ladies working and having fun. Your dress, wig and shoes were incredibly made. I adored the boxes you made for the workshop as I had been wondering what you had put in there…lol!
I’m going back to look at the photos again!
Deanna πŸ˜€

jenn your wig definitely took the show it was amazing, i love the pink color and how high you made it by the way how did you make that it looks amazing and your dress was so sweet as well, all the beautiful art and decorations look lovely wish i could sometime join one of the events…..
just lovely

What a fabulous event! Your dress and wig are amazing!!

Hello Jenn… oooh, I just do not know where to begin!… you look absolutely stunning!… and so do all of the other “Maries”!… the dresses are sooo dreamy and I love all of the altered Marie shoes… the crafts look wonderful and the food so yummy!… you truly are the epitome of a beautiful Southern Lady and I always love to escape to your fairytale posts… how cute one of the ladies got in the fountain!… laughter, food, fun, good friends… what more could you ask for!… xoxo Julie Marie

Oh goodness, gracious!! The costume party was over the top – everyone had such fabulous outfits! What a beautiful job Cassandra did with staging and presentation – so talented! Thanks for sharing the fairytale yummy, Marie eye candy ~ xxoo Heidi

What an amazing and fabulous event!!! Everything was absolutely gorgeous. Wish I could join in for the beautiful decorations and art…….. love all the wigs and costumes. Erica

oh, jenn!
as soon as i saw the title and a thumbnail pic on my favorite blogs list, i knew i had to drop everything and sit with coffee for a swoonfest. thank you for sharing cassandra’s lovely event, tiffany’s luscious photography and your own fun commentary. you looked beautiful!!! everyone looks like they are having the most fabulous time. i just know this will end up in some sort of stampington publication!

Hey sissy!!
ONG!!!! you all look fabulous!!!
i LOVE the wigs and dresses!!!
what a fun weekend.
see ya in a few weeks.

I WISH I WERE THERE! HOW MAGICAL! you dressed like a darling little princess for the whole event!!!!
loved it! thankyou

OMG! Your blog has always been a feast for the eyes, and every time I visit, it makes my heart skip a beat! Oh to live in the fluffy, pink, sparkly wonderland of your gorgeous photos!!!!

You all look so beautiful!
Love all the dresses and wigs and bling!
Smiles, Dolly

Terry Frias

LOVED your photos and absolutely LOVED your outfit. That wig is to die for!

I had so much fun! It was so nice visiting with you on Thursday too. Thanks so much for coming. Your class was wonderful. xox Cassandra

Wow Jenn!!!
What a wonderful event!!!!
Sure do wish I could have gone :O)
Your blog is always so filled with yummy goodies!
By the way your beautiful wig looked like pure pink spun sugar!!

I couldn’t wait to see these photos and the fun you all had….what a lot of Marie’s in one place at one time….so so darling! Thank you so much for sharing all the beautiful photos:)) xoxo, paulette

LuLu Kellogg

You my dear are one of the sweetest girls I have ever met. It was wonderful to finally get to meet you and I can’t wait to see you two weeks from today at Moulin!
This was such a magical weekend and we are going to have more magic at Moulin!

Incredible!! Wow Jenn, looks amazing–and your Marie ensemble is just over the top wonderful fun! Loved seeing all the photos from what looks like an unforgettable event, thanks so much for posting all of them! Just beautiful πŸ™‚

I am just blown away. Amazing! How fun to play dress up like that!
Of course, you look beautiful,as always.

Oh my goodness! You girls look amazing! You’re right….Marie would be proud! Lol
Looks like everyone had a ball!!! Such fun memories you girls will have!

My gosh…everything and everyone is so pretty.
Your wig and costume is fabulous…just magical.
Marie would be proud, indeed.
Stephanie β™₯

Jenn….I am still so sad that I missed this fabulous event. I am socking away my pennies for the upcoming one you are hosting. It looks like you had such fun!! You looked gorgeous as usual!! Pink hair suits you sweetie. xxoo Valarie

Dear Jennifer,
Finally the photos! AMAZING!
How i love your style and your blog too! Allways so inspiring!
Your dress, hair, jewelry so gorgeous! ItΒ΄s “almost” like “Versailles” parties! eh!eh!eh!
Great works and your class…well no words girl! You have such a inspiration!
From Portugal (Europe) I wish you a very sunny week with a lot of pink and of course lots and lots of inspiration!
Best regards,
Ana Maria

I always sit here with my mouth hanging open when i read your blog! LOL!! Your outfit?!?!?! SHUT UP!!! To die for! Jen I am SO glad I found you!!!!!

Oh Jenn, Thanks for sharing all these stunning Photos!! Everyone and everything just looks Gorgeous & Fun!! I want a Hot Air Balloon too!!
Huggs, Nancy

LOVE the wig!! I met Lulu as well, as I was down there with the family. I wish you could have joined us!

Dearest Jenn~
You are certainly one of the most darling and sweet women I have ever met.
I look forward to seeing you next week at Moulin!

Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!is all I can say looked like a ball
Jenn I seen you in Where Women Cook in the article about Chery Day and Back In The Day Bakery.
I love Chery Day also

wasn’t it sooo much fun?????
Thanks for being the best roomie!! I miss you already!
xoxo, Tiffany

Zoe Pittman

OH MY GOSH!! I am just seeing this and am so unbelievably excited to be on your blog, beautiful! Those pictures are really stunning – and I am silly with happiness that you ended with a picture of my Marie Paper Doll!! You looked so beautiful in your pink wig and it was my hearts joy to make friends with you and Tiffany! Thank you for being such an amazing teacher and inspiration!! Love you – hugest hugs!! Zoe xoxoxox

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