Dressing Up Marie Style



This is the big week!


Im headed to Tampa this week to teach and participate in a weekend long event of Marie Antoinette festivities.

Cassandra VanCuren is the fabulous hostess of Danse Des Fleurs. I know she has worked incredibly hard to make this an unforgettable art workshop event, and Im so honored and thrilled to be a part of it!

One of the weekend festivities is the Grand Ball Saturday night.

Im excited to dress up, step back in time for the evening and play with the girls!!! 



Here are a few peeks of my outfit.

 My wig. I LOVE!!!  It looks like cotton candy.




Forget white powder wig….Im wearing my signature color!







These are a few close up shots of my dress.








Must have jewelry to wear!


This beautiful choker was handmade by my sweet girliefriend Christine Rose Elle




Last but not least…..must have decorative shoes to wear!





These little beauties I found and purchased on Etsy and I altered them to compliment my dress.



I applied little butterflies to the back heel.



Outfits are ready and so are the class kits.





I'll have many photos and much to share when I return. 

Until than my friends….I hope you have a fantastic week!



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Wow, that looks like such a fun event and the wig is so amazingly wonderful! I can not wait to see a photo of you wearing it, with the dress and shoes, you shall be even more stunning.
Have fun and take lots of photos.
Kiss Noises Linda

Jenn I know you are going to look beautiful!From the peeks of your dress it looks gorgeous and the wig is amazing. Have fun can’t wait to see the pics.

You will be the “Belle of the Ball”, Jenn! Your M.A. ensemble is too beautiful, just like you!! See you there Thursday!

Gorgeous! I can’t wait to see pictures of all you ladies all dressed! I of course am a Huge Fan of the Pink Hair!!! lol Have a wonderful wonderful time. Grace xoox

Ok, I am dying over that wig Jenn!! It is stunning and I can picture you in it already!! And the dress look so pretty, I LOVE the colors!! And the necklace and shoes, my goodness!! You should start a line of vintage redesigned shoes Jenn!! I LOVE the butterflies on the back! You will be the most beautiful girl there πŸ™‚ I cannot wait to see pictures πŸ™‚ Anyone being taught by you is so lucky!! Cant wait to get my new piece created by you in a few months. Have fun this weekend!! I will be thinking of you all!!
Love and hugs,

ADORABLE & SOooooooooooooooo Jenn! You will the prettiest Marie there. You always come up with the most amazing outfits. Of course being the “Barbie Doll Beauty” you are helps pull them all off!!!! Have fun & take LOTS of photos. HUGS!

revel in each moment!

Hi Jenn… oooh, you will be the belle of the ball!… love your wig, and your dress and shoes are just stunning!… how fun that class will be… I am so looking forward to all of the beautiful photos you share when you return… have a wonderful time!… xoxo Julie Marie

I hope we will see a photo of you in all your finery!! Have fun!

Eeeek!!! I can’t WAIT to see!!! Have a fabulous time! PINK HAIR….shut up! That is going to be ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Young lady, I hope you have a wonderful time and remember have plenty of pictures taken of yourself in your fabulous gown and wig! Mother and I are oohing and aahhing over everything!
Deanna πŸ˜€

You will look Gorgeous!!! I just know you are going to have a great time!! I have a prior commitment or I would be with you wonderful Ladies πŸ™ I will be thinking of all of you!! My Best to Cassandra!!
HUggs, Nancy

The wig is exquisite! And I can’t wait to pics of you in your costume when you get back. So wish I could go, this is going to be one GREAT event!

Hi Jen, I am a “BIG” fan of your beautiful blog….You will be stunning in your gorgeous gown and pink wig…Can’t wait to see your pics… I have been thinking about making a Maire Antoinette doll for some time now… I am inspired by you to give her pink hair.. I can’t wait to get started on her.. I’ll let you know how she turns out.. Hugs ..Bonnie

OOOooooooooooh Pink Wig !! i have not felt like squealing like this for a long time and of course Marie Antoinette is just my type of thing. I just wish I was attending, but alas I am not.
I can’t wait to follow what you all get up to and don’t forget your petticoats … its all about volume hee hee.

Wow! I just got anxiety checking out what my kit is going to look like!!! i’m so sad I wasn’t able to keep my road trip plan’s. Maybe next time. I wish, I wish with all my heart…… that you have the most amazing time and share your stories with me at Moulin.

Oh Sugar, have the grandest time! Your outfit is perfect, the wig is phenomenal! Boxes almost to pretty to open! I’ll be knee deep in class work, so have a little extra fun for me! I’ll await your pictures with sincere anticipation and a fluttering heart! Smooch to you, Lori

Oh Jenn you are going to make Maire Antoinette proud!
I love the sneak peeks!
Can’t wait to see more!
Have a blast,

P.S. Happy Belated Birthday
I am a February baby too {the 27th}

That wig is AMAZING!!! You are going to have such a blast at this event. Can’t wait to see all of you photos – take LOTS & LOTS!!!! Have FUN!!

Just lovely Jenn!! See you on Friday and have safe travels on the way down!

such fun! I wish I were going! Lulu and sandy will be there too! have a ball!

Tricia K. Johnson

Looks like so much fun Jen ~ Good for you!!! I hope you have a ball…who couldn’t in those adorable shoes!!!
Tricia K.

lori oles

I love it and I can’t wait to see the photos.

It’s all just to die for! I can’t wait for the workshop in North Carolina!!
Deborah in NC

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Oh you are going to look fabulous in the outfit! Love that wig! Have a wonderful time

Your outfit really is the most adorable. Those shoes are work of art and the wig, hah, i can’t argue enough of its flaunting details. Have fun and keep in post of those activities you have there.

Oh my…I’ve just found your blog and I absolutely ADORE IT!!! I’m originally from the South, but relocated to Illinois years ago. So many wonderful things I miss about the South – the beauty and fantasy!! Love those beautiful shoes. I’ll definitely be back to visit; have a wonderful day! Sheila

My wife also loves attending those balls that require her to wear costumes and stuff. She gets to use her collection of front lace wigs, which is something that she has accumulated for the past five years. I guess it’s her way of making up to her childhood days when she was deprived of dress up slumber parties. It’s nice to get in touch with your old self once in a while, you know.

Oh, I cannot drool at these pictures long enough. Everyone looks so pretty. It is to die for. The gowns are ravishing!! You did awesome with your ball gown, your wig and shoes… well done to Cassandra, you and Tiffany and anyone involved. This event is mind blowing gorgeous eye candy!!

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