En Le Jardin….A weekend to remember!


Im staring at this post not even knowing honestly where to start.  My mind is still on a “high” from the amazing weekend. I did it!!!! I hosted my first art workshop event and it exceeded far beyond my wildest dreams!!! It started with a vision and grew over time. I knew in my mind what I wanted this weekend to be about and I put my heart and soul into bringing it to life.  

Just and FYI….this post is a bit LONG. I didn’t want to break up the post, because I want to capture the WHOLE weekend in one. I’ve kept the wording simple and filled it with TONS of gorgeous photos. Some are mine, and some borrowed.

Meet the girls…….. this photo was taken Friday morning on my front steps as we were headed to Savannah in a limo for a day of lunch, shopping, and some serious crazzy fun!!!



I have to post at least one photo of us in the limo.


We started with lunch at the historical Olde Pink House restaurant.



Me and my gorgeous big sis Jessi


We shopped at Paris Market and my favorite shop in Savannah @ Home Vintage General where the super sweet and gracious owner Liz Demos was waiting for us and served us with yummy finger foods and mimosas!!!

I fell in love with this chicken wire butterfly cage at Paris Market.

DSCN4201_edited-1  The lovely Kim Caldwell.



Liz and the Flower Fairies.



We paid a visit to the locally and now nationally famous Cheryl Day of Back in the Day Bakery. Cheryl and her owner husband Griffith make the YUMMIEST cupcakes!!!


Her shop is full of vintage sweet confections.




DSCN4208_edited-2  Yummmm!!!!!

Cheryl welcomed us girls with open arms and was such a sweetheart to chat with. 


Goodbye beautiful Savannah!!!!


It was a fun ride home. Almost a little too fun to show photos. Let’s just say we were on a sugar cupcake high. 😉 

Saturday was the MAIN EVENT!!!! Early noon I hosted a tea luncheon. My Mother and I prepared all the food, and  I closed off my dining room to all of the ladies, because I wanted it to be a surprise. I spent much time decorating and transforming my dining room into a dreamy beautiful enchanted garden “feel” for the luncheon.















Me and my darling friend Cheryl


My gorgeous Sis Jessi!


Darling beautiful friends.



We dined outside under the beautiful decorated tent. For many of you that know my artwork it’s all about the DETAILS!!!! So I went ALL out on the details of the decor.  Tables were set with vintage floral linens, vintage hankie napkins, white wedding chairs that I coverd with vintage embroidered pillow cases and tied with tulle and silk flowers, cherub statue centerpieces, and beautiful vintage bottles of fresh flowers that I decorated with lace, ribbon, and glitter butterflies.



I decorated this old frame with vintage millinery, butterflies, and glitter banner created by the super sweet and talented Madai of  Forget me Nots from Wren Cottage.


It was a BIG surprise to the girls, but one of my FAVORITE artist is the super kind and creative talent Kris Hurst . She and her lovely sweet friend Marilyn drove down to Macon to help me set up for my event. Kris is in the works of wanting to plan an art retreat close to her home, so she decided she would like to come and help me out and take some notes. 🙂 



I commissioned Kris to make me a banner that says “Welcome Flower Fairies”. EEEK!!! Sooooo adorable!




Gifts for the flower fairies. 


I made them each a flower bottle.















Andrea hosted a garden swap for us gals and she stuffed all the incredible treasures inside these big beautiful ruffled tote bags she made for us all. It felt like Christmas opening up all the sweet lovelies inside!  




It felt like an oasis of beauty surrounding us!!!!!




Some cute snapshots of the ladies.

Andrea and Lorraine who I now call “Miss Pinky” and who always makes me smile!!!


Angela and Sherry.


The tiniest flower fairy being such the lady!


I had TWO surprises for the ladies. I wanted to my retreat and luncheon to have an elegant feel to it, and thought it would be lovely to have a harpist perform. I hired Calista who is an AMAZINGLY talented!!! Her beautiful soft erethreal music really made the event even more special.



My next surprise was something both Natasha and I planned. Since she could not obviously be here to attend, Natsha made a “mini me”. We ALL cracked up!!! She looked so lovely sitting in her chair. 😉 tee! hee!  


Cheryl and I giving Natasha a sip of champange punch. Not too much tho’….we didnt want her getting too tipsy!


After the luncheon we had a little Vendor Fair set up. Tons of sparkley goodies!



Silly Analise!




Georgia Southern Belles!


In the corner of my yard we set up a  beautiful outdoor sitting area.



Moi. 🙂


My incredible birdcage that I just found a few weeks ago.



You NEVER know what’s going to happen in this crazzy Georgia weather. Once we got started working on our projects. It proceeded to rain!!!! Thank heavens for the tent. We all huddled about and worked regardless of the short downpour. The rain NEVER once dampened our sprits!!! As you can see Miss Tiffany and Karla thought it would be fun to slide down my childrens slide in the rain.  


We we ALL laughed hystarically! Such a cutie even when soaking wet!


Everyone kept working while it was pouring rain, and we chatted and laughed the whole time. The completed projects ALL turned out sooo beautiful and unique to the artist personality and style!!!

Tiffany and Andrea’s gorgeous flower pots.



Tiffany’s stunning flower pot filled with flowers.


The girls REALLY LOVED making the fairy ball ornaments.

Miss Karla’s.


Cheryl’s sweet little wee one.




This darling little fairy ball has twinkling lights and is made by one of the kindest and sweetest ladies Rosalyn-Sue.




Im simply amazed at how everyone’s projects turned out. Im still “pinching” myself that I taught my first class!

To end our FABULOUS weekend, we all dried off and rested afterwards, than later on got all “dolled up” for a garden cocktail party hosted by one of my dearest friends Suzanne McCrone. She had a beautiful spread of food and cocktails!


Andrea, Tiffany, Suzanne, and Lorraine.


Suzanne’s husband Reg really knows how to make a yummy cocktail!


Some fun snapshots of the ladies.





Such pretty ladies in their floral dresses.


After hours of talking, bonding, and laughing so hard that our tummies hurt we finally called it a night at 1am. 

Sunday rolled around and it was time for the girls to pack up all their pretties and head home. It was sooo bittersweet! I’ve enjoyed spending more quality time with my old friends and bonding and getting to know my new friends.  

Needless to say I was one EXHAUSTED girl!!! LOL!!!! The weekend could not have been more perfect and more beautiful!!!  I felt so inspired and creatively rejuvenated by being surrounded by these super talented women! I can’t thank you ladies enough for attending my first event and making it a HUGE success!!!!  

I want to end this VERY long post (thanks for hanging in there!) with a painting the uber talented Karla painted that sums up some really funny (inside joke) moments.

Pictured is me as Queen Flower Fairy, Tiffany going down the slide, Lorraine sitting pretty in her chair, Carol with a black eye (long story! LOL!), Jessi with her pretty pointed toes, Cheryl standing on top of cupcake, Analise giving homeboy peace signs, and Andrea and Kim showing ABC flashcards.   


Thank you ladies for the memories…. I will cherish this weekend forever!


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Jenn, you never cease to amaze me…your event looks stunningly beautiful!!
I have always loved your dining room, but your added decorations and yummy food made it look even more fabulous. The girls all look as if they are having the time of their lives.
You are beautiful on the inside and outside and have lots of talent to top it off…BRAVO my dear!

Hey Jenn,
I have a huge smile on my face. Sitting here and looking at all the photos, is almost as good as the small amount of time I attended.
Thank you so much for a beautiful weekend. I had a great time. Wish I could of stayed for the entire time. It looks like y’all had a great time on Saturday.
I see while I was stuck on the run way for 2.5 hrs. in the rain, you guys were running around & going down the slide. 🙂 tee-hee
Anyhoo, thank you for including me. I will always remember my beautiful weekend with you and the others.
hugs, Joanna

Congratulations Jenn, what a wonderful weekend, you are the Queen of Details! Rachaelxo

Jenn, that post nearly summed it all up…perfection. I had so much fun even if I did share a bit too much abt. myself. I cannot wait for Silver Bella, if it is anything like En Le Jardin! Thanks for all you did for us and pretty soon we will have to get together to go fleaing!

What a smashing success your weekend was! It looks so heavenly!!

What a wonderful weekend you had, how I wished I lived over there.
Your home was decorated beautifully, pure georgeousness xxx

Jenn – this post captures the weekend quite beautifully. I am looking forward to next year already.
Have a restful week.

hey sweets,
words can not describe how incredible this weekend was. it was Magical!!! i had the best time laughing, playing, eating, crafting, with all my sisters!!! Thank you so very much for hosting a wonderful fairy enchanted event.
i can’t wait to see you soon. i miss you and all the girls.

Even though I was right in the middle of it and have seen it all in person, these photos still just take my breath away! It is all that beautiful!

What a wonderful weekend; thank you for sharing it all through these photos!
Your dining room is so gorgeous that I actually got tears in my eyes! I can only imagine seeing it in person.
It seems you did not overlook even the smallest detail; I’m sure all that attended enjoyed it immensely!

wow Jenn, you certainly are the hostess with the mostess! what a lovely lovely setting and wonderful treat for all those lucky ladies! You didnt miss a detail I’m sure! I love the those flower pots the ladies made and the fairy balls!
I’m glad your weekend turned out even better then you hoped!
now rest and rejuvenate!

Jenn, that settee in your garden is so fabulous! and what a delicious find that bird house is…your entire yard looked so magical….Wish I could have been there…Next year for sure!


Wow, What a Beautiful Weekend. You certainly had an Amazing Vision and it looks like it turned out Perfectly. You all look so Beautiful. Jamie

Jenn, I’m feeling faint! I have seen Karla and Tiffany’s pictures already. I would have been there if my little guy wasn’t so small yet. Next year for sure!!! We have planned a trip to Savannah for a little family getaway this summer, seeing these pictures of the shops I’ve planned to visit makes me even more excited!! Maybe we could get together while I’m visiting GA!! xoxo

Jenn- I am feeling so left out! Wish that darn ballet performance was another weekend. I think it is the same weekend next year so count me in and plan for another weekend LOL (kidding!). So thrilled for you! Those post are AMAZING! Please post a photo of yours, I am dying to see!
I am just beyond thrilled for you and the outcome! Can’t wait to meet up and visit when I come to Atlanta!
xoxo Molly

I knew it was going to be amazing…but WOW!
Everything looked stunning…I can only imagine how fun all you ladies had.
I wish you lived closer! This sounds like my perfect weekend.

What a dream trip. Jenn, you are amazing and THANK you for posting tons of pictures. Your dining room is beyond beautiful. Oh how I wish I could have been there. surrounded by such beauty, heaven.

*Gasp*!! Everything looks so incredible! What a gorgeous event! I can’t believe you did it all by your self!! You are astonishing!! I sooooo wish I could have been there too! Looks like it was heaven on earth! You are a such a creative, and talented lady sweet Jenn!
You made faerie enchantment!

Leonie - Australia

Oh wow it looks like a wonderful time, I am not surprised you were exhausted, it must have been a huge amount of work to do.

WOW! I am still drooling over all of the gorgeous photos. The details are amazing. I loved everything y’all did! I am looking forward to seeing you at Silver Bella!


WOW!! I have no words………….Everything and I mean EVERYTHING looked so charming and perfect and elegant and fun and sweet……You have out done yourself. That party couldn’t have been planned better by Anyone!!! And I wasn’t even there to see it ALL!! The pictures are fantastic!! you had pretty things to look at, pretty things to eat very happy looking guests and a beautiful day!!! Thank you for sharing it with us!!! Hugs, Jennifer

Madai (Wren Cottage)

Oh Jenn!! I am completely in shock over here!! You did an AMAZING job!! I can see all the love you put into your dream event! All the details, from the over the top gorgeous decorations, the beautiful food presentation, the gifts,the dreamy outdoor vignettes/rooms…. You must have an amazing mom too to help you with all the food, wow!! the talent definitely runs in the family 😉
I loved the way you displayed the banners, omg, the frame is unbelievable and love the way you used that adorable fabric to back it up, wow, just perfect! And LOVE that you were able to use the other one on the angel, I am so HONORED!
I also loved the way you used the vintage pillowcases and the hankies! I also adore those pots and the little fairy balls, swwooooonn!! What a great job everyone did, so many talented ladies!
Oh and the harp player, that is AMAZING!! that must have been oh, so lovely to listen in your magical garden… doesn’t get any better 😉
What a blast to ride in that gorgeous limo, I have never been in a limo, lol! That looks outrageously luxurious, sigh****
I’m sure your beautiful guests appreciate all your hard work and all the loving pampering, you are a treasure 🙂
I hope that you are now pampering yourself a bit 🙂
Thanks for sharing all the photos and this lovely post, the next best thing to being there!
Lots of Love ~ Madai xoxoxo

OMG Jenn, no wonder you were running around like a headless chicken in the leadup!!! This is beyond anything I could ever have imagined you’d come up with – and I imagined you’d come up with a lot! Every single detail is beyond compare. Even a harpist??!! WOW!!! Completely magical!!!

Hi Jenn!
I’ve been checking for days and days waiting for this post! Thank you so much for sharing the incredible event with everyone! All the photos are absolutely gorgeous and it looks like you girls had the best time! What fun!!
All my best,

congrats on a wonderful event – I wish I was there, at least your pics & posts made us feel like we almost were… It was all so beautiful!

Wow! Jenn, your event looks like it was a smashing success….and your attention to detail is wonderful! Everything was so beautiful and elegant. tfs


Oh, my,
This looks like such a wonderful time!I have been waiting for your pictures and they are just what I had hoped for…a chance to experience some of the magic that you created, Jenn. I hope to meet you at Silver Bella and this Minnesotan hopes that next year, she will be able to attend your next event!
Hugs from Suz

Wow I’m speechless…it looks like you had an amazing time together and I LOVE all your festive decorating! You really went all out!!! I saw your photos on Flickr and had to come over here to see more! LOVE IT!!!

Hi Jenn,
That’s AWESOME GORGEOUS on everything! The girls are so beautiful and needless to say you are the stunning *FLOWER FAIRIES* QUEEN indeed! I am wondering am i looking at a beautiful vintage magazine its almost perfect from in and out door deco took my breath away and all the girls definitely with speechless joys! CONGRATS and too bad i stayed so far away from US:(
Thanks for such beautiful post!

How amazing and what fun you gals had together. You must be so proud of hosting such an event
Victoria xx

JENN, I do not even know where to begin!! You are just amazing. Everything you do is so beautiful. Your attention to detail amazes me. This is the most beautiful event I have ever seen! Your home is gorgeous yet so inviting. I love the table settings, the chair covers, your dining room is amazing!! You worked so hard on this and it just shines! Congratulations!! The girls all look so happy and will have wonderful memories to last a lifetime! I wish I could have been there 🙂
Love ya lots,
PS, I am having a little giveaway if you are interested 🙂

That was the most gorgeous post I have ever read. The photographs of your event are stunning. You created a fairytale and shared it with so many of your wonderful girlfriends. I love the details in that dining room and the colors you used. What an incredible event.
P.S. You should consider submitting some of these photos and this event to Somerset magazine. This would look gorgeous in print.


I have to say, BEAUTIFUL! I am a corporate event planner, and I love to see others events. Rarely do I get to do anything pretty, so this was a visual delight! I can see (and I know) how much work you put into your event. Thanks for sharing…And I really love the pillowcase chair covers!

Hello Jenn, WOW Congratulations on creating such a wonderful event. It all looked so beautiful, and so much fun.
Bertie x

Wow Jenn,
Everything about your magical weekend was over the top gorgeous! I thought I was the queen of embellishment but I cheerfully give you the crown for all of your detailed & gorgeous work. I can’t wait to see the pics of next year’s & how you will top this one. You need to do a book on entertaining & teas!!!
The girls must have felt very special & pampered down to the last detail.
Thanks for sharing such a lovely event & all of the photos!
It was like right out of the best magazine!!! Can’t wait to see your gorgeous home in the upcoming magazine!

ya pictures!! Looks like it was tons of fun and laughs! You’re decorations and set-up looked just breathtaking!! Love the private outdoor sitting area, so elegant. You and Jessi are such gorgeous gals. Thanks for filling us in with details, I’ll be looking for the attendees and all of their posts about you lovely event! 😉
The Pink Door

Oh, I’m so glad I got to see some of the finished pots and fairy balls–GORGEOUS! I’m sad I missed out on Saturday night. thank you so much Jenn. I had a wonderful time and so beautiful!
xo kris

Wow…just found your amazing blog…what fun…your images are beautiful and inspiring..thank you so very much for sharing your weekend full of friends and beauty….i will be back!

I nearly fainted when I saw your dining room. It took my breath away. It is gorgeous! The pictures make me feel like I walked into a fairy tale. What a beautiful weekend you created for your friends.

It takes a lot to impress this girl.I am BEYOND blown away. YOU ROCK!
Wish I could meet you in person some day, and bask in your greatness…..
The ParTea Planner
P.S. And your dining room would be mine in my dreams. *sigh*

Wow! Fabulous Fabulous! I’m so impressed! I’m really inspired! Thank you for sharing!

Wowee, those are amazing photos of a wonderful party!

Hi Jenn!
I have SO enjoyed seeing the photos of your BEAUTIFUL event – absolutely gorgeous in EVERY way, including all of you! I also LOVE how you embrace everything that you are passionate about in your life and pour your heart and soul into all that you do – what a precious trait.

Jane Palmer

What a fantastic event! All the gorgeous decorations, with every little detail, even a harpist playing during lunch – pure magical delight! Thanks so much for sharing the beautiful photos and details. Will you have a feature in a magazine? I hope so! Please let us know if so.Something that beautiful should be a huge feature!
Jane – Jacksonville

Totally amazing!! So beautiful and the endless thoughtful details–wow! Thanks so much for sharing, can’t wait to see what you do next!

Oh my Jenn! You really did an awesome job with all the details! I hope to come to your next one! xo Andrea

hi jenn,
i have been enjoying reading everyone’s account of this amazing event.
i am awestruck by the beauty you created for this event. every little detail and presentation is absolutely beautiful. the brunch display with the pops of aqua is probably my favorite.
i will have to check my old issues of romantic homes for you (i have an essay in the june issue). this event could definitely be a multi-page spread!
warmest congrats on a beautiful and successful event!

wow I wish I could of come,its looks sooooooo pretty and such a great time.thank you for showing your pretty photos.I just loved it all .love GlendA

Oh what an event! It is the first time that I have ever wished that I was still living in Warner Robins. 🙂 I so miss Savannah and your love truly shone through in all your special details. 🙂

oh what incredible pictures!!! Looks like a special time with special ladies. Your details are beautiful, Southern hospitality is the best. xoxo laura

Pure hospitality! Thanks for scattering joy! Blessings.

So inspired Jenn by all the beautiful colors! Come and see my garden crown!

You are just too darling! You look so pretty and your decor is just as! 🙂
How wonderful of you to host such a beautiful event.

WOW ~ What gorgeous photos! Everything looked so beautiful ~ It sounds like a grand time was had by all, with lots of memories to keep. What fun! xo

I discovered your blog through Sugar Sugar. What a lovely party/event you threw. I absolutely love your dining room!

Wow oh wow…well done Jen, what a wonderful event…now to make it an annual event!!
Thanks for the photos, it was fantastic to see all that you had been up to and I love that limo by the way, my goodness how many people can it carry?
Kiss Noises Linda

Jennifer Konda

Hi Jenn! I left you a blog award, come pick it up…have a nice weekend! hugs, Jennifer

Oh Jenn allthe photos look beautiful!
Everything looked divine!
I hope you do it again and I hope I can attend!
congratulations on pulling off such a gorgeous event!
but then we wouldnt expect any less!

Everything was so spectacular Miss Jenn! No detail left unthought of – you really did an amazing job! Thank you for sitting me nicely on a chair, it was very lovely out there, even though Analise fed me moss. It wasn’t very tasty (!!) xoxo

This is SO amazing! I am speechless at the amount of eye candy. From your gorgeous home to the fabulous food down to the tiniest details, what a unique event you put on. Truly priceless – I’d love to know when tickets go on sale for your next event – ha!

Wow! Looks like such a fun weekend! I just met Tiffany at the Farm Chicks-such a sweetie!!

What an absolutely beautiful event you planned and hosted! We just passed through Macon on our way home from WDW this week. I have always wanted to have time to stay a bit, and see the historical sites in the area. Congratulations on your gorgeous retreat!

I’m new to your blog and find it so beautiful and enchanting! I’m just visiting in blogland today and so glad that I came upon your post! Your event looks stunning and so magical! I’m in total amazement that you put on such a gorgeous and stunning event! I enjoyed all of the photo’s …not too long a post! I was sad to see it end! Congratulations on such a great weekend together with friends and crafting! What could be more perfect!

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