Eye Candy Studio Sneak Peeks!!






Im happy to share some sneak peeks of my studio.

It's about 80% completed and has been a work in progess. 

I underestimated how much stuff I've accumulated over the years. Plus the process of  unpacking and organizing took longer than I had expected.


 I decided to take my own sweet time making the space into the most heavenly inspiring work place for me to create in.


I can honestly say when I step inside these four walls now I feel uplifted and happy.

You can't help but smile.



These are before photos.






Several close up sneak peeks.





My collection of vintage stuffed animals now have a cherry happy spot to hang out in. 










One eyed bears need love too! 






 Glitter! Glitter! Glitter!

You can never have enough!










Let's play I spy!


Can you spot the fluffy cloud bunny floating by in the sky?





What about this sweet one nestled in the pinky white clouds?


These two are one of many. πŸ˜‰



















I have my happy wall full of baby planters, miniature figurines and vintage children's storybooks.

All there to help encourage and inspire. 




















My scrapbook paper is organized. That was a full day chore!




Basket of vintage wrapping paper.




Pretty ribbons.

(Fyi…later I will share more photos of the ribbon holder I made out of a GUN RACK I purchased. Yep! A gun rack I found at an antique store)




Vintage child's play cabinet full of crafting bits and bops. 





This is just a tid bit of my space.

I'll share the whole grand room real soon!

My goal is to have it fully finished within the the month. Im estatic to start working, playing, and making fun new whimsical creations.


Thanks for stopping by and taking a little sneak peek tour of my happy place!


Happy Creating!!!





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Looks like a real lady’s paradise indeed! Gorgeous!!!

Hi Jenn… oooh, it is just like an enchanted fairyland!… I want to come and play in there… everything is just so cheery and happy looking… I love all of your vintage bunnies and bears and I adore your Storybook Doll with the bunny on a pearl leash!… have fun in your dream place… xoxo Julie Marie

Ah, this melts my heart!! xxoo Valarie

OMG it’s you! All you and you are one Lucky Bunny! DElightful and very inspirational~
ox, Miss Diane

Linda Diane

Beautiful! You are going to have so much fun in there! When you said you decided to take your own “sweet” time getting this space ready, I had to smile. “Sweet” is the perfect word to describe your style and creations. Did you paint the bunny clouds yourself? : ) I am looking forward to the final grand reveal!

I bet Vivi and friends will want to be hanging out with you all day long Jenn. OMG how magical. LOVE the fluffy bunny clouds. I can’t wait to see the whole kit and caboodle.
I’m so happy you love it so much Jenn.
Happy play time.

Jenn, it looks yummy! I have a gun rack a friend gave me that I turned into a display piece for my sewing collectibles. They are great pieces, ‘specially painted pink & white, LOL! Looks like you will have a place to work and be inspired. Can’t wait to see the big pictures.
much love,

Oh, it looks like it’s coming along nicely. Lots of sweet eye candy everywhere!

You seriously come up with the coolest ideas! A gun rack? I wonder how many of those I have seen in thrift shops and antique malls and never thought twice about them?? Love it! It’s all looking so fun and pretty! Can’t wait to see! hugs, Jennifer

Jennifer, what a pretty, creative and inspiring studio!! Love so many of the elements you shared, can’t wait to see the whole studio done! Enjoy your beautiful space and playing in your new studio…love it!!
Hugs to you,


You will be able to create such beautiful things in this space!! I love everything about it!!
I have been cleaning my craftroom for 2 days, it was a complete diaster after making Christmas gifts!! Enjoy!!

gorgeous I can hardly wait to see the rest, very inspiring also! xo

oh my goodness, I’m dying over that little pink dresser in the last photo! LLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVVVEEEEEEEE!!

I want to see more! Wow I love it! My friend just sent me your link and I am so grateful!

Just what I imagine Heaven to look like! I cannot wait to see the full reveal!


The glitter shelf is so beautiful.

I am so jealous your Studio is so gorgeous. I want to came visit. Everything about you is gorgeous. is the big white house all your studio or your new home, you showed us before,.the house is so amazing. hope you have heaps of fun playing,.love from Glenda

Oh Jenn, I just knew it was going to be beyond adorable!!! i would expect nothing less from your beautiful imagination. I literally, can’t wait to see more, more, more!!!!!

Jenn it looks like a story book play house!
So fun and girly….I wanna come and play!
Can’t wait to see more.
Smiles, Dolly

It’s so YOU! I wish I could see it in person. I wish you many years of happy crafting here.

Katie Posh Totty Designz UK

Equisite Jenn…love it. You inspire me to be more creative. Thank you for sharing.

Jennifer, I love your vintage animals. Wish I could visit in person!

Love the images, so pretty and fun. Material to make someone very happy.

Oh my gosh!!!! If this isn’t all YOU, then nothing is, Jenn! It’s the sweetest space ever, and I can only imagine the creativity you feel as soon as you enter the door! So happy for you that you have this beautiful place.
Xoxo Andrea

Be still my heart!!! That is the studio of my wildest dreams!!! I’m so happy for you, Jenn!!! I cannot wait to see the rest!
Michelle xoxo

So beautiful! Lots of inspiration to draw from with those windows and light! Enjoy!
Tracy G.

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