Fall Decorating and DIY Autumn Fairytale Centerpiece

Jennifer HayslipHello Friends and Happy Fall!

Lately I’ve been incredibly inspired by all of the fall decorating photos I see on Pinterest and Instagram.

I love how everyone has their own unique individual style and Fall colors is not just traditional Orange, Reds, Yellow..etc..

For those of us that love soft muted tones we have embraced those color and incorporated into our fall home decor.

I myself love Cream, pink and gold color palette. It’s blends beautifully in my Living Room.


Jennifer Hayslip

I came up with a fabulous idea for a Centerpiece a few weeks ago.

It started with a ornate vintage mirror that I had yet to hang up in my house.

I thought it would be there perfect base to build a centerpiece for my coffee table.

The mirror beautifully reflects the light of my chandelier from above.


My centerpiece idea quickly evolved to the idea of giving it a hint of Fairytale magic.

Cinderella had a pumpkin carriage so I ran with that idea of using the vintage storybook doll with pumpkins.

If you love this centerpiece it’s easy to re-create!

I purchased cream colored pumpkins from Hobby Lobby and sprayed them with chalk paint for a matte look.

Jennifer Hayslip

I then added a few doilies, dried flowers, stars, crowns and an old pocket watch to lend towards an old magical time worn feel.

Jennifer Hayslip

Magical pumpkins!!

Jennifer Hayslip

I also used a sweater pumpkin for added texture that I purchased from Tuesday Morning.



I’m overjoyed with how my Centerpiece turned out. It’s fall festive with a hint of whimsy!

jennifer hayslip

Jennifer Hayslip

I’m also excited to share with you this gorgeous new cabinet I just purchased.

I’ve been watching it for a few months now debating whether to purchase it or not.

The other day I went to my favorite local Antique Mall and there it was….

With a new marked down price!

SOLD! πŸ™‚

Jennifer Hayslip

I found a perfect spot in the corner of my Living Room for the cabinet.

I’m slowly filling it up with vintage treasures.

My biggest debate was… do I paint it shabby white or leave as is????

Jennifer Hayslip

My first intention was to paint the cabinet with a creamy white chalk paint.

However, once I stood back and really looked at the piece I think it looks gorgeous untouched!!

I love painted furniture so I’m still on the fence…..

What do you think?

Jennifer Hayslip

Another view of my room. This room definitely is my love for English Cottage.


My most prized Living Room decoration accessory of all is my sweet handsome London.

He “owns” the sofa and it’s become his throne. ha!!

Jennifer Hayslip

Thank you for paying me a visit! I appreciate your likes, shares, and comments!

I’ve missed blogging so I’m going to make more of an effort to keep up and in touch.

Have a lovely magical Fall!



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it looks amazing here, so magical.
Would love to sit in this room and take it all in, get mosey and peak through another rooms as well.
Love your gallery of framed work, just amazing.



Hi Jenn! Everything is too too pretty! I love your decorations. PLEASE don’t paint that gorgeous piece! You will never get that detail back again and it is gorgeous! Just stunning as is! This is coming from a huge lover of painted furniture!! xoxo.

Thank you for sharing your lovely fall centerpiece and your decorating scheme. Your home is simply lovely and I like that you use non traditional colors for fall decor.

I am so amazed at your lovely home. The new cabinet is to die for! So glad that you are back. πŸ™‚ Jo

Soooo gorgeous Twinsie! Like a magazine spread! Beautiful!


Oh, how lovely to read a post from you – your writing and photos have been sorely missed. I love your color scheme for fall – so refreshing to see pale, soft colors using pinks, creams and gold. I am definitely going to top off some of my pumpkins with crowns, and even a tiara or two! Love that cabinet – the white tufting is amazing!!!

It’s all so gorgous and magical and charming, sweet Jenn!!


I love your room! Its so pretty! I think you should leave your cabinet just as it is. It is stunning!

Your house is absolutely beautiful!! I adore all the white pumpkins and that wall with all the gorgeous historic paintings on it….ADORE!!!!! I love white furniture too but I’d keep the cabinet the way it is…it looks like something from Cinderella esp. with that gorgeous bound book in it!!

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Love, love, love your style! The centerpiece with mirror base is stunning! I think the new cabinet looks lovely as is. The sheen is perfect glamour.

love looking at all your beautiful things, just love,love it all, thank you

Sandra L.

The cabinet is gorgeous and I would leave it in it’s original finish. As a collector of antique furniture my blood boils when I see them covered with paint destroyed never to regain their original glory. I would only paint a antique is if was beyond repair and from the photo this looks in amazing condition. I think it looks divine in your room especially with the frames you have used. Nice find and that it was marked down is a bonus.

Lovely! I love painted furniture as well but agree the cabinet is beautiful as is. I love the tufted backing! Perfect !

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