Fragrant Flower Girls

Say “Hi” to my fabulous girls!

They are a rare set of perfume bottles which look like they date back to the 30’s or 40’s.

Each beauty has a floral name.

These glamour darlings are a rare treasure that I found in Canton, TX a year ago. I lusted over them, but decided not to purchase them due to the high price.

Fast Forward…a year later (last week) Im in TX for Beauty In Blue Art event and I anxiously return to the vendor that had these little charmers. Low and behold they sit pretty in the same small glass cabinet.

It was meant to be!

To my huge surprise my dearest friend Sherry Williams knew how much I loved the floral perfume girls and she purchased them for me. πŸ™‚


So so sweet of Sherry to gift them to me.

I will always cherish these rosy cheek cuties!



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Jenn, you are such a special person! Not only are you beautiful and glamorous on the outside, but you are a sweet, kind and gracious person on the inside! It made me so happy to see your smiling face when I surprised you with them!

Oh and thanks,again,for saving my life!!!lol

love you,
mamma Sherry


I have the same girls!


These are adorable, just like you. Mamma Sherry knows how to spoil those she loves. Enjoy your sweet gift! You deserve it.


Jenn, these were created to honor the Dionne Quintuplets, who were French Canadian babies born in 1934. They were world famous. That was before Kate plus eight and Octomom! They’re so sweet and Sherry really loves to spoil you!

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