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 Welcome sweet friends! I feel like I’ve been a bit M.I.A. lately! However, I have a very good reason why! Im SOOOO EXCITED to share the news that my home will be featured in an upcomming issue of Romantic Country magazine!!!!  The photo shoot is less than 2 weeks away!!!! EEEEK!!!! Im seriously beyond excited to meet and work with the lovely Fifi herself! I am a bundle of nerves buffing, froofing, and fluffing my home to be “picture perfect” for this shoot. I’ve been so comfortable and happy with my home and decor , BUT when you know that it’s going to be in the pages of a magazine you all of a sudden look around and realize small changes you might want to make or change around some vignettes. 

I thought I would give ya a little peek into what my world has been like the past few weeks. These are some of my “Before and Afters”.  

For awhile now I have been wanting to paint my armoire in my living room a much lighter color. It’s such a dark ornate piece, that I wanted a “lighter” feel in the room. 







WOW! What a difference a coat of paint can make. Well…..a heavy primer and two coats of paint! I’ve never attempted to paint a large piece like this before. I’ve only painted smaller pieces. I MUST give credit to my trustee go to source Miss Karla of Karla’s Cottage. Karla is an expert painter! I about died when she told me she has her own paint tints. Anyhoo, she gave me fabulous advice and tips so I MUST give her a HUGE THANK YOU!!!

Wanna know something else really cool about Miss Karla??? She is writing my story for Romantic Country! πŸ™‚

So once I was finished painting the armoire I was on a “painting kick” and decided to paint the huge ornate mirror above my fireplace. This was a challange!



During. AUUUGH!!! Painting something so ornate is NOT a piece of cake!



I am however in LOVE with the results. It really softens the room and the mantel. 


This little sweet find had potential written all over it. Here is the before.


This is the “after” displayed in my powder room.



It’s now a beautiful shelf display for my vintage inspired powders and soaps.

These are some darling vintage finds that I’ve recently purchased that thought I would share with you along some vignettes Im working on for the shoot.

A beautiful stationary box with the orginal stationary inside. 

DSCN6985_edited-2 copy  


I LOVE this blonde doll! What a find she was! She is one I just cant part with. 

DSCN6834_edited-2 copy      

My heart jumped when I found this GORGEOUS vintage peignoir. It is in *mint* with the most beautiful lace trim and pleats.

DSCN6839_edited-2 copy 

These are some vignettes I’ve been playing around with. 


Super cute poodle salt and pepper shakers.


How sweet is this $2 bunny planter???


Sweet corner of vintage aprons and Vivi’s waterbasin.


Swiss polka dot pink apron.


 I am working NON-STOP around the house on so many different projects. It’s a work in progress and Im starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. It will be nice one the shoot is over and I can finally sit back…kick up my feet, and enjoy my home and new make-overs.  

Next week I will be listing some NEW items in my Lollishops!!! YAY!!! Please be sure to stop back and take a peek!

Have a lovely and creative week!!!!!




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You did a great job painting! I love the little shelf you put in the bathroom.

Great paint job! Rachaelxo

How wonderful everything looks fabulous, you did a great job and CONGRATS on the magazine!
I am sure it will be a beautiful article !!

everything looks darling! Don’t worry about it. You have a great eye and I’m sure that the magazine people will be charmed by your home. Amazing job on the armoire. It looks like it was dipped in soft white chocolate. Just beautiful. The mirror is gorgeous. How did you ever have the patience to paint it? I would have been daunted by that job!
The doll, salt and pepper shakers (I collect s&p) the cashmere bouquet and the stationary box are my favorites. What fun you must have in your own home. Thank you for sharing it with us.
Jenn, let us know when the magazine is out. I want to buy a copy for sure.
Many congratulations on such an honor.
Deanna πŸ™‚

Jenn, your home looks lovely and it is really just screaming to be featured in a magazine…i am totally DYING over the pieces you newly painted…i SO want to paint a lot of the things i have that were purchased during my “love of primitive period”…old chimney cupboards, pie safes, and such…Mr Hubby is TOTALLY against painted wood…arrrrrrgh!!! i need to figure out a way to convince him…any tips? LOL!!!


β™₯ wowy whimsy mrs.jenn~your home is one of my most favorite inspirations~the lighter paint makes such a darling statement! β™₯
it makes me wish to paint my cherry bed frames~if they could look cottage and shabby. it is all so beautiful!~β™₯ β™₯ β™₯ cupcake hugs and appreciation, diana

Your froofing and fluffing looks amazing Jenn! I am so looking forward to your magazine debut! Did you ever get the paint the right color for the chandie?

Oh, your armoire and mirror are absolutely stunning in white!! You have such a beautiful home, I always enjoy taking a peek inside! Congrats on your Romantic Country photo shoot!

CONGRATS on the magazine.. Everything looks fabulous..

suzanne Harley

Wow Jenn! How gorgeous do your after shots look! Congratulations, I am so looking forward to seeing your house in the future Romantic Country magazine.Suzanne:)

OH WOW!!! How sweet and Yes your home is EYE CANDY… I love romantic country magazine, i buy every issue i can get my hands on.. I will def be looking for the issue with your photo shoot in it.. I love the Painted pieces you did, and the little powder room shelf is devine.. Those aprons are to die for.. I sat and gazed at your photos for the longest.. Thanks for sharing with us.. You will remember this time for a long time.. Sheila


Everything looks fabulous! Great job with all the painting! It’s hard to take that 1st step to paint it…but after it’s done it makes all the difference!Love your apron display for the photo! Looking forward to the magazine!

Can’t wait to see your beautiful home in the magazine!

Paula Kay

Your home is darling & I love the southern touches. I can’t wait to see the photos in the magazine. I know the article will also be FAB, (Miss Karla is my cousin)she has such insight,as well as descriptive sytle. When the subject matter is this fresh & whimsical your home will be a hit! I usually check your blog at least once a week, & always look forward to seeing your creations! Much fun & blessings!


Wow! Your home is so lovely and what a difference
painting your armoire and mirror make! They both look so soft and feminine.I would like to paint some of my dark pieces of furniture but I am too chicken, Everything is so yummy.I can’t wait to see your home in the magazine!!!

Jen, your makeovers are stunning, what a great job you did and how exciting for you to be in Romantic Country!!!!! Karla is my hero, I love everything she does and she does soooo much!!! I am sure you are going to have the best fun doing the article. Love your new treasures too but the writing set is the BEST!!
Kiss Noises Linda Lilly Cottage

Hi Jenn… Such a sweet post… I really like how your painted pieces turned out… Excellent Job! Ohhh… and CONGRATULATIONS on the upcoming Magazine spread…
~cheers ‘n tosses pink confetti~
I’m so excited for you, and am looking forward to seeing the end results… Loved seeing your recent treasures, but my favorite is the Darling Pink Bunny Planter… ~swoons~ … she is simply Precious! I’ll say a prayer for you, as you Froof ‘n Fluff, that you’ll find peace ‘n joy in each minute of preparation… Do take care… God bless…
~hugs ‘n prayers~

Wow, Jenn, I don’t think I’d have the nerve to paint that huge armoire, but what a difference! Having a magazine photo shoot is like having your in-laws coming over (X 100!)
If you get a second, stop by my blog and enter my Cath Kidston giveaway…

Oh how beautiful!! I know that was some hard work painting those pieces! I can’t wait to see your home in the magazine. You deserve it very much! Congratulations!
I want to paint a high-boy that I’ve had for a long time. I had my doubts because it is dark cherry and very formal looking. You have inspired me to go for it! I plan to use it in my dning room to store my table linens, napkin rings, etc. Thanks for the inspiration!
Lee Laurie

So exciting! Can’t wait to see it when it comes out! And I love your armoire transformation…truly stunning!

Congrats on the feature and great job on the painted pieces, although I don’t think you can go wrong with such beautiful pieces to start with!
I have 2 large bookcases and a hutch to paint, maybe I’ll get started this weekend, thanks for the inspiration. πŸ™‚

How fabulous everything looks! The paint really did make a big difference in lightening the look of the space. Everything is gorgeous and I can’t wait to hear all about your photoshoot!

Hi Jenn! I left a comment but it looks like it didnt go through πŸ™ Congratulations on the article!! I am so excited for you! I love your home so much. The newly painted pieces are fabulous! You did such a beautiful job on those, wow! It is amazing how different the room looks now too. So light and bright. I love the vignettes! The bunny planter is so cute!
I hope you show the bunnies in your kitchen, I would love to see them πŸ™‚

Wow. Just wow. Your home is absolutely beautiful! If any home ever deserved to be in a magazine, it’s definitely yours!

Kristie Wenzrel

This blog was definently well worth the wait thats for sure. Congrats on being featured in the magazine and I will keep my eyes pilled for a copy.


Dear Jenn, I have “lurked” on your blog for a long time. I did your Sweet Six Studio too. I love your style and talent. Your home is gorgeous! Those two kiddo’s of yours are too! I love the name Vivian. Thank you for sharing. I look so forward to your post’s. Happy New Year!


I just found your beautiful blog and put it on my favorites list. Such gorgeous pictures! I love your newest painting projects. It is no wonder that you will be featured in FIfis magazine. Congrats! I can’t wait to get a copy of it.

Hi…my name is Carrie (Cottage Cozy) I am Diane’s sister from Saturday Finds. She introduced me to your blog and I am glad she did. What inspiration and beauty! How exciting to be in Romantic Country magazine. I can see why they asked you to participate. I look forward to following your blog.

Busy-busy girl! The home is gorgeous! You should be ever-so proud.
All my best,

Breathtaking before and after photos! Each piece is more gorgeous than the next!!!!
Big congrats on your soon-to-be feature…awesome and well deserved πŸ™‚

Jenn… your projects turned out BEAUTIFUL!!!! I loved them before… but they really DO look so lovely in white. You did an awesome job! I can’t wait to see the whole article. It is going to be stunning and worth all of your hard work.
xoxo Heather


Congratulations! That is so wonderful and I am so not surprised your home is fabulous! I have that same stationary box…it was my mother’s…my dad gave it to her back in 1953….I β™₯ it! Mine is not in as good of shape but almost…again congratulations!

I KNEW painting those pieces would be pretty but WOW!!!! They turned out soooo well, Miss Jenn! I love it!

I have two words for you jenn, GORGEOUS and CONGRATS!!!!!!!

Congrats Jenn….this should be old hat to you…since you have been published before!!!
FiFi would intimidate the best of us….she is a character.
I love the white…I loved the large piece before too. I am a big fan of mixing woods.
The cute little gold shelf..I recently found 2 of the exact ones at goodwill for $8 a piece. I am putting one on each side of my bed….I may leave them gold….I love them white though. Did you change the paper in them?
Try to breathe~You are amazing and we all know it πŸ™‚

Woweee! Congratulations! I am so excited to get your Romantic Homes issue. What an honor. I love your work with the mirror and armoire. So pretty!
Stop on over to my blog to enter a V-Day giveaway!
Jenni B

Oh my gosh…. TRULY SCRUMPTOUS!! Your home is stunning and your blog was a real treat to visit. I shall be following it, it’s wonderful. xx

Congrats to you! YOu must let us know in blogland when to expect this issue. I can’t wait to check it out.
Love the new colors on the furniture piece and mirror, so pretty. I have the same exact gold piece that you put in your powder room and have been wanting to paint that but just haven’t gotten around to it. You have inspired me to do it!

Jenn, What a candy store delight post! Wonderful painting job! Th powder room is so wonderful!! If the tub area frou-frou too??? If you’ve a sec, I need some votes to be the “Queen of pink” please stop by!

Jennifer Grenko

I’m so excited for you! I buy this mag faithfully so I can’t wait to see it! Am also looking forward to seeing new creations in store…

How exciting for you… I can’t wait to see your home in the magazine, esp if the photos are anything like what you’ve been showing us.
Victoria xx

ooooh!! the house looks AMAZING sweetie!!! LOVE the changes the paint made!! I love too paint things to give them a new look ,but have been intimidated by my big,dark wood armoire. I am sooo going to get around to painting it now!! I can get an idea of how it will look by seeing yours! thanks for the prompt! I am soo excited about seeing your home in Romantic country! I just adore Fifi too bits! I hope you are having a great weekend!! hugs!! Britt πŸ™‚

Your blog is INCREDIBLE, one of my all time favorites!

Oh Miss Jenn, I have stalked your blog for awhile now and love all your posts and adventures. I can’t wait to see your layout in the Romantic Country. The pictures you post of your home are always lovely, you’ll be a hit! I’ll be anxiously awaiting! Good luck, but you don’t need it, your home is always lovely.
Hugs, Tricia

Your home is beautiful! I am so inspired coming here and seeing all your gorgeous pictures. I can’t wait to see the magazine when it comes out!

Congrats, Jenn! I can’t wait for it to be published!

You’ve inspired me to look at what paint could do for some of my pieces! Your home looks beautiful!

i swear my mouth drops & I mean DROPS open when i see your home… it is PURE sugar sensation!!

Wow- what a lovely & BIG difference. Now it all meshes well and the room looks airy and dreamy! Beautiful home! I”m sure the darker colors pop and contrasts with the other items, but now that it’s lighter in color…. it just blends better! Good job! *2 thumbs up*

Wow, your mirror and armoire are so beautiful!!! They look so gorgeous painted white! I’ve painted armoires and china cabinets before but never anyting that ornate! I’m sure it must have been time-consuming! The end result is spectacular though!
Congrats on being featured in Romantic Country! I can’t wait until it comes out!

How exciting! If anyone should be in that magazine…it is you. I’m so happy for you.

I am so thrilled for you Jenn!!!
I am sure your special day was MAGICAL in every way and your home just glowed!!! Isn’t Fifi AMAZING? I can’t wait to hear all about it…CONGRATULATIONS!

Jenn, I am nearly speechless – your home is totally magic, I spent an hour just looking in all the corners and on all the shelves for every little bit of ‘eye candy’ – what a joy, thank you for sharing!!!

Sarah Russell

Your home is so lovely! I am so impressed!

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