YUM! YUM! Ice Cream & Cake ANYONE????? Today is my sweet baby boy Grant’s 3rd Birthday!!!!!


Today I decided to host a small intimate family party for my little fella. Being his b-day falls on a weekday we will be having a BLOW OUT birthday party this Saturday at Kangaroo Bob’s. It’s a HUGE indoor playground for sugar high overloaded children to run around and jump and slide on MONSTER bouncies. Thank heavens for places like this. Rather there than my house. πŸ™‚  hee! hee!

I surprised him after preschool with balloons, gifts, and cake. Of course we have to wait for Daddy to get home before we open gifts and eat cake. He was soo dissapointed. It was killing him to have to wait for Daddy to get home from work. Here he is waiting and waiting….. He RARELY left the table!


Counting paper plates and still waiting for Daddy…. notice the crown is now upside down.


YEAH!!! Daddy is home!!!! Look at this MOTLEY crew???? My hubby looks goofy, Grant (wearing his crown upside down) isnt even looking at the camera, and it’s a miracle that Vivian has pulled off her party hat yet.


Mommy & birthday boy!


Time for gifts!!! RIP!!!! Sister get’s in on the action!


WHOO-HOO! Serious outside fun! Yipee for Mom! His room is overloaded with toys now that Im constantly picking up. This will be perfect for outdoors along with his SUMMER HIT monster waterslide.


Love the sweater Grandma! He’s thinking "NEXT gift!" hee! hee!


TIME FOR CAKE!!!! He’s a HUGE fan of Nemo.


Ready Mom! Im sure he’s thinking "How many more pictures???"



Make a wish!!!!


Blowin’ out the candles and so is Daddy! What a hoot!


Now for a REAL laugh! After wanting cake ALL day long. I finally cut him a piece and he takes one bite, and decides he doesnt wan’t it! I SWEAR my son does NOT have my sugar gene! I LOVE sweets! Some people love salt or sugar. Im a sugar girl! My son doesn’t care for cookies or cake. Occasionally he will eat ice cream. Anyhoo, looks like I’ll have alot of cake left over. The BIG party is this Sat, so Im sure I’ll have more fun b-day pics to share with ya!  πŸ™‚


A BIG reminder for those that are participating in the swap to PLEASE mail your gifts by the deadline. We want to make sure everyone has their gifts by V-day. Cheryl and I both will have a full list of names of who is participating along with their blog links, so you can have fun searching and looking for your secret admirer. If you DONT have a blog, please forward us pics of your goodies you created so we can post them on our blogs. Im DYING to see what everyone created. Im super excited to show off my swap goodies I made for my admirer.

This girl has a very busy week ahead with planning birthday parties. (Vivi’s 1st is right around the corner), crafting and "gearing up" for Easter creations, and planning for my Colorado ski trip in which I leave for this Sunday. Our good friends with whom we went to New Orleans with own a condo here. EEEK! Must be nice!!! I’ve only skied ONCE, and it’s been many years. This is going to be an interesting trip to say the least. Pray I dont break any bones! LOL!!! 


Last but not least I want to THANK the oooooh so sweet Lori aka Faerie Window for sending me this beautiful heart pillow. THANK YOU!!! XO


Wishing you ALL sweet friends a WONDERFUL & creative week! XOXO,  

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Hi Jenn. oh poor little Grant having to wait for daddy to come home. Hope he has a fabulous party. He’s such a little sweetheart.
Now don’t go breaking any bones on your trip away.

oooh!! Happy bday to sweet little Grant!! What a fun birthday for him!!! πŸ™‚
such a cutie πŸ™‚ hope you have fun in Colorado!! xo Britt

What a little prince, your Grant! So cute! Happy Birthday! He’s going to have fun on that slide!
I’m with you…sugar is my taste choice!

Wishing a very Happy Birthday to the handsome birthday boy! Looks like FUN! πŸ™‚

Hi sweet Jenn! Wow, what an adorable family birthday, waiting for daddy, too cute!! Love your Motley Crew, the photos are so sweet and candid! Nemo is a fave the world round it seems, we would have loved a piece of that AMAZING cake, maybe Grant thought he simply could not eat Nemo and Dory!! lol Have fun on Saturday, sounds a blast!! Now especially for Grant,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Bithday dear Grant,
Happy Birthday to you!
Hip Hip Hooray! Three today!!
Have a lovely day playing
And check Mommy’s email in box πŸ™‚
Jenn and Jacqui xoxo

Oh I giggled all the way through this post, sweet Grant was soooo patient and I love the upside down hat – a gem of a collection of photo’s of your family, thanks for sharing. Oh and that CAKE! What a great idea:))
best wishes Ginny

I just had to stop here and give my best wishes to your adorable son! Aah his third birthday and he is so enjoying it with every fiber of his body, you can tell from the pictures! Have a nice party next weekend! Love LiLi

What wonderful pictures! Happy
Birthday to your little prince! My little girl has just turned 4, and she is the same with cake – gets all excited when she sees it, loves blowing out the candles, but to actually have a piece? Get real!!! She won’t touch it.
Funny creatures, aren’t they? πŸ™‚
PS: LOVE that Beatles song!!!

Happy Birthday Grant!!! he is SO cute, love the up~side down crown pics!! too funny:) and what a wonderful cake, too bad he wouldn’t eat it!!
have fun in colorado!!!

seeing those birthday pics reminds me of when my boys were three (eight and eleven now)…i miss that stage. and children’s place clothes, all that cuteness! have a great ski weekend!

Happy Birthday Grant!!!! Oh how cute is he there in his crown, especially with it upside down, lol! The cake is fabulous. Hope he has fun at Kangaroo Bob’s!
Wow Colorado looks AMAZING! Have a blast! Oh and the pillow from Lori is so gorgeous, she’s a sweet lady xo

hey jenn!
what a cutie! happy birthday! looks like he had a fab day!
have a great week. and a greta trip. stay warm! and safe!

Happy Birthday to Grant….I LOVE the cake – too cute!! You have a lot on your plate Jenn – Have a nice latte to help you along πŸ™‚

Gosh Mom – Grant couldn’t open one little gift? πŸ™‚ Happy birthday to him. He is a little cutie. Your trip sounds fabulous!


ohhh howww sweet is little Grant!!! trust me– i can’t ever wait for my birthday either!!!! SOOO excited for the swap!!!! xoxo


Jenn, you are a wonderful mother! You created such a magical little birthday for Grant! (other then the wait for daddy!)
all those pictures are precious!


such a sweet little boy!
what a fun birthday!

What a cute little birthday man!! hehe the pic of him blowing out the candles is soo cute!! OH almost forgot what I came by for I am hosting a swap! come check it out!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANT! Nothing is sweeter then a boy who just turned three!!!Yippee!! Oh Jenn, such beautiful children! Each time you post a photo of Grant and Vivi you’d swear I was the Nana to those two little cutie-pies!! Adorable cake too!Have a great weekend, gee wish I lived next door to play and babysit!!! Love, Lori

Happy Birthday Grant,you sure are a cutie pie! Be safe on your trip skiing ! And my prayers are with you for the birthday party also,you might want to have a bottle or two of wine chilling for when you get home kid parties can be nerve wrecking!!!! “See” you soon!!!

Lovely photos, childrens birthdays are the best, I can remember waiting patiently for dad to arrive home before we could open presents!
Best Wishes

Aww Happy Birthday to your lil prince!
He is too darn precious!
Jenn stay on the bunny trails!
No broken legs from skiing! Thats not good for mommies! πŸ™‚
Hey sweetpea, I tagged you for a fun swappy game!
Come and visit my blog to read all about it!
Have fun,
Hugz, Dolly

That was about the sweetest little party. Bless his heart, waiting so patiently! It was probably killing him!! Your children are such doll babies. Happy Birthday to Grant!!

Happy Birthday, Grant!! What a cutie pie he is! He sure got some great presents- lucky little guy! Have fun skiing!!

Happy Birthday, Grant!! What a cutie pie he is! He sure got some great presents- lucky little guy! Have fun skiing!!

Jenn, what a wonderful birthday party. Smiles all around. I have to say my favorite part was the “Nemo” cake. How adorably wonderful. I wish I had a “Princess” cake on my birthday. I’m going to ask DH for one next year!
Have a great weekend. Enjoy the snow.

what a fun birthday. He is so cute!! Love the Nemo cake.
I mailed my Valentines Swap out! When do we post our pic’s on V-Day? or now?


you are sooo sweet! i look forward to reading your blog. what a beautiful family


Grant is soooo… cute I love his sweater picture that is such a typical all boy thing. Thanks for all the good pictures it tells quite a story Love it!!
Hugs, Diane

hoosier homemaker

What a cute little boy and he looks so sweet and happy. Thanks for sharing!

What a sweet face your little Grant has, I hope he had a wonderful birthday, time flys so quickly, before you know it he will be in high school!

oh my gosh, Jenn, he’s so beautiful and sweet! Happy Birthday to him.

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