I LOVE NYC!!!!!!


Happy Holidays my sweet and wonderful friends. Can you believe the count down is on??? WOW time flies during this season!  I have sooo much to share with you all!  Lots of fun pictures from my recent trip to NYC, some fun Christmas swap goodies & purchases, as well as a new custom bunny box! Pull up a comfy chair, grab a warm blankie, a cup of cocoa, and turn up the Holiday tunes!

This past weekend my hubby and I flew to NYC for a long weekend, and we decided to bring my step-son Jordan for his first visit to NYC. We had a fantastic time! NY in December is so magical and beautiful. Full of the holiday spirit! We lucked out BIG TIME! The strike finally ended and we were able to see Wicked on Friday night. FABULOUS show! A must see if you visit NY. Friday day we took Jordan to Rockefeller Center to see the Christmas tree. Here’s the gruesome twosome.


Of course we hit 5th avenue. My favorite store!!!!


I fell in love with the evening bag section. Especially this one evening bag! Im lusting over!!!



Everyone knows that the windows on 5th Ave are a MUST see! It’s a holiday spectacle! I had to stop and look at Bergdorfs. Jaw dropping beauty!


Unfortunately, there is a bit of a glare.


This dress is TDF GORGEOUS!!!! Im scared to know how much it cost! LOL!!!!

Side of the dress


This is the back of the dress.


The BEST part. The gorgeous chiffon skirted flare! Droooool!!!


This display is A LA Marie Antoinette!



Another "must-do" was shop at FAO Schwartz.


Santa made out of Leggos.


I feel in LOVE with the Steiff collection. I wanted to ADOPT them ALL!!!!


Hello sweet little wee one’s!


I want to kidnap you ALL!!!!


Loookie at the Madame Alexander dolls. Are they not GORGEOUS???


She’s my favorite of the bunch.


I bought this doll (with brunette hair) for Vivian for her 1st birthday in Feb.


Saturday we spent half that day at Central Park, and the boys went ice skating while I took pictures. Good thing, I didn’t skate. They only skated 15 mintues than their ankles and feet started hurting. Here are some cute fun pics.



Jordan helping his Dad up after he fell. Hee! Hee!


Gorgeous Central Park.






Sat night we went into the Village and met my girlfriend Dawn and her husband for dinner at the oh sooo yummy Sushi Samba.


Hang in there! Im switching gears now to FUN FUN FUN holiday crafts!

I was participated in the pink ornament swap and I was soo fortunate to receive some wonderful ornaments. This fun and froo-froo ornament was made by Gigi Minor.


Loooove this sweet cookie ornament!


I have to share some SUPER CUTE purchases that are just darling. Check out this yummy sugarlicious wreath made by Cerri of Little Pink Studio. She has another one available in her shop that is blue tinsel.


Im a huge fan of Senta’s Etsy shop called Chloe Bean  I squealed when I first laid eyes on this Christmas stitchery. How cute is this?


I also recently purchased this beautiful Santa bottle from Tiffany Jane aka Beyond the Vintage path. I was going to give it as a gift, but one I saw it I HAD to keep it. Hee! Hee! The inside of the bottle is full of white magic dust. 


I have recently discovered her work, and it’s soo nostalgic and magical! Check out her blog as well. Her music makes you want to float away into neverland.

LOOK at what she sent me in my package! Lots of small tokens of sweetness. Even name tags for Grant and Vivi! She is sooo sweet to have gone out of her way! Thank you Tiffany!!!


These PRECIOUS posey banner pockets I purchased from Diane Mars  Etsy shop Saturday Finds These are adorable vintage images and just SUPER cute!



She had so many adorable ones to choose from. She still has MORE for sell, so skip on over and check them out! πŸ™‚ 

Im sooo thrilled to show you all my newest bunny creation. Ginny aka Twinkle Pink emailed me two weeks ago asking me if I would custom make a bunny box for a baby girl name Elodie. This is going to be a special keepsake for her room.







Well, my sweet friends Im FINALLY almost thru with this post. WHEW! What a long one!!!! I just wanted to share one last fun pic with you. I received my Prom Queen gift from Natasha today. Look how sweet she packaged it.


Being Im dressed down and my hair is in a pony tail today I decided to have Miss Vivi model the tiara comb for us all. πŸ™‚ Img_6590_edited1   

Thank you all for stopping by and visiting. Hugs & Kisses to all! XO

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Way too many fabulous things in NYC. Love leggo Santa.


Aahhh NYC, I can see you had a great time there!! I love the christmas windows and the dolls too.
I know what you mean about the ankles and ice skating – knock kneed we call it …. and that is just to stay upright LOL …. your men were good sports though :))
Well last but not least a BIG thank you for making the sweet bunny box. It is GORGOUS pure eye candy to perfection.
thank you Jenn!!
best wishes Ginny

Beautiful snaps of NYC, looks like you had fun. Love the bunny box, your work is GORGEOUS!

NYC looks so wonderful…the dresses and bags…i’m swooning too…LOVE that sweet bunny box, so gorgeous!!! that tiny small bunny you use is my favorite:) and Vivi looks adorable in the tiara comb from Natasha!!!

wow!! jenn looks like you had an amazing time! I love ny in december! the window displays are to die for! and that dress, forget about it! ha ha some ny, jersy talk.
That super sweet bunny box is glorious! she is going to love it!
all you purchases and gifts are amazing! what a fun week!

I wondered where you had been. Another dream of mine, visiting NYC at Christmas. How wonderful for you. Your bunny box is so adorably cute.

I just got back from NY the other week, did you see Cartiers displays, all greenery and twinkling lights, so special!!!
Some wonderful photos in the post, lot’s to look at and investigate!
Thank you

Jenn I am on sweetness overload!!!
Wow!!! what can I say….. I want to climb into each picture, too too pretty!
Love the sweet new bunny…..
Vivi looks like a future prom queen in her tiara! πŸ™‚ too precious!!!!
I am off to shop at all the places you mentioned!
Hugz, Dolly

What a fabulous chock full of holiday cheer post! I just missed you – I’ll be in NYC this Friday. I’ll be there for work but I have most of the day free so I am going to do some shopping and browsing. I think I’ll have to check out that dress at Bergdorfs! Adorable bunny box! Wonderful items from all of your friends! I esp. love the embroidery and those hearts are tres fab!

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Jenn!! STOP IT PLEEEASE!! Jenn, NYC is our favourite city in the world (besides home of course!)!!! Your photos are FABULOUS! We felt like we were there, love Central Park, ice skating, trees, and fifth avenue, what can we say? Oh and FAO, β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯!!! The best toy store in the world πŸ™‚ Thanks for such a wonderful post, love Natasha’s tiara! Lucky Viv!! Gorgeous creations as always, love the bunny box! Thanks Jenn, can’t wait til October 08…..J & J β™₯

Oooh Jenn! Your post made me want to go to NYC even more than I did already! It does look magical there right now!!
Love the photo of you in the park huging the post! Glad you had a wonderful visit!
Lucky you to get to see Wicked!
My husband and I wanted to see that when we were there last, but my sweet gal (who turns 16 today!) had always wanted to see Phantom. (which was wonderful!)
Love all of your fun new purchases, and love your sweet new bunny box!! (so happy you liked your wreath!)
~Cerri xoxo

Jenn, You are absolutely KILLING me with all of these photos. I don’t know which of these items I would want to play with first. Everything from pocketbooks to beautiful Etsy treasures. OMG!!!! I knew I shouldn’t have stopped by your blog today. However, I just MUST. It gives me my dose of daily happiness. I love it all. And BTW, I would have HAD to keep that lovely bottle full of pretties too!!!
Wow! I’m loving it all, especially the music from Charlie Brown. Have a wonderful day my friend! xoxo Cathy

This post was by far one of the most entertaining. So many fabulous pictures! I love all your goodie purchases–isn’t it fun to support our fellow artisans?
Glad you’re back from your trip! I can’t wait to see more pics of your home all decked out for Christmas…

Hi Jenn,
Gosh I don’t know what to comment on first! Looks like you had fun in NYC…Elizabeth and I saw WICKED last spring, and our new favorite word was “fabulocity”…we loved that show! That evening dress is TO DIE FOR…thanks for taking pictures…all your new goodies are amazing, and miss Vivi is DELICIOUS!
xo suzanne

Hi Jenn,
Wow, what a gorgeous post! So many wonderful things.
NYC looks amazing and so pretty in the park. I would love to go there one day!
All your christmas ornaments are so sweet and your bunny box is just devine! I love it so much!! What a lucky girl Ginny’s daughter is!
Kathy πŸ™‚

Loved all the pix of New York. Did you see the newborn baby dolls at FAO Shwartz? You also bought stuff that I put in my faves..LOL! You did an awesome job on the baby box!


Oh my my “Home”! I work in the office building 712 Fifth above Henri Bendel They need to change their displays from my space! I know I am so lucky to be in the heart of it all but thank you for showing me the love of it all from your pictures makes me appreciate the “everyday” Hugs Grace

OMG….I would love to go on a shopping spree in NYC! I bet it’s such a feast for the eyes just looking too!
And wow, LOVE your bunny box!!! That is soooooo Adorable!!
Vivi looks like such a doll….Pure Sweetness!
Glad you liked the bottles and the extra goodies! πŸ™‚
Many blessings to you and your family this Christmas~
xo Tiff


Jenn, just love coming over to visit you. You have the best goodies. I have never been to NYC. Would love to go, but thatnks for the great pics so I could enjoy it through you. I’m off to check out the gals who you bought from.


Hi JEnn, love all your nyc pics.. and the rest too! Your little Vivian is aforable!

Jennifer- What a great weekend you had!!!
Love the pictures. I love all the goodies at the end!

oh my gosh!! What a wonderful post. THANK YOU! My eldest daughter is in N.Y. right now, and it was so fun to see the things she no doubt saw. Like being with her there (and you, too!)
What a wonderful time you had with your sweet family. Happy holidays!
xo Lidy

Oh my gosh one of my dreams is to go to NYC and also to go in Winter. Your photos are so great, I love the gown in the Bergdorfs window!!
Loving the things you’ve been making, you know how much I love your bunny boxes!
Glad the tiara arrived, lol, it’s all bent, you can squish it back up and move bits around, it won’t break!
Enjoy your week and take care xo

Sweet Cottage Dreams

Hi Jenn! I have enjoyed all of your pictures! The things that you make are just so cute! Thank you for all of the links, too.
Your NYC trip looks like it was a great time. I have a Jordan, too. πŸ™‚ You all look so happy! And adorable, too. Vivi is adorable in her tiara. And this is late, but congrats on being chosen as The Prom Queen! Ravishing darlin’, simply ravishing!

NYC in December…is there anything better?

Jenn…I’m so jealous!! We went to NYC in October and it was a blast of course, but I want to go back now for Christmas!! I know it is amazing right now with all the Christmas decorations! Maybe next year!…..have a great day!
hugs and blessings

I sooo meant to comment on this sooner!! lol. FABULOUS pics!!! looks like you had a wonderful time in NYC!!! sooo fun!!! I love all your pics!! How cool that you got an ornament from Gigi and a package from Tiff!! I love them both πŸ™‚ Lucky you! πŸ™‚

OMG! So much fun! I LOVE that Marie A. window with all the vintagey-ivory stuff. And I love the Central Park piccys, as well as the DOLLS, of course! You were looking like a fashion-plate, as usual, Sweets! OH and Miss Vivi in the tiara is just GREAT. She thought the camera looked good enough to eat, I think! πŸ˜‰ Email headed your way later tonight after the kiddies are tucked away, Sweets! HUGGIES!!!!

Oh my GoSh!!! Vivi is DarLinG in her sweet tiara. You are raisin her right missy!!!
merry, merry christmas to all of you,
Hugs, Dede

Jenn, I have been looking at your blog for some time and everything is so beautiful. I was in NYC from the 5th to the 11th and we got to see snow. I have many of the same shots you took. Don’t you just love the windows. My son works on 5th and 57th, so I love going there, especially at Christmas time. 2 years ago, one of Bergdorf’s windows was nothing but a chocolate display—everything was made with chocolate—totally awesome. Will have to try and find my pictures of it. Your blog is a wonderful place to visit. Merry Christmas, Pat

I followed Karla’s link to you, and VOILA! I’m in a bit of heaven! My jaw has dropped to the floor! My mother has the same porcelain angels you have. =) And yet another white tree in blogland! Next year I NEED A WHITE TREE!!! Your Sugar Plum room couldn’t be any sweeter. And I LOVE your NYC photos! I went to NYC two weeks ago with one of my children’s classes (we went to Radio City for the show). I posted about the trip, but alas, my photos aren’t blingy because everything was done through young boys’ eyes (I had a group of boys who wanted to go to Virgin Records and Carnegie Deli)! lol I will definitely be back to visit your pretty blog! =)

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