Im in love with……


Hello lovely friends! I have recently made a few small splurges on things that I am in total love with. They are things that just make me happy and smile. 

For instance I cant wait to wear these 60's vintage mod gold lame shoes I purchased on Etsy. WOW! A perfect fit and will look cute with a pair of jeans and sweater. 

I am a HUGE fan of Jamie's Simply Me Art jewelry. All her pieces are divine!  I took one look at this bracelet and fell in love with glitz and glam mixed with a bit of whimsy. 😉


How gorgeous are these figurines? Another fabulous Etsy purchase. They sit sweetly in my dining room.


For those of you that might have daughters or granddaughters it's always fun to buy hairbows and hair accessories. Im in love with Shannon of Goldilocks hair barrettes. So fun & whimsical!


On a recent antique shop outing I found some cute little treasures and keepsakes. The DARLING Lollie Lamb book was a gift from my lovely super sweet friend Deanna Glory.   


Just recently me and several of the ladies that attended my En Le Jardin event all got together and created a memory book that was hosted by my lovely friend Kim Caldwell. We each contributed a page for us to display our photos in. Kim's contribution was the cover page and putting the whole book together. I LOVE IT!!!! Each page is sooo pretty inside and what  a fabulous keepsake I will cherish forever!



Speaking of Kim…..I am THRILLED to announce that I am going to L.A. in September to attend one of her FAMOUS & DIVINE events. She is the Queen of Art Events and I am SO excited to finally be attending one. I also must admit  Im super giddy at the opportunity to meet SO many West Coast gals that I've been DYING to meet!


***NEWSFLASH**** Lollishops is hosting a Christmas in July party! WHOO-HOO! Gosh, can you believe Christmas will be here in 5 months??? SHEESH!


Anyoo, what a fun time to attend and wet our whistle for the GRAND holiday that we know will be here before we know it. 😉

Guess what else Im LOVING??? Natasha is a HUGE fan of Project Runway as I, and she is hosting a "Revamp It" challenge. Take an old piece of clothing and give it a "makeover".


Im loving the swap my darling sweet as pie friend Stephenie is hosting. It's " I thought of you swap". Ya know when your out shopping at an antique market or flea market and you see something that catches your eye and instantly you think of your friend. Well….that's the swap! You find sweet treasures that make you think of your friend. Im THRILLED that my swap partner is the HOSTESS herself!!! YAY!!! This is going to be fun shopping for Miss Stephenie!


Lastly, I love catching up with old friends. Last weekend a long time friend of mine that I went to High School  name Jason drove down from Atlanta to spend the day with me and catch up on all the years that have gone by. My little 21 year old bro Brock (pictured on the left) was a little toddler back in the day of our high school years.


I would LOVE to know what you YOU are in love with right now! A good book? New outfit? Vintage find?

Have a fabulous & creative weekend sweet friends!!!



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Jenn, what a fun post and you simply must take a photo of yourself in those darling to-die-for shoes!
I loved reading about your En Le Jardin Art Event…everyone looked so happy and I loved that your dear mother had helped you with the food. What a sweetie! The memory book is just as sweet as it can be!
Mr. Timeless Things and I love Project Runway and I adore the thought of doing the Revamp Event. I’ll have to see what I’ve got in my closet!
Deanna 😀

Jen, that bracelet is darling! And I want to see more pictures of your kitchen or whatever room that is in the background where you’re standing with your highschool pal!

“I would LOVE to know what you YOU are in love with right now! A good book? New outfit? Vintage find?”
Right now, my darling, what I am REALLY in complete & utter hopeless love with is nothing but YOU. :)
Minutes away from departing for a trip to Vancouver to see No Doubt with my hubby, but I had to jot down a little hello (& goodbye) first. When I return? I’m coming back to sprinkle love beneath this entry & the one about your amazing ice cream social!
I think about you every day sweet sugarplum!
I love you so! xox!!!!

Sheila Adkins

Hello Jen, I always love to read your post.. YOu have so much fun,creativity,and share all your wonderful trips and great finds.. Love the way it always makes me remember things from my childhood and the wonderful colors like a trip to Candyland…

Jenn!~~All of your sweet goodies are so very YOU! Have wonderful fun in LA!~~XXOO, Beth

The scrapbook looks wonderful!! That bracelet is so cute.

Jenn, that bracelet is adorable…the little scotty dog is so unexpected and sweet amidst all the bling…i am wracking my brains trying to come up with something for Natasha’s party…hopefully i will think of something!!!

I’m in Love with:
your blog
etsy (chinamommy)
sunchips (salsa)
our new yorkie!
the colors red & turquoise
and most of all: my husband & daughter!!!

Love your new header!!
All of your lovelies totally say Jenn to me. The shoes are to die for and I love the bracelet. The keepsake of your event is so precious. What a wonderful idea after the event to keep memories alive!!
As always…your eye candy gave me a toothache….in a good way!!
Have a fantastic weekend!!
Hugs xOxO, Nerina :)

Oh Jenn, what a fabulous post!!! WOW, those shoes are fabulous!!!! I LOVE them!! You will be so cute in those :) I absolutely love everything in this post, lol! Those figurines are so beautiful! And the books are adorable! Hubby and I are going away all next week for a romantic getaway and will be antiquing!!! I cannot wait! I hope to find some lovable things :) I love the picture of you, your brother and friend. How fun to catch up!
I am a Project Runway FREAK!! I have always loved anything to do with clothes. I wanted to be a fashion designer or buyer so badly. I think Natasha’s idea is so fun! I am hoping to join in :) I LOVE Simply Me Art too!!! All of her pieces are gorgeous!!
Right now, I am loving Tara Frey’s (Bella Pink) new book Blogging For Bliss. I have a teeny paragraph in it and I am so excited :)
Have a beautiful weekend sweetie :) Today is Chad and my anniversary. I did a little post :)
OH, are you putting anything new up for sale soon?? :):):)
Love ya,

I’m LOVING my swap book from En Le Jardin too!

Hi Jenn! I’m loving the music on your blog! All your new finds are fabulous! My fave is the rhinestone bracelet with the sweet doggy!
Your garden party looked like SO much fun!! Love the way you decorated the chairs with fabric and flowers! Just dreamy!!
Michelle xoxo

I love the things you are loving right now.. Those shoes are so great.. Wow.. the bracelet is so sweet esp. with the little dog. Love the children’s books and your En Le Jardin looked so fun. How precious to have a book of memories.. You have a beautiful home and wonderful taste in decorating. I guess right now I love:
Old lace
ribbons on old spools
children’s books
old frames
Anything French!
Christmas in July?/ Yikes! The Revamp it sounds really fun..
Have a beautiful Weekend!

I am loving…
today’s post on your blog…so creative and soul-reviving
my new etsy store (Katsui)
the two new 1947 primers I bought today for $2 each (hooray for
rummage sales in South Dakota!!!)
this lovely family I married into
my precious grown-up daughter, Miss Kat
my two dogs, mellow Miss Sophie and the handsome Harvey, the
rescue dog

Hi Jenn….I love all of the pretties that you shared with us. Today I am in love with the sound of the creek outside my door. We are up in Beaver Creek for the weekend, and we slept with the windows open to enjoy the sound of the creek outside. I am enjoying this wonderful time away with my fabulous husband. Have a lovely day.
XXOO Valarie

Hi Jenn,
Lovely piece bracelet, and love you bling bling shoes caught me stop looking for few sec for admiring thus definitely a great buy! Recently i had purchased some vintage dolly dress too, it always the best way to spend my lazy moody day shop online:)
Can’t wiat to see your post of your swap, please please show us some sneak peek gegege:)
lovely cute vintage books too.

Jennifer Grenko

Hey Jenn, I am in love with antique rose plates, turquoise pyrex, vintage Catholica, sweet little girl’s aprons, Buddy -“The Cake Boss” – that accent!! (kiss, kiss), my new lavender purse I got at the beach, an internet game I play called “Sweet Tooth” and the list goes on and on… Oh, and estate sales and most of all my son…. enjoyed your post as always… xoxo…

Elma Riedstra

Hi Jenn, love your finds! I love pink pyrex, jadite, I love anything pink and love my husband our eight kids and our fist grandson:) Love your blog and home. I think you need to post some pictures of your kitchen:)

Gorgeous purchases Jen. I am also a huge fan of Jaime (Simplymeart)and her creations, I have several as presents to myself and everytime I wear them people comment, they are so much fun!
Kiss Noises Linda

Your Etsy finds are just amazing! With every picture I kept saying to myself-“I want that!”.
I love the wardrobe makeover party-how fun! I, too, am a HUGE fan of Projest Runway.
Have a great week!

Love those shoes and that bracelet. So pretty and glitzy!

Those shoes are more than fabulous! I just love cute gold shoes , those would be perfect with jeans! I just love finding good stuff on etsy!

Jenn, You have so many beautiful treasures..I gotta tell ya, I love those shoes..What an amazing find… I loooooove the scrap book to..It’s just BEAUTIFUL…I’m so glad you joined the swap..I’m also glad we’re partners..What a fun post…

All your lovely purchases are just as sweet as you! I am thrilled at such finds!
Right now I am into buying clothes, clothes and shoes. Being back home in California I once again have access to all my favorite shops!

Fun fun fun! Those gold vintage shoes are divine! I used to have a pair of pointed gold 1950’s pumps with the thinest high heel you’ve ever seen! I have saved most of my vintage items through the years but for some reason those ended up getting tossed or donated. I wish I had them now. They were gorgeous!
I am so thrilled that you’ll be coming to Kim’s event in Sept. It will be here before we know it!!

I’m in love with my new red shoes I bought second hand!
And of course I love all of your beautiful finds!

I am loving all that good stuff too! I’m going to Kim’s event as well!!! I can’t wait to see you again!
Sandy xox

Wow!!! I love shoes a lot and I am most attractive with your vintage mod gold lame shoes. Awesome!

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