Inspire Company guest artist

Hello sweet friends! Are you ready for a magical and whimsical hot air balloon ride thru sweet YUMMYVILLE? Well, hop on! Let the journey begin!

Im THRILLED and honored to be featured as a guest artist on my sweet friend Amy Power’s Inspire Company website. I’ve had a BALL creating fun and whimsical treats that are currently for sale in her shop. So let’s take a lookie at what’s available.

Sparkley Cupcake Fairy wands. Who doesn’t LOVE cupcakes? This adoring little fairy is ready to celebrate, so give her a jingle and let the party begin!  


This next sugary sweet creation is titled “Candyland” It was inspired by the board game and the children from the movie ” Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory”. They are much cuter than the Oompa Loompas.  πŸ™‚  

Close-up’s of this candy colored EXPLOSIAN!!!

This box just brings out the little kid in me. When my son saw this piece he literally tried to grab the big lollipop. “Oh NO! That’s Miss Bunnies!”. πŸ™‚  

Im sooooooooo tickled to share these DARLING vintage doll head brooch corsages. All the girls have their own style and name. You can dress up a jacket, pin it on a handbag or tote bag, adorn it to a frilly lamp shade, or even add it to some gorgeous ribbon for a gift.

This was my first gal I ever made. Her name is Daisy.

Some sample pics of how you can use them.



On a frilly lamp shade.

You can use these little gals on whatever you heart desires! Here are some group shots.

Let’s meet “The girls” one by one.


“Sammy Jo”


“Norma Jean”


“Miss Scarlet”




Oh these girls are so frilly and fun. I cant wait to make MORE!!!

Ok my sweet friends I’ve saved the best for last……..

Enchanting and magical hot air balloons. I CANNOT even begin to tell you how much fun I had creating these balloons. I would sit with my head in the clouds and dream of what I wanted the theme, style, and look to be.

This balloon is titled “Fairyland Free Balloon Rides”

Sweet little fairy soaring thru the clouds. Wanna take a ride? They are free!

This girlie froofy balloon is a ballerina’s dream! Decorated in beautiful colors of aqua and pink and green. It is titled “Dancing on Air”.

Ballerina’s twirling and dancing with DELIGHT!

I hope you’ve enjoyed your balloon ride thru sweet yummyville and moreso brought a smile to your face. πŸ™‚

They are all handmade with tons of love!

Hugs &  Candy Kisses! XOXO,  

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I am the 1st to vist tonight boy I am alucky one!!! Wow what a great group of beautiful and very whimsical Creations… Bravo Jenn everything is just darling, love all your girls, would be hard to choose a favorite, woul also look good on a Hat? (:
I will have to check out the Inspire Site.
Congrats, Hugs & Kisses, Diane

Jenn these are oh so sweet.

Hi! I’m a bit dizzy…you have made a lot of wonderful creations, or is is that free balloon ride I cannot get enough of? Anyhow you have outdone yourself! Those brooches are all so sweet and the balloons what can I say…sigh…Have a nice day!

Big congratulations Jenn, it is all so yummy, scrummy! You are so very clever:) Rachael

Wow Jen, what a busy creative girl you have been!!! It really is sweet eye candy around your place, by name and nature!!! I love the feathers and the sparkly brooches on your girls but I have to admit my favourite creation is your hot air ballons….they are just fantastic!!! Congratulations on your guest artist feature…how exciting, your dreams really are taking flight…in a magical balloon ride!! Kiss noises Linda Lilly Cottage.

Oh Jen~ You’ve outdone yourself!!! How beautiful! Congrats on being featured at Inspire Co., I’m sooo happy for you!! Love the hot air balloons. What a super clever idea!

JENN!!! FABULOUS!!!!! I love the feature on Amy’s site, I just read every word. Your creaitons are divine, and I see the bunny box has gone already! Your little GROW project is so darn sweet too! xo

Everything is just wonderful!!!
your creativity is amazing and I lovvve everything.
hope there is something left by the time I am able to get to the site…smiles,

I’m in LOVE:)

JENN!!!! oh they are each soo sooo beautiful… I seriously WANT one of those doll pins..oh my gosh! Your balloons are just too precious. Great luck to you on Inspire Co!!!!!


Congratualtions on the feature Jenn! Your beautiful creations are truly your own and your passion shines through in each of them!
xo andrea

Hi Jenn,
Congratulations on your Guest Artist spot at Inspire Co….everything looks fabulous, and it’s all SO YOU! You are following your passion and it shows! xo suzanne

Your spread is fabulous! I was just over at Amy’s and everything looks wonderful. Your creations are all so gorgeous!

I always know I am in for a TREAT when I stop by your blog! Thanks for the fabulous virtual eye candy trip through Yummyville!!!!


I love everything you made. The colors
are amazing! So girly.
You are a talented lady!
Best Wishes,

JENNNNNNNNNNNNN! IM DYING. These are absolutely AMAZING! Seriously… Im so darn jealous! I want it all LOL.
xo j.

Hi sweetie!! Oh we are soo PROUD of you!! Your creations are so adorable, whmisy and so so pretty, we know you put your ALL into these gorgeous delights and to see it call come together is so exciting! Ooh, we want one of everything!!!! LOL Love how you have named the girls, too too cute!! You are looking FABULOUS girl on Amy’s site!! Huge CONGRATULATIONS and we KNOW you’ll be a SELLOUT!! Lots of hugs and kisses, we are soo excited here !!
Jenn and Jacqui xoxox


“Up, Up and Away in my beautiful balloon” – so cute! Who knew chicken wire could turn into something so sweet!
Your daughter is gonna have the best birthday parties I can tell. πŸ™‚
Heading over to Inspire to check it all out.

Pat Jones

Dear Jenn,
Your talent never ceases to amaze me. Your present creations are over the top. Just remarkable. I love them all. You and your family have a wonderful 4th.


Oh Jenn you really Outdid yourself. Wow, the doll pins are my Favorites… Congratulations.. Jamie

LOOOOOOOOOVE the ballerinas! But of course I would!! LOL Those doll head pins are mighty clever. Check out the sassy looks on a few of them. Totally cracks me up!!! As IF! They seem to say LOL!

Oh, Jenn, they’re all so exquisitely beautiful, my little sweet candy!!! I wish I had your talent, sweetpea…….. But I did some lovely lamps you might like to see on the blog if you ever have time!! LOL

Hi doll,
you simply amaze me!!
im so LUCKY to have one of the wands coming my way!!
SOLD OUT dang girl.
i think you need to start adding to your etsy!!!!!!
see ya soon,
big sissy!!!

This post just satisfied my sweet cravings! Absolute yumm!

oh wow Jenn!! seriously!! they are all sooo very cute!! great job sweetie!!! I hope you and your family have a fabulous 4th!!! xoxo Britt πŸ™‚

Hi There!
I was so happy to have learned that you SOLD OUT! Except for Scarlett, poor Dear. I think Norma Jean was my favorite!
Congrats! You know how much I love your sweet creations!
Looking forward to seeing much, much more of them.
Oh! And see YOU at SB!!
Hugs & Smoochies!
~Sadie Lou

All of it’s delicious, but those balloons really ROCK!

I could just die!!! Tooootally just DIE!! Jennnnnnnnifer!!! OHHHH MYYYYY GOOOODNESSS!!! See what happens when you have to pause life for a move??? You miss amaaaaazing things like these girl pins!!!!! Really not kidding when I say….CUTEST THINGS EVER!!! really…like EVER!!! Anyway you can make more??? I cannot handle how much you rule!!
Counting down the days till SB!!! Will you be a vendor too??
Hope your 4th was super fun!!
Happy Summer!
xoxo from the Jersey shore!


OMG OMG OMG!!!!!! I love your Candyland creation! I am seriously drooling! I want one so bad!
The cupcake wand is fab too!
You’re the best!

I love your candy inspired creations!
Everyone ate them all up…make more….make more!

Diana Wood

Howdy Jenn,
i’m the happy momma of ROXY (vintage doll head brooch) !
She’s a doll baby! Thanks so Kindly! Your creations are certainly
‘eye candy’ so sweet, yummy and full of sparkle! Look forward to more of your sweetnesses! xxoo, diana

WOW! This certainly IS Yummyville! Just wanted to say that I just LoVe your heavenly, girlie creations! What a slice of cake for the eyes!
Cheers! =D

How fun these all are! I am inspired for sure! Thanks for sharing! Congrats for being featured! Yea!
many Hugs,
P.S. Come and stop by my blog and say hello!

How fun these all are! I am inspired for sure! Thanks for sharing! Congrats for being featured! Yea!
many Hugs,
P.S. Come and stop by my blog and say hello!

Yummy! I can see he goes for the good stuff!
LOve all of the sweet ladies too!
We all must pick which one we are! πŸ™‚

You have the most fun sense of style, and the detail you put into each piece is just amazing. I love them all!

wow! you weren’t kidding! there are TONS of yummy stuff!

Love love LOVE them all!~~~XXOO, Beth

Oh Jenn, everything is so beautiful!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!! I came home from vacation to check out your new store and everything was gone!!!!! I am so happy for you! I wanted a cuppycake wand though πŸ™ You are so talented Jenn, I know you will go far!
Love ya,

You are so talented and you can tell you take so much pride in your work, it really shows. Loved looking at all your projects.

Hello~ Can you hear me screaming???!!!!! Your balloons are just fantastic! I’ve never seen anything like that in all my life! Oh my gosh!!!!!! I’m in heaven!!!!!
I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!~

What a fantastic post and one creation is more beautiful then the next! You are such a wonderful artist! From reading your blog, I have discovered that we are practically neighbors. I love in Gray, GA. It is nice meeting another southern blogger! I will be back to visit.

Heidi -

Really so clever and beautiful! Thanks for visiting me!

Woweee! You are sooo talented! I had seen that you hearted me on Etsy and I just happened to come across your blog. You are sooo talented. I just LOVE your sweet confections. Thanks for sharing them. And thank you for directing me to Amy’s website. That’s really neat!
Have a SWEET day!
Jenni B


I looooove your site! (Unfortunately I can’t tear myself away from it.) You have created the most adorable things I have ever seen. Thanks for sharing…..

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