The Spirit of Giving


Hello sweet friends! Can you believe it's that time of year ALREADY??? I swear time flies year after year. Especially as you get older! I was just telling my Mom the other day It seemed like I just took down all of last years Christmas decorations a month ago. Before I know it, it's time to pull them ALL out again! LOL!!! It's soooo much work, but in the end it's a festive treat to the eyes and soul. Now that my children are getting older you can see the sparkle in their eyes and their faces "light up" when they see Mamma decorating and turning on all the fancy lights and pretty trims. :) 

Of course every year I love to find and purchase old vintage Christmas items to decorate my home with. Im a huge fan of Howard Holt Christmas angels. I lucked out and found this 7" sweet angelic beauty. 


These darling books I discovered at a antique mall close to my house just recently.

This book is titled "The Christmas Fairy". I fell in love the title and cover of the book. Incredibly sweet and magical!!! 


The classic "The Night Before Christmas".


If you enjoy drinking pink lemonade I have something FABULOUS I have to share with you!!! Fresh Market sells these pretty decorative pink lemonade bottles. Of course I will drink them eventually, but for now it's looks too pretty to drink and it looks great sitting on my kitchen counters. (wink!)

DSCN5674_edited-1 Yummy!!!!


Another great little goodie I want to share with you are these ADORABLE vintage inspired coffee cups. I bought these at Hobby Lobby yesterday and they were 50% off. WHOO-HOO!!! 




There is no way I could pass up on this flocked pink tree. You can find them at Michaels!!!! They are now 40% off!!! I bought two of them. The smaller one is 19" and the larger (pictured here) is 36". Im sure I will put this one in Vivi's room. πŸ™‚


Today in the mail I received a large box from a super kind lady with whom I've never met or spoken with before. She stumbled upon my blog awhile back, but would never leave a comment until one day she emailed me out of the blue. She was very complimentary of my blog and my  work. She went on to explain that she has TONS of small vintage trinkets and treasures, floral millinery, trim, etc that she no longer has use for, nor has the time to sell them. She asked me if I would be interested in having them and could hopefully use them in my future artwork. When I read this I was literally "speechless". At the kindness of this womens heart who I've never even chatted with before here she is offering me these sweet treasures and asking for nothing in return. My heart was filled with happiness and thankfulness!!!! I am so incredibly appreciative and it's kinda ironic how this happened right at the holiday in between Thanksgiving and Christmas. It's all about the "Spirit of Giving". 

These are some pics of my treasured goodies!!! EEEK!!!!


Floral stems and picks.


A STASH of vintage treasures! Nutcups, clowns, baby stork picks, bottles, ballerinas, rattles, rocking horses. Omigosh! Tons of the sweetest little trinkets!!!




Sweet baby pick.



So….in the spirit of giving I would like to share these adorable treasures that were passed on to me to YOU!!!!

All ya have to do is leave me a comment and I will randomly pick a winner from one week today on Dec 10th. Im even going to put a little extra Christmas gift in the package handmade from me to you! πŸ™‚

Ok!!!! Some ***EXCITING NEWS***!!!! I am going to be updating my shop in 5 days!!!! Here is a little sneak peek for ya!!!



Sweet huh??? hee! hee!

Alright my lovely friends I hope you all have a fabulous week and DONT FORGET to leave me a comment! πŸ™‚

Hugs & Kisses XOXO,


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Wow, Can I come to your house for the holidays. And what a sweet surpise with all those lovly goodies. Looking forward to the shop update. Always love your work.
Hugs and Love

Oh my gosh! How sweet of that kind woman and what a wonderful stash she had. I cannot wait to see what you come up with using these goodies. Some other great finds here too – I wish we had a Hobby Lobby we do have Michaels though – may have to take a peek for that tree!

Oh Jenn, it’s your little friend from snowy Michigan. You know i live for your blog updates & have been checking like an insane person since the 21st of Nov. What a sweet lady to send you all those goodies- yum!
I can’t wait to see your shop update & need to get my shop (chinamommy) filled as well…
thanks for the eye-candy!

oh my gosh SCREAM!!! YOu are someone I really love to read about and get to know through your blog! You have been a huge insperation to me and hit it on the money everytime you create soemthing! Im like praying right now that you pick me for you giveaway! I would be so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

can’t wait to see your shop update!
Wow, what a sweetheart this person is to send you all those awesome goodies! and what a sweetheart you are to share with someone else!
What beautiful things you found!
thanks for the chance to win your giveaway!

I so want in on this!!!!! Jenn, when I saw those flocked trees at Michaels, I immediately thought of you, of course my husband thought I was nuts talking abt. you and those trees but somehow I just knew that you would have a pink one! Tammi (the other side of me.blogspot) and I have talked abt. maybe having a one day workshop in the spring, would you be interested? She lives in Gray and is willing to use her studio as the location, let me know if you are interested.


Wow, some people are very generous! Including you! Love your home and your beautiful decorations!

Your holiday items are wonderful Jenn! I have a coupleof those angels, I didn’t know you liked them so much, they are sweet aren’t they! What an wonderfully amazing thing for that lady to send you that package of goodies, and for you to share with others! Please enter me in the giveaway, I simply cannot resist!
Hope you are having a wonderful day!

You are so LUCKY! I love your stuff!

how generous and SWEET of her, and generous of you as well! beautiful stuff! πŸ™‚

Hi Jenn:
Your Blog is so lovely and I have enjoyed reading it. What a wonderful, beautiful soul this lady was to send all these fabulous things for you to design with. It’s even more wonderful that you are paying it forward. You truly are a sweet soul also.

Hi Jenn! How very kind of your new friend to send you all these goodies & how terribly sweet of you to have a giveaway!
I adore vintage Christmas items, even started a new blog strictly about Christmas! I barely have time for 1 blog, here I go with a 2nd one now!
Can’t wait to see the pink flocked tree in V’s room!!
Big TX Hugs,
Angelic Accents

hey sissy!!
your house is looking delish!!
i so want to win this giveaway!!
wouldn’t that be cool.
hope you are having fun decorating!!
can’t wait to see what you add to the shop.

Oh my Jenn! Did your head almost explode when you opened that wonderful, kind woman’s blog???
Please put my name in the hat for your drawing!

oh my gosh!! people can be sooo nice can’t hey?!! that was so sweet of her!! I know you will make fantastic creations with it all!!! big hugs doll!! Have a fabulous day!! xoxo Britt


I would love it if you picked me! I love your blog, i get so excited when I see you have updated it. I do not leave comments most of the time I tend to be a bashful blogger! B.

Kelli B

Hey Jenn….I do love your blog. I am much more of a masculine decorator but I absolutely love your spirit. I am still looking for vintage treasures for you here in Knoxville….garage sales, thrift stores…yahoo!! Have a really great week preparing for the holidays and I look forward to your next post. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

How sweet is she! WOw! The usneak peak of your update is too enticing.

I know exactly what Ill make with the vintage items if I win!!!

Oh how fun of her and soooo giving to mail you out all those goodies! Jenn you have such a big heart and are so sweet to all your blog friends. I would love to be in the drawing and it is uplifting to see you share so much! I hope whomever wins will create beautiful things also to show this lady her treasures were used so lovingly! Love the Lemonaide. We have a store here that carries that too, but I have not seen the snowflakes on it…how darling!
Have fun decorating! xoxo Molly

Hey Girlie,
Well isn’t that so special that your blog fan gave that wonderful gift to you and now you passing it along…now I know why I love you so much!
I dig that hot pink flocked tree too! What a scream.
Hugs and ciao bella,

Hey Girlie,
Well isn’t that so special that your blog fan gave that wonderful gift to you and now you passing it along…now I know why I love you so much!
I dig that hot pink flocked tree too! What a scream.
Hugs and ciao bella,

as usual Jenn, love all your pics. wow, what a sweet lady to send you all those goodies. some of them look perfect for your projects and seem to have your name all over them! I miss having small children to enjoy the decorations for christmas.. this year I have no kids at home and it seems so weird! I decorated but tonight I havent even turned on the lights!
have a sweet week!

You lucky, lucky girl! It’s no suprise that this women sent these to YOU, she could see how sweet you are! The pink flocked tree caught my eye at Michael’s too, so fun :o)
Happy Hoiday’s Jenn!

Oh my those mugs are just to dang cute!
I may have to send my sister over that way to pick up a few for me!
What a sweet lady indeed she was to send you so many wonderful little treasures!
Have a great week!

Wow ! I’m sure opening that box made your heart flutter!! All those blue millinery stems would do it for me lol !! What a treasure of goodies πŸ™‚

Paula Kay

I have been enjoying your blog for quite sometime. I got hooked on it after looking at Karla’s Cottage (my extremely talented cousin). I am an amateur crafter, & enjoy seeing other “true artists” work. I am mainly paper/stamp oriented; cards, scrapbooking, & dabble in jewelry, etc. Keep up the inspiring & unique items, even those of us that don’t work in your medium can get lots of great tips & enjoy the eye candy you create. I am as excited about the box of goodies you received because we will all get to see your creations:) Have fun!

what sweetness…
…the generous friend…what a lovely heart to share such sweetness that she KNEW you would enjoy!
…the mugs {I must ask my mom to go to Hobby Lobby since we don’t have one where I live now}
…looks like a fabulous “bella” time had by all!!

What a wonderful story! I’m sure you will do those vintage treasures justice in your artwork : ) The angel you posted reminds me of my collection of Josef birthday angels. My mom gave me one each year on my birthday when I was young and now I am giving them to my daughter–she’s 11 now so only 5 more to go!
Oh, and the lemonade is totally making me thirsty.
Your blog is lovely, definite eye candy!

I was in the need for some Christmas cheer and I just knew YOU’D have some for me! I love the pink trees – must run out to Michaels! I also love the vintage looking mugs – so cute – you have such a gift for decorating…I have nothing “vintage” in my home…well, maybe a few things, but that’s where my heart is…one day maybe I’ll get there! Thanks for putting an end to my pitiful pity party! xo, Nan

WOW what an amazing and sweet gift… I know its a long shot but I am really really hoping I win! Such an amazing stash of items to use on crafts! It is just too sweet of you to share…. Love christmas finds! I wish you the very best Holiday season!
Chelsea Ann


Those goodies are terrific! Would love to win your giveaway…as always, anxiously awaiting your latest creations. Love your style (especially the shadowbox, hot air balloon & doll brooch I’ve collected)!

Very generous, and such a special lady. She knew what you liked for sure. I can already see your lovely projects. Those treasures have your name written all over them. Have fun & Happy Holidays.
It’s interesting that you are passing them on. There is one Xmas giveaway that I will be passing on if I win. I love the idea and it reminds me of the movie “Pay if forward”.
Good for you
Love all your photos.
Claudie from Canada

Oh Jen, what a cute sneak peek, that reindeer is calling my name!! Pink Lemonade how gorgeous and those other reindeer…just tooo cute, I bet your house looks amazing with all this sweetness. As for your stash of gorgeousness….pay it forward is such a lovely idea, fingers crossed. Kiss Noises Linda Lilly Cottage.

Hi Jenn, what a delightful, festive, pretty post! love all your pics & creations. God bless the generous woman who sent you all those sweet treats and you for giving it forward, thanks so much for sharing, please sign me up. If you have time pop by I’m having a giveaway for my 1 year of blogging. Tu-de-lu, Laura


Women so rock, don’t they? “Pay it Forwards” since the beginning of time, make the world go ’round and keeps it alive and going forward! I hope you PIF me so it will be my turn again to pass it on =)

Judi S.

Oh WOW, what fun. So wonderfully nice of this sweet LADY! I can’t wait to see all the fun things you do with everything. I am LOVING!!! the stork & babies. Have a blessed Christmas.
Judi S.

I loved reading your comments on the Silver Bella weekend, and enjoy your blog.

Jenn, what a generous soul to send all of those wonderful goodies to you:) i think i would have fainted…LOL…i really love the stork, he is just really SO sweet…the pink flocked trees you got are too cute…*LOVE*…your little peeks are looking fabulous, i can’t wait to see more…i am in the process of completing your bunny pin…finally!!! i will send on monday most likely…have a great weekend!!!

What a sweet lady and even sweeter for you to share your stash! Great goodies… I’m drooling..
xo Cath

Aren’t there some sweet people out there? what a kind hearted person she must be to send you those treasures. And its sweet of you to share them too!

Another fan here, I’ve never won anything doing this but what the heck, lol! Love looking at your vintage decorations they are just gorgeous! Cheers xxx



Hi Jenn,
Great little treasures. Some people are just so giving, aren’t they? I can see why you love the angels. She is really sweet. Can’t wait to see more of your Christmas decor!

Wow! Please put my name in the hat for your generous drawing! Your decorations are lovely!

Erica ( SugarPink ) Da Costa

HIYA JENN! I LOVE ALL THE SWEET STUFF! it is all fabulous, I did that once, I had things for crafting that I had no use for and I just GAVE IT AWAY! I tend to do that a lot, even for swaps, they say matchbox stuffed with tiny things, I BUY A BIG ASS BOX and stuff extra things even APPAREL! lol!…very cute stuff indeed. and I cannot wait to see your new home decorated in all of it’s Christmas goodness, the Jenn way : )

Erica ( SugarPink ) Da Costa

HIYA JENN! I LOVE ALL THE SWEET STUFF! it is all fabulous, I did that once, I had things for crafting that I had no use for and I just GAVE IT AWAY! I tend to do that a lot, even for swaps, they say matchbox stuffed with tiny things, I BUY A BIG ASS BOX and stuff extra things even APPAREL! lol!…very cute stuff indeed. and I cannot wait to see your new home decorated in all of it’s Christmas goodness, the Jenn way : )

Oooooh, what beautiful things you found and received. Love the flocked Christmas tree. I’ve got to run and get one of those!! Fingers crossed that I win πŸ™‚

Can’t wait to see your new creations! Please enter me in your fabulous give-away!
Sandy xox

How wonderful of her to send you all those goodies, it just warms my heart to know there are so many kind people out there. I really enjoy your blog. There’s always tons of gorgeous eye candy and inspiration. Thanks and Merry Christmas!

What a wonderful treat. So very sweet of you to share! I thought I could go one week without Hl, but those mugs are way cute. Road trip to help me decorate? Hugs!!!

So Adorable! And how generous of that lady! OOOH I hope I win!


What a beautiful gesture! Your angelic friend knows talent when she sees it and definitely sent her “treasures” to the right person!

Stephanie Coop

What a wonderful gesture of the the sweet lady to send you such treasures. It is simply amazing how friendships and bonds can be formed by sharing and reading blogs. I kept up thru your blog when you and Natasha went to New York and Silver Bella. What a memory, and with a Kindred Spirit to Boot! From one Georgia Peach (from Valdosta) to another in (Macon) Merry Chirstmas!

claudette flanigan

Wow, Jenn! This sweet woman certainly sent you some lovely treasures! You lucky lady! I’d love to be entered into your contest…thanks so very much and have a lovely day!!!! πŸ™‚

Norma Iverson

Dear Jenn, I enjoy your blog so very much with all your beautiful pics. How amazing this lady to send you all these cute treasures and even more amazing that you would share them….thanks Norma

The usual colourful post.
Can’t wait to see what will be in your shop soon, i’ll be keeping my eyes open for the update!!
Lot’s of holiday goodies, those mugs are too cute.
Victoria x

Jeccica Simpson

I just love looking at your blog!! The stuff you collect and create are wonderful. You made me some large cupcake tags, there so beautiful and good enough to eat!!! Cant wait to see your new items in Etsy!! thanks!

You lucky lucky girl!!!!
I want in on the giveaway!

Oh Jenn! How incredibly sweet of this lady! Just look at all those goodies! You hit the jackpot!
I love the pink trees and the mugs! And the lemonade bottles are so CUTE! Love the angel you found too!
Your new shop sneak peaks are fabulous! I Cant wait to see everything!!
Your such a sweetie, thank you so much for having this drawing!

I got that same pink tree at Michael’s!!! It’s awesome!!

What a lot of sweet goodness.

erin barraza

Wow! There really are truly nice people out there who don’t expect anything in return. I’m sure you’ll do wonders with all that beautiful stuff!

Susan E.

Hi Jenn, Ilove your blog every couple of days when I need my pink fix I know where I can find it.Love all of your beautiful pink fluffy stuff!!!!

Wow-you are a very lucky girl. During this time of year it especially important to do a nice deed for someone else. What a blessing and a great surprise.

wow how beautiful everything is.I would love to come to your home for Christmas.Thank you for your blog. love from Glenda

How fun to have a kindred spirit out there lurking….those items were so perfect for the artwork that you do. I can’t wait to see your shop update…everything you do is so whimsical.


Oh…what sweet little’ll be creating up a storm! I saw those pink trees in Michaels also..they’re so pink for sure! Please include me in your drawing..
Happy Holidays!
πŸ™‚ Jan

Oh the box of treats looks so heavenly! What a wonderful gesture of your kind stranger and of you to share the wealth. I can feel the creativity begining to dance like visions of sugarplums in my head.

Hi Jenn
Love the sweetness of your blog! I too love the Howard Holt Christmas figurines….I have been collecting the red ones of course (if you go to my blog you’ll know why!).
I enjoy visiting your blog and all the cute things to see – I especially loved that special birthday gift you made that little girl – I am sure she will treasure it always!
Happy decorating your halls!


Oh Jenn,
how sweet is that??? What a wonderful lady to send you all theses cuties. IΒ΄m deeply impressed and I can understand that you are grateful. Tomorrow on December the 6th we have Nikolaus here in Germany. All the children put their shoes outside tonight and Nikolaus will fill them with goodies. ThatΒ΄s great fun!!
All the best to you and your family,


How delightful! I think crafting is our feminine version of the men’s sports and fishing. It just seems to bring everyone together πŸ™‚

Love all your vintage decorations!!! So cute and adorable. AND…OMG on your treasures!! You really got an amazing collection of lovley things. What a kind and generous thing for that read to do, and for you to share is so generous as well. Thanks for the kindness and inspiration!!! Oh, and the tree for your daughter’s room is such a great idea and super cute!!!

I really cant stand to wait for 5 days!!!! I want to see what you have created! I live to see what you have bought or found or created…you are BIG insperation to me and actually was the reason I started crafting. Its totally relaxing and fun! Love all the vintage goodies the woman sent you!!! She could see that you are a specail lady with a great heart!!!!
Have a wonderful day!!!

Hi Jenn, I don’t know if I’ve ever commented here before, but I read your blog frequently-you are my hero when it comes to wonderful vintage finds!! And how lucky to have such a kind-hearted soul to pass some more onto you! I’d love to be entered to win a few treasures!!

What delightful goodies! So sweet and happy holidays dear Jenn!


Jenn, I cannot wait to see all the things you will make with those goodies…To think that this lady had all this tucked away for years till she saw what you do with your creativity, and finally she knew what to do with it all! That is very flattering…I will be checking Etsy next week. Can’t tell you how much I look forward to reading your blog! Happy Christmas to you and your family…

How amazing and what a wonderful surprise. It’s such a blessing. I love your creations; keep inspiring others.


Jenn, I cannot wait to see all the things you will make with those goodies…To think that this lady had all this tucked away for years till she saw what you do with your creativity, and finally she knew what to do with it all! That is very flattering…I will be checking Etsy next week. Can’t tell you how much I look forward to reading your blog! Happy Christmas to you and your family…


What great stuff! I love all of it πŸ™‚


I left a comment but it is gone? Was it removed?


Forgive me! I found it. all the! =)

It is amazing to me how God moves people’s hearts. How incredibly generous and kind. I love it all!

Ohh Jen you lucky girl getting that box of goodies…i am sitting here wrighting this comment and a whif of bakery food woft in my face..i live above a bakery and it is 2.41 am and the smell reminded me sweets for a sweetheart You!!!

Sweet Cottage Dreams

Jennifer, your vintage Christmas goodies are super cute! Always a treat to see what smiling faces are posted on your blog.
How sweet of the lady to send you that enormous stash of total vintage sweetness. CUTE!!!!!!
Have a happy day,


Oh goodness, such beautiful treasures and
such a sweet and generous Lady to send
these treasures to you. Love the Lemonade!
I wish I could find it here in NY! I
cannot wait to see your fabulous creations
update! I know that they will be gorgeous!
Love the pink tree too!
Christmas Blessings,xo

Oh Jenn, you have such a beautiful blog! I love checking in on you and your sister Jessi! Jessi and I both share a love for Barbie’s!
I saw those vintage inspired cups this morning at Hobby Lobby. I was already checking out when I spotted them or a couple would probably came home with me!
I hope I get to see your shop update before everything sells out!
I usually am not fast enough! πŸ™‚
Merry Christmas to you and your sweet family, Lindsey

What a sweet heart to send you all those fun treasures!
Oh my gosh I bet you were like a kid in a candy shop sorting thru and playing with each bag.
I know your mind is filled with ideas! Can’t wait to see what goodies you create!
Wish it was’nt just after midnight…. I want to run out to Micheals and get a pink tree too!
Have a fun weekend sweetpea,
Hugz, Dolly

Hi Jenn!
The pink Christmas tree is beautiful! It is my favorite color.
The brilliant old book.
A greeting and always is a joy to visit your blog.

Oooh, enter me please, that is so incredibly sweet of both you and her to give away all those fun things! Love those pink trees, and your house looks beautiful as always!

That is an amazing story. I’m so happy for you. Everything is cute and sweet. Lots of fun stuff for you to create with, no doubt.

What a wonderful home you will give those treasures. They are so perfect for your creations!! Your fan is so very sweet.
Love your pretty pink trees. i saw them the other day and was tempted but our house is sooo teeny.

that is just toooo special! like the cuteness fairy sent u a package of adorableness! good for you , you will deff put it all to good use! love your stuff! update your shop more often πŸ˜‰

What a wonderful gift, my gosh!! I was going to leave a comment anyway, lol, but would love to be in on your drawing.


I’ve never commented on your blog before, but I LOVE it and I love your stuff!! I guess now is as a good a time as ever!! You are too sweet!!

What a wonderful gift to receive. I’m sure you will have a lot of creating with all those goodies. I love the vintage style mugs….very cute!
Chloe Rose

You decorate so beautifully, and have such a flair for color too. Your home is absolutely beautiful…and what a lucky little girl your daughter is to have her own pink Christmas tree. πŸ™‚ I am still peeking into your Etsy shop, hoping I will get to see the updates before they are all sold! That little deer is adorable…I have such a soft spot for vintage reindeer. πŸ™‚

Jen what pretty candy colored goodies, how nice she is!
Love your Christmas stuff, so cute! I am working on decorating now so I can update soon! :O)

Is it the 5th day yet? I can’t wait to see the cuteness in ur store!!!

Gwynn Thoma

Hi Jenn
I just found you out there in blog land and love all your artsy stuff. I get sooo imspired by checking everyones blog and get great ideas. Love those pink trees. I live up in the mountains so no Michaels near me, but they sure are cute!!

How delightful!It’s heart warming to see someone give like the sweet lady who sent you so many yummies!
Doesn’t it make the Holiday Season extra special!?
Abracadabra! Please add me to your giveaway,
Miss Jenn!

What a sweet gesture. You have a heart of gold.
That baby and stork pick is fabulous. Gotta try that lemonade.
I love visiting your blog…it surely lives up to its name!

Hi Jenn… Loved seeing some of your new treasures for the Holiday… I’m especially fond of those Vintage inspired coffee mugs! They’re Perfect! And who would not just β™₯LOVEβ™₯ a Pink tree?!?!!! What an amazing ‘n awesome box of Vintage Treasures from your unknown friend… It really did my heart good to see everything, but mostly to hear about how the goodies came to you… Once, again, my Faith in Mankind is restored… and how very sweet of you to now offer to share your good fortune with another! I’d be so grateful if you’d add my name to the hat for a chance to win your Vintage Holiday Give~Away… Thanks Jenn! I hope that all’s continuing to go well for you ‘n your family… God bless…
~hugs ‘n prayers~


Beth Davis

Hey, Jenn
When I read about the lady who contacted you and then sent you all of the little goodies she couldn’t use anymore, it reminded me of my friend in CA who wrote and asked me could I use some old jewelry and some old dolls. She said, “It’s not all about GETTING all of the time, sometimes it’s just about GIVING.” Isn’t that sweet? She has now sent me about 4 boxes of things I use in collage and altered art. It’s just like Christmas morning when I get my boxes!
Well, I know your home is shaping up for Chrstmas…Wish I lived close so that perhaps you’d give me a peek! Tee hee!
Well, have fun decorating and crafting! And MERRY CHRISTMAS (NOT “Happy Holidays”) !!
Beth Davis


Everything I see leaves me speechless, WOW! Eye Candy galore and colors I adore. Words cannot begin to describe how elegant and beautiful your hand crafted and vintage treasures are. You are a very blessed person.
Happy Holidays

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