Jenn & Cheryls Secret Admirer Valentines SWAP!


*** UPDATE!!! SWAP IS FULL! THANK YOU for your OVERWHELMING RESPONSE! Cant WAIT to see all of your beautiful creations! *** 

HAPPY NEW YEARS my sweet friends!!!! I hope all of you had a wonderful time ringing in the New Year. My hubby and I went to New Orleans with some couple friends of ours to watch the GA Bulldawgs play at the Sugar Bowl. We had a blast watching our team WIN!!!! Us girls wore feather boa’s in our teams colors while celebrating down on Bourbon Street, and the guys wore the traditional beads. NO! I did NOT flash my "girls" for beads. hee! hee!   


Here is a picture of an UGA look alike. He’s sticking his tounge out at me. πŸ™‚


We celebrated New Years day with having brunch at the very well known Commanders Palace. Omigosh! The food was scrumptious! We had the jazz brunch, and I was so full by the time dessert came they almost had to roll me out! LOL!!!



My girlfriends Deidra and Stephanie.


Bloody Mary’s and Champagne. YUM!!!!!


Hubby’s Creme brulee


My YUMMY southern pecan pie a la mode.


Now that Im back home, Im SERRRRIOUSLY trying to get back to good eating habits and wean myself off of sugar. Well, it’s sooooo hard knowing that VALENTINES Day is just around the corner, and YOU know what that means!!!!



Im THRILLED to announce that Im hosting my FIRST swap ever! Im actually co-hosting it with Miss Cheryl of Rosey Posey Confections and bless her heart she just moved into a new house and she STILL does not have internet connection. I know ALL of us would be going thru serious D.T.’s without our computer. She emails me by going to her Mother In laws house. hee! hee!

Anyhoo! Back to the details of the swap. We brainstormed and thought it would be FUN to host a "Secret Admirer Valentines Swap". Here are the details

* Swap is open for 40 people. Deadline to sign up is Jan 11th. The swap gift must be mailed by no later than Feb 6th. We want everyone to have their gift by Valentines Day.

* The swap must consist of three Traditional Valentines theme.

  – Heart


  – Chocolate

*  One thing must be handmade- It can include all the elements, two, or just one. Doesn’t matter. It can be an ornament, friendship pin, pretty decorative valentines day box, tussie mussie, ornament, collage, whatever your little heart desires. The chocolate can be a small box of chocolates you buy, or a simple candy bar.

The TWIST to the swap is  after everyone has signed up, Cheryl and I will draw a name for each of you and tell you WHO you are making your swap gift for and provide you with their home address. However, the receipent will NOT know who the swap gift is from, because the shipping box label will have  your return address, but your name is NOT to be on the package, just your return address. ( Let’s hope MOST of you will NOT recognize someone by address alone, however if it’s from Australia it’s kind of a dead give away. hee! hee! JK! ) Everyone must have their gift by Valentines Day in which we will host a virtual Valentines Day party. On that day all that have participated in the swap must post on their blog pictures of the swap gift THEY made, and WHO their secret admirer IS. The fun part will be searching and visiting EVERYONES blog to see who YOUR admirer is that sent you your swap gift. Does this make sense? RECAP…. We assign you a name, you make and mail the swap gift, but with NO name attached only return address. Than on Feb 14th we have a virtual party, and everyone involved in the swap can post their pictures on their blog of who their secret admirer is they made the gift for. The fun part is searching and looking at all the participants blogs to find YOUR admirer. Please email me if I’ve thrown ya for a loop on this one. Cheryl and I thought this would be super fun.


We will host a fun Valentines Day party the anyone can attend. Feel free to post pics of your Valentines Day home decor, flowers if you receive them, children, candy, your IDEA of a romantic Valentines date with your sweetie. ANYTHING that fills your heart with love!   

* Please email me directly if you are interested in signing up and I will need your home address as well. DEADLINE IS JAN 11th.

** Also, PLEASE also let me know if you are NOT able to ship abroad.

*** Here is the blog button you can post on your blog site. THANK YOU KRIS HURST FOR THE ADORABLE BUTTON!!!! πŸ™‚


I already have the Valentines Day bug, and recently made this SUPER SWEET Valentines Day bunny fairy keepsake box. She is the "Be Mine" Fairy bunny, and she is adorned with candy sweethearts. She is available in my Etsy shop.   






I hope many of you will join in our swap fun! I have some sweet Valentine creations Im working on right now AND a Valentines Shadowbox filled with the loveliest pretties to share with you all soon!!!!  HUGS & KISSES!!! XOXO,

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You must have just posted!!!!
I would love to participate in your swap – sounds like alot of fun
I will email you my details
Happy New Year
Stay Warm

Hi Jenn!! Oh how funn!! Congratulations on your first Swap with the lovely Miss Cheryl!! It will be our first time participating too, count us IN!! Will email our details in a moment:)
How fun your New Years, you know we can almost taste that Creme Brulee (hubby’s favourite) and that Pecan Pie, yumm, the photos are sooo perfect! Fantastic your team one!!
Hugs and hugs, Jenn and Jacqui xoxoxo

Oh I’m so happy to be ONLINE!!! Finally! I’m going to catch up on MY blog hopefully Monday for Monday Yummies and my 100th post, so be sure and pop over, Miss Jenn! πŸ˜‰ You explained the swap really well, Sweets….at least I think so! This is going to be SUCH FUN. I’m so excited!!!! πŸ™‚

howdy miss jenn!
what fun im in!!!
what a great time you had. you of course look fab as usual. to cute.
i too have the valentin bug.
im in so many swap, it’s so fun!!!
happy new years to you and your adorable family!

Hi Jenn, love the idea, I emailed you πŸ˜‰
What a great new year you had and I love your Bunny it is soooooo cute.
Best wishes Ginny

Hi Jenn!
Count me in…this will be fun!

Hi Jenn!!
The swap sounds like sooo much fun!!!
Love your bunny box!
xo Britt

Hi Jenn. I just emailed you my information. I am sooo excited.
Thanks so much.
Hugs and Blessings,

Hi Jenn,
Okay – I’m way overcommitted and I saw this post this morning but wasn’t sure if I should sign up but I keep coming back so I’m in! I’ll e-mail you my infomration!

this one sounds great and count me in. Thanks, lori

Hi Jenn!
Your swap sound like so much fun! Please count me in!!

Is there still room? I missed out on Heather’s swap–so I would love to be included in this one–I love your blog–so much to look at and swoon over.
Your newest creation is scrumptious!!
Your swap sounds so exciting!!
~Sadie Lou

OMG I adore that lovely little sweet bunny! WHERE “DO” you get those sweeties? ah I’ll have to pop over to Etsy and make this a favoritefor a very short time (IKNOW IT WILL BE SCOOPED UP QUICKLY)! ….I will probably have to wait for a new creation though….Hubby changed jobs after 20 years and the dental doesn’t come in until end of the month and do you know I had to have my first (if I have anything to do with it my VERY LAST) Emergency ROot canal! YIKES expensive but we got a good deal our friend is a dentist!! still waiting for next payday..and then bam that bunny is mine!!! hehehehe
ouch hurts to smile…I’m smiling on the inside….
I would love to be in this wonderful swap!
Looks like you had a great time on your trip too!!
I’ll try to email you

Jenn – count me in! Sounds like great fun…I already know what I’m going to make!Isn’t New Orleans great? I haven’t been there for years but have great memories of it. Happy new year to you!

i wasn’t going to do any swaps for a while…but this sounds too FUN!!! i’m in…and i just love that sweet new bunnny…i have been watching for her and she is just as sweet as i imagined she would be!!!
oh, and your brunch looks wonderful, double yum on the pecan pie…and YOU look gorgeous!!!

Jenn, Sounds sugar sweet, do you have room for me???? And yes you made me laugh, you didn’t flash! bet the guys were disappointed! Love the bunny box, you dothe cutest boxes! later, Lori

I would love to join your swap. I did a Christmas swap with sort of the same idea and it was fun.
Valentines is my favorite holiday.

DROOLING over your beautiful bunny box and your fun pics! I’d love to be in your swap but as you know I’m away for the rest of the month and it’s just too tight for time. Had the most fun chatting the other night, thanks so much lovely lady!
PS. by the way there’s an award for you on my blog!

I know you don’t know me..but since Christmas I’ve been checking out your blog. I enjoyed your house in Romantic Homes magazine when I saw it…and I’m so green with envy of your new house…I can’t wait to see the inside of it. Anyways I’m a craft kind a gal and would like to participate in your swap if you have room..I know I’m a newbie.

Hello Ladies,
I would love to join this swap. Sounds like a hoot πŸ˜‰ I have been loving eveyone’s blog during the past few weeks and it has simply brought me back in time to when I used to create such yummy eye candy. I am very tempted to open my own Etsy shop πŸ™‚
Anyhoo, if you have room, count me in for this fun swap. I know yall don’t know me but I also have a blog so please come “visit” and let’s get to know one another!

I would LOVE to be a part of this swap!! It sounds like lots of fun.

Hi Jenn! I would love to join the swap. My first one, and it sounds so fun! Thanks
PS Love your site – I’m new to blogland and enjoy visting yours.

Pat Jones

Hi Jenn,
I am hearing about your swap from everyone. What a great idea you and Cheryl have come up with. I wish you great success and I love what you are creating right now.


oh my goodness! love that sweet bunny! i would love to join in-congrats on your dream home-i will keep you in my thought until escrow closes! hugs,ann-marie


oh my goodness! love that sweet bunny! i would love to join in-congrats on your dream home-i will keep you in my thought until escrow closes! hugs,ann-marie

Hi Jenn!!! If you have room, please count me in for your swap. Thanks Girl. πŸ™‚

Thank You for your lovely comment hugs Denise

Thank You for your lovely comment hugs Denise

my oh my!
you have been a VERY busy girl!
beautiful things here – as alway!
Happy New Year!!

Pat Jones

Good Morning Jenn,
Just wanted to drop you a quick note. Saw that your swap is all filled up. I cannot wait to see the forth coming creations. I know every thing will be wonderful. Also would love to see more photos of your new house. Have a great week and keep creating those wonderful offerings. Thank you for putting me on your list of blogs.

Bummer, I missed the sign up.
I am dying to see your new house. How is it going. Do you know when you are moving? I bet you are super excited to get in and get decorating!
Lisa Z

I’m just stopping by to tell you that you are just tooooooooooooo cute!!!!

well, sorry i missed the swap – looks like fun, but i wanted to tell you how much i enjoyed finding your blog! it is lovely and your creations are to die for! i just added you as a link on my blog, that’s how much i enjoyed it! i also hearted you on etsy!

Hi Jenn, what a fantastic first swap, I’ve missed out on this one, as your full, but I will pop back to see everyones beautiful work/creations. Oh yum! that pecan pie la mode and creme brulee looks heavenly…I bet it tasted heavenly! and Jenn your “Bemine” fairy bunny is sooo cute, I adore it….and can’t wait to see your Valentines Shadowbox. And I don’t think you need to say off sugar, You look just beautiful.

This was a very fun post. I just love your bunny on the box, how cute is she?

Hi Jenn,
Silly me, I missed out on the swap, then I ran to Etsy to purchase that adorable bunny Valentine! NOT, gone already. I should have been keeping an eye on you every day. I just adore bunnies. I love, love, love, that Valentine bunny.
I’ll have to wait for your next creation.

Pat Jones

Dear Jenn,
Thank you for the lovey comment. I just love to see your kind words in my blog.
Hope your swap is coming along beautifully. When will we see the creations? I cannot wait.

ahhh!! I am super excited about the swap! got all of my supplies and now I am getting to work! My “admiree” is going to be so spoiled!!!!

Sweet Cottage Dreams

Good morning Jenn! ~~ Looks like you had a wonderful time with friends! That Creme Brulee is making my mouth water – my fav dessert of all – love the Fleur de Lis, too!
Your little box that you made is precious as can be. Very sweet! But then again, everything you make is adorable and very detailed.
Hoping all is going great for you. BTW, your dream house is AWESOME. Love the porch swing! How fun is that!?
Happy Day my friend,

Hi Jenn,
I hate that I missed the swap sign up but keep me in mind if someone backs out. Now that the kids are back in school, I want to get together for lunch so email me when you get a chance.

I am sorry that I missed your swap!
As far as flashing “the girls” for beads I once overheard a very wise woman in Mobile say that “it would take a lot more than plastic beads for her to flash anyone! Is’nt that the truth! Big diamonds well, maybe, beads now way, hehe! It looks like you had a wonderful time!!!!!

Sounds like a fun swap. Hope you girls enjoy!
It’s my first time by your blog, and I enjoyed my tour. From one Georgia girl to another. . . .
Best wishes~

What a sweet Bunny! Looks like you all started the New Year in great style, and so much fun, too.
Always a treat to visit you and get my fix of all things sweet and inspiring.
xo Lidy

Oh my, such a lovely site πŸ™‚ I’m taking some time to check blogs I’ve not visited for awhile. LOVE the bunny Valentine creation –sweet and beautiful πŸ™‚
Take care, Tracy oo

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