Junque in your trunk SWAP!


Hello my lovely friends! I feel like Im SOOOO late blogging and posting pics of the OH SO FABULOUS swap that was hosted by the super sweet Miss Heather of Pretty Petals. I guess better late than never! hee! hee!

No time to waste! Onto the YUMMY eye candy!!!!!! My swap partner was Miss Analise of SUGAR*SUGAR. Heather did an OUTSTANDING job pairing us girls up with one another. We both LOVE the exact same things. I just knew I was going to have TONS of fun shopping and collecting little pretties for her!

The idea was to fill a "trunk" of sweet beautiful treasures. This was the trunk that I decided to use. This is my BEFORE picture.


TA-DA!!!!!!!!!!!!! AFTER PIC!!!!


Here is the trunk all "froofed" and decorated!



Lets take a PEEK inside! Shall we????


Yummy sweet pretties galore!!!! 


Analise collects vintage wedding toppers and I found this darling dove wedding topper.


Sparkley aqua glitter in vintage bottle and crepe paper.


Vintage powder box.


Let them Eat Cake notecards by Paper Nosh.



So now you got to see the pretties I sent Miss Analise. Here’s my goodies she sent me.




Omigosh! I LOVE & ADORE this little girl figurine! I have a small collection that is GROWING!!!


I about DIED when I unwrapped this delicate & BEAUTIFUL embroidered pillowcase. It will look precious on Miss Vivi’s "big girl" bed!



Squuuueeeel! Bunny plaques!




Im such a lucky lucky girl to have recieved so many beautiful treasures from Miss Analise. I LOVE ALL my sweet goodies. THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH ANALISE!!!!

I would love to share with you a little hostess gift I sent to Miss Heather. This swap truly has to be one of my FAV’S!!!!


Miss Heather received a vintage glove box of little treasures.



THANK YOU Miss Heather for hosting such a EYE CANDY filled swap. I’ve been looking at other participants blogs and Flickr and I’ve NEVER seen so many gorgeous treasures! It’s SOOOOO much fun giving, and just AS MUCH fun as receiving!!!! 

My last post I featured the FUN sweet treats that I sent to Miss Heather of Speckled Egg for the Artsy Mamma Vintage Party swap, and Im soooo GIDDY and EXCITED to show YOU ALL what she sent ME in return. Heather *SPOILED* ME ROTTEN!!!!

**WARNING!*** This is sooooooooooo SWEET your teeth will HURT!!! πŸ˜‰


MUST show detailed close up’s! Too many cute things that must be oogled over!



I ADORE my elephant planter!!!! Filled with CUTE STUFF!!!!


Heather had a HUGE bag of all the trims and goodies to make PARTY HATS! Chick it OUT!!!! hee! hee!



DARLING Vintage Games!



Look at this SUPER CUTE Cupcake kit! The packaging is DARLING!!!!


Talk about a *SUGAR HIGH* Im dizzy from all the SWEETNESS she sent me! Thank you soooooooooooooooo MUCH Heather! I cant WAIT to use all my goodies for Grant & Vivi’s birthday party!!!

I CANT resist showing you this next picture that I took today. My son TOTALLY takes after me. Im a HUGE chocolate lover! I literally have to have at least a small piece of chocolate a day. Hence the gumball machine in my kitchen full of peanut M&M’s. Anyhoo, I bought the small single cups of chocolate ice cream for my son to have as a special treat. This afternoon he sits at his little table in the kitchen to enjoy his ice cream. Meanwhile, Mommy is busy surfing the net and Flickr. πŸ™‚ All of a sudden I look up from my computer to see this little dirty boy covered in chocolate!


I could NOT resist but to bust out laughing!!! This is what I LOVE about children!!!


This is a Tell-Tale sign that he enjoyed his ice cream! πŸ˜‰

This past weekend was the Historic Macon Party of the Year which is an annual black tie event that we’ve attended the past three years . I invited my close girlfriend Heather to join us for a night of getting "dolled" up, sip champagne, eat yummy hor dourves,mingle and dance the night away. These are a few pics before we hit the town!


I usually wear a long gown to these events, but I found this gorgeous pale pink dress and just had to have it. I felt like a retro 50’s gal wearing this dress. I was told that SEVERAL times throughout the night.

Here is my handsome hubby and I.


My gorgeous friend Heather that had a "Grace Kelly" look about her. 



Thank you ALL for stopping by and visiting. My goal this week is to catch up on blogs! Im dying to know what EVERYONE has been up to!!!! πŸ™‚

Have a wonderful and SUPER CREATIVE week! Hugs and Kisses to all! XOXO,

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Well, You all look Fantastic! Love the Dress and Earings too. Your bangs are Fantastic and Sassy. Your little guy is so Darn cute even covered in Chocolate, it is a true right of passage as a child. Your Swap Goodies you gave and received are Lovely too.

You look stunning Jenn! Always so elegant!
I love all of the goodies you received in your swaps!
~Cerri xo

~*SHaBBy GReeTiNGs JeNN*~
Thanks for sharing those FAB photos! It’s like looking in a Shabby/Vintage Magazine! You and Hubby look so adorable! :0)
WOW! Those goodies are fantastic! I am seeing everyone participating in the “Junque in my Trunk” Swap–HOW can you participate in it or future ones? I would LOVE to do an awesome Swap!
-pamela :0)

What a gorgeous post!!
I love that little girl figurine too! Just love seeing kids plastered in chocolate – too cute!
Those dresses you and your friend wore were fabulous!
Victoria x

Jenn, you and Analise were perfect partners for each other:) i love the poodle basket that you foofed up for her, too cute! the wedding cake topper you found for her is darling and i love the little girl she sent to you…and Heather must have been so thrilled with her hostess gift, the glove box is very pretty and that dolly is sweet!!! LOL on Mr Chocolate!!! oh, he looks so cute:) and you look just gorgeous for your night on the town!!!

Oh Sweetie! I do believe I’d have up & EXPLODED WITH GLEE to have received *EITHER* package! Literally my eyeballs are rolling around in their sockets in utter ecstasy at the moment, taking all the sweetness in! Not sure how either of you girls survived the opening of these glorious boxes! You sure seem to know each other well! And who can get over the sheer amount of love, care & cheer put into EVERY SINGLE ITEM? And then there is you in your 50’s dress, looking yummier than pudding & prettier than pie! You fresh-faced, ivory-skinned Debra Messing / Yasmine Bleeth look-alike you! Who wouldn’t KILL to be in your husband’s lucky shoes? And your sweet son’s grubby, gorgeous self is the cherry on top! I honestly can’t even tell you how much the cute ice creamy colors of your blog & this peek at your precious world just STIRS me. I am so glad we are friends, Jenn. I only hope to know you better through the years. You truly are on angel on this Earth! β™₯ P.S. Your heart is truly so GREAT BIG! Thank you for your stop by at my blog the other night. You made my day! πŸ™‚

Wow where to start? What a hot mamma you are!!! You look incredible! Still loving those bangs on you! You and hubby and your friend all look super swish!!!
I loved the chocolate pics of Grant, that is so funny. It’s so hard to keep a straight face isn’t it.
The swapping goodness has me on a sugar high too!!! Wow all those amazing things from Heather and the beautiful goodies from Analise…. oh and the incredible goodies you sent to Analise and your hostess gift to Heather all have me swooning over the screen here!!! xoxo

OMG!!! What an INCREDIBLE post…your photos are so BEAUTIFUL and the swaps looks like they were such fun to put together!! Love your beautiful dress too!!!


LOVE YOUR BLOG!!! The pink dress fits you perfect and is 2DIE4!!!

Ohhhh, I wish I had junque in my trunk! Wait a minute, there it is, just not the kind of junk I was wishing for, darn!!!! Once again you are the Queen of cuteness! LOVE your pink dress, so dreamy! Looks like the swap was fun. What pretty things.
And can you bottle up that smile of Grant’s. OMG, he is too much!!

Swooning over the goodies given and received. You and Heather and hubby all look marvelous darling!

Jenn, I am speechless over this post!!!! I dont even know where to start! The swaps are beyond fabulous!!! Grant is so CUTE!!! He reminds me of some little guys I know, lol! My boys are the same way. I love chocolate too! A day isnt a day without at least a little bite πŸ™‚
You always look fabulous! Where do you ever find such gorgeous clothes!!! I LOVE the dress!

How fun, sweet & creative are you!!
I enjoyed looking at your stuff & you look FABU in that dress!
Your little man’s face with the ice cream reminds me of my son’s when I let him “go at” with his spoon. Altho. at 20 months it usually ends up in his hair as well! LOL

Hello Princess Jenn,
{you do look like a princess next to your prince}.
It’s always so much fun to visit you…you always have the best eye candy and smiles!
I love all your swap treasures and that picture of Grant is too funny!
Tell Grant I not only enjoy my chocolate I sometimes wear it too! Te-hee!
Have a great week sweetpea!
Hugz, Dolly

What beautiful swap items, the poodle trunk turned out adorable!
Everyone was so beautiful (and handsome) for your night on the town. I love your retro look, how fun!

OMg look at all the eye candy here!
You have been on a sugar high ,I am sure with all those sweet treats!
Love love your dress, you look stunning ! Great photo of you and the hubby too:)

hey sissy!
you look gorgeous!!!
and your boy to fuuny!
All those swap goodies sent and received. perfection! you guys were perfect partners!!!
have a great week

That pink dress is fabulous, and of course you look gorgeous in it too, as does your friend in her gown!

Well first of all…that DRESS is DIVINE! My goodness…you sure DID look like you stepped out of another era. GORGEOUS Girl! And your BANGS…adorable!!!!! I just love your new look, Jenn. It’s so perfect for you, Sweets. And the swappy gifties…darling! That elephant planter especially. Too stinkin’ cute! Big hugs, Cheryl πŸ™‚

I love all the Junque you gave and received. The powder-puff china doll is so darling. My mom use to have one on her bureau when I was a little girl. I use to open it and blow at the Heaven Sent” powder she stored in it. BTW…Your bangs look great!

ooh!! you look soo pretty Jenn! LOVE all the swap goodies you sent and recieved!!WOW!! xo Britt

Okay Miss Jen, where do I begin, I love all the swap eye candy sweet and scrumptious pictures you posted, I want everything in every picture.
Next the gowns and you girls and all, absolutely stunning, and so vintage glam, love it!
I’m attending a lilac ball in May, and its black tie as well, but I do not have a gown yet, I’m on a vintage mission! LOL!


How beautiful you are! I just loved all the goodies you gave and received! Great facelift on the poodle trunk! You are a talent! Have a great night! Julie

Hello there sweet JEnn!!! Oh my gosh!! I do not even know where to start!!!! THere is SOOO Many gorgeous things in this post. :))
Your junque in my trunk swap gifts that you sent are SO SO pretty and feminine… what a great box of junque! and the ones Analise sent you were perfect for you. That little girl and pillowcase are just TOO cute. AND I LOVE my sweet gift you sent to me. YOu were so sweet and thoughtful to do that. I am so excited to have one of your little dolled up dollies. Thank you!!
LOVIN all that party goodness too! wow!!
xoxoxo Heather

oooppps forgot to say how gorgeous you all look on your big night out! LOVE The dress!! xoxox

I’mmmmmmmmmm faintinggggggggggggggggg……..
Bang…. that was me hitting the floor….
I’m green with envy my sweet.
xoxo Cath

Love this post…well, I love all your posts, really! But, my! All the lovely pcis today…from the swaps to your dress & smiles! From the “V” pillowcase to the “c” for chocolate boy! So fun!

Ana Barrett

WOW JENN! that swap is amazing!! so much goodies!!!! YOU LOOKED ABSOLUTELY STUNNINg for your ball with heather! and little grant is so darn cute!! I hope you have a fabulous week just like yourself!
ana!! :))

I am so amazed at the wonderful things people are able to find for swaps. You certainly were spoiled, lucky you and you spoiled her right back. Love that vintage tree topper. You look beautiful and I really like your new bangs. Perfect dress! Your friend looks very glamous too! You must have had a great time!


Like always beautiful pictures love all the great things that you had to share, and the darling party swap how clever you girls are! Oh you two girls look marvelous darling (: Love the Pink dress Jenn
Hugs, Diane

O.k., now I really feel bad. Your purchase did not have the send off it deserved! I promise I am way more creative and a sucker for detail. I want all those goodies that you got!!! I really like the poodle box.
Your son is a handsome little devil! When my son was his age, I could dress him in polo shirts too. Now my baby is 17, and I would have to tie him down before he would put on a polo.
Love the dress and pink is your color. How fun that evening must have been:)

you are just so sweet and precious! those swaps you have been in are TO DIE FOR! i’ve done only one swap and i seem to have a knack for picking the wrong one…though i LOVED giving my goodies away! i’ll check back for the next one, cuz i’d love to participate on something. the dress was fab! many blessings! love the boy! i have one of those too!

First..the boxes from the swap…ADORABLE!
Second…son with chocolate face…TOO CUTE!
You in your pretty dress…LOVELY!!!

Jenn, You do know that your blog is named perfectly?! Talk about sweet eye candy. The treasures given and received, your sweet little boy, that gorgeous pink dress and you in it! Wow!

Love the swap goodies…yikes what fun.
You and your friend look gorgeous. Love your new bangs too. Your pink dress is to die for too!!

Seeing your precious little boy with chocolate all over his face made me smile too! So darn cute!! You look so fab in your dress and I love your house…very pretty slipcovers! And, yes, my teeth hurt over seeing your vintage kiddie hall…all of it simply wonderful.

So many beautiful photos…the trunks, the goodies, and the beautiful dresses. I am enjoying your blog so much. Kara

Ahhh… thank you for another wonderful post! Everything is drrrrreamy and I enjoyed your pictures so much. The poodle case is to-die-for! I love it! YOU look so pretty in pink too!
Hope you’re having a fun weekend.
Take care,

what lovelies you created and received for your swaps πŸ™‚ And the dress you have on is magical πŸ™‚
cheers, Adla

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