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Good Monday greetings!!! Hope all you Mommies (to big and little ones) had a wonderful Mothers day and were pampered and spoiled like crazzy! We DESERVE it!!! πŸ™‚ It was the first time my hubby took the kids ALL day long (even grocery shopping) with a big smile on his face and not one grumble or complaint. hee! hee! Mothers Day started out a wee bit scarey for us. We had very bad storms come thru in the wee hours, and our tornado sirens went off at 5:30am. By 6am hubby and I had the kids safely downstairs in the basement because a tornado was spotted and we needed to take shelter. It was quite scarey to say the least. We were extremely fortunate that we did not get hit, however a torando did touch down appx 5-7 miles south of our neighborhood. There was a lot of storm damage and were very lucky to have our power, but had no water for most of the day. Anyhoo, by late afternoon water came back on, and we enjoyed the rest of our evening.

The kiddies did a FANTASTIC job with gift giving. How did they EVER know that Mommy wanted a new camera??? Hmmm…maybe a little biride told them.

I got the just released Nikon P80 Coolpix. It’s a good snap a shot pic but with more bells and whistles.


Last Thursday Grant’s preschool hosted a Mothers Day tea. All the Mommies and children are to wear their Sunday best and spend quality time having tea and and tea sandwiches. It is so much fun and just the SWEETEST and most sentimental!!!!




Look at this beautiful table setting!


Yummy! My Fav! Cucumber sandwiches.


The older school children served us. πŸ™‚


Grant and his best friend Conner.


All the children made a present for their Mommies. Here he is his bringing me my gift. Notice the faux sprinkled rose petals on the floor! Sweet touch!


TA-DA! A wall plaque to hang! He used a puple ink and a floral stamp to create this adorable plaque. The photo is of him making it for me. He’s so proud! πŸ™‚


Im excited to show you my newest shadowbox. A super sweet customer had asked me to make a boy theme shadowbox for her newborn son Gavin. Im use to making all things girlie, pink, and with lots of froof! However, I was up for the CHALLANGE!











I really love how the blue, red and creamy white worked together. Im pretty happy with the results. πŸ™‚


One last thing that I must SHOW off is this SWEETEST most YUMMIEST cupcake pillow made by my wonderful and dearest friend Cheryl. I ADORE the fabric! It looks PERFECT in Miss Vivi’s room.



Please skip over to Inspire Company to see Miss Cheryl’s WORK that’s for sale! She is the featured guest artist, and OH MY GOODNESS! The sweetest treasures guaranteed to melt your heart!!!!!

This week Im busy dreaming and creating some NEW NEW things to sell! Cant wait to share!

Thanks for stopping by! Wishing you all a FABULOUS and CREATIVE WEEK!!! XOXO,

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Jenn what a great post.
Sounds like you had a great Mother’s Day – apart fro the tornado scare..
What fun you had at Grant’s preschool. What a cute gift he made for you.
Love the shadow box with the boy theme.
Have a great week

Oh my gosh!!!! I just noticed your music!
I haven’t heard that Siouxie song in a millions years!Oh how I loved all those guys “back in the day”! Thx for the New Wave flasback!
SO glad your safe!!!!


So Sorry for the storm and Tornado Scare. Yuk, The Mother’s Day Tea looked like a Wonderful time. Your New Creation is Perfect too. Jamie

Glad to hear everythign was OK in your neck of the woods!
Your little guy looks like he really enjoyed his mother day tea, hes stoo cute!
Great job with the shadow box, I am sure she loved it!

I’m glad you ended up having a sweet Mother’s day! I love the boy shadow box. I would love to have one for my daughters! I will e-mail you soon…Sandyxox


I was thinking of you this weekend with all the crazy storms! I live in Florida and the storms came close to us but we lucked out! Glad you are doing great! I LOVE that little boy shadow box! Awesome job! I am so looking forward to visiting the shops you talked about in your last post about Savannah! Have a great night!Julie


hi Jenn! Love that shadow box, (which I already told you on flickr.) YOur son is just adorable! what a wonderful little tea party. His teachers did a great job putting that together. I bet Grant was so excieted for you to come! I remember those days! He looks so proud to give you your gift! Sweet!
have a great day! stop by and visit my blog sometime!

The shadow box is so precious. You added really wonderful elements to capture a little boy. I love the vintage china dog, snail and frog! Where ever did you find that blue jem’d crown? It’s stunning.

Thank goodness you are all safe. Looks like a very nice tea – Grant did a fabulous job on your plaque! Your shadow box is perfect – just right on all the little boy touches.

Hi Jenn!
How adoreable your little guy is and what a wonderful tea party!
I love love the shawdow box! you are soooo creative!

What a wonderful post. How adorable is the plaque that Grant made for Mommy. Just beautiful.
And the Shadow Box, OMG!!!!!! My heart skipped a beat. Another piece of perfection. I’m going to check out Cheryl’s pillows. I need a little girl baby gift for a friend.

Jenn, Your blog is such a joy to read! I can’t read it without smiling. Thank you for your upbeat personality. Gavin’s shadowbox is very cute! I recieved a camera for Mother’s Day too! There is no better gift for a blogger/Mother is there?
Cut pillow too. I will definately check out her site. I would love to have a pillow like this for my girls room.
Lots of love,

Pat Jones

Hi Jenn,
Have not talked with you lately….just wanted to tell you your shadow box for the little boy is remarkable. Love all the photographs you take. Makes your blog so cheery. Love the tea…so dear and sweet.

Jenn, the tea party looks so sweet…love the picture of you and your sweet boy! the shadow box you made is truly adorable, you used some of my very favorite papers there…funny huh? not a pink one to be seen, but i just love that harlequin pattern, the abc paper and the red with cream dots paper!!!


Hello Jenn! I have been lurking on your blog for some time now, and I figured it was time to post. I love your blog and all of your girlie stuff. I have 3 lovely daughters and my youngest (17) is named Jenn. Your children are adorable! Love the Mother’s day tea party! How sweet, and your son looks so proud bringing you his gift. I miss those days. Glad you had a nice Mother’s Day in spite of the tornado scare.
See you again soon!
Debbie from NJ

Oh Jenn I am so glad you are ok – we heard about the tornado on the news and it is scary to think it can just happen so suddenly.
Your shadowbox is AMAZING!!! LOVE it so much, you’re the queen of these for sure!
The Mother’s Day tea was gorgeous, look at you and your little sweetie there, so adorable. Loving the picture frame Grant made for you xo

Hey there Jenn,
I would love to buy some of your work I always thought you had an Etsy shop but I can’t find it.

Jennifer Grenko

Wow, what a nice mother’s day tea and a great post! The kids and teachers really went all out. The picture that Grant made is so pretty and it looks like he has some of his mom’s artistic ability. Glad you and your family made it through the storm ok. My side of town (N Highlands) was not hit so badly but I really feel for those who are picking up the pieces right now.

I just found your lovely site through Heather Blums site. I love your site and will be adding it to my list of inspiring blogs. I am guessing from the tornado that you are a fellow North Carolinian? I just move here from CA, we lucked out and the tornado stayed just far enough away that we didn’t even get hail. Lots of thunder and lightening. Jen

I am so glad you had a good Mothers day!! you deserve it!! The tea at Grant’s school looks so cute! How sweet!! xo Britt


Jenn, what a wonderful Mothers Day Tea, everything looked so pretty. I love the Boys theme Shadow Box Darling no doubt.Can’t wait to see your new Creations.
Hugs, Diane

Hi Jenn,
Oh my! I so love the idea of a Mothers Day Tea. Your son’s present to you is so sweet. You did a wonderful job on the Boy’s Themed Shadow Box. It is adorable!


Gosh, you little piece of heaven in a human! I’m at a loss for words right now how much I’ve missed your sweet face & your syrupy words on my lucky little screen. I’ve been so wrapped up in my little boy’s birthday & several art & craft shows but you’ve been on my mind more than ever before! I actually meant to pick your pretty brain recently for birthday hat/crown ideas as I wanted to make Ash one for his big day & knew you’d have ideas that my own brain couldn’t whip on it’s own if it tried. Seeing your shadowbox above makes me see all the more why I wanted to attack you so badly for help in that department as it’s a piece of pure MAGIC! The tangible embodiment of puppydogs & snails & a little boy’s essence. How are you not famous? Your ‘work’ stands apart from like everything else & borrows snippets of your soul in every darn nook & cranny! And gosh, look at that spread of glorious food & your little imp Grant (who’s even more yummy than those plates of sweets & treats!) And yup, there’s that face again, belonging to the one & only Jenn of The Stars! If I were any crazier, I’d tattoo it to my eyeballs to see it all day. Could you possibly be more effing perfect & pretty? I want your life & optimism! Or a pocket-sized Jenn to bring around with me everywhere to keep my spirits up & a smile on my mug. Thank the Gods & faeries that your family kept safe during such severe weather. You brave & precious souls, every last lovely one of you. Be back again soon to catch the entry before this one & comment the vcrap out of it’s gorgeous-lookin’ butt! Thinking of you super duper deeply, honeypie. The HUGEST hug!

Ana Barrett

Happy belated mothers day jenn!! and sooo in love with that shadowbox!! you’ve awed me-AGAIN!! lol i love it! and soo happy to hear you and your family is safe. That tea part sure looks like tons of fun, and Grant is just such a cutie!!
Hope you have a fantabulous week my dear friend!!!

What a sweet tea party. How fun!! Love the litle boy box. You should def. do more of those.

What a nice memory for the Mothers and the children. Enjoyed.. as always

Beth Davis

Hi, Jenn
Where do you get the vintage items that you’ve put into the shadow box for the little boy? There are some of the sweetest pieces! I shop ebay for figurines, but usually get girly looking items.
You did a fabulous job on the box!

Jenn, your little guy is ADORABLE and he looks soooo excited to be treating Mommy to a special day.
LOVE That sweet shadow box, you are just the best at making them!! Thanks for the well wishes on my surgery, xo Heather


what a wonderful blog. Beautiful Tea Party.

Jenn, great pics & great post!

Pat Jones

Hello Jenn,
Have not talked with you in awhile. How is everything at your house. Have you been taking lots of photographs with that incredible camera. As always I love your blog. Love that pillow Cheryl made and I especially love the way you decorate!!! Have a wonderful weekend.

Cute, cute, CUTE blog! I loved your Mother’s Day Tea idea. You seem like such cute lady. So glad to have found you.

WOW!! I absolutely love the hot air ballons.. NOw i have to try to make me one for my room.. That is super adorable.. love your site. Sheila

OMG! I was only see so much delicious food is a lovely lit boy!

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