Little Bunny Foo Foo….

Anyone who knows me KNOWS that I have a MAJOR weekness for bunnies! Just to give you an idea I’ve been collecting bunny figurines since my early twenties.  I have bunnies decorated all throughout my kitchen, and Vivi’s nursery is FULL of the sweet furry & flopsy eared animals. I know Halloween and Christmas is right around the corner, but there is NO WAY I could wait until Easter to make these PRECIOUS little bunny keepsake boxes. These little whimsy delights will be available for purchase at my ETSY store.

This first box is titled "Make a wish".  This sweet little girl bunny is holding her wand of stars waiting to grant your special wish.




This next ADOOORRABLE bunny is OVER THE TOP GIRLIE! She is titled "Believe". I just LOVE her to bits! Im soooo happy over how she turned out. Her colors are sooo yummy!





Ok, as much as I LOVE feminine girlie bunnies, I also have a little boy and know that BOYS must have cute decor for their rooms as well. πŸ™‚ So, I decided I MUST make an adorable boy bunny box. This has a real sweet vintage feel to it. It’s titled "Snips & Snails".






These darling little bunnies are waiting to be adopted to a good home. πŸ™‚


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JENN!!!!!!!! These bunnies are SOOOOOOOOO special!!!! I am in love with your beautiful bunnies!!!!! That 2nd one has a face to die for!!!! Oh I am smiling from ear to ear looking at your beauties!!! Natasha xo

OMG! I am just dying over your newest creations! So adorable! Just so sweet!

Jenn, What cute little bunnies. My favourite is the Snips & Snails one. Perfect for a little boys room. You are right that all the cute things are girlie ~ which I just love but boys do need something other than smelly stuff in their rooms.

I am new to your blog and I am a bunny Fanatic too! I just had a post and as I am thinking I have had two post’s called little bunny fufu! I have been collecting rabbits too, for along time! My e-mail is bunny related my type pad is bunny related I had a house bunny for awhile! We have alot in common and I adore your bunnies… have to check them out on your etsy! Nice to meet another bunny fanatic!


OH MY GOSH! those are awesome!

wow!!!! you are fabulous!!!!
i LOVE everything!!!!
can’t wait to meet you.
jessi nagy

Oh My!!! Those bunny boxes are sooo sweet.

They are sooooo adorable!!!! I can’t even pick a favorite….they’re all so sweet!

EEEEKKKK! That’s me squealing about your over-the-top adorable bunny boxes!!!! They are just the sweetest, most delightful little lovelies. We are standing at your etsy store window with our noses pressed against the glass, just WAITING for you to list them!!!!
Cheryl πŸ™‚

Love these bunnies! They are going to make someone very, very happy!

Your bunnies are sweet and adorable!

Your bunny boxes are priceless!! It is too hard to pick a favorite!!

Nicole Parks

I LOVE your Bunny boxes- OMG!! TOO CUTE!! LOVE them LOVE them. I must have one!!! They are the cutest ever.

Natasha just told me about your sweet bunnies and I RAN over to etsy and bought Believe Bunny!!! Your creations are so very sweet and I love every single one! I had them all in my cart and I had to keep going back and forth to try to choose one {very hard decision and believe me if my wallet were fatter i would have bought them all}.

Sooooo Adorable! πŸ™‚

Hi, that is just the sweetest bunny box trio, and one for boys too, how divine!!! I think these are perfect for this time of year!! Way over here in Australia it is nearly Spring, so it is definitly bunny time and birdies ( love those boxes too) and all things fresh and bright! Thanks for sharing, you truly do have sweet eye candy!! Have a fabulous day, Linda Lilly Cottage

I just found your blog and I know I’VE DIED AND GONE TO HEAVEN. I adore bunnies and pastels and fufus and everything. You are one amazing lady. I have to run and go back and look at all your lovelies again.

Oh those bunnies are so adorable! I really love the boy bunny in the little wagon. So cute!

I love these so much Jenn! Cute idea and they turned out very adorable! πŸ™‚

I wanted that BELIEVE bunny! I can’t BELIEVE Nicole bought it before I could. She was 2DIE4. Will you be making any more pretty pink frilly bunnies like her? I love her!!!

Thank you ALL soooo much for your WONDERFUL comments! I appreciate all of your feedback and support!
YES! I will be making more down the road! I LOVED them all and wanted to keep them for myself. LOL! So, of course I have to make MORE! πŸ™‚

OMG…..these are just to cute! I love love love them all! Lori

oh too cute! I love the white bunny the best. or maybe the boy. no, I love them all! very sweet!
xo natalea

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