Magical Disney Birthday

February in our family is a VERY busy month! Grant, Vivian, and I all share birthday's that are a week apart from one another. So after one week of cake, ice cream and opening presents, it's time to celebrate another, and than another. It's officially a month of Happy Birthday celebrations, and when my husband's wallet takes a  hurtin'. LOL!!!!

For Vivian's birthday this year we decided to take her to Disney to celebrate her 3rd birthday.

Here's a few photos I would love to share of our time at Disney.

My Step-Mom lives outside of Orlando so we were thrilled that she could join us for the day. (not the most flattering photo of Vivi. She's looking a bit un-lady like. lol!!!)


Of course it wouldn't be a magical visit if we didn't get to meet the Disney Princesses. 

Vivi and Cinderella.


DSCN5448-2 copy

Vivi and Belle.  


Vivi and Aurora. 

It truly was sweet to see Vivian so so excited to meet and chat with all the Princesses. 

Grant and Vivian having their faces painted.


DSCN5479-1 Grant was a Superhero.   


Vivian a Princess Kitty.

She LOOOOOVED her new look!!!!


The children with Pluto and Goofy while visiting Animal Kingdom.  

We had a great time, but I can honestly say I think my children had just as much fun staying at the hotel. Staying in a hotel is always fun and exciting for them. A new place to explore and check out. In the hotel room they  played hide-n-seek and jumped on the beds. In the lobby they would run to see who's fastest at pushing the elevator buttons. 

It was a short but super fun trip and an experience I hope the children will always remember!

When we got home we had a wonderful gift package waiting for us.

A cartoon of Vivian the fairy. This BEAUTIFUL and darling piece was hand drawn and painted by the super talented Karla Nathan.


How SWEET is this??? Little Fairy Vivian holding her glittery wand and bunny rabbit.

When Vivian and I opened the gift  she smiled real big and exclaimed "Mommy it's me!!!!"


So proud of her new painting. Thank you SOOOO much Karla!!! You did an AMAZING job!!!! We will ALWAYS cherish it!!!  


Thanks for stopping by! Wishing you all a happy and magical week!!!!


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What a trip and such wonderful memories captured in photographs! The princess photos are priceless — you can definitely tell she’s her Mama’s girl πŸ˜‰ You both are so beautiful! Thanks for sharing your special time with all of us…

Oh, it looks like Vivian and Grant had a wonderful time, Those are memories you can never replace!! V looks like a little princess and I love the look on G face as he gets it painted lol. Looks like a great time was had by all!! hugs JoAnn S

just beautiful! What gorgeous and happy photos. Karla’s work is just fantastic, I am in awe. I bought my little Sweetpea a copy of ‘The Grumpy Fairy’ and she loves it. Vivian is so lucky to have an original!
Enjoy the rest of the week
Sadie x

hey sissy,
wowzers the kids look like they are in heaven.
i LOVE all the princess pics. to cute!!
Karlas cartoon rocks!! she is so amazing!!
Happy Bday Miss Vivi!!!

It’s beautiful Jenn!

What a wonderful way to spend a birthday! It looked like so much fun!

It is a princess extravvaganzza at Disney! Vivi is just so precious and I LOVE the amazing picture that Karla drew! She has a way with the pixies! I love Grant’s face paint! You trip looks like so much fun! I have never seen such happy faces!
What a grand bday for all!

Happiest birthdays to all of you! You all look so cute. Now it’s time to get back to reality…or not.
Ciao bella,

AHHHH!!! JENN!! This is the best post EVER!!! I love it! You all look like you are having the BEST time!! I got butterflies in my stomach thinking we will be there in a matter of weeks!! Now i really cant wait! I want to hang out with the princesses too πŸ™‚ I am really partial to Belle πŸ™‚ Chad surprised me one year on my birthday with broadway tickets to Beauty And The Beast. It was amazing! Grant and Vivi are too cute with there faces painted! My boys are the same way with hotels, lol!! I love hanging out in the hotel at night with snacks πŸ™‚ Too darn fun! I am so glad you all got away together and had fun!
Karla sis an amazing job on Vivi’s painting!! It looks so much like her and I love that she has her bunny :):)
Beautiful post! I emailed you a bit ago too πŸ™‚
Love ya,

Thanks T!!!!! πŸ™‚

Ah, looks like they had a fantastic time πŸ™‚

Jenn, what a sweet post…Grant and ViVi look like they had a wonderful time at Disney…that ViVi looks like a little stinker, i bet she keeps you on your toes…i love all of her little faces…too cute!!!

I’m so glad Vivi liked her painting! Kids always enjoy seeing themselves in pictures, don’t they?
Looks like such fun at Disney. I really want to take my little one there!!

Jenn….I love the beautiful fairy picture that the talented Karla did!! Wonderful!! It looks like you created some fabulous memories with the kiddos. So,, when is your birthday??
Have a fabulous day.
xxoo Valarie

Oh Jenn – you all look like you are just having a ball. A day at Disneyland with the kids was always special for us. What fun!!!
Thanks for sharing! I’m getting more and more excited with each passing day . . . can’t wait!
Hugs! Karen

Such adorable Disney pictures! I hope to take some of my granddaughters to Disney in the Fall. I love the painting that Karla did of Vivi. I am going to post the one of Brooklyn that she did for me tomorrow! They are amazing!

What a wonderful, memorable event you planned for your children!! Vivi looks like she was in heaven!!

Happy Birthday to A*L*L* of you!! Looks like you had a grand time at Disneyland….it is definitely so magical for the kids – and yours are at a perfect age for that!

We went to Disneyland for my birthday back in September and it was so fun! It looks like you had an equally great time as well as Grant and Vivi. How awesome!! What a great family you are!

Oh I want to take my little 6 year old SO bad this summer!!! I’m showing my husband the pictures when he gets home… MAGICAL!
the smile of a 3 year old- ❀ LOVE it!!
glad you’re back because i can’t wait to see what you’re going to start creating for 2010!!

oh my goodness, what a fab month for you! I love vivi’s pink kitty look, she should keep it! and karla’s art??? what can I say, she is sooo talented!
xoxo, Tiffany

Happy Birthday to all of you, Jenn!! Grant is so cute with his face painted..Brady said COOL!!!
Vivi is just adorable and I hope she will remember this trip and this birthday.
See ya’ soon!

What sweet pictures πŸ™‚ I especially love the one of Vivi holding her fairy picture, her expression is precious! Happy Birthday to all of you–your February sounds a bit like our July (our anniversary, a week later the twins birthday and two days after that, Ebby’s birthday)–exhausting and exciting!

Hi Jenn,
I always love seeing the adorable pictures of your babies, they are precious. It sounds like the perfect Birthday vacation! Wishing you many smiles.

Such precious photos and memories, Jenn! It looks like all of you had a ball, most of all Miss Vivi! She is just too cute for words!!!!
xoxo a

Magical Memories!

Hi Jenn,
These are such great photos of you and your lovely family! You had sunshine – wish we had that while we were there earlier. The kids are cute with their painted faces! And Miss Vivi’s drawing is so cute just like her.
Teacup Lane (Sandy)

What sweet pictures!! I bet Vivi just loved being a princess kitty and Grant a superhero! Vivian looks just like a princess holding that gorgeous painting by Karla! I just love how she was so excited it was her starring as a Fairy! πŸ™‚

Thank you so much for sharing your family with me. Happy Birthday to all of you sweeties.

Your posts always put a big smile on my face. Love all the pictures of you guys in Disney. The kids faces look so cute painted! And that awesome painted picture of Fairy Viv with her bunny. So many talented ladies out there!
I am counting the days until our wonderful adventure begins. I know it will be an event I will remember for a long time to come.
Don’t work to hard Jenn! xo Cathy

De bien jolies photos de ta fillette, une vraie princesse!

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