Miss Violet


Hello lovely friends! I would LOVE to introduce you to Miss Violet. Violet is a petite young gal that is all "dolled up" and ready for her first prom.


She looks like a soft dainty flower.



She wears the most DIVINE "borrowed" blingy jewelry! πŸ˜‰


She is all set for her evening of twirling,dancing and acting giddy with the girls while chatting about the cute boys, and hoping she might be asked for a slow dance. She's a bit shy, but she'll say "yes".

Her pearl handbag has all her necessities. Gloves, compact, hankie, mini bottle of Chanel N5 and her calling card.


Miss Violet is anxious to try on all my pretty  gowns and some fun wacky outfits that I might also own! 

I have been oooh'ing and aaah'ing over so many gorgeous dress forms for the longest time that I finally decided to purchase one to display my beautiful vintage 1950's prom gown. This is what the form actually looks like.


Here is the gown that I purchased recentley this summer. 


Moi modeling it! 


I love this gown, but I CANT wear it! The dresses way back when were made for girls that are a size 0. I was hoping to wear this gown to Silver Bella, but it would take a miracle to squeeze in. So, Miss Violet has the happy honors of wearing it!!!!!! :)  Miss Violet is delighted to meet you and looks forward to meeting your acquaintance again real soon!   

I am so HONORED and THRILLED to announce that Sandy of My Lu Lu Belles as made my home her Jewel of the Month. Every month she features a beautiful and romantic home on a wonderful pictoral slideshow. I was very flattered that she asked me! If you have not visted Sandy's shop or blog. You MUST!!!! Sooo visually beautiful and dreamy!

I recently commissioned Miss Madai of Wren Cottage to make me a TWINKLE banner to display on my mirror. Im sure many of you might know Madai, but if you dont PLEASE stop by her blog. Omigosh she is truly one of the most sweetest gals I've recently had the pleasure of getting to know. Her blog is like stepping back into time. So beautiful, magical and calming!

Lookie at her beautiful banner. I LOVE IT!!!!!!! 



I've been a very busy gal between working on projects at home and a large custom order. I've been inspired to redecorate my family room a bit. Nothing big, but just small subtle changes. For instance, I've had this large birdcage for awhile and never really did anything with it. So, I decided to make a birdcage/light fixture/photo display. 


DSCN4251_edited-1   Inside is a petite chandelier. I wrapped ivory lace around the birdcage and made delicate lace rhinestone clips to hold family photos. 

DSCN4223_edited-1  This is a photo of the chandelier turned on. I had to use my flash in this photo because unfortunately the lighting does not turn out well without it.   

Some close up shots of the details.





 I love how it's not only beautiful but functional as well. πŸ™‚

Some fun and WHIMSICAL things I have made as of late is a vintage doll head brooch for my super sweet friend Miss Natasha's birthday. Her name is Gigi and I dolled her up in Natasha's favorite colors of pink and green. She has the most killer blue eyes!!! 


This sweet little ornament I just created for a babyshower I attended over the weekend. The Mother to be is expecting twin boys and I thought this would look sweet hanging in their nursery. If I had room I would have tried to fit two baby boys inside! πŸ™‚



Lastly, between working on making goodie bags for Silver Bella, I am busy trying to create some super cute whimsical items for my Lollishop! I cant believe the launch date is creeping closer! Here is a lookie at some YUMMY giant glittery cupcake tags that Im making to sell. How stinking SWEET are these????


I promise to be making LOTS! They are so pretty and sweet I almost hate to part with them. LOL!!!

Thank you girliefriends for stopping by! I've been a bit out of touch lately because I've been REAL consumed with a rather LARGE but FABULOUS custom order  that I cant WAIT to share with you all REAL soon! I hate feeling out touch with all my new and old blogging buddies, because you all keep me inspired, and I *ADORE* reading and seeing what is going in your lives. It's all a balancing act, and when things slow down I promise you will see more of me! ;)

Have a wonderful & creative week!!!!



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Polkadots and ponies

Hi Jennifer I have been a fan of your beautiful and original style for ages. I just had to take the time out to comment after seeing your featured slideshow. Your home is truly lovely and what I love is that your love for your family shines through in it. Also you are a real lady you have inspired me to paint my nails tonight – you always look so glamorous.
Very best of luck with your blog and business.

Beautiful Dress! I love the bird cage too… my the dress you have on is so pretty, love lavender with dark hair,, Thanks for posting all the pretty photos, the song is adorable, have a sweet day πŸ™‚ Kimberly

Oh man!!! That dress is SO YOU!
It sure LOOKS like it fits!!
You are simply the MOST glamorous girl I know!

Hello there vision of beauty!! You look completely amazing in that dress, but then you’d look amazing in a paper bag!!!!
The bird cage is great! Now that’s how to display a cage!!!!
Your blog always brightens my day!!!!

I’ve been to that antique mall where you’re wearing that gorgeous dress!! In fact, I purchased a gorgeous vintage hat from that booth. (that’s the only booth I really like in the whole mall though)
Your mannequin is gorgeous with the dress and vintage jewels!
I love the cupcake tags you’re working on they’re adorable!!

Well you outdid yourself, Violet looks wonderful! It sure will be fun to see her when you change her looks! How fun. The cupcake tags are darling, keep those creative juices flowing.
Hugs, Diane

hey sisy,
you have been a busy girl.
darling creations. that dress is adorable. i can’t wai to see you and what you are wearing for prom. im sure it will be over the top fabulous!!!!
hey congrats on the country living mag, you look divine.

OMG! Miss Violet is the prettiest and best dress mannequin I’ve ever seen! Gorgeous!


I love that dress! You are a glamour girl!

Hi Jenn… What a terrific post… Miss Violet is quite a beauty! How sweet for you that she has moved in… Your new Twinkle banner and the photo bird cage are both Divine! I really love the baby ornament… it’s just adorable and dreamy looking… Can’t wait to find out about your custom order… Ohhhh those cuppie~cake tags are amazing! Makes me want to take a bite… LOL
Thanks for sharing all of your loveliness with us…
God bless…
~hugs ‘n prayers~


Jen… Love that dress on you, don’t tell Violet… wouldn’t want to make her jealous! BTW, the pink mirror is divine too.

~*Wiping my feet first before entering*~
Bonjour Jenn πŸ™‚
I am so glad I found your Blog through my sweet friend Madai at Wren Cottage. I enjoyed wandering through your little land of whimsy and magic…I will definitely frequent your magical blog and keep up with all the lovelies you have. What a nice way to end my day!
*Tiptoeing out the door*
LuLu πŸ™‚

Hi Jenn,
Love the prom dress!! cant get enough of them! Ive done many bird cage lights at home but especially in my store. I love the look!
thank you so much for letting me feature your home on my website everyone loves it!
cant wait to hear about your surprise order.

Hi Jenn!
Miss Violet is beautiful! I love that gown so much!!!! It is my size, I would love to wear it, lol! It looks beautiful on you and it looks like it fits!
The birdcage is so beautiful and what a gorgeous idea you had! To put a chandelier inside, I never would have thought of that! What a beautiful way to showcase family pictures!
I NEED a piece of your work Jenn, I can hardly wait! I want a cupcake tag!! I am redoing my kitchen in a sweet shoppe/cupcake theme and those would be SO perfect!!!
Your home is stunning and I am not at all surprised it is being feautured πŸ™‚
Big Hugs,

love, love, LOVE your style! I cannot wait to see what you come up with for the Silver Bella Prom! That seems right up your alley!

I enjoyed every minute of my blog visit here! What sweet stuff to admire. You really have a touch!

Gosh, I love it all! But that dress… omg… and the accessories! Perfection of the pastel kind πŸ™‚

Glad I stopped by today…….awesome post. The prom dress is just dreamy and looks so lovely on Miss Violet! The bling just is icing on the cake πŸ™‚ And speaking of icing, I LOVE THOSE CUPCAKE TAGS!!! I must get some of them! You’re incredible!!

Hi Jenn, well I think you both look fabrulous in that gorgeous dress. Honestly how did girls back then breathe??? Soo tiny! Love your birdcage creation, it is really sweet and the photo idea is great!
Thanks for sharing, I am off to visit the girls you mention…hmmm best get a coffee first.
Kiss Noises Linda Lilly Cottage.

love your prom dress!!! and …you look great in country living!!!
can’t wait to see you again at
silver bella!!!

Jenn, as always it is all beautiful.

Jenn, I am a big fan of your blog and love to see the beautiful things you display with elegance. The song playing is a little sentimental for me, because it was one of our favorites before my bf was killed in Vietnam.
Oh if only I could find my little prom dress somewhere at a thrift store, but not likely, but one can wish. Hugs, Pat

I love your dress! I just know all these vintage prom dresses have shrunk through the years, ‘cuz those 50’s gals couldn’t have been that tiny! Go ahead and wear it to Silver Bella….just keep your back to the wall!
Love all your pretty pictures today.
…who is now at her FINAL blog…
everyday-cookies.blogspot.com and is having a giveaway for all the blog maze trouble!!!

that dress looks so beautiful on you! R U sure it doesn’t fit? I just bought Country Living Magazine they had an article on Silverbella last year and you were shopping in vendor faire in one. Did you see it yet? Hugs Grace

Oh Jen I know what you mean abou those dresses being sooo tiny at the waist! I am having such a hard time finding one here in Toronto! I love the bird cage light!
Sandy :O)

Love what you share….So much beauty wrapped with whimsy.
I have something to share on my blog tomorrow and I am pretty excited….it is on my Life list.
For me….it is a big deal because I made it happen rather quickly and I gave myself until My 40th b-day. I still have 1 year but this was calling my name.
Remember on my big 40…I will have that virtual slumber party πŸ™‚

erin barraza

Hi Jenn –
You always look fabulous dahlin’! How do you do it? I have 2 kids also and it’s so much work. I was wondering if you could please share your secret on the little ornament…how did you get that little guy in the clear plastic bulb? That is just precious and I would love to know how you did it. Thanks for sharing!

Hey Jenn! LOVE all the photos!! What a fun dress form! Are you SURE you can’t fit into your dress? Looks fab on you! I am sure you will look fab no matter what you wear! LOVE that jewelry!! eek…perfection!
I am starting PINK Christmas over on my blog. Gosh time flies! in my case (as you well know) it is a good thing LOL!
xoxo Molly

I love love your blog, I love getting lost in all the dreamy pink and beautiful pictures, someday I will have my own studio so I can have all the pink without my hubby freaking out. I love my autumn colored home but I so dream of the pink and frills, just beautiful, hugs, lisa

What a pretty gown! I love your birdcage.
My 100th post is scheduled for Monday. Please stop by.

Everything as usual is beautiful and gorgeous! Love your style, Jenn. It is truly delightful!

YOU are a perfect princess in that dress. Thank you for sharing such a lovely post. Great great great!!!

I LoVe the cupcake tags!

You look beautiful in the dress. The bird cage is amazing, love how it turned out.

I wish I was so going to Silver Bella! I would love to shop at your shoppe! And love your dress form doll!
And what are you saying…looky at your in that dress the belle of the ball!
have missed you!

Love the vintage gown, it reminds me of cotton candy! I came across something yesterday I bet you’ll love, I’ll post about it Tuesday afternoon! I can’t wait to see what you wear for Silver Bella! You’ll no doubt be the bell-a of the ball! Lori

Your posts are just good enough to eat!!!!
M ^..^

Congrats on the Silver Bella feature, so neat to have your picture there!
I just took a trip up north and I cannot believe how beatiful fall is! I live in Florida so we get a bit but I didn’t realize how little we did get until I went to Virginia.
Beautiful dress and dress form! How fun!

Oh Jenn!!! I think you look absolutely DIVINE in that dress!!!! So much prettiness here in your world!!! LOVED your sweet little cage and the cuppycake tags,yummy!!
And THANK YOU so, so, so very much for posting pictures of the banner in your gorgeous home!!! Makes my heart swell with pride!! Such an honor for me!!
Hugs to you and those sweet little angels!!!
xoxoxo Madai

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