My Christmas wish list!


HAPPY HOLIDAYS sweet friends! I want to THANK YOU ALL sooooooo much for your overwhelming response & heartfelt comments regarding "What I love about my Holiday Home." I was blown away by ALL of your lovely comments. I wish I could throw a HUGE Christmas tea  party in my Sugar Plum dining room and we could all celebrate the holidays together, and our friendships with one another. How fabulous would that be? Well, maybe next year I will host a virtual Christmas tea party in my dining room . πŸ™‚   

This past weekend I worked hard on trying to get pictures of my babies together for our family Christmas cards (btw..which Im running very late on) . It took me at least 80 pictures for me to get my favorite two. I think they turned out sooo sweet!



Those precious smiles just MELT my heart!!!!!!!

Im excited to share with you my FINAL and LAST Christmas creation of this year. This is a picture frame collage that is just so jolly and whimsy. It’s available in my Etsy shop. I SERIOUSLY hate to part with it, and it wont break my heart IF it doesnt sell. It actually looks pretty sweet hanging in my bedroom. However, I would love the opportunity for someone to enjoy it! 




These are some close-up’s. Sweet little children peeking out the window.


Mama deer and her babies.


Musical angels.


Mrs. Jolly Snowwomen.



I’ve been on a bit of a shopping spree lately. Must share with you my new goodies! Im tickled with my Snowflake Queen fairy created by the SUPER FABULOUS and talented Laurie of Happy as a lark. She’s now has a special spot in my dining room. 


This sweet little golden angel was made by Jennifer Less of Twinkle Pink Studio. She hangs on my Victorian tree.


Now for my GORGEOUS angels. I purchased them both at Marshalls! They had them in all different colors. Blue, Gold,Red, Silver, etc. Each one was only $17! I thought they would look gorgeous in my dining room. However, I’ve decided instead of keeping BOTH, Im going to give one to my Mother-In-Law for Christmas. So, with that being said, I NEED YOUR VOTE!!!!!!! Which one is your FAVORITE? Which angel should I keep?? Im seriously torn!!!!

This is Angel "A". I call her the Winter ice snow angel. She has icy looking twigs on her dress.




This is Angel "B". I call her Fairy snow princess.




Side by Side.


They are both soooo beautiful, so that’s why I need your help in picking which one to keep. Ok ladies!!!! Place your vote!!!!! πŸ™‚ 

On to the the fun part. MY Christmas WISH (LUST) LIST! hee! hee! I thought it would be fun to share with you a condensed list of my favorite wish list items. I honestly DONT need anything! I have my close family, childern, health, and a beautiful home, but it’s always fun to wish for things. πŸ™‚

#1.  Brocade swing coat by Notte by Marchesa.  Im head over heels in love with this glamourous coat. Click on the above link to see more pics.



#2  Miu Miu jeweled satin slides with grosgrain ribbon. Im sooo drooooling over these!


Ok. now for some yummy things that are more within my price range. πŸ™‚

#3. I sooo want a Holly Doodle Marie Antoinette crown like this one!!!!!


#4  Nicole Bowen of Necessary Excess. " Sweets & Treats". They are just sooo stinking CUTE!!!


#5 Vintage tulle prom dress. Oooooh I just love this cotton candy pink!!!!


#6 John Wind of Maximal Art jewelry. His pieces are vintage inspired and sooo charming. There are SEVERAL pieces I would love to own. This snowflake brooch is fabulous!


Im a MAJOR bunny lover. So of course I "ooohhh & aaaahhh" over these!




#7 How precious are these faux chocolate bunny cake boxes from Pink Rose Pastries? I sooo want one!!!



#8 The ever so popular. Apple I phone. Dont think it will happen. We would have to switch our service provider over and my hubby is NOT budging. πŸ™


#9 This is my signature perfume. Im almost out, so Im hoping Santa will bring me another bottle. πŸ™‚ Dont you lovely ladies have a favorite perfume you always wear? Do tell!!!!


#10 Last but not least…. Merry Bon Bon fabric. This is THE HARDEST fabric to find. It’s made in Japan, and it’s very difficult to find in the States. I would LOOOOVE to use these fabrics in my crafts. Fingers crossed Santa will lead me to them! πŸ™‚ Or, if any of you ladies might have an idea of where I can find this fabric PLEASE let me know.


Can you believe Christmas is ONE week away??? I hope you all are enjoying your holiday homes, Christmas parties, sweet treats, eggnog, gifts, and family. Warm holiday hugs!!!!!!! XO,  

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Hi Jenn, your babies are precious, love their smiles, what cute holiday sweaters they have on. Your collage is beautiful and the two wee babies peeking out of the top window look like yours. I say keep the Winter Ice Angel. Hope you get at least one thing from your Christmas wish list. Merry Christmas hope your wishes come true – Rachael:)

As always Jenn your pictures make me swoon! Your children are so precious! I love your wish list, that coat and chemise are breathtaking! Best wishes for a happy holiday! xo, suzy


Keep #1. It’s a little bit different from the usual angel.

Way too much eye candy here, you’re just amazing gorgeous girl!
Your babies are the sweetest cutest little cherubs!
Let’s see if I remember what I was going to say… firstly, gorgeous collage you’ve made, so divine, it will sell immediately so there’s not chance of you keeping that one!
The angels, I also think keep the first one. they are both beautiful but I love the icy skirt on the first one, it’s so unique.
Your wish list, wow~!! Loving the bunny necklaces and everything for that matter!!!
Oh and those shoes, I am swooning here…. miu miu’s… can’t imagine the price!!! i got a pair once on sale sale marked way down down down and they were still $200, lol!
Perfume – my fave is Chanel No. 5, I always have a backup bottle of it, whenever I have gone overseas I have bought it duty free. Just such a classic perfume for me and I love the timless bottle too!! Perfume is always nicer in a good bottle!
(ps. i’ll write back to your email in the morning, just so tired tonight! big hugs xoox)

Looks like I’m going to go with everyone else and say keep Angel A, she was gorgeous although it was a difficult decision as they are both so beautiful.
Your wish list had some fabulous things on it, you’ll have to let us know what Santa brings.
Perfume is on my list too, I wear Boudoir by Vivienne Westwood. Having run out recently I expected to buy it on holiday duty free but was out of luck at 3 different airports but bless mum she said “let’s see what Santa brings”. I love that people associate the smell with me.
Best wishes,

OMG you’re kids are ADORABLE!! I LOVE your Christmas collage and it would look fabulous in my daughters’ room. I know what you mean when you say it’s hard to part with your sweet creations. I love the shoes on your wish list! Your banner is also so cute (I noticed the bunny ornament)!
Holiday Hugs!

hey jenn!
i love everything!!!!
i like the a angel!
she so differant, unique.
im sure you’ve been a good girl this year and sant will be bringing you lots of treats!!
i wear the bvlgari fragranses too. Jasime, and the new one amethyst. gorgeous!!!
happy holidays miss jenn.
love ya

Your baby photos are so adorable!!!
I love your Christmas cottage creation with all the cute window displays.
Oh golly, I think you need to put a picture of the two angels on the wall and just throw a dart. It would be easier. LOL If I have to say,I’d pick the first one just because the dress and wings are so unique. I’ll look forward to see which you choose. Marshalls–my FAVORITE store!

I love the collage you made! I’m sure that will sell right away. Those angels are both beautiful – I personally like Angel B a little bit better.
Love your wish list – that coat is seriously gorgeous!

Hi Jenn….I wanted to comment yesterday on your house. Oh my gosh, amazing. I also wanted to tell you that any time I sit down to my computer these past few days, I keep your blog up so I can hear the lovely music! LOL…
i would keep angel A!
The shoes are stunning. LOVE them.
I’m tickled that one of my crowns is on your wish list!
Your kiddos are gorgeous.
Have a VERY Merry Christmas, sweet Jenn!

Kerri N.

I would keep angel B. They are both beautiful!

oooh! Grant and Viv are adorable!! sooo cute!!!
Love all your pics!! I can tell why you are asking for help choosing between the two angels! They are both adorable! I like them both,but angel A is a little more unusual,so I guess I choose that one. πŸ™‚ Love all your pics!!
xo Britt

OMgosh do I love your wish list! Can we go shopping together? We would paint the town Pink!
Gorgeous photos by the way!

Gosh, I didn’t know such beautiful things existed! What a wish list – I’m gonna wish for those things too now!
The photos of your little darlings are gorgeous.
Oh, and I vote for keeping angel A.


Hi Jenn, well I have been way to long here cos I just spent 1 hour over at maximal art:)))) thanks to your link :))- GORGEOUS BUNNY NECKLACES!!!! I have heart earrings from Maximal – but I WANT one of those devine necklaces too:)))
Your children look sooo sweet in there christmas jumpers (sweaters). I hope Santa brings them all their hearts desire.
I dooooo so love your Candy Art House – but it won’t get to me in time Jenn so can only enjoy it on your blog. Will be on the look out for your shadow boxes in the new year, well you know I love them.
best wishes for Christmas – Ginny

I know it wont win but I would say angel B, I like the full dress on her. I know how you feel about the pictures, it took me alot of shots to get the right one since I had a dog who wouldnt behave in it (the kids were no help). LOVE LOVE LOVE the collage!!
Happy Holidays

Hi Jenn, oh those darling kiddies just get more gorgeous by the day! Love Vivi’s little jumper, and look at protective big brother Grant, just gorgeous πŸ™‚ Personally we think you should keep Winter ice πŸ™‚ Now as far as your wish list is concerned, Miss Jenn did you go and copy ours!! LOL Oh those shoes, wow! And your sig perfume is divine. Our favourites, well we have a few but Jacqui loves Flower Bomb by Viktor and Rolf and I love Antonia’s Flowers from East Hampton, it’s soo divine Jenn you would adore it! Merry Merry Christmas to your gorgeous family from ours πŸ™‚ Jenn and Jacqui xo

Always such lovely post’s! I always love to visit your blog! Your children are so beautiful! Have a very Merry CHRISTmas! Smiles…

I vote for the icy angel, she is sparkely dreamy, I’d keep her, but she does not compare to those two cute little angels at the beginning of your post. Darling children! Hope Santa brings you all your wishes!
Merry Christmas,
Miss Sandy

Hi Jenn, You definitely need to keep Angel #2.
The babies are beautiful, love those smiles.
I also want one of Holly’s Tiaras, especially in pink.
You’ve picked up some really beautiful items from the girls for your holiday decorations. Enjoy them all and I hope your holiday season is wonderful and happy.
Merry Merry from the Pink Fairy Cottage…

I just recently came across your blog and wanted to tell you how much I enjoy it. Your pictures are all just beautiful to look at, your banner is adorable, and you sure have some cute kiddos! Merry Christmas!

Your babies are just way too cute and their little sweaters are just beautiful. The pics were too much to comprehend – lovely to say the least! Wishing you much happiness this Christmas!

aw, Jenn! I could just sqeeeeeeze those babies of yours! precious!

Hi, Your kids are just adorable. Vivi’s sweater is sooo cute. Love the cupcakes. I’d choose the angel on the right in the last photo. The jewelry, shoes..I’m swooning. So pretty.

You are adorable! And I am sure if we ever spent any time together, we would be DANGEROUS shoppers! We have such the same taste! I would keep both angels! They look so good together.
The pictures of your babies are adorable. I’m sure all 80 were just lovely.
My signature perfume for years and years was Lolita Lempicka. I still love it but a couple years ago switched to Pink Sugar. It’s divine!
The bunny necklaces are to-die-for! Oh… I would love one of those. And your latest and last holiday creation is so special and yummy. Your children are so lucky to have a beautiful and talented mom like you.
Happy holidays and thank you so much for sharing all your lovely things.

Jenn your children are adorable! I love those blue sweaters they are wearing. So sweet!
As for the angels..I like B. Your wish list is so fun! I love that coat and those bunny “cakes”. My favorite perfume is Coco by Chanel and my best friend just gave me a bottle so I will be smelling good for awhile. Good luck with your wish list. My favorite quilt shop carries Lecien fabric so I will check to see if they are getting that pattern in. Meryy Christmas!

Just wanted to say your babies are just adorable ! And I so enjoyed touring your Holiday Home. What a treasure it is. Wishing you and yours the Merriest Christmas ever.

Here’s a secret and it’s a funny one: My favorite perfume for a long time was exclamation perfume by Coty. I wore it all the time in High School.
I wear scented Body Sprays now because perfume makes me sneeze.
I love your newest (lastest) creation! I emailed a picture of it to my sister-in-law and we were both swooning.
I enjoyed looking at your wish list as well,
Happy Holidays…
Sadie Lou

Jenn, your holiday banner is just adorable!!! your littles look so sweet, what cuties!!! your new creation is SO sweet and cute, love it!!! and your wish list is just wonderful, i see several things i would put on my list too!!! i like the angel on the right the most:) have a wonderful Christmas with your beautiful family!!!

Hi Jenn,
Just wanted to stop by for my daily dose of Eye Candy. MMM MMM GOOD…
Wishing you and yours a very Happy Holiday and a wonderful New Year.

I so enjoyed your pictures and blog, truly sweet, eye-candy creations, I loved them all,
Merry Christmas to you and yours Pinkie Denise

Your creation is just adorable. Your children are just the sweetest, how blessed you are. Loved looking at your Christmas wish list. Lots of lovelies listed there. Hope you and your faily has a wonderful Christmas.

Ana Barrett

you’er babies are soo precious! love their sweaters! Jennifer Less is a very good friend of mine and I take many of her altered art classes, and I think you might’ve made a mistake in your blog when you said that the white angel oranment was from jennifer’s twinkle PINK studio, because it’s really called Twinkle HILL, but not a big deal at all, just thought I would call that to your attention! my signature fragrance would have to be Betsey Johnson, and I loved that little bunny necklace! how cute! I want one of Holly dooddles tiaras too! there soo unique and beatiful. If you ever talk to Jennifer, telll her you just met Ana Barrett, if you want. Jennifer is the one who introduced me to the wonderful world of altered art, fairies, and magical creation and art. bless her heart! I’m one of Jennifer and your biggest fans! I’m only 13, sorry if that’s kinda weird that you’re talking to a teen like me, but I absolutely love you and you’re stuff and it was awesome meeting you! god bless ~ ana barrett

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