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Hello Sweet friends! Glad you stopped by! Welcome to my busy crazzy world of reorganizing, cleaning out, and redecorating!!! Im trying desperately this summer to gid rid of old boxes of "stuff" I know longer use that continues to collect dust. My basement is piled high of old toys, knick knacks, linens, pictures, and clothes. I figured it was high time I bite the bullet and have a garage sale. Im in the process of redecorating my son's room into a "big boy" room, so I have to make room and space for the new goodies.

Here is a peek into what my Porte Cache aka carport looked like this past Saturday.


Old quilts, chandelier, mirrors, knick knacks, pillows, and that's just the nice stuff. I am NOT going to show or bore you with the "guy" stuff hubby thru out. 🙂





While I was busy selling to the "early birds" that arrived an HOUR early. My son was brite eyed bushy tailed busy selling his Grandma's home grown tomatoes. We set him up a little tomatoe stand and he sold out in less than 30 minutes. How could you NOT buy from such a sweet face???? 🙂


The garage sale was a�big success! Got�rid of alot, have more room and space in the house,�and made some great pocket change.

So while Im making money, I've been spending some too! hee! hee! I just have to share with you some of my recent splurges.

I am such a BIG FAN &�LOVE Melissa's charm bracelets�of Charm School Jewels.� I first met Melissa at Silver Bella 2007�when I purchased my first bracelet from her.�It was a Christmas bracelet and�I�wore it all throughout the holidays.�She just recentley updated her shop and this is my new gift to "me". It's called "Cupcakes and Paris".


Her bracelets�themes are sooo much FUN! I did have one teeny tiny oops that I have to laugh about. I was wearing it while in the kitchen�one day and my son Grant wanted a snack. So I reached up to the cabinet, and I accidentally hit�my wrist�real hard on the above cabinet and broke the small vile of blue glitter.�The glitter fell right on top of Grants head. His hair was covered in blue glitter. He and I both thought it was funny! Melissa was so sweet to send me a new�one in replace. 🙂

Im sure you can tell that I LOVE jewelry. My next piece, I had to have IMMEDIATELY when I first laid eyes on it. The amainzgly talented Beth Quinn�designed and created this piece. She too was at Silver Bella 2007 and her vendor table was a HUGE hit!!!


She can check out her shop here.�

Im a HUUUUUUGE Betsey Johnson fan! I love to wear her sweaters, dresses, shoes, jewelry, etc. This is my most fun and recent purchase. A CANDY handbag!!!!!!!�It's not real big, but it's fun for a day outing to just�throw in my lipstick, compact, and car keys. Ok……who am I fooling??? It's crammed to the MAX!!!! hee! hee!


More�BJ splurges.�Jewelry. These are super cute and fun to wear.


Just the other day I received a lovely package from my dear sweet friend Jenn and her daughter Jacqui. Many of you know them and they go by the name The Bowerbirds Nest. They've taken a little "hiatus" from blogging, but you will see them around soon!

Jenn is so thoughtful and giving and being we've become close friends she has surprised me with some lovely goodies.



Yummy Marshmallow lipgloss. 🙂


This last gift means the WORLD to me!!!! Jenn has owned this doll that she named "Lucinda" ever since she was a little girl. Im not going to tell you how long that is, because�I dont think Jenn would appreciate me revealing her age. hee! hee! Anyhoo, Jenn and Jacqui are huge fans of the broadway play " Pricilla Queen of the Desert". I have yet to�she show, but�I saw the movie years ago. Jenn�sent me a copy of the�soundtrack from the show. All disco era music! Really fun! The performers are ALL "glam'd"�in the most exuberant costumes. Im paying homage to the musical show�Jenn decided to decorate Miss Lucinda as one of the "QUEENS". I was�tickled beyond words!!! Just the mere fact that�Jenn has had this doll since she was a little girl and wanted me to have her now�means MORE than she will ever know!!!!�

Meet Lucinda. I LOVE her little black glamour mole.�


Even her little finger nails are painted red! hee! hee! Jenn, I LOVE and adore her and she will be well loved and cherished!!!! XO

Thanks for stopping by and paying a visit. Next week I will be UPDATING my shop again with a few new little goodies. 🙂

Have a fun, fabulous and creative week!�


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Hi Jenn! Your garage sale looks like a beautiful boutique shop!!! Only you could have a glamour garage sale! So glad it was a success…I would have bought all of your son’s tomatoes, he is soooo adorable!!! I wish I lived close by so I could have com… Happy Wednesday to you!

Oh my~ What wonderful stuff. Both new & old….Your sons a cutie!!

I would have bought tomatoes from your cutie-pie son, and I don’t even like tomatoes! 🙂
Oh, I adore that vintage blue floral wastebasket. If it didn’t sell, please let me know ~ though I’m sure it did; it’s a beauty!!

oooolala! I love that charm bracelet… so pretty! And I love the little bottlecap on it.
yay for you getting that Betsey bag… it’s the best!

Hi Jenn~
I had a garage sale 2 weeks ago….hard work and my darn garage is still packed LOL
I love the tomatoes…..my fav.
Cute baubles and jewels…B.J. is my #1 fav. designer. I go for some of her funkier things….I just got a pair of shoes from Nordstrom rack…and only paid $26…the week before that I bought a bracelet for 12.95.
In fact I may post about this next week.
My blog is undergoing a makeover this week and my website is going to be undergoing a few changes too later, this month. I have not updated it lately but I have a lot of ideas brewing..can’t wait to see your goodies..your doll brooches keep selling out before I can get one! I loved the pink and blk. one 🙁 I need to be quicker next time.
Remember…you can visit me at blogspot.

I wish I could have gone to your garage sale! Looks like it would have been fun…..I love that necklace from Beth Quinn….I’ve had my eye on that same one! Vintage Queen…..love it!

Oh how I love your blog. Would of loved to be an early bird at your sale. I’m sure there were many happy ladies that day. love the bracelet….I will have to check her store out. Great pink earrings with the bows.

Jenn and Jacqui

Hi Sweetie!
Gosh how we wish we lived in your neighbourhood!! We think a LOT of those would have found a new home with us for sure!! lol Grant looks adorable and so proud of his Grandma’s tomatoes, NO-ONE could resist buying from that sweet face!!! Loving your new purchases Jenn, really LOVE Beth Quinn’s designs, so pretty. We are soo happy Miss Lucinda made it safely to Georgia with her goodies! We KNOW she is going to LOVE her hew home 🙂 And thank you for not divulging her age, a little lady never tells! lol
Well honey we won’t be able to visit for about a month but we KNOW when we get home we will have THE sweetest eye candy to catch up on!!
Huge hugs and love from across the ocean always and big cuddles for the kiddies!!
Jenn and Jacqui xoxo

hey there sissy.
so many cute things,
i love all your new betsey purchases.
i bought those hanging heart earings for taylor on the cruise.
they are adorable.
love ya doll,

Hi Jenn:
I just happened upon your blog – what a treat! I just love all of your posts! The photos are gorgeous. Your little children at the beach – darling! Even your garage sale is beautiful!! Your creations are lovely and whimiscal. I will be checking back for inspiration. So glad I found this cool blog!

Hi Jenn!
Ooooh… ahhh… so many pretty things. Well, if you LOVE Betsey you will LOVE Tarina Tarantino’s jewerly. Get ready to do back flips!
I hope you’re having a wonderful week!!
Take care,

Is that Siouxsie and the Banshees I can hear in the background???!!!
Girl, you have great taste in music!!! 🙂
Fabulous post, I just wish I lived in your neighbourhood so I could have gone to your deeelish garage sale!
Warm Wishes,
Linda @ Barefoot in the Park

Jenn, i tell you what…i never ever saw a garage sale like that! i bet you had folks stampeding to get at your goodies! Mr Grant looks totally adorable, i would have bought his tomatoes and i don’t even like them very much…that is just how cute he is!!!
love the goodies you treated yourself to, i adore Beth Quinn’s work
what a cutie you got from Jenn, she is darling:)

wow! lots of cute things all in one post, Jenn! I love your goodies and wish I was at your garage sale!!
xo andrea

Would have loved to be at your garage sale! I think I would have bought all of Grant’s tomatoes. He is too cute! Lots of fun goodies – loving Jenn’s doll.


Hi Jennifer
I’m the Debra from HL. It was very cool meeting you today. It’s a small world.
Jennifer, you are just as sweet in person as you are on your Blog. And I recognized you right away.
I can’t believe I missed your yardsale. I love to yardsale but I usually do not venture that far North. It’s probably a good thing I did miss it. I would have wanted to buy everything.lol
Grant is adorable and I know those tomatoes were yummy.


Hi Jennifer
I’m the Debra from HL. It was very cool meeting you today. It’s a small world.
Jennifer, you are just as sweet in person as you are on your Blog. And I recognized you right away.
I can’t believe I missed your yardsale. I love to yardsale but I usually do not venture that far North. It’s probably a good thing I did miss it. I would have wanted to buy everything.lol
Grant is adorable and I know those tomatoes were yummy.

Angela Harris

Oh I wish I were there! That’s an amazing deal on that slipcover for the couch. I’ve been in a record number of bids for slipcovers on Ebay it has just never worked out. So I’m wishful
“shopping” at your online garage sale…:)

Your yard sale must have been a big hit! Your items were gorgeous! What great buys and gifts. Love the cupie doll. Speak to you soon

Hi Jenn,
Your yardsale looked fabu. I wish I was there to snatch up some of those gorgeous treasures. I’m going to go back and go shopping at some of the wonderful websites you suggested. Especially the one with the charm bracelets.
xo Cath

OH!! Wish I could have come to your garage sale! I really want that gorgeous chandelier!!
I adore the charm bracelet and the necklace made by Beth!! Oh, and the adorable doll!!

Oh how I love garage sale and tag sales!! I wish I could have go to yours. I love you pictures. You have beautiful children.
Love Julia

Jenn I love everything! You find the cutest stuff, your necklace from Beth Quinn is utterly divine and I adore the bracelet and your BJ collection of fun stuff!
J & J were so sweet to send you those goodies, they’re so thoughtful and kind~! I bet you love that MORE lip gloss, it’s great stuff and the Marshmallow scent is divine. You know they’re all made in Australia? which is a change from China!!! lol!
So glad you had a successful day at the garage sale, and wow – what a cutie pie, who wouldn’t have bought tomatoes from that sweetie! xo

Hi Jenn, wow if this was the stuff you were getting rid of I can just imagine how wonderfullly fabulous the stuff you kept must be!!! I love your new ‘purchases’ very special indeed!! I think I might be needing a Beth Quinn myself!!! I love Jewellery….it always fits!!!!
I also love ‘Priscilla Queen of the Desert’, I have the sound track and have been known to boogie around the room to a track or two…
Hope your day is spectacular kiss noises Linda Lilly Cottage.

Now that is a good garage sale! Vintage pretties and garden tomatoes!!

Oh my vintage goodness!Miss Jenn, I would have “fought” for the baby blue tin/planter with the shabby sweet roses!
You have great taste and style. It’s fun to redecorate and change things around~isn’t it?
The doll you were given is so darling and such a meaningful present. Friends like that are the real treasures in life.You have a very sweet produce salesboy!
Grant is always so happy and adorable~and Vivi is such a sweetie too.

hi jenn !!! soo happy you love your necklace !! thanks so very much for your post !!! i wish i could have been to your garage sale !! man you had some really fun stuff ( i want that chandelier !!!!!!!!!!!!) i know though i need to purge some things myself – and your little one is adorable ( i would have been buying up those tomatoes for sure -LOL!!)
take care,

Congrats Jenn on the garage sale! Yea! I wish I lived closer I would so have come by! And the jewerly is gorgeous too! And the doll was very, very heartfelt! What a super duper friend, doll!
Come around soon and say hello!

So glad your garage sale was a success! They are so much work, aren’t they?!
Love your Betsy bag, her bags are my daughter’s favorite. She has one of the candy bags too, but it’s a shoulder bag. They’re a lot of fun!
~Cerri xo

fabulous goodies at your garage sale! wish I could have gone 🙂 I adore Betsy Johnson too. Love all your new jewelry. The gifts from J and J are so sweet. Arent they wonderful?! xo Britt 🙂

Oh my goodness! This looks like the most beautiful garage sale ever! I enjoyed reading the stories of your newly acquired goodies! All are just enchantingly beautiful!
Cheers! =D

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