Once Upon A Dream…A Prairie Fairytale Dream Come True Part I

Once upon a dream 628


 This fairytale event has been a year in the planning. It finally came to life in the most beautiful and breathtaking way I could have ever imagined.

Like pages in a Storybook I want to share the details and how the event story unfolds.

The photos were all taken by my dear friend and photographer

Tiffany Kirchner Dixon


There are over 900 amazing photos!!

So many that I have chosen to split the post.

Part I will be the details of the grand weekend.

Part II will be the fun photos of ALL the ladies, candids,

behind the scenes and outtakes. 

This post can also be read HERE.


(photo courtesy of Sonia Crouse)



The event kicked off with the Welcome~Vendor Market~

Workshopette Night.

It was held in the evening at  The Crest Pavilion high in the beautiful mountains.

I really enjoyed decorating and going all out on the details!

Once upon a dream 844

Welcome Table

Lots of sparkles and twinkle lights. It looked heavenly at night.

Once upon a dream 728



(courtesy of Sonia Crouse)


Swan name tags

Once upon a dream 714

Once upon a dream 715


Once upon a dream 570




The vendor tables were decked out with the most gorgeous handmade treasures.

Once upon a dream 536


Once upon a dream 720


Once upon a dream 709

Once upon a dream 533-1

Once upon a dream 705


Once upon a dream 696



Once upon a dream 690

Once upon a dream 689

Gorgeous tables full of yummies.

Once upon a dream 846


Once upon a dream 840

Here I am! Anxiously waiting for the ladies to step off the bus.

Once upon a dream 733

Jenn & Dee Foust

Once upon a dream 830

Stephanie Folsom (my wonderful helper), Natasha, Suzanne MacCrone, Penny Carlson

Once upon a dream 737

Karen Hillman was one of the vendors looking so cute and festive.

Once upon a dream 759


Natasha greeting the ladies.

How adorable is she???

Once upon a dream 764

The bus arrives with smiling faces and ladies ready to play!

Robin holding her magic wand. 

Once upon a dream 776

Welcome Hugs.

Once upon a dream 779

It felt like a reunion seeing old friends again.

Adorable Lorraine Rose and Amy Powers.

Once upon a dream 782


Earleen Coburn, Maija Lepore, Annette Schwab

Once upon a dream 783

Hope Wallace, Andrea Singarella, Lori Oles

Once upon a dream 785

Tiffany and Suzanne Duda

Once upon a dream 797

Sherry Williams, Michelle Duke, Kim Caldwell

Once upon a dream 804

Natasha, Rebecca Lichtman, Sonia Crouse

Once upon a dream 872


Cynthia Vartanian who I was so happy to see.

Once upon a dream 812


I love how so many of the ladies got into the festive spirit.

Once upon a dream 816

The always adorable Sherry Williams.



Deborah Cashwell looking so lovely wearing her fairy laurel.

Once upon a dream 813

Shelley McNair Burgess the beautiful fae.

Once upon a dream 792

Once upon a dream 800

My fabulous online friend Claudie Frid who I was dying to meet, made the special trip from Canada to be with us.


The ladies shopped, dined on fabulous food and spent the last part of the evening taking mini workshop classes from Karla Nathan and Lori Oles.

Woodland Fairy Garland close-up.

Once upon a dream 868-1

Lori teaching and showing the “how to’s”

Once upon a dream 851

My adorable big Sis Jessi. Looking gorgeous as always!

Once upon a dream 853

 Karla taught her Prize Ribbon Sprite class immediately after Lori’s.

I adore how Karla gave every kit a different Fairy name.

Once upon a dream 869


Once upon a dream 870

The evening was a fabulous night and the perfect way to start of our weekend together.


(photo courtesy of Sonia Crouse)

This is where creative magic happened. 

Once upon a dream 578


Once upon a dream 882

At the gorgeous Claxton Farm.

Once upon a dream 572

Once upon a dream 569


The venue is not only breathtaking while surrounded by the mountains but it’s also a very calming and peaceful environment.

We felt secluded and in our own little world.

Once upon a dream 877

Once upon a dream 080



With the help of my dream team of ladies they each physically helped me set everything up and turn the venue into a dreamy Neverland.

Lori and Karla are not seen in the photo but were very much included in the set up.

I am grateful for their help.

Once upon a dream 937

Once upon a dream 951


We transformed the barn into a fairytale heaven.

Once upon a dream 874

Once upon a dream 887


  Once upon a dream 675

  Once upon a dream 676

Once upon a dream 656

  Once upon a dream 682

Natasha hand painted this stunning Dream Banner.

Once upon a dream 650

  Once upon a dream 918

  Once upon a dream 931

  Once upon a dream 928

Our amazing view from the inside the barn.
Once upon a dream 939 

I put alot of time into making the small details. I personally find it’s the
little details that make the big impact.

Once upon a dream 638
Once upon a dream 630
Once upon a dream 637
Karla Nathan handmade wee little mushrooms for the centerpieces.
So whimsical and beautiful!

Once upon a dream 623

Once upon a dream 670

Instead of numbers I labeled each table with a fairytale name.
Unicorns, Woodland Fae’s, Fairy Godmothers, Water Sprites, etc.
So cute and fun.
Once upon a dream 649

I made a grapevine wreath chandelier for the center of the barn.
Once upon a dream 642

Beautiful Sponsor bags were made with the help of Lori Oles. 
Once upon a dream 919

White Chocolate fairy molds made by Cynthia Vartanian.
Once upon a dream 892-1

Welcome Table
Once upon a dream 893-1
Once upon a dream 934
Once upon a dream 897

Fairy Crossing sign by Karla Nathan
Once upon a dream 885

Once all was decorated and set it was showtime!!!!
The first guest to arrive was the super sweet Cathy Edmondson.
Once upon a dream 957

Once upon a dream 932

Deborah Cashwell
Once upon a dream 953 

Sylvia Cruz Smith
Once upon a dream 973

The day was spent crafting their hearts out and creating the most beautiful projects.
The instructors each did a fabulous job of teaching.

More wonderful photos to come soon!

Once upon a dream 997

Once upon a dream 1004

Once upon a dream 992 

Once upon a dream 1002
Once upon a dream 1007
Once upon a dream 1005
Once upon a dream 999
Throughout the day there was plenty of opportunity for photo ops.
Most of the adorable fun photos will be shown in Part II. However, I’ll share a few with you now.

My sweet hubby helped me build and put this photobooth together.
Here the instructors Dee, Natasha, and Andrea show off their projects.
Dream Cloche Fairy, Midsummer Mobile, Trinket Trio-ette

Once upon a dream 040 - copy 

Amy, Lorraine, Betsy

Once upon a dream 984 

Super cute Claudie

Once upon a dream 982


Rebecca, Cheryl, Dee, Grace, & Natasha
Once upon a dream 975 

During the event I raffled off amazing gifts from gracious and lovely sponsors.

Once upon a dream 993 

How adorable is this sign?
Once upon a dream 995-1 

As the sun went down and the ladies grew a little more tired. I decided to crank up the fun with music, dinner, and drinks!
It’s 5:00 in Fairyland!
Once upon a dream 100 - copy

Once upon  dream1

Karen France and Karen Hillman patiently waiting.
Once upon a dream 114 - copy-1

“Hmmm…which one taste best?” says Natasha.

Once upon a dream 122 - copy

The green apple!

Once upon a dream 128 - copy 

The barn was glowing with candles and twinkle lights. 
A picture perfect setting!

Once upon a dream 132 - copy

Once upon a dream 129

After dinner the music really got cranked. Ladies parted the tables and started dancing. It was a hoot to watch! Im pretty sure Tiffany has video. hee! hee!
While some ladies were dancing…other’s were enjoying the starry night and roasted smores over the firepit.
It was an incredible ending to an AMAZING day!
More photos to come soon…..


Our Saturday started bright and early with our tour of Biltmore Estates.

(photo courtesy of Sonia Crouse)

Once upon a dream 182

Fresh, Bright-Eyed ladies ready for the tour.

Once upon a dream 203

Unfortunately were unable to take photos of the inside, but we did however get a few photos at the winery.

Once upon a dream 270


Naturally our group of ladies gravitate to the pink label wine bottle.

Once upon a dream 272

Becca Wine Tasting

Once upon a dream 275

Shortly after our tour of grand Biltmore we took the 2nd part of the event day to downtown Asheville.

A quaint little bakery shop called Bake It Pretty

for the Gift Swap Exchange Party.

The space is owned by the beautiful and lovely Amanda Krueger.

You can visit her Shop to order baking goodies and supplies.

Once upon a dream 410

Once upon a dream 414

The shop is now selling yummy pies!

Once upon a dream 356

Once upon a dream 293

The inside is small and sweet as can be!

Once upon a dream 286

Once upon a dream 289

Amanda was so thoughtful and kind to make us mini cupcakes to enjoy.

Once upon a dream 282

The bakery is cozy and quaint and boy did it fill up fast with ladies, 

gorgeous handmade swap gifts, laughter, and tons of “ooooh’s and aaaah’s”.

Priscilla busting with happiness over her fairy laurel.

Once upon a dream 486

Valerie’s Chanel crown made by Priscilla.

Once upon a dream 519

Once upon a dream 503-1

Cheryl super giddy.

So cute! Looks like she’s been crowned Miss Fairy USA!

Once upon a dream 466-1

Adorable sweet Tricia admiring her fairy shoe.

Once upon a dream 329

Andrea wearing the fairy laurel Amy Powers made her. 


Once upon a dream 461

Tracy & Sylvia

Once upon a dream 517

Karla the Swap Hostess

Once upon a dream 512

Heidi & Grace

Once upon a dream 508

Shelly looking lovely wearing her crown.

Once upon a dream 516

Beautiful aprons created in Karen France’s Apron Swap.

Once upon a dream 433

Once upon a dream 439

Jeanie and her precious fairy house.

Once upon a dream 364

Beautiful details from the various swaps.

Darling fairy shoe made by Cathy Edmondson.

Once upon a dream 344

Once upon a dream 322

Once upon a dream 370

Once upon a dream 444

Once upon a dream 418


Once upon a dream 469-1

Once upon a dream 323

A few fun shots of the ladies. 

Darling Cynthia.

Once upon a dream 415

Susan Hoff

Once upon a dream 378

Natasha and Jessi. 


We had a festive time at the bakery exchanging swap gifts. 

Our evening ended with a relaxing night out on the town.

Enjoying dinners and the festive downtown scene.


Once upon a dream 056 - copy


It’s never easy having to leave and say our goodbye’s.

A few tears are shed, and hugs abound.

The weekend comes and goes lightning fast.

A year in the planning flashes in the blink of an eye.

I reflect on the weekend with great pride. Pride for the vision and hard work that was brought to life. Pride in the gorgeous projects the ladies tenderly made. Pride in seeing old friendships come together, and new friendships so lovingly made.

This event would not have been possible if it were not for the ladies who signed up and traveled from hundreds of miles away.

Once Upon A Dream honestly far exceeded my expectations. It was more perfect than I could have ever hoped for. The weekend will forever hold a lasting memory in my heart.

I appreciate you for supporting me in my dreams and enabling my visions to come true.

 Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Once upon a dream 081




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That post was a beautiful rendering of your event. It’s always evident how much you love what you do Miss Jenn. xoxo…

WOW!!!!!!!! Each picture prettier than the last… I MISSED A GREAT EVENT! I can tell it was once again… MAGICAL! Thank you for sharing & everything looked amazing. LOVED your dress. HUGS!

Jenn, you and the girls produced a magical dream that the ladies attending will never forget. And, they’ll be dreaming about for years to come! What an event! Your attention to details is evident. I love the banner Natasha painted. I love the final two pictures of you! I love Tiffany’s photography. I love that it appears time stood still in these photos. Wonderful! Thanks for taking the time to share all the photos! Hugs, Heidi

Thank you, beautiful Jenn, for all you did to make this the most magical and memorable time ever. The settings & scenery could not have been more perfect. I loved wearing the white wings that I bought for my granddaughter, Madison, to wear for a photo shoot on the beach, almost 9 years ago! The classes, the food, seeing old friends and making new ones was so amazing. You did a wonderful job and I wish we could do it all over again!
See you Saturday a.m. for the Country Living Fair! Can’t wait.
Love you,

OMG I have just picked up my jaw from the floor, sooooooooooooooo amazing and gorgeous and ebery other word under the sun,. What a great turn out for you and the photos are truely beautiful., You are so beautiful too Jen,.thank you for showing and I am sooooooooooooooooo jealous of you all,.,.love from Glenda xxxx

Linda Diane

Oh, Jen, I would have absolutely loved attending this event. It speaks to my heart on so many levels. I have been awaiting your gorgeous reveal of how everything went! I know you worked so hard, and I can tell it was so amazing. I was so happy for you when you said it was more perfect than you could ever have hoped for. What a wonderful cherry-on-top statement to be able to say about something you worked so hard for.

Dear Jenn,
What a wonderful capture you have shown everyone, and lucky me I got to be there and be a part of it. I do not even need to post a single photo on my blog…I will send everyone here!
It was a beautifully designed event and you know it. I’m proud of you girl! Now take a little time to enjoy the memory you created for everyone who was there and for yourself.
Ciao bella,

Dear Jenn,
The event looks like it was just perfect in every way. LuLu and I were talking the other night and both agreed that we missed something so great and so amazing. We’re both a little sad that it didn’t work out for us to attend.
Thank you for sharing all the stunningly beautiful pictures and allowing me (and all your readers) to live vicariously through you and your lovely guests. Will be back for part 2!

Wow how beautiful, you really made everything look amazing….I love the last two photos of you , so romantic , just breathtaking, Im happy it was a success! xoxo Kimberly

Oh Jenn, what {another} amazing event!! Your imagination, attention to detail and expert execution are incredible! Congratulations to you and your team, looks like a wonderful time was had by all! xo, Jen

lori v

OH Jenn,
AMAZING!!!!!!! I had been following your blog and dreaming I could’ve participated. You are amazing. It looks like a dream come true. Thanks for sharing the pictures, so we can continue to dream.
lori v

Jenn- everything looks GORGEOUS!! It’s always amazing to see your events and all the details that bring your vision to life! The faeries will be talking about this event for years to come! 🙂

Thank you for sharing & everything looked amazing. LOVED your dress. Wonderful! Thanks for taking the time to share all the photos!

You are the mistress of midsummer and all the woven spells and dreams of Titania herself. Sprites and oberon got nuthin on you!
Love you!

oh my, jenn! what a beautiful fairytale of a blog post. i had so wanted to attend but it just didn’t work out. looking at your photos, i am awestruck by your vision as a planner, decorator and hostess. i agree that it’s all in the details and omg — no one does details like you. beautiful! i hope that the next time you host a fabulous fete, that i am able to attend!
warmest congrats on a magical job well done! everyone is beaming and beautiful!
you truly bring sweet eye candy and so much more to so many!

Just beautiful. What a wonderful, fun event. So wish I could have been there.


Oh my I just found your site from pintrest and I love it so wish I lived by you all

I’m having an Enchanted Forest/Tinkerbell themed wedding, and your even gives me SO much inspiration! BEAUTIFUL!!!

Charlotte Daily

Thank you so much for the love, enthusiasm and all the work you put into your blog site. Such an inspiration! Our daughter is marrying her beloved in September and she asked me to make a brooch bouquet. Also crowns for the flower girls. I’m only on page 10 of your blog and already I’m psyched. Also, I love how you value and spend so much time with your friends. Everything here is a gift.

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