A Prairie Fairytale Dream Come True Part II

Once upon a dream 1151
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Life is sloooowly coming back to reality for me. Im finally getting settled and back into the daily swing of things. I think my family is happy to have me back too! 

  Over the weeks I’ve been enjoying looking thru Tiffany’s photos and the many photos the ladies took from our magical weekend together.

Once upon a dream 1047


I thought I would post a few more fun shots, and photos of the gorgeous projects. 

This photo of Natasha cracks me up. She is slowly creeping up on a groundhog. If you click on the photo you can view it larger and really see the groundhog.

Once upon a dream 1144 copy


Super cute photos of the girls on the farm.

Once upon a dream 1167

Once upon a dream 1054

Once upon a dream 1148

Once upon a dream 1189

Once upon a dream 1160-1


Once upon a dream 1165

I hope Jessi doesn’t kill me for posting this. She reminds me of 

Zsa Zsa in Green Acres. Wearing her high heels on the farm. tee! hee!

Once upon a dream 1059


Photos of projects in the making…..

Once upon a dream 1026

Once upon a dream 1091

Once upon a dream 1038

Once upon a dream 1244-1

Once upon a dream 1029

Sprinkling fairy glitter on projects.

Once upon a dream 1206

After photos.

Once upon a dream 1122

Once upon a dream 1115


Once upon a dream 1212

Once upon a dream 1227

Once upon a dream 1242


The lovely owner of Claxton Farms Martha Ann stopped by to pay us a visit. She was in awe of the classes and wanted to join in on the fun.

Once upon a dream 1034

Many of you know I have a soft spot for bunnies. Dear sweet Kim gifted me the most charming little vintage bunny.

Once upon a dream 1043

Can you guess who’s fabulous boots these are?

They have wings on them….

If you guessed Sherry Williams you are right!

Once upon a dream 1202

Lorraine won the raffle prize of fairy wings.

Once upon a dream 1236

Photobooth fun!

Once upon a dream 1300


Once upon a dream 1306

Girls just want to have fun!!!!

Trust me…we had fun! More than photos can express.

Once upon a dream 096 - copy


This fairytale story is now over, and much like the other fables and folklores it will be a timeless story to treasure forever.

Thanks for stopping by and allowing me to share with you. 

Hugs & Love,




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Oh, what a weekend! These gorgeous pictures come as close as possible to capturing the feeling & the magic of the event. It was spectacular, Jenn! I am ready to go back! Hugs to all of my fiends, old and new, who shared this special weekend!
Xo Andrea

Linda Diane

So happy to find Part 2 up today! Beautiful out of doors, beautiful ladies and their outfits, beautiful projects, beautiful decor. More proof that this was a magical experience extraordinaire. Would have loved to have been there.

Jenn, this fairytale weekend was so magical!! You deserve big hugs and a thousand fairy kisses for putting together such a beautiful event! I have such wonderful treasured memories of this special weekend with old and new friends. Thank you so much! xxoo Heidi

Hey Jenn-
Mom and I wished we could have been at your event, but alas, she was having open heart surgery in Cleveland. We were back in Asheville the weekend of your event, but she was in full recovery mode. I wanted to let you know that Martha was my pediatrician for the first 18 years of my life. That was too damn funny seeing her with you — it’s been a while since I’ve needed a pediatrician. 😀 She also used to do live nativity scenes every Christmas with all her animals. Such a small world.

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