Petticoats & Parasols Part III ~ A day of crafting and friendship




 Finally it’s here! All the build up and excitement come to this one magical and glorious day.  

When you plan an outdoor event you never know what Mother Nature has in store. Whether it’s an outdoor wedding or event like mine you PRAY for sunshine and perfect temps. Of all days, she picks this one to rain on. At first it was a very  disheartening feeling. However, I’ve worked too hard,  and these incredible ladies have come far from all over that there was no way sprinkles of rain was going to dampen the mood and our spirits. My first event En Le Jardin was the perfect example. 😉

Everything turned out gorgeous despite the rain which eventually did let up. Whew!

With MUCH hard work and assistance of Tiffany, Christine, and Jo we set up the inside, and made beauty happen.

The tent was set up on the back lawn of the Main house underneath large spanish moss covered oak trees, and overlooking the river. It had the most beautiful scenic view!


I really strive to make the setting inspiring for all the ladies. From the beauty of the surrounding outdoors, to the decor and details inside the tent. 



Miss Violet showed off her finest Southern Belle Gown.

Petticoat Parasols dripped with crystals were hung over the tables. 




Little petticoats on the back of the chairs looked so sweet. 


Beautiful kits for the ladies.


The lovely and SUPER talented  Christine Rose Elle was the first class of the morning. 


Christine’s Peekaboo Petticoat



These are some wonderful photos of the ladies and their projects.

 Rachel Velder


Jodie LeJeune


Cassandra VanCuren

Teresa Corle finishing the details on hers.


Her daughter Ronda Voorhis


Sisters Sherry Ward and Robin Martin


The beautifulBryanna Lenan


Misti Paxton

Shelley Overholt


Cathy Edmondson (adore her apron she made!)



Kris Hurst adorable Halloween mannequin. 


Rosalyn-Sue’s turned out stunning!

Look at the back of this beautiful one. I love the corset look!


After Christine’s class we took a break and had a nice formal sit down lunch in the main house.

The lovely Cynthia Vartanian was excited to have found a chocolate parasol mold, and so she made these darling pink and white chocolate parasols for the ladies to enjoy. It’s almost too pretty to eat!

During lunch Shelley Overholt surprised me with this beautiful handmade collage she created and had all the ladies sign. 

It’s SOOO Darling!!! I love the little parasol and froofy skirt. What a gorgeous and thoughtful gift. I look forward to hanging in my studio. It will be a beautiful reminder of our weekend together! 


After lunch we were on to the next class which was taught by me.

 Pretty Plantation Parasol.



Amada Lebel working on her parasol. Her fabric was gorgeous with the sweet little birdies and cages!


Heidi Meyers turned out so pretty in soft muted colors.


Cathy Scalise pink and green floral parasol.

Teresa proudly showing off hers.

Sylvia Smith and her beautiful floral parasol. 

Leslie Walker made this parasol for her granddaughters room.

I LOVE Shelley’s! The red, black, and white is so cheery and happy! 

Bernadette’s turned out so lovely!

My dear friend Kris LOVES Halloween! We all fell in love with her parasol!


Adorable Julie Ann Grakowsky


The last class of the day was taught by the super outgoing, multi-talented and fun loving  Tiffany Kirchner.


Sweet Savannah Silhouette


Jodie’s gorgeous Silhouette collage.

I love the dark rich colors.


Lisa Campbell made this silhouette in loving memory of her Mother.

While the ladies worked and chatted away Christine sat quietly working, and blew us away again with her breathtaking dress form illustrations. 


These are some fun and beautiful captures of the ladies.

Jo & Jodie 


Joanna Lewis



You can see a bit of her face, but her smile just beams!

Tiffany & Jodie


Despite the rain it turned out to be a beautiful day in so many ways. New friendships were made, sisters and cousins reunited, and breathtaking projects that reflect each and everyone’s individual personalities.

I cannot take full credit for the event all coming together so wonderfully.

I am forever grateful to my dear friend Tiffany for being my “rock”. She is super hands on and I couldn’t have done it without her help. Thank you Tiffany for the GORGEOUS photos! You are blessed with an eye for capturing beauty and making magic with your photos!

Thank you to beautiful Christine for all your help and contribution into setting up and making my vision come alive. I also love your happy and calm spirit that you brought to the event. You have such a sweet and peaceful aura about you and you won everyone’s heart.


Lastly, I must give my heartfelt thank you to Jo Packham. Not only did she say “Yes” to attending, but she wanted to be included in every way imaginable. That also included being “One of the girls”.

As many of you know, Jo is a strong women that has many a stories and chapters in her rich full life. It’s a blessing to have the opportunity to listen to her stories and words of wisdom and advice.

One of her greatest gifts in my opinion is she gives you her undivided attention and makes you feel special.

Thank you Jo for making this event unforgettable!

Jo and jenn2 

Im so honored and flattered that these ladies from all over the U.S. chose to attend Petticoats & Parasols. I put my heart and soul into making this their special day and weekend. The reward and payoff for me was seeing their smiles, laughter, beautiful projects, and the new friendships that were made.

It’s very emotional and bittersweet for me to see it all come to an end. I worked so hard and it seems like it ended at the blink of an eye. WOW! Time really does fly when your having fun. Huh??? THANK YOU LADIES for the FUN & MEMORIES!

I hope our creative paths will cross again.






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What a fabulous event, obviously trememdously successful!!!

Jenn, i don’t even have words for how beautiful you made everything look…the projects are all so gorgeous…everyone looks like they are having the best time ever!!! and i am sure they were:)

I couldn’t sleep so I am blog hopping. You are amazing every attention to detail so beautiful! Even your teachers…just wonderful. The smiles on everyone’s faces says that it was succesful and fun. Girlie girl heaven. Thanks for sharing hopefully you have many more events. Grace xoxo

Every little detail looked perfect!! What a beautiful event you put on!!!

Hi. I am so jeolous I wish I went. I would have learn so much.I love the pictures they are so beautiful.I can’t wait to see more events.

Thank you so much for sharing pictures of all the wonderful moments from your event. I have enjoyed them so much! Big congratulations on everything coming together so fabulously.

Jenn, this is just such a special post. I spent time looking at every picture! They are all so wonderful. I was mesmerized with everyone’s amazing artwork on all three projects. Such talented ladies! It looks like the most perfect event. Cheers for doing such a lovely job and making everyone so happy. See you in July!!

Dear Jenn,
The pictures are AMAZING! and they still don’t do the event justice. You are just the most amazing hostess. You had such vision for the event and you fulfilled it. I know that you put so much into it and we could never fully repay you. Thank you so much for a memorable weekend. I met so many incredible women including you mu dear. Thanks again Sweetie,


Incredible, unbelievably beautiful! I can’t even begin to think how much work you have put into this event. The photographs are just wonderful. Wow.

Thank you for such an INCREDIBLE weekend! I really appreciate all of your hard work and attention to detail for this amazing event. The friendships and memories made will always be a treasure. xo’s Heidi

hey sweetie,
so gorgeous! all of the projects are over the top fab!
everyone has such great style!
i love all the pics of the girls. the one of you and Jo is beautiful.
congrats on a wonderful event.
love you! see you soon.

wow…. i’m speechless! what a gorgeous event!

Thank you!!!! XOXO

Thank you for your lovely comment!!! XO, Jenn

Awww…thank you sweet Holly for your lovely compliments!!! Cant wait to see you soon! Hugs! XOXO,Jenn

Thank you SO much Melissa! The girls were in LOVE with their bracelets! Such a hit!!! Thank you again!!! XOXO,Jenn

Thank you! 🙂 XOXO,Jenn

Maija….Thank you sweet friend for your comment. :)) XOXO,Jenn

Over the top incredible, beautiful and inspiring! Wonderful job Jenn! I’ve so enjoyed looking at your photos and reading your story of how P&P came together. I’m so thankful I was able to attend your vendor night–a visual feast full of amazing, talented and friendly women I won’t soon forget!
Congratulations, looking forward to your next adventure!!

Oh my word…it just all looks so incredible. What a wonderful retreat!!!! Thank you for sharing this event with those of us who couldn’t attend!!!

I would have loved to attend this incredible event! You are truly the definition of Southern Hospitatlity! I would love to share this on my blog and would appreciate your permission to share some photos.
Will you be planning another event like this? I will start saving my pennies now to attend 🙂

oh Jenn what an amazing outcome!!!!!!!!!!! You have truly out done yourself and raised the bar!!!! You go girl.

Oh my goodness~~beautiful Jenn!!
I saw the~~~ no sew sealah tape~~~ being applied on the gorgeous parasols!!
How wonderful!!
Amazing photos too!!
Can’t wait to show my Mom!
Kay Ellen

What a beautiful event you hosted for all the lovely ladies. I can only dream of attending something like this but you shared it so gracefully with us and it is almost like being there. The pictures were just beautiful and all your attention to detail was just exquisite. What a fun time and so beautifully done. The petticoats were my favorite decorations. I remember wearing those when I was a child. I have tried to find one to buy but haven’t found one yet. Are those for sale?
Good job and what a great and beautiful hostess.
glitter and roses

Thank you Jen! It was such a pleasure seeing you at Cupcake night. I only wish we had more time with one another. It was such a treat seeing you!
Big big hugs!!! XOXO,Jenn

Donna, thank you so much for you super sweet comment. Yes, Im fine with you sharing some of the photos on the blog. Please make sure you link back and note photos taken by Tiffany Kirchner. I might be planning another one next year. (wink!) XO,Jenn

sniff sniff…
It’s really over…I’m so sad! 😉
However when I look back at these fabulous photos, I get all giddy with excitement all over again. I had SO much fun!
This was an AMAZING weekend Jenn. I thank you for every little detail that you and the girls put into it.
You are the Queen of Hostesses in my book!
}I love the photo of you and Jo!}

Thank you Jennifer!!! Im grateful for your friendship and support!!! XOXO,Jenn

What an absolutely stunning weekend! It’s obvious you put your heart and soul into making it an unforgettable weekend for the ladies. Wow! I would have loved to be there. I went right back to part one and there isn’t one thing that I wouldn’t have just been in complete awe of. Give yourself a big pat on the back for an amazing job! And maybe take a deep breath and take a bit of time now for yourself???
Sherri : )

Jennifer, you throw your heart and soul into your events, and it shows. It must have taken so much work for you to get the marquee to look so pretty.
A job very well done, and I bet everyone had a fantastic time.
Love all the projects. I think my favourite has to be the parasols, what beautiful ones were created.
Thank you again for sharing so many photos. Editing and uploading takes such a long time, and I for one apprecitate you taking the time to do so, so we can all ‘join in’ and see what happened!
Have a lovely week. I think you should take it easy this week, if you can. Rest and recover!

ithink i have had as much fun as you just looking at all the pics … i loved the parasols and wondered if i had been there how mine might have turned out … such a gorgeous setting and dreamy frou frou everywhere and happy happy people… well done Jenn and your crew … Fabulous !!!

What gorgeous projects and you’ve done it again with the beautiful setting!

Thank you Karla!!! Wish you were with us. 😉 XOXO,Jenn

oh jen,
i enjoyed every detail in this post. what an amazing, frothy and lovely dream of an event!
you are an extraordinary event planner!

Hi Elyse! Thank you SO much for your thoughtful sweet comment! 🙂 XOXO,Jenn

Thank Dear Ginny! I always appreciate your lovely kind comments!!! 🙂 XOXO,Jenn

Jenn . . . there are a few words that describe my experience. Magical comes to mind . . . enchanting, beautiful ~ WELL DONE, BEING SPOILED, and TOO FAST are a few more.
I had a fabulous time, loved you, the location(s), the instructors (finally met Tiffany and she is a hoot!) of course meeting Jo . . . and just seeing a new part of our wonderful country.
Thank you for such a memorable long weekend. I shall never, ever forget it.
Big hugs! Hope to see you soon! Karen

I just wanted to tell you you sure put on a Beautiful just amazing Affair!
WOW!! I am so impressed you are one very talented girl. Everything just looked priceless. I guess I never doubted that it would be anything less then perfect! But in my wildest dreams I would have never imagined just how Wonderful you and all the details looked. I am sure all your guest had a great experience that they will never forget. Now go ahead and take a bow you deserve it. oxox, Diane

*Sigh* Bryanna told me this was going to be so much fun!!(I know she was jhard at work creating!)It looks BEYOND amazing!! What a wonderful and creative group of women! You and your home are lovely. Thanks for giving those who couldn’t go a peak into this fairy-tale!!

It was completely my pleasure to be a part of your wonderful event Jenn!! You are teh supremem hostess, which such an eye for detail it is mind boggling!!
xoxo, Tiffany

Jenn, Thank you for sharing your amazing photos with us but, most of all I am still DREAMING of the marvelous time I had. Your skill, beauty, & sweet southern gracious attention to detail is memorable for sure! A DREAM COME TRUE! I would do it again in a minute!!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! Charlene

Jenn, what an absolutly amazing time you all must have had!!! That VIEW is incredible to get together and create in such a beautiful place… wow!! I am so happy for you that your dreams are coming true… your event was so beautiful, as are you!

Love ya girl!!! Thank you!!! XOXO

Simply Stunning!
The most beautiful event I have ever seen…As Jennifer said..not only did you raise the bar…
I don’t think it can be topped….
The pictures made me feel as though I was there.
Beauty just surrounds everything you do,Sweet Jenn.
I adore the petticoat chandeliers….
YoU are the QueEn !!!
LoOk for a GoOdY coming your waY….
All my LoVe…

Wow, there are so many wonderful things depicted in the gorgeous photographs, I don’t know where to start! I guess I should just give you the most sincere compliment: You are an extraordinary event planner, artist, and friend, as Tiffany’s pictures reveal. The ladies attending your event look so happy, in full creative mode in a beautiful setting. Thanks for sharing it all with us!

Mitzi, Thank you soooo much for making my morning and day with you lovely comment! 🙂 Hugs! XO,Jenn

This is really awesome Jennifer. You did a great job. I love the pictures. It’s amazing. I admire you.

This is an awesome post. Jennifer, you always amazed me. Your spectacular.

Such a gorgeous party! Memories that will last forever!
This year i was only able to send my little party favor kits, maybe next year I can be there in person!!!
blessings to you Jenn,

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