Romantic Country giveaway!!!!


Warm Welcomes sweet friends! It's here!!! I've been anticipating the October issues of Romantic Country magazine for sometime now, and it's finally here!

My home sweet home is featured on page 28. YAY!!!!


What a proud honor to have my home featured in one of my favorite home magazines! When I got my copy I had to share the news with my family and friends. Of course my Mom is delighted and HAD to have her own personal copy. However,  when I excitedly showed the magazine feature with my hubby and 15 year old step-son, it was quick glances and "oh that's nice" type of response. LOL!!!! The conversation quickly went back to "Where's the remote, and which football game is on?"  Yep…I should have known better not to expect too much giddiness from those guys! 

I have to thank the fabulous lady herself, Fifi O'Neill for seeing something special in my home. I also must thank Bunny Mcintryre for writing an amazing feature. She captured me & my home just perfect! Words cant express what a wonderful experience it was working with Fifi, Dan, and Bunny, and now to finally see my home grace the pages of this stunning magazine is such a highlight and honor! 

To celebrate I decided to have a fun giveaway. All you have to do is leave a comment, and I will draw a winner on Monday October 5th.

You will win a copy of the magazine.


 The magazine pays tribute to roses and is full of beautiful roses home decor photos, so I quickly became inspired and made a little storybook doll hanging collage for the giveaway as well.

She is "Little Miss Rosebud 2009". She's the happy winner and recipient of a beautiful sparkly trophy! 






 She is so sweet and pretty! 




Yep! This little sweetie and a copy of the magazine can be yours. Just leave me a comment, and I"ll draw a winner next Monday.

Thanks for stopping by! I ALWAYS appreciate your comments and kind words. πŸ™‚

Wishing you all a lovely and creative week!!!!!

Heatfelt Hugs,



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gayle olson

Well, I am impressed by the article and your lovely, fun home! Men don’t always get it. I love the storybook doll, I hope to win but I would love to buy one in any theme. love, Gayle

Congratulations, Jenn. What an honor!! : )
~ Wendy

I am always checking for updates on your blog. What a nice surprise this morning to see a new post. I will head out to Books a Million for sure and get a copy today. I read the post when Fifi came to your house it was cute. I bet seeing your house in a magazine is surreal. Sure doesn’t feel like fall In South Georgia how about Macon?


Oh my, I would be over the moon if I won this giveaway. Love your creations. Congrats on being featured in the magazine. You definitely deserve to be in it and your photo in the feature looks fantabulous! Congrats! LindaSonia

Congrats, Jenn. Beautiful article of your gorgeous home.

Congratulations again! My you are quite the celeb. It sure is fun to see someone you
know get so much recantation. And well deserved your home is a perfect fit for Romantic Country. Enjoy all the kudos job well done. Thanks for sharing, you look so pretty in the article too. Hip Hip Hooray!! Hugs & Kisses, Diane

Hi Jenn!
Congrats once again!
You do have such a lovely home and I cant wait to get my own copy
(buy it or win it-heehee)
You are so talented and I am very proud of you!

I would LOVE LOVE LOVE a copy of this magazine and would display it with my beautiful apron that you made me as a lovely memory of you and your beautiful home and crafts.
Now all I have to do is win it :-(((
Such a lovely rosebud doll too, Jenn.
best wishes always Ginny (yes ….. me in the UK ha ha)


Congratulations!!! Your home is so beautiful, you certainly deserve it!!!

Jenn, your home is beautiful & I love Romantic Country magazine! πŸ™‚

Jenn.. your house is so beautiful and I would love to win Ms. Rosey.. she is such a doll! πŸ™‚

beautiful! i’ll be looking for the magazine…many blessings!!!

What a thrill it must be for you Jenn to have your home featured in the Romantic Country magazine! When you put so much time and effort (not to mention love) into your home, it’s too good not to be shared. Congrats!! Oh, and Little Miss Rosebud 2009 is ever so sweet as well πŸ™‚ It would be awesome to win your giveaway.
Cheers ~

Miss Jenn your such an inspiration to so many of us
to live a Fairytale, create ,love our home & family
really not just because I WOULD LOVE TO win ,you do
live & share with us your fairytale and we love it. your home is shabbtanstic ,shabbylicious and the best
eye candy dreams.Congrats.

What a great give-away Jen! It was so nice seeing you again in L.A! Timmy Terror says hi :0)
Sandy xox

Thanks Diane! You are such an AMAZING & SUPPORTIVE friend!!! :)) XOXO

Sweet Ginny, Thank you!!! If you dont win my giveaway I will pick up a copy for you and mail it to ya. It’s unfortunate you dont get this magazine overseas. I hope your enjoying your apron. You have NO idea how much I LOVE it and Im delighted you are so happy with it. I want to see pics of you modeling it. tee! hee!

Awww…thank you Mary! I appreciate your sweet kind words! XO

Thank you Cheryl! πŸ™‚ I got my package Friday! I felt like a child at Christmas busting thru the box. hee! hee! Look forward to seeing you real soon! Hugs! XO

No! It’s doenst feel like fall yet. I wish it did! tee! hee! Actually this morning feels a bit nice and cool and no humidity. Im sure by noon today it will be in the high 80’s. πŸ™‚ Thanks for stopping by! XO

oooooo, so pretty…congratulations on your on your home being in MY favorite magazine, boy do I know what you mean when you get all excited and share with men, usually it’s a glance and “umhhmmm” I would love to be entered, come by my blog i am having a give away also, thank you so much

eeeeeeek!!! oh, Jenn:) how wonderful for you…of course you had to be featured there, your home is just stunning!!! and OH so romantic:) i am really happy for you…that is such an honor…i love the picture they took of you drinking your tea, you look like the perfect southern belle…so pretty and sweet…i would SO love to win a copy of the magazine and one of your adorable dolly creations…she is so gorgeous…and you know i will have the perfect pink spot to pace her in…fingers crossed all over the place…

duh!!! new laptop…tricky keyboard…*sigh*


oh the delight of being able to re-live being in your ultimate fairyland of your home again!!! Of course, Fifi saw ‘something’ in your home… she saw 100000
And I have my fingers crossed about winning!
xoxo lorraine

I’m so happy for you! We all feel excited when one of our favorite blogs is featured in a magazine! Hugs to YOU! And thanks for the sweet giveaway! I would be thrilled to win! Have a wonderful Sunday!


Hi, Jenn! Congratulations on the magazine feature; it was well deserved!! deb,

Congratulations…it great to see real people living extraorginary lives in magazines…thanks for sharing and being true to yourself. Men…being the only female…I understand your world a bit…but we can’t live without them. Have a great week, fondly, Roberta

Congratulations Jenn. What a fabulous achievement. If I am lucky enough to win would you please sign the magazine for me πŸ™‚


Big Ole Congratulations and Hug! Typical of the men of the family too!! They just don’t appreciate our Excitement. I will pick up the Magazine. Have a wonderful week, Jamie

How awesome!! From the photos I have seen on your Flickr page you live in a home that should be on the pages of this magazine. I can hardly wait to see the magazine in person.

I am tickled pink for you!! I had to giggle when I heard the response from your hubby and your 15 year old stepson! Guys…. gotta love ’em though! But I bet your Mom and girlfriends were just tickled as they could be for you!! Congratulations!!!

Hi Jenn,
I would love to enter your contest. I just adore your blog and always look forward to your next post!
Also big congratulations, your home always looks beautiful and your little doll is too sweet!
Have a lovely Sunday,

Congratulations on having your beautiful home featured – so well deserved! I love love love your sweet Miss Rosebud creation. There’s something about Nancy Ann dolls expressions that always make me smile, and I can never get enough of roses…lucky winner!

Jenn, your home is gorgeous & so are you! I adore this little doll & hope my name is picked out of the hat!! I love all the goodies I have purchased from you!
love ya, girl!

JENN!!!!! I am so ecstatic for you to have your beautiful home featured!!!! I cannot wait to get the magazine. I never tire of seeing your gorgeous home. You are so inspiring! The storybook doll collage is just the cutest!!!! I would LOVE to win her :):):) You are so sweet to have this giveaway, thank you so much!!
Love and hugs,

Oh my gosh Jenn! How positively THRILLING! I am so happy for you. Congratulations!!
I cannot believe it has been a week since our wonderful time with Miss Kim. I am so glad to have finally met you and Jessie (Joy went ON AND ON about the two of you). I so enjoyed sitting outside in the hotel patio just visiting and getting to know each other a little over a glass of wine.
And mostly – I am BEYOND excited about April! OH! MY! GOSH! Can’t wait! My husband is thinking he’ll join me on Sunday evening and we’ll spend a few days there together exploring the wonderful city of Savannah! Sigh. Can’t wait . . .
Well Girl, enter me in your giveaway. Just too sweet.
Again, congratulations and we’ll chat soon!
Hugs. Karen

simply beautiful. I’ve been visiting here for a while, but this is the first time I’ve commented. We don’t have such lovely magazines in England, which is such a shame. I wish we did. Congratulations on being featured. You certainly have a lovely home.
Kind regards

Congratulations……OH I am going to pick up a copy ASAP. What an honor!


Wow to you! How exciting!
And that doll…really just makes me smile. Her face looks like my little blondie when she is in a snit.
So Adorable!

Sweet! I would love to see more of your home! You make such sweet things! Thanks for charing them on the blog!

Susan M

Love, love, love your art! Congrats on the magazine feature….

beautiful blog and what a wonderful tribute to the hard work you have put forth into your home! Congrats!

How Fabulous! Congratulations. I can’t wait to see the pictures I always love to read your blog and get glimpses of your Beautiful Home. What a great giveaway the magazine and the dolly! She is georgeous just like you. Hugs and Congrats…Grace


How exciting! Congratulations on being in the magazine. What a beautiful home and family you have. Ü I always enjoy visiting your blog. Great giveaway too! xox

Oh Jenn….it doesn’t surprise me at all that your home is being featured. From the pictures I’ve seen it is magnificent. I am so excited to be entered in your giveaway. XXOO Valarie

Jenn…What an honor! Your home is so gorgeous & your sooo talented!! The article was wonderdful & FiFi & her crew did a GREAT alway:)
I dont have a blog…but I do follow you & love your home & pictures in your blog!
Great job!

Dear Jenn,
I cannot wait to get my copy and have you autograph it. You are sweet to give a special copy away…you should autograph that one personally too!
Hugs to you.
Ciao bella,

Hi Jenn! Congratulations! If I lived closer, I would invite you out for a cupcake with lots of pink frosting and pink sprinkles and a tall glass of pink lemonade! If you are ever in New Hampshire….Please don’t feel badly if men do not respond to our girly girl bliss…I’m just elated when I can get my “boys” to wear a pink shirt!
You are a big bouquet of happiness!
Love, Jeannine

My copy of RH reached me in the UK on Saturday and my mum snuck it away before I could even look through. When she was finished she told me she’d left it open to show me a kitchen she really liked… whos was it? Yours of course!!!!
Victoria xxx

Leonie - Australia

Congratulations, I can imagine your home would be perfect to be in this magazine!

Your home is always such a delight to see.

Congrats! You deserve it. Its fun to see glimpses of your house! Its beautiful! I love how you find “personalized treasure” for your house. I love to find letters and numbers to stick here and there that either start with my name or is the number of an important date! Its fun! πŸ™‚
I love the little doll you made. She is sweet!! πŸ™‚ Congrats on being featured in the magazine. If I win can you please sign it also πŸ™‚

hi jenn! Congrats.. I bought a copy the other day and of course told whoever was around at the time.. oh look, I know her! I got the same response.. doesnt pay to share with men! Your home looks gorgeous and belongs featured in that mag!
have a great day!

Well if we were together looking at the magazine we could squeal and ooh and ahh for a good amount of time! Something like this just MUST be savored. Can’t wait to see the feature on your home. Little Miss Rosebud is very sweet! Count me in on the drawing!


I would love to be in a magazine one day.
Please enter me in your giveaway.
Kristen Smith

Hi Jenn,
Congratulations on having your beautiful home featured in Romantic Country! I would absolutely love to win one of your creations! You are such an inspiration to me.
Shannon Melheim

Jenn, your home is gorgeous and I was lucky to see in person at EnLeJardin! Congrats and love the sweet sweet collage.
xo Kris

Stephanie Woodard

Hello Jenn,
That is so wonderful that your home is featured in Romantic Country. Love love love the magazine. I can absolutely understand why they picked your home. From the pictures it looks so lovley! A home for a princess. I know that you have put alot of work into every detail. And also a Mommy of two. You are amazing.
To be honest with you I stumbled upon your blog while googeling Scott Antique Market. It a wonderful escape for me, I take care of my grnadparents who are in poor health and you always cheer me up.Congradulations. Love ya,

What a fabulous feature. Your home is beautiful and it is well deserved! LOL @ the boys…that is very typical.
I would love to win your giveaway. Your rosebud queen is a gem!

Congratulations Jenn, can’t wait for my copy to come and the extra when I win your giveaway – tee hee! Rachaelxo

How exciting! congratulations! Love that magazine so much and would love to win! thanks for the chance!

I am happy for you and very inspired. Please keep the great posts coming. I hope to win little Miss Rosebud 2009.

Oh wow, congrats Jennifer! That is a HUGE honor!!!!!! And your Dollie collage is oh so sweet! Anyone would be lucky to have her!

Oh Jen how utterly exciting for you. I would adore to win this lovely giveaway and the chance to read all about your fairytale home. Tooo exciting. I have never won anything before so fingers crossed this is my lucky comment.
Kiss Noises, have a truly scrumptious day, Linda

Hey Jenn! Congratulations! That is wonderful and I can’t take the chance that I won’t win a copy of YOUR magazine so I’m going to go out and purchase one for myself! But I’d love to win anyway…would love to have a piece of your art in my home! Congrats again- your home IS worthy of a magazine! xo, Nan


*Bella* Most LOVELY to see ya’ll in the Romantic Country special issue~what a blessing! Your decorating is super sweet. *i would be tickled pink if i won your miss little rosebud 2009!* cupcake hugs,

Cindy King-Leaf

Hi Jen,
I know you don’t know me, but I feel like I know you since I have read your blog since it started. You have really made a name for yourself with hard work, great taste and artistic talent. I honestly don’t know how you do what you do with 3 children (including your stepson) and your husband. You must have lots of energy. You are beautiful on the outside and from all the comments I see and from reading your blog you are beautiful on the inside also. You never fail to inspire me in lots of different ways!!

I was just looking at an old issue of Romantic Homes with your home featured in it last night (May 2005) and love your home and work! Can’t wait to get the newest issue of Romantic Country I live in Idaho and it takes about 2-3 weeks to find it after it comes Out:(. Would love to win the sweet little doll creation!

Just picked up a copy this morning and wanted to sit down and drop you a line! Lovely feature, and congratulations for being in a beautiful edition of the magazine! Its been a pleasure to read you and watch the two kiddies grow, you know they melt my heart! I would love to win and if I do I will pass along the issue since I have one. Have a splendid week and know your at the top of my list of where I visit when I only have a moment in my currently too busy life! Happy week, Lori


That is one of my favorite magazines. I can’t wait to see the photos of your gorgeous home! Congratulations!


I can see why your home was picked to be in
Romantic Country. You have a beautiful home!
Yes the men in our lives don’t get excited,
about things we love. I am excited for you!

How exciting , CONGRATULATIONS! Your home is simply gorgeous :)I am sure it was an amazing experience and the article looks stunning!
Congrats again

Teacup Lady (Sandy)

Hi Jenn,
Congrats to you for being featured in Romantic Country magazine! I love your blog. I would love to be entered in your gracious give a way.
Teacup Lady (Sandy)

How exciting, Jenn! I’d love to win a copy of this magazine in oder to see you in it but also because it’s not available here in my town! And what a sweet little rose hanging! I love the colors. I know I can always come by here and get a girly-girl fix! ☺
Wouldn’t it be funny if us girls exclaimed over our art and treasure hunting finds like foot ball announcers exclaim over a game!? Hee-hee! Ya know how their voice gets faster and faster and LOUDER and LOUDER! Ha-ha! I thought about that yesterday as the guys watched their foot ball and I painted a pink pumpkin!
I hope you have a wonderful day, Jenn! β™₯

Congratulations on your article…I always read your blog and never leave a comment…How naughty of me or just a slack tart LOL I would love to read your article!!!! Pick me pick me…..

Jennifer Grenko

Jenn, it was gorgeous… almost as gorgeous as in person… This is my fav decorating magazine. I make a special trip to find it every three months. I am so proud for you!!!

Congratulations Jenn!
I’m tickled for you.
Thanks for the awesome give-a-way!

I picked up a copy of the magazine the other day and saw that you were in there. The article was wonderful! Loved the little cakes! I simply must give that recipe a try! CONGRATS!

Oh Jenn, how wonderful! Congratulations to you!! Count me in on your contest, i would LOVE to have the mag. & one of your goodies! What a celeb you are becoming, remember me after you’re on Oprah, would ya? πŸ™‚

Congratulations!! I love that magazine and of course your home!!
Please enter me in your giveaway!!!
Thank you,

Congrats Jenn ~ Oh you so deserve it!!! Looks beautiful and the little hand crafted dolly is oh so sweet!!! And yes that’s definitely men for you. That would so be my husbands response too!!!
Congrats, Love Tricia

Congratulations Jenn! Your beautiful home is so deserving of this and should have been on the cover!!! I can’t wait to see it and would love to win this First Place Cutie Pie!!

Jenn, Congrat’s to you!!!!! I can’t wait to get the magazine.. I’m really so happy for you!! Your home really is just gorgeous..
OH, Jenn your little Miss Rosebud is gorgeous.. I really do love her so much.. Who ever wins will be one lucky winner!!! What a prize to win..


How exciting that your beautiful home is featured! Will have to go find a copy of the magazine. When you showed all the photos of your garden art event, I thought at the time that you should be in a magazine – so lovely!
The little doll is so pretty too! Of course we’d all LOVE to win!
Jane – Jacksonville

Congratulations, Jenn!! How exciting to finally see the photos in those glossy magazine pages! And Miss Rosebud is so very gorgeous! Your creations and pictures of your beautiful life always leave us drooling!!

Congratulations Jen! I always enjoy your pictures of your beautiful home and all your travels and shopping. I’d love to have this magazine along with a few other hundred people. I have only men in my family and I just can’t draw the kind of excitement and understanding that I would get from a female. I knew I should have tried for a girl. Ha-ha.
Happy Monday…Tracy

Tee! hee! Silly girl! πŸ™‚ XOXO

Cindy, Thank you for your UBER sweet kind words! Im extremely blessed for the lovely comments that you and so many others leave me. It’s not easy juggling everything when you have a busy household, but creating my artwork and making a beautiful home for me and my family is what I love most. I always make time everyday. Even if it’s 30 minutes. πŸ˜‰
I appreciate you stopping by Cindy! Smiles,Jenn

I hope you can find a copy. IT’s a bummer that your grocery didnt have it. πŸ™ Usually they carry it. Thanks Lori for your friendship and support! XOXO, Jenn

Awww..thank you Lori!! You’ve MADE MY DAY with your uber sweet kind words! I appreciate your friendship and support!! XOXO,Jenn


Congrats on having your beautiful home shown in a magazine, this is really great! And, it seems, men are similar all around the world: I’m sure my husband and son’s reactions would have been exactly the same.
Anyway, I would be very happy to win your giveaway.
Regards from sunny Germany,


Oh my gosh! I love Ms Rosey! I just found you and I’m so excited to see the things you make! You must be so proud to be in the Romantic Mag! Congratulations:) What an honor. I want to win the mag and doll really bad! I’m adding you to my fav blogs. Have a great week!

A friend came to the shop with a gift for me, she was so excited when she handed it to me and said, “this magazine is so you, so the shop!” Much to my surprise when I sunk in to my bubble bath, to read every page (my friend didn’t know that this is one of my usual reads, just hadn’t purchased it yet.) Your cutie pie face and lovely home was this months feature… What a gift, truely. It is funny that a blog can make you feel like you know someone and get excited for their accomplishments as much as you would a friend right in your back yard. Congratulations.

congrats on being featured!
How exciting!!!!!
I have been following your blog for awhile now & just love it.
I adore this mag.
Sadly, I can find no where in my area.
Thanx for the opportunity to win :>)

I love Little Miss Rosebud! The paper in the background is to die for. Congrats on your feature-I don’t doubt you’re probably the most froufrou-fabulous girl in your state!
Love you, SWEETS!

congratulations — you must be THRILLED!
when i was jumping up and down over having an essay published in romantic homes, just my youngest son was home with me. he was very “who cares, mom? you said you’d play legos!” so i get it!
enjoy your moment and know that are lots of us jumping right along with you!
details about the little bisque baby in back: adorable!

I am happy to hear and see you are in the most wonderful design magazine! I would be honored and thrilled to win one of your art creations! Just beautiful!

How exciting!!! Congrats & see you at Silver Bella!

Congratulations on having your spectacularly beautiful home featured in the magazine! Your blog is a wonderful inspiration.
Greetings from New Zealand!

veronica salerno

congradulations I just love your blog it is so inspiring!

I can hardly wait to have a copy and a hot cuppa….Bliss! The sweet rose dolly would be perfect in my studio. I am so glad you made it in the magazine since I love your decor!

Oh my gosh Jenn!!! Congratulations to you!!! You are so amazing and I am thrilled to see you published for everyone to see how over the top you are!!!! xoxoxo Ann

Oh how wonderful!!! Your home is Stunning and So deserves to be in this great magazine, one of my most favorites! I am so happy for you!!! Your dolly collage is just so sweet, too! Congratulations!!!!!

Congratulations Jenn!
your home is gorgeous and deserves to be featured!


You are my favorite blog. I love when you post something new! Congratulations on the magazine article! I would love to win the giveaway and have something that you have made! xoxo Eunice

Congratulations! Can’t wait to get a copy!!!

Shelley Gomez

Great Job on all your great successes…you deserve it!
Love reading your blog and seeing all the lovely pretties!
Keep up the Amazing Beautiful work!


Hi Jenn! A short poem just for you . . .
Congratulations on your Home & To You
Your Blog is exciting and pretty too
A feature in Romantic Homes to see
In all it’s glamour, chic and beauty
This prize would be wonderful aand delicious
A Sweet Eye Candy gift is so precious!
Nessy (A great Sweet Eye Candy Fan from Australia)

OH SWEET GOODNESS!!! What a lovely tribute! Yes!!! Pretty please with sugar on top enter me for a chance to win!!! goodness…what fun!


You have a doll house! It’s amazing to see such a whimsical decor in harmony and every single detail is guiding to the next. A sweet eye candy entirely. By the way you are a neighbor( I live in W. Robins) so I’m definetely in for Pettitcoats and Parasols.


YAY!! How exciting congratulations on your article! Oct. 5th is my birthday so I’m keeping my fingers crossed =D I just LOVE all of your creations.


Congratulations! Your home looks beautiful. I ooh and ahh over all the pictures you have posted of your home. Congrats to whoever wins!

I already bought my copy and so I don’t need to win, but I just wanted to say how gorgeous everything looked in your sweet home! Us “girls” in blogland share your excitement, even if the guys just wanna watch football! Congrats on such a great layout, your children will look back one day and say, wow, that’s my Mom in this magazine, that’s the REAL treat of it! Suzie

What an honor indeed to be featured in this beautiful magazine. Congratulations! I keep trying to get a hint of this look in just one room in my house and I just can’t quite seem to capture it, so I’m thinking I should just start using the pages as wallpaper and then I can at least pretend. LOL! Thank you for such a wonderful giveaway!
Cathy β™₯

O gosh, I would LOVE to win this magazine!! It is not for sale here, a friend from the USA sent me one last year. So have a “golden oldie” to flip through but would love to win the latest one.

Oh Shugah!~~~Your home is PERFECT for RC! Congrats!~~~XXOO, Beth

Dear Jenn, I feel like I know you, I love your blog!!!! I have every issue of ROMANTIC COUNTRY/ romantic homes ever published! Love all thats been featured on you! Congs!!! on Oct.RH! I’am tickeld pink for you!!! If by luck I might win your sweet little miss rose bud doll 2009,would you PLEASE…sing the magazine too!!!! Each day comes bearing its own gifts…untie the ribbons!!!!! YOU ARE A GIFT!!!!!!! GOD bless you. Diane xoxo

opps…meant to say recognition

Hi Miss Jenn,
How darling your photos look !! I, of course, haven’t gotten my hands on a copy of the new issue of Romantic Country ( not even to see my little feature:) but maybe I can win one and all will be well. You are such a darling friend and I bet Fifi just likes coming to visit you so she can absorb all that positive energy in such beautiful surroundings!! xoxo, Paulette

EEEKKK! How exciting Jenn! I can’t WAIT to go get my copy! I know it will be a gorgeous article.
xoxox andrea

Congtatulations! It’s all very inspirational.
Your giveaway is very nice.
egateris at gmail dot com

wow, I can’t wait to see the article!! Your house is amazing, and I bet it looks gorgeous in the article!!cograts!!
xoxo, Tiffany

Congratulations, so beautiful! And indeed sweet eye candy! Blessings

Congratulations. Please enter me in your giveaway. Would love to have the magazine.

Congrats on being featured! How neat! I also LOVE the “Little Miss Rosebud 2009”! Stunning!

Jenn, I enjoy your blog, and am thrilled for you! The magazine spread looks amazing, as does the little dollie wall hanging! Best of luck to all entrants!

Janice In Missouri

Oh My
I can’t wait to get my copy to look at. The pictures are wonderful.
Congratulations on this adventure.


I am so inspired by your site and style. Thanks for giving my heart a lift.

Congratulations! What a wonderful giveaway!

Jen, both you and your home are so lovely! I would be so honored to win your beautiful Little Miss Rosebud 2009! She would be perfect in my cottage bedroom, as I love her dearly and also love silver loving cups!!
Big TX Hugs,
Angelic Accents

Congratulations Jenn~! your feature looks simply beautiful! Love that sweet little dolly collage too. xo Heather

Hi lovely lady –
I was so excited to see that you had a new post for us to read, Jenn – your posts are such a sweet delight! And, then I got doubly excited to see that you were featured in one of my FAV magazines, too – Romantic Country! That magazine has so many inspirational features & creative ideas, and you’re one of the most inspirational and creative ladies that I have met in BlogLand so you two getting together was a match made in heaven! Your give away is absolutely darling – she’s beautiful! I’m blessed to now own one of your lovely shadow box creations, so here’s to hoping I am the lucky recipient of your giveaway. Have a lovely evening, Jenn! xoxo

Hi Jenn,
Congratulations! I love this magazine and will be looking for it soon. I hope you and your family are having a good week.

How wonderful to be featured in this magazine. Congratulations. Thank you for being so generous.

Oh my….isn’t that exciting? A dream come true, I’m sure!
Please add me to the list of hopefuls! Love the little cutie!


Congratulations on your magazine feature! So well deserved– you have such a beautiful and inspiring home.
Your little Miss Rosebud is so sweet! You’ve been working your magic again!

Wow!!! Much wonderful magazine so romantic and lovely…

Hi Jenn! Congratulations!! I am not a bit surprise with all the accolade you are getting. You are such a talented artist. It’s one of my wishes to meet you in person – one of these days…maybe in one of your Savannah events. By the way, Ms. Betty (clock) is taking the center stage in my curio, and everyone who sees her are just in awe. I really feel so lucky being the one to own her! I see that you have the Fairy Tale clock in your Etsy shop. Oh my…if I could only afford it (sigh)…
Ms Rosey is sooo pretty!!
Wishing you the best!

That’s so fantastic…I can only imagine how excited you must feel when you see your home sweet home in the pages of such a lovely mag!! Congratulations!! I would love to be in the running for a copy of said mag AND that darling little dolly–thank you!
Smiles, Karen

Oh Jenn…. I got the CHILLS!!!!! I am so thrilled for you. A well deserved extra special treat for the sweet Southern Belle! What an honor!

Congrats Miss Jenn! What a pretty article! You are such an inspiration!!

I was sitting with my college age daughters looking through magazines at the local Safeway store’s Starbucks/eating area.
One of the magazines was Romantic Country Bedrooms. As my girls ooh and awed over your home I was proud to say I already had been following your blog for over a year!
Finally something their non-texting, not always hip Mom was some what hip about.

Congratulations Jenn! How exciting to have your home featured in such a beautiful magazine. Your home is gorgeous! I always enjoy my visits to your blog, and would love to enter for your giveaway… Little miss rosebud 2009 is adorable, and would look just perfect in my granddaughters room!

Robin Martin

Congratulations on the beautiful pictorial ! Gorgeous !

How fun to have your beautiful home featured in a magazine! Congratulations

Congratulation on the article. What a wonderful thing to have someone appreciate the beauty of your home.
Impatient Cajun

JENNNN!!! Ok this is the second time Ive tried to comment… lol… comps arent liking me this week! I have to tell you what happened to me! Ok, well I havent been on the blogs/flickr in quite some time due to personal issues.. HOWEVER.. I was in walmart the night before last and picked up romantic country and there was your dining room right inside the cover! I was like WOO HOO! I read the article, drooled over the photos and slung it right in my buggy. Im soooo proud of you Jenn you totally deserve that spread! Your always at the top of my inspiration list girl and I freakin love you! Hope all is well with the family & give them big smooches from the blogger world!
xo Jennifer.

Congratulations! I can relate to the whole “remote and football” thing! My Husband and Sons are exactly the same!

Georgie Parker

I also have my fingers crossed in winning! If I don’t, I will be purchasing a copy any way! Congratulations, Jenn!!!!

Hi Jenn;
Congratulations on your home being chosen to be highlighted in the magazine. What fun! May God bless you and all of your creativity!
mama to 7
one homemade and 6 adopted
*come meet us…we love new friends!

Please enter me! I would love to own one of your beautiful creations! Picked up rc and also country victorian, also seen your daughters room in there, so pretty!

I love all of the beautiful pictures of your home! Your decorating style is so delightful!
Deirdre G

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