Rosanna’s sweet shadowbox

Hello all of my sweet blogging friends. Are you ready for some major eye candy? Well after 3 loooong weeks Im sooooooo excited to share with you Rosanna’s custom shadowbox. Now some of you might not know who Rosanna is, but Im sure many of you in our "artist and collectors circle of friends", know very well who she is. I’ll give you a little background info. She is lives in Italy and is a huge supporter and collector of independent artist. You would NOT believe her art collection! It’s OVER THE TOP! Her home is like a fairytale of only the sweetest and prettiest of treasures. She has stuff by Nicole Sayre, Jen O’Conner of Earth Angels, Missy Balance of Mohair Circus, Jenn & Aaron from Everyday is a Holiday. Laurie Duncan from Happy as a Lark, Holly from Holly Doodle Designs, and the list goes ON!!!!!!!!  Well, Rosanna contacted me a few weeks ago after seeing Vivian’s shadowbox. She requested I make one for her and her five year old daughter Nicole. Let me tell you I was BEYOND estatic!!!! Just to think that she thought so much of my work was the highest compliment! It’s hard not to compare youself to sooo many talented and amazing artist. Im just little ole’ me making cute girlie shadowboxes. So needless to say I was very flattered and honored. With all that being said………… TA-DA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



This is Sugarbear sitting in a bon bon cup full of sweet sugar!


Yummy Sweet Treats


More Yummies!




Sugar & Spice


Dancing ballerina and her wee forest friends


Miss Prissy Bunny


Sweet little princess birdie


Sweet little figurine & rose


Musical trio kitties


Miss Lavender Princess


Fairy Belle


This custom piece has truly been a labor of love. I would sit down at night after I put the kiddies to bed, and I would lose myself for hours in creating all the sweet small details that went into this. It’s so much fun using your imagination, and creating something so fairytale and magical. Im honored and delighted that Miss Rosanna will add this to her OVER THE TOP collection. πŸ™‚

I will be creating some smaller scale Halloween,and Christmas shadowboxes very soon that will be available on my Etsy store! So be on the lookout!  Thanks for stopping by!!!! XOXO



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HI There!!
I am in heaven with this piece!! It’s totally perfect, every single bit is delicious!!
Can’t wait to see more of your wonderful creations!!
Rosanna is one lucky gal!


Jenn!! you did such an amazing job!! i can totally see more orders pourin’ in, for sure!!
geez, it musta been kinda bittersweet parting with this, eh?? but, alas, there are gonna be some big, big smiles on some faces when they receive it!!
i’ll be checkin’ out your shop for sure!!
jenny (be cheery) =0)

OH MY GOSH! You’ve outdone yourself, Miss Twinkle! I just love this. ADORE IT! Rosanna and Nicole are sure to feel the same way. What a yummy treat this is and sure to delight for many years to come. My 6-year-old and 3-year-old just GASPED when they saw it so I know Sweet Nicole will do the same! Can’t WAIT to see what you come up with next. Your creations are just so beautiful and so unique, my friend! I think you’ve got a little business whether you planned on it or not!! huggies!!! cheryl πŸ™‚

aww! Jen! You’ve outdone yourself! That is so cute! And Rosanna is so sweet. I feel very lucky to have her collect my work πŸ™‚ And thanks for the blog luv!

OOPS! I just commented as Nicole because she was here visiting and it was saved in her computer! SOrry about that! LOL!

What a fantastic creation. It is so sweet and the colour combinations are to die for!

THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!!!! You all have NO idea HOW MUCH your compliments and kind words mean to me. I take them to heart. πŸ™‚

Absolutely beautiful! It’s truly perfect down to every last detail. Amazing work!

Hi Jenn….SOOO cute! Rosanna will be thrilled! I love the garland at the top especially. And the candy neclace garland was a great idea too!

ABSOLUTE PERFECTION! You did an amazing job! Angelina

I’m not sure how I came across your fun blog but I love it. This is an amazing creation and yes I know about Rosanna. She’s in Club Little House this round. Wouldn’t we all love to visit her house? I’m crazy about your garland.

LOVE LOVE LOVE the candy necklace garland on that house!!!! The house is just to die for!
Nicole (really from me this time) LOLOL and not Missy posting under my name!

Your shadowbox is absolutely adorable! I keep hearing about Rosanna and would love to see her collection. How exciting to be picked to make something for her! I am enjoying looking at your archives. I love your blog!

Just beautiful. The details you put into the shadow box are amazing.
I just love your work


The shadow box is incredible! What a delightful confection Rosanna is gonna receive…you did an amazing job & so much detail! Can’t wait to see more. Hmmmm…makes me wish I hadn’t gotten rid of my big house-shaped shadow boxes years ago, but yesterday at Goodwill I found a small plain one with 3 of those ballerina cake toppers! I think I’ll add to it for my girls room. πŸ™‚

Absolutely wonderful, pretty, sweet things. I want a shadow box!!! I would love to wake up to those beautiful, soft colors and adorable trinkets and graphics every day. I am going to link to you so I can keep an eye out…

Hi Jennifer….and I thought the birdies were cute, this is so intricate and beautiful, bet is hard to send off, but I am sure Rosanna will love it and hopefully you won’t miss it too much!
I have also tagged you to let us know more about you…come visit and find out, too hard to explain… KN Linda Lilly Cottage.
PS Have a truly scrumptious day!!

This just takes my breath away! So totally FAB!! She will treasure this always!
xo, suzy

WOW….It is all so lovely. You are very talented! I love it.

LOVE LOVE LOVE your sweet house. Fabulous work. Rosanna will adore it!!

I love the whole thing….absolutely adorable! But I especially love the candy necklace roof! Great work!

This is so beautiful! I love all the details, esp. the candy necklace roof line. And hey – I’m sitting right on the top LOL!

very sweet! I loove those little birdies!!

this is just the sweetest thing over!! every little item is just adorable!! i love it!!

*sweetest thing ever* {i am working in the dark here…and i think i may need glasses}

*sweetest thing ever* {i am working in the dark here…and i think i may need glasses}

*sweetest thing ever* {i am working in the dark here…and i think i may need glasses}

*sweetest thing ever* {i am working in the dark here…and i think i may need glasses}

*sweetest thing ever* {i am working in the dark here…and i think i may need glasses}

Just found your blog & am blown away! Such beautiful work! I love your shadow box. I’ll be back, visiting often!

You made a wonderful piece that I’m sure Rosanna will love. Congrats! Can’t wait to see what you do for Halloween! πŸ™‚

This is a MASTERPIECE!!! I love all the little details, so so cute.
Simply amazing.

omg! im in love with everyhting!!!!
you are so cute.
jessi nagy

oh my its so beautiful!!!
how gorgeous
she will love it!!!

This is soooooo amazing! I have it saved as a fave on Flickr and just keep going back to admire it! What a beautiful piece and so inspiring. I have a little girl with a birthday coming up…. so many ideas floating around! πŸ™‚

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