Scott’s Antique Market


Happy Father's Day to all you loving and doting Dad's! Today we celebrate YOU and the joys of Fatherhood. You are our strength and our ROCK!!!! We love you!!!!  

Yesterday my hubby was sweet and kind enough to keep the kiddies while my dear friend Suzanne and I drove up to Atlanta to attend Scott's Antique Market which is held the second weekend of every month. Over the years I've purchased several gorgeous pieces of furntiure and colletables from Scott's. This place is truly an antique lovers paradise!!! This was my girlfriend Suzanne's first time attending Scott's and we had HOURS of fun together!


Shabby Chic furniture



Beautiful pottery


I found this darling little piece for a BARGIN! It's kid size and it has a little tin wash basin in the middle and a little hook rack.  Im going to use it in the playroom for the kiddies. I was thinking Vivi could play with it and use it to bathe her dollies in. I got it half off! YIPPEE!!!!!!!


Here it is in the house. I think she will have a BALL playing and using it. 


We stopped and OOGLED several vintage jewelry bling. I fell in love with these FUN earrings. 




I saw this WOWZA piece and giggled to Suzanne and said "How hot would that be to suprise your man wearing nothing but high heels and this gorgeous sparkley necklace??? hee! hee!


These next couple of photos are my FAV!!!! The SWEETEST little goodies and treasures. I was actually VERY GOOD and held MUCH restraint!!!

Doll cabinet FULL of googly eye dolls!



Sweet baby dolls from the booth of Rosemary Grant of Old Friends Ltd.




Look at these darling little patriotic fellas!



I just ADORE this little blue eyed cutie!


LOVE these charming girlie salt and pepper shakers!


Vintage Children hangers


How sweet is this vintage sand pail???


I was DYING over the owners collection of VINTAGE holiday figurines and collectables! I was like a little kid in the candy store wanting one of each.



I purchased this beautiful old fringe card for a steel! When I saw this I instantly thought of Miss Heather of Pretty Petals. I know how much she loves these cards. πŸ™‚ Miss Heather when is your b-day? hee! hee!





Late this summer I am starting a project of "re-doing" Grant's big boy room in a vintage nautical theme. My friend Suzanne who is an interior designer suggest I dont do the obvious "red, white, and blue" and do more neutral tones of sand, linen, seafoam greens, aqua, blue, and a mixuture of orange and gold yellows. I LOVE the idea!!! Im going to purchase twin beds and do simple bed coverings of washable matelasse coverlet, stripe ticking window treatments, and accessories that are vintage and vintage inspired. Lookie at what I bought yesterday for his room! Sooo cute and they match his wardrobe PERFECT!


I purchased this big wooden star which I thought it would look great on his bedroom wall. My hubby instantly took one look and said it looked like a  devil worship symbol. GEEZ!!!! THANKS HON!!! LOL!!!


I found these already painted blue and green picture frames, and these vintage bouys. 


Keep your eyes open if you see anything that would be super cute for his room. Drop me a line! Looking is ALWAYS the fun part!!! 

Ok gals, Im less than one week away from sharing with you some fun and exciting news. Cant wait! Come back and visit me soon!


Lastly, I want to dedicate this post to my beloved Alli. My husband and I had to put our sweet girl to rest this past Friday. She has lived a long and wonderful 16 years. She has brought so much unconditional love and happiness to my life. I purchased her when I was 20 years old and she has journeyed with me thru the up's and down's of my life. She will always be in my heart and will be deeply missed.

Hugs & Kisses to you all! Have a wonderful Father's Day & week!


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What a FUN trip you made! I would love to see Scotts, thanks for the preview! Laughing about the necklace. Looks very intricate to remove (ahem!) hee hee. Being an interior designer myself I totally agree with your friend. I never do traditional colors in themed rooms and think that room for Grant is perfect and the color scheme is FAB! How fun!! Can’t wait to see pics!
Sorry about your sweet dog, what wonderful memories you will have of her! Aren’t pets the best!
xx Molly

I’m so sorry about your sweet dog. I hope you have a wonderful Father’s Day. Love the vintage nautical look.

Ana Barrett

ohh jenn im just dying over that lovely antique market!! looks like a blast!
and very sorry to hear about your sweet dog.
Great hearing from ya and have a super duper fantastic week!!
ana =]

Oh be still my heart! What a BEAUTIFUL antique mall! You are so lucky! All the white and aqua, just beautiful! I love the little sink table you bought for Vivi!! That is really neat!
I am so sorry about your sweet dog πŸ™ It is so hard to lose a beloved pet.
I hope you have a beautiful Father’s Day with your sweeties and babies!

Oooooohhhh….I am sooooo jealous over the shopping there! EEEEK!!! Those dolls, especially and that washstand for Miss Vivi!!!! I love it. So perfect! I can totally picture the adorable piccys of her giving her dollies baths and washing her teacups and saucers. πŸ™‚ So sorry to hear about your sweet Ally. πŸ™ I’m saying a prayer for you and your family as you miss her dreadfully. And give Mr. Curtis a Happy Father’s Day from me, as well. He is such a great husband and father! hugs to you, Sweets!!!!

Wow, looks like so much fun. I LOVE the doll in the blue bathing suit with red polka dots and I LOVE the vintage hangers!

Okay, you had to buy at least one of those dolls!! I dont think I could have resisted all the holiday goodies!!
So sorry about your dog, its such a hard thing to do.
And BTW you sure know how to tease us with all these surprises and projects you are keeping secret…hurry up with all the unveiling!!

Jenn, i am so sorry about your sweet Alli
i am just dying over all of the wonderful dolls at the antique fair!!! what a huge assortment of beauties they had, i would have wanted them all!!!

That antique market looks amazing! I wanna just jump into the pictures!
I’m so sorry for the loss of your sweet Alli, Jenn.


Oh Jenn Im so Sorry about your dog. That truly is the hardest part of owning a pet. Ughhh,Your finds are Gorgeous too. I Love all the Dolls and Sparkle. The little wash for Vivi is Adorable Im sure she will use it for years. I like the finds for your hubby although I do agree with him about the Star!LOL.. Men..Have a Wonderful Week, Jamie

Jenn~ Looks lke you got some great treasure!! YEA! Love the these for Grant’s room!
I know you miss your Alli. We have a 15 yr old papillon and I know we are nearing the end. This is the sad part about our sweet pets, but I do believe that there must be a pet heaven!


Fab post! Thanks for sharing!
Hugs and come for a visit!


Oh my goodness! What a fabulous market. I am so jealous! Love that necklace idea. he he! That little wash basin is adorable. Show us pictures of little Vivi playing with her dollies! I love the idea for Grants room. the color choices are perfect.
I like the star. How about some white lites on it. You know like the little white Xmas tree lites. Just an idea.

so sad about your darling dog πŸ™ hugs!!
adorable finds at the market!! so cool!!
xoxo Britt

Aw Jen, I’m sorry for your loss. Doggies are so much joy and comfort. I still remember my dad calling me to tell me about my childhood furry friend Domino.
It was super crushing.
I was just scrolling your pictures ever so slowly…I haven’t been to a flea market–EVER. We just don’t have any super close to me–it’s kind of sad. Maybe one day?
All my finds come from tag sales, garage sales, thrift stores and antique shops.

wow, what treasures at the market. I wish I lived close enough to go with you one day. I love looking at your treasures and what you passed up but I am betting it was very hard. Those dolls are adorable.
I am so sorry to hear about your sweet doggie. Losing a pet is so hard. My thoughts are with you. HUGS!!


You should check out the bedding at the new “Restoration Hardware Baby and Child” website- they have beautiful blues, aquas, browns and tans for your little boy’s room.

ohhhhhh…i love all the pictures and the bedroom makeover sounds super fun! can’t wait to see that unravel! for some reason i was thinking you all were selling your house…did i miss something? probably???
so sorry to hear about your beloved dog…so sad.

I am so sorry about your sweet Alli. 16 years is a long time, but it’s never quite long enough, is it? I just lost my sweet boy, May a few weeks ago, so understand what you are going through. My thoughts are with you.

Sweet Cottage Dreams

Oh Jenn, I am so sorry to hear about the loss of sweet Alli! I know your heart must feel heavy over the loss and you will miss her so much. Dogs are really an integral part of our families and are like little kids. ((hugs to you and your family))
Ok kiddo, you hit the glory road on that sale!!! I love those hangers and the dolls! Cutie pie in the sky things fer sure! I don’t know if I would have been so disciplined. But, Vivi’s little bench is the sweetest thing!
Grant’s room is going to be wonderful. Now hey, I really don’t think the star looks satanic at all. It is too cute for a pentagram anyways. Those buoys are the best! We love nautical things at our house!!

Oh, goodness! You were sooo close to me! I’m hitting the GA 400 market this weekend. Allegedly, Honey is going with me. We’ll see how that goes.

OMG the antique dolls, your daughter’s wash basin and the distressed blue items you bought for your son’s room are just gorgeous! I am redecorating my kids’ room as well and bought a huge star today as well! I’m sorry about the loss of Alli!
Sandy xox

Oh Jen, I am so sorry for your loss. Our pets are our first babies, aren’t they?
You got some great stuff from the antique mart!

Jenn – I’m so sorry about your dog – saying good-bye to a family member is the hardest thing in the world!! I’m glad you got to go and have a fun weekend though – the antique sale looked like a lot of fun! Nan

Hi jenn!! Oh WOW!!!!! what a great place to shop and all of your photos are gorgeous! I love that cutest ever little washstand, Vivi is going to love that so much. The star for Grants room is just perfect!!
Thank you so much for thinking of me with that GORGEOUS card! What a pretty one it is with the roses on it. πŸ™‚ It is so fun to know that your blogging friends are thinking of you when out! love that!
Hope you had a wonderful weekend!! xoxo Heather

oh….and forgot to say I am SO sorry about your sweet Ali. She is happy now but it sure is hard to say goodbye when she is loved so much. xoxo

Love everything!!!
I wish I lived near Atlanta!!
I also love the idea of your sons room!
cant wait to hear your special news,
and my heart goes out to you for the passing of your little pup.
I adore my babies and would be crushed to loose them so I can imagine how you feel.

Jenn, So sorry to hear about your little Allie. I hope you always remember the years you did have. Lovin’ your finds from the market! The new room design sounds very calm and soothing, lucky Grant!

Oh my! I wouldn’t know when to stop! I bet your car was loaded up! So sorry to hear about your dog, it really is like losing a child. I hope you have brighter days ahead. Looks like you had a blast shopping, I wonder if that will be going on when I come down to Atlanta????? I could get into major trouble. Love the goodies you picked up for Grants room! Can’t wait to see how you put it all together!

First of all, I am so sorry about your sweet little doggie. I know your heart must be hurting. Hugs my friend!
Love all of your finds at Scott’s. I have not been there yet, but plan to sometime soon.
I love the little wash basin for your daughter. I can totally see little doll dresses hanging on the hooks from sweet little hangers!
Also love the finds for your son’s room. I sure it will look amazing.
Funny about the star. We used to have a “western” themed room in our house and we had a big tin star like that on our fireplace and my parents always gave me a hard time about it looking like a pentgram. I finally told them that my husband and I would take our clothes off and chant to it late at night. LOL They quit bugging me about it after tha. :0)
xoxo, Cerri

Oh my I love the rhinestone necklace. It would be great with a deep backed gown cascading down…very Erte’

Pat Jones

I love the sink you bought for the play room. I have an antique Amish sink that I will list soon that you might want to have in your play room. Only kidding. Your taste as always is spectacular and I love the photographs in your blog. Amazing. I want all those little dolls and soldiers….ooo yes I do. Hope you are well Jenn…it has been so long since we talked. Have a lovely afternoon.

awww Jenn, I am so sorry about you losing Alli. I know how hard that decision to put her to sleep probably was for you as I put my cocker spaniel, Oliver, to sleep last September. He was 16.5 y/o. It was the hardest thing to do but he was suffering from cancer and almost blind. He was such an awesome dog (even though he snored like a man) and had been with me since I was 26 and he was 5wks old. I always said he was my first born. I told our vet that I wanted to be last thing he saw when he left this earth and I was. I held him through it all. It was the least I could do since he had been with me through some really hard times in my life, but was always there to let me hug him and give me comfort. Even though it’s been almost ten months without him, I still miss him so. Although getting Gracie and Max before he passed really helped the boys adjust to his loss easier…and me too!

So sorry about your dog. I know how hard that is.
I love the goodies you found; the little *sink* is ADORABLE! And LOVE the direction you are going with the nautical theme in the soft colors! Can hardly wait to see! πŸ™‚


hi Jenn, Id love to visit that antique show! my goodness Im afraid I would get into trouble there. Id love to get my hands on some of those little dolls!!
the little sink is adorable! vivi is very lucky!
I think I told you how sorry I am about your puppy on flickr. I know how awful that feels.. they certainly give us their love and we really miss it when its gone. but I do thank god for creating such furry little lovies for us! even though we do have to eventually say good bye to them… so sorry!

Sorry to hear about your doggie.
I love the dollies, the big star & everything else!

I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your beloved companion.
May your sweet memories stay close in your heart.


Very sorry to hear about your lovable pup – I always think of my pets in heaven as our guardian angels now.
Can’t wait to see the nautical themed room – the buoys & star are such great colors – I’m sure it will look amazing.

Gorgeous girl I am so sorry about your lovely Alli, the day you emailed me I was just wondering how she was going, so sad : (
On a happier note I love love love Vivi’s washbasin, as a lover of green that is just the perfect shade and beautiful chippiness!!!!
Grant’s room decor is gorgeous but lol I can see where hubby is coming from now that you said it, tee hee!!! it does look great though and i wouldn’t have thought it unless you said it! xoxo

ooh Jenn,
I am so very very sorry for your loss. Losing a pet that has taken up residence in your heart… Now you have 3 more loves in your heart since first getting her.
We lost our first pet last Oct. We only had her for 8 years. Sweet Catapult.
Ok, I am too sad now. I hope your heart is filled with her wonderful memories.
Love all of your music! Your treasures, and your JOY!

This place looks like a dream come true! Makes me want to hurry and get back to the flea market.

I love the theme for your son’s room. Your vintage finds are awesome. Here is a little something from my Etsy shop that you might consider. It would look adorable sitting on top of that wardrobe or atop a picture frame.
Anyway, just a suggestion.


Hi, I certainly enjoyed the ride through Scott’s and your own personal galary. I just love your site. But Jenn, I must tell you how I happened upon your site. I am a Christian myself and just deciding to google certain things I typed the word ‘devil worship’ and the symbol that you bought popped up with the devil worship symbols. If I’m not mistaken your star is the star of David. I believe the satanic symbol is made differently. Please look this up. Probably the comment you mentioned your dear husband said made google classify it with the satanic symbol. Your site is much too beautiful to be clarified as satanic. Merry Christmas!!!

Jerry Seitz

I collect vintage photos with a humorous twist and am wondering where you found that picture of the two men wearing those fabulous hats? Do you own the actual photo or did you find it on the internet. Did you photoshop the bonnets onto their hats?

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