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Hello friends! It's been awhile since I've updated my shop, so Im thrilled to have been able to carve out a little time to make a few more girly clocks. I cant tell you how much fun I have making these. It's like bringing it's own little personality to life.

This baby blue and cream beauty is Miss Caroline. She's so elegant and beautiful and would look lovely displayed in your boudoir.


The most glamourous vintage earrings adorn the sides of the clock!




This darling sweet girly clock is Miss DeDe the Debutante. She is ready for her formal big night out!



Dede is a pretty brunette with full ruby lips!




This next very very special clock is something I've been working on in stages for awhile now. I've had it in my mind for quite sometime that I wanted to make a fairytale assemblage piece with a beautiful clock as the main focus. It's a dreamy sparkly pastel magical fairyland!!!!

This piece is "Fairytale Enchantment"

In the deepest dreams of free spirited imaginative children and those that are "believers" is a land of mystical ethereal beauty, magical wonderment, and frolicking fairyfolk.

(click on image to enlarge) 

DSCN7115_edited-1 copy_edited-2  

Fairy bunny Violet searches the land for falling stars, and safely protects them and keeps them safe in a tight vessel. Every now and than the fallen stars are used for grand occasions of granting those with a special wish. 

DSCN7120_edited-1 copy 

This angelic fay is Liliana. She rides her majestic unicorn Twilight thru the mystical land and teaches her peers good manners & graciousness. 

DSCN7123_edited-1 copy  


Pixie Puck Pippin is in time out because he's a class clown cutting up and misbehaving at the Fairy School of Magic. 

DSCN7125_edited-1 copy  

His sweet and demure sister Fern is a dreamer. She loves to sit in the soft meadow near the pond and pick flowers, eat sugar plums,write poetry, dance, and play with the water fairies.

DSCN7128_edited-1 copy_edited-1 

The dazzling clock keeps Fairyland time. Chimes and bells go off when sleeping children awake.

DSCN7147_edited-1The clock sits sweetly on a vintage swan planter. 

DSCN7172_edited-1 copy_edited-1 Violet is looking for stars!!!!

DSCN7203_edited-1 copy 

Liliana & Twilight


This little elf sprite is named Sprout. He's very shy & quiet, but everytime his little elf ears hears a childs giggle, he bust out laughing with glee & joy.  

DSCN7133_edited-2 copy 

This charming little fella is Jingles. He likes to sit and talk to all the wee mystical forest folk and sing songs of merriment!

DSCN7134_edited-1 copy_edited-1

This has been a delightful & fun piece to create. Pure sparkle and magic!!!!

(click to enlarge) 

DSCN7194_edited-3 copy 

Ok…..some SERIOUSLY exciting news!!!! Details of Petticoats & Parasols Plantation Art Event is UP & registration is OPEN!!!! Please click here to read more details. I hope you will join me!!!! πŸ™‚


Thanks for stopping by! I cherish your visits! I hope you all have a lovely and happy creative week!


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I have been waiting for your post update….Wish I could attend that wonderful event.
Your creations are sooo dreamy. I just posted about some doll heads myself and my “New” Etsy store…Prairee Princess.
I have had my doll heads for a long time and just kept them displayed in a jar.
Stop on by my blog..off to visit your shop….Hugs~Sheri

That is such a magical place you have created for Liliana and her friends! Blessings and congratulations on such a glorious creation! Every bit is so special.

those are all SO sweet and magical Jenn…i really REALLY love DeDe…i’m not one bit surprised she is sold already…

love the sweet clocks Jenn! especially the pink frou frou one. Would love to come to your event, you keep having them and one of these times I’ll make it! I’m headed to art opera which is only a couple weeks before yours.
have a great week!

Wow, sweet lady! How in the world do you come up with all these super-frilly ideas! You have really outdone yourself with these amazingly girly creations and I just can’t stop drooling over them. I have got to tell my dearest friend to check everything out…she will adore your latest lovelies! Keep creating…the world never has enough glitter, feathers and pink! I am a major fan!

You’ve created a little magical wonderland in that last piece!! What a masterpiece.

OMG Jenn you’ve outdone yourself, and I don’t know exactly how that is possible!!! Seriously gorgeous stuff, oh I love it all! xo

So gorgeous Jenn! They are deliciously beautiful.
Ciao bella,

Thank you Karla!!! I knew you would appreciate a little fairytale magic! XO,Jenn

Thank you sooo much for your uber sweet compliments! (HUGS!) Jenn

Thank you Vivian! I always appreciate your lovely compliments!!! πŸ™‚ Have fun at Art Opera…if I can swing it I will be comming! I mentioned it to hubby and he looked at me like “Can we afford all of this?” LOL!!!
Sweet hugs! Jenn

Hi Sheri!
Thank you sooo much for stopping by and leaving such lovely compliments! Congrats on Prairee Princess! I will be sure to check it out! Hugs! Jenn

JENN!!!!! I am speechless!!!!!!!! The fairy tale clock is amazing!! Do you know that I have loved unicorns since I was little? I hardly see them and when I saw her I got butterflies!! And the violet bunny fairy, oh Jenn!! I love this piece so much, I am having a hard time putting words together to tell you, lol! You my sweet friend are the most amazing, talented, creative artist in the world right now and I am so thankful you are sharing your talents with us! You bring so much happiness when the world can feel dark and lonely. Thank you sweet friend.
Love and hugs,

Amy,((HUGS!)) Thank you sweet friend for your loving UBER sweet compliments! You’ve made my day with your kindness! Trust me…when Im having a hard day or week…just looking at my work lifts my spirits. Love ya!!! XOXO,Jenn

Oh, soooo pretty and sweet!

I’d say you had a creative week… I love everything Jenn, It’s all so magical… I gotta tell ya, I just adore those doll clocks, they are just amazing.. Hope all is well..

GORGEOUS new piecess Jenn! That assemblage piece is AMAZING!

Cindy Lee

I had an idea that would be sooooo much fun to see you put your creative hand to using your dolls & clock theme ~~ “Get Me To the Church on Time” from ‘My Fair Lady’!
Little Bride & Groom, wedding flowers, sparkles, cake, presents, flower girls, diamond rings…the list could go on for days, LOL!!!!
I always adore seeing what you’ve been up to and never leave disappointed and inspired. Thanks for sharing your creations, home and family with us all!

Awwww…thank you Kristin! I really appreciate your super sweet compliments! πŸ™‚ Smiles, Jenn

Thanks for stopping by Cindy! I appreciate your lovely compliments! I also LOOOOOVE your idea! BRILLIANT! Thanks for the idea…so sweet of you. πŸ˜‰ XOXO,Jenn

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