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Hello my friends? How have you been? I feel like I've been out of the loop  and a bit out of touch lately. I've just had a million little things on my "to do" list, but I thought it would be fun to stop say "Hello", and share a sweet little show & tell with ya. Something cutesy and lighthearted that will hopefully bring a smile to your face. 

DSCN4030_edited-1 All aboard for the birthday train express! How stinking CUTE is this??? Ok, I recently purchased this on Ebay thinking I would use it in a future project. I took one look and knew I could NEVER part with it. Never before have a seen a vintage ceramic birthday candle train like this.  

DSCN4033_edited-1  Mr. Quacks and Miss. ELe are having the ride of their life!   

DSCN4031_edited-1 Weeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!! Seriously how freaking adorable is this? So fun! I will definitely have to use this for the kiddies cake. πŸ˜‰

Another fabulous find! Is this super fun hot pink retro poodle apron! I "flipped" when I saw it!


I love how it's gathered at the top of the apron and it's trimmed in the prettiest pink velvet! Miss Vivi is modeling my new apron.


So, the other day I went to a local antique mall that I haven't visted in ages. Thought I would browse and see if anything special caught my eye. Well, I stumbled upon this ornate gold clock, that no longer worked and was priced for $20.


I took apart the clock insides, kept the dome glass face, and with a little make-over….TA – DA!!!!! A picture frame!




Im just so TICKLED with how sweet it turned out.

I've saved the best for LAST! No one can resist cute cuddly furry kittens or puppies. Well, My Mothers cat Smokey just gave birth to itty bitty kittens. Soooo sweet!!!



 Look at those adorable fuzzy pom pom heads!!!



I just love the LONG white whiskers above it's eyes!!!! SWEEET!!!!!!!

Well girlies, I hope I brought a lil smile to your face with the bundle of sweetness! If you really want to see SUPER CUTE animals and a little somethin' to brighten your day you must check out Cute Overload blog. Omigosh! The bunny babies are seriously ADORABLE! 

Have a creative and fabulous week sweet friends! XOXO,

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Your post did make me smile πŸ™‚
I can see how you would want to keep the
train candle. It is unique and so cute.
I love the clock re-do. What a beautiful
picture frame.
The apron looks adorable on Vivi. Perfect
design and that shade of pink!
Those kittens are precious!
Thanks for the show n tell post. I enjoyed it.

Wow, such prettiness everywhere! And that clock/frame, I just love it! I can’t wait to see your home in person (hopefully), and I really hope that this frame is featured in the photos, what an interesting thing to write about.

Hi Jenn, such sweetness as always. Love, love what you did with the clock frame and sweet,sweet kitties! Rachaelxo

Lee Laurie Noll

Hello. I love your blog! It makes me have a happy feeling inside. The music is perfect. I love love love the frame that you made with the old clock. It looks so romantical. Is that a word? Not sure but thats the word that came to me when I saw your frame. The kittens are adorable too.

hey doll,
eeekkk how stinken cute are the kitty’s!!!! love them,
gorgeous re~do on the frame. love it.
the kids look adorable.
see ya soon,

That was cute overload all on its own!
And coupled with that song–so sweet!
Love ya, Jenn!

Cute overload is RIGHT! What sweet finds and I love what you did with the clock! Soooo beautiful, Jenn! And of course the kittens….darling. And even better with a sweet little kidlet face looking at them. xoxo

Hi Jenn- I just found your blog this week and I’m really in love with it! Your kids are adorable and your home is lovely.
Hey- Cerri at the Little Pink Studio is doing a “Show and Tell” this week and the theme is vintage figurines. I thought that would be right up your alley (if you didn’t already know about it.) I’m looking forward to what you come up with next!

Stinkin’ Cute is right! I would have kept it too,Jenn! Too sweet for words…you could use it on anyone’s cake and it would bring smiles and giggles!
The apron is to-die-for! Pink…Poodles…vintage Heaven! Your model is smoochy,sugary sweet too!
The baby kitties are tiny and precious! Love the white “socks” and whiskers!
You win the Cutest Post Ever Award!


I just happened upon your blogsite recently and is one of my favorites. I love your creativeness. The kitties are adorable. Thanks for all your inspiration.

Jennifer, You are not going to believe it but I have a Ceramic Train for a Cake Top and I just got it out last night, and I was thinking I must destash so I was going to take pix and sell. It is not exactly the same but I will have to share a picture with you. Like minds think alike (:
Hugs, Diane
PS Love Kittten’s

I love your blog it is such a great read and awesome pictures…thanks for sharing…Toni

Oh Jenn, this post is just what I needed tonight!! Too cute for words! LOVE that train!!! Oh my goodness, my boys would love to see something like that on there cakes πŸ™‚ Miss Vivi looks stunning in the beautiful apron πŸ™‚ She is such a living doll!
You did a beautiful job on that clock/frame Jenn! That is so beautiful! You have such an eye for pretty, romantic things! I love your style.
And those kittens!! Oh my goodness!! I want to hold one so bad, lol!

Wow, I was so lucky to land in your blog. You’re so incredibly talented. I love all the things you are doing and how you change up a clock to a picture frame.
Love it all.
I can not wait to sit for an hour or 5 and go through all of the links and posts!
Love it!

Thank you so much Jenn to show us all these cute and sweet pictures, the days seems a little bit sunnier now! /linnea-maria

Hey Jenn, thanks for visiting me. I love the clock/new picture frame. It’s so you!
I will have to keep my eyes open at the antique malls… I am looking for a clock face like that. I am hoping to use it for my SB wand swap. πŸ™‚ I can’t wait to meet you. And I think we have a class together. xoxo, Joanna

Gosh I haven’t left a comment in ages! so I have to tell you the cupcake toppers of grant and Vivian were adorable! And the clock came ou awesome! I never would have thought of it! Now tell me are the kids constantly watching the kitties? have a fun week and oh love the craftroom/dining room display, now that’s my girl! No matter where you can find Jenn crafting away! Love,Lori

This was a fabulous dose of cuteness and just what I needed today!

Hello lovely~ I’m on cute overload here!!!
Your little girl in that pretty apron is just too adorable!!! And the kitties!!!!!
awwww… so cute!!!
Enjoy your day!~

HI Jenn-Thanks for stopping by my blog because now I have discovered yours!!!!! I love your work in progress(e.g. your beautiful home). I see we have a lot of the same taste for shabby, vintage, etc…I actually have the same buffet you have. I purchased mine while I was living in Minnesota. I would love to go antiquing down south. Unfortunately, I am in Seattle with no way to get my treasures home. Can’t wait to meet you at Silver Bella.

Oh my goodness! A woman after my own heart (re: your work space) : )
I just posted my latest pumpkin sewing project. Upohlstery fabric pumpkins.
Love your site,

The clock-turned-sweet-frame is cute! Lovely with your children in the center! Love all your sweet pics today!

What you did with that old clock is just outstanding. It came out so wonderful. Great job and great idea. Thanks for shaing.

Thanks for the Smile !! πŸ™‚ The wee train is ever so sweet !!And I love your frame, it looks wonderful !! πŸ™‚

Miss Vivi is a DOLL!!! And what you did to that clock……..I LOVE IT! Your creativity and imagination are endless!!

Hi Jenn, I can see why you will be keeping the Birthday train, it is adorable. Miss Vivi looks so sweet in the vintage poodle apron. and you new kittens are so cute.

Oh My Gosh! This post was filled with sweet eye candy for sure! Loved the poodle apron (and the cute model).

Lots of pretty things, as always! πŸ™‚ I love checking your blog for new posts, they always cheer me up. I love that picture frame!

That clock is unbelievable..WOW! And the poodle skirt so stinkn’ cute. What do you look on when you look on ebay? Just vintage or what? Everything is sugar-dipped cute!!! Wendy

Ah… Jenn, thanks for taking the time to take the pics, post and write! You’ve added some happy sweetness to my day!
~ Hearts ~

You found some wonderful items! I would have never thought, hmm, turn that clock into a beautiful frame! I LOVE it! The kitties are sweet too, I’m sure your little ones are thrilled! Suzie

Okay…so are you going to wear that lovely apron and do some cookin’ in the kitchen or somewhere else?!?!?
I LOVE the clock frame. Nice job my friend. Very clever and simply beautiful!
Ciao cara,

My goodness, I know when I come to this blog to be prepared for shocking cuteness! The train, well that is just too precious!
That apron? I’m jealous! love it!
Your clock idea is marvelous! Congrats to the kitty momma!

I don’t know who’s cuter – the kittens or Vivi! Darling little Vivi wins in pink!


wow jenn,, that remake on the clock is really awesome! I would not have ever thought of doing that. what a great find and perfect idea!! and the apron is so cute, though I have to say your kids are the cutest thing on your post! they’re getting so big! look how long vivi’s hair is getting too!
and the kittens!!! several of my friends have posted pictures of kittens this week! they are adorable! My kitty, who is 16 is not doing so great.. they think he has cancer.. darn cat!! but hes ok and hes still precious!
have a great week!!!

What darling kittens! And your vintage finds lately are the greatest!!! Thanks for visiting my blog, Jenn. We got electricity last Wed. and each day things improve here.

I LOVE your redone clock! You are so fabulous with your creations.. it makes me want to scream! & Miss Vivi is SOO adorable in that apron is sooo cute!
Have a great week!!

yes indeed this post made me smile not a little but a whole lot girly! Just popped in to say hello!

Pat Jones

Love the pictue frame….so very very clever and pretty. Love the kittens. Just darling. Love your blog.


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You are so creative and have a lovely home! Not to be a downer, but with so many innocent animals that die in shelters every day- I really hope that your mother gets her cat spayed.

The children, the kitties and your new puppy! Such sweetness!!

You can turn anything into a magical piece girl! LOVE the frame! Congrats on the baby kitties:)

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