Silver Bella 2007!

IM HOME sweet friends!!!!!! Hug-Hug, Kiss-Kiss! WOW-WEE! Do I have lots to share with you all! I’ve decided to make ONE big long post about my experience at Silver Bella. I know many of you that were not able to attend are probably pretty darn tired about hearing all of the hoopla. I have to say it was truly one of the most fun & incredible experiences I’ve ever had! Miss Teresa did an OUTSTANDING job organzing this event. Being this was my first year attending, I didnt know what to expect. I have to say it far exceeded my expectations! I met so many wonderful and kind ladies that Im inspired by and that are so amazingly creative! Im going to share some of the weekend photos of the event. πŸ™‚

I was thrilled to know that other lovely Bellas were on my flight to Omaha. This is the lovely Miss Suzanne, and the ADORABLE Jamie & Jeannie (please FORGIVE me if I didnt spell your name right!)


At the airport waiting for the shuttle. Look at the ADORABLE shirts they are wearing! I was sooo jealous and wanted one!!!! Also in the pic is Jamie’s sister Wendy & Mother Jan. I LOVE this group of women!!


The fun weekend started out with Thursday evening shopping at Second Chance antiques. They closed the shop to the public and had it exclusively opened for us Bellas.


Here’s little ole’ me standing weak in the knees near the vintage jewelry counter. Googie basket is FILLING UP! I will share pics of my purchases in my next post.


Welcome packet.


I was signed up for five classes. I was in "awe" of ALL of the instructors who were soo nice and truly amazing! My first class was with the OVER TOP talented Charlotte Lyons. We made the cutest felted Christmas trees. Well, just to let you all know "I DONT SEW!" I repeat… " I DONT SEW!" Luckily, Miss Charlotte was extremely kind to me, and was totally fine if I used fabric glue instead of sewing. "YEAH!!!!!!" I was thrilled!

Me & Charlotte


My tree is the middle cream one.


Next class was Bellas Braclet taught by Teresa Mcfayden. The braclets are just beautiful. However, since I DONT sew. I really struggled. πŸ™ I didnt get to finish, but here is what I accomplished. πŸ™‚


I was soooo excited to have gotten into one of Jenny & Aaron’s class. This class was called "Dreaming of a White Christmas." I had the best time making this sweet and fun project!


Here is a picture of the FABULOUS Miss Jenny! I just LOVE her style!!!


The next project is of the Miss Sweet Carolyn Peelers class. They made adorable snowman. Notice I said "they". hee! hee! Again… I dont sew. Here is my little fella. He’s not the cutest but he’s made with LOTS OF LOVE! πŸ™‚


The last class I attened was a Christmas journal titled "Naughty or Nice." Corrine Ayers was the class instructor. This was right up my alley. I wasn’t able to finish the entire book, because it was 10pm and I was exhausted, but the concept is soo fun, and I love how my cover turned out. Im going to tweek it a little and definitely use it this year! 


Friday we had a luncheon and one of the COOLIST surprises was the head editors of Country Living magazine was there and is doing a feature  on Silver Bella for one of their future issues. We were all sooo giddy!


Pic of Me & Miss Suzanne


"The Girls" πŸ™‚


Friday night was Vendor night. Omigosh! SOOO MUCH FUN! I blew lot of money on Vendor night! hee! hee! The dress theme was "Junk Gypsy". All us ladies got dressed & froofed up for the event. Suzanne  called me the "pink cupcake"  πŸ™‚



Me, Jenny, & her younger sister Missy


Aaron & Jenny! They are such an adorable couple!


Dede Warren. WOW! Talk about of energy! Love her!


Miss Suzanne. She had the Victorian county look going. LOVED! 


The adorable Jessi Nagy. EVERYBODY thought we were sisters because we both have dark hair and blue eyes. It was sooo funny! She has a FIRECRACKER personality. I just adore her! 


This is the beautiful corsage I was given by Teresa for being one of the BEST DRESSED! πŸ™‚ Sooo yummy!


Look at the swap bags! It felt like CHRISTMAS!!!!!


TA-DA!!! This is the ornament I made for my swap.



One of the BEST highlights of my trip was winning this Mary Engelbreit limited edition print which she signed. πŸ™‚ I was OVER THE TOP ESTATIC! I cant WAIT to have it mounted and framed and hang it in my studio one day.



The BEST part of this whole amazing experience was meeting NEW friends, and being surrounded by other women who have the same LOVE & PASSSION as I do. I cant thank Teresa enough for hosting such an incredible weekend event. I hope I will have the opportunity to attend next years! XOXO, Jenn


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Jennifer you are so darling! I can’t think of a better word! And you were the best dressed! It was so nice to meet you. The only class we had together was the last one…Naughty or Nice…and folks, she was at the ROWDY TABLE! They were having a little too much fun. And, yes, you and Jessi could be sisters…not only do you look alike…you are both so very sweet to everyone.

Thank you Thank you thank you for posting all these pictures. I have been slowly dying all weekend, not knowing what you all were doing.
I knew you were going to have the best time, Teresa, is the best.
LOVE the ornament that you made for the swap, so darn cute.
I will be coming back all day to look at your pictures.


welcome back.. glad you had fun! Your outfit is awesome!
Where was this held? I want to go! (whine whine!) no seriously.. I think I’d love to go next year. Is it just taking classes, or is there a show open to the public? It just looks like sooo much fun!! so did each person make a swap item to take and then you got a bag of goodies to take home? How many women attended? I could probably come up with about a hundred questions.. but I wont do that to you..
are you planning on goign again next year?
ok.. ummm.. just wondering so many things!!

Hey Jenn,
Thanks for sharing! Those of us that were unable to attend sure do appreciate these posts!

Hugs Jenn!!! Had a great time with you this weekend!! πŸ™‚

Wow, this looks like it was a Spectacular event!
Sandra Evertson

Good Lordy, that looks like fun!!! All of us who couldn’t get there just oogle at your pictures, they are wonderful. Your little dress-up was too cute, you did look like a cuppycake! Glad you had fun! Thanks ever so much for posting photos!

Thank you so much for posting all these pics. If you have more post more!!!! We aren’t sick of hearing about it-just waiting to see all the cool projects and pics. Your outfit was perfect- I loved it! Looks like you had a blast. I only hope I get to go next year! thanks again!

it was so great finally meeting you!
you are a living doll.
i just loved you!
i had so much fun this weekend!
i hope you enjoyed your time in Omaha!
I LOVE my ornie! Fabulous. just as adorable as you are.
wonderful pictures!!!
it will be so fun to read everyones blogs. it will be silver bella month in blogland!
see ya soon
love ya
jessi nagy

Jenn-Thanks for making my trip even more amazing! I had a blast hanging out with you, I can’t wait until we can meet up in GA. And don’t forget to sign my copy of Country Living next October when you make the cover!

Jenn, what a fabulous time you had at Silver bella. Thanks for sharing it all with us.

I MISS YOU!!! This was a great post, you took better pictures than I did-although I have some great ones of you (they are on Flickr)…actually , I don’t think it would be possible to take a BAD picture of you:)…meeting you was definately a highlight of this trip-you are the most beautiful person, inside and out…love you! Suzanne

Jenn ~ I miss you already! I wish I would’ve been able to see all of your shopping finds before you left, I’m sure it won’t be long till we make a road trip your way… I’ll be able to see all of your cuteness then (and hopefully get a fabulous coat like yours along the way!!!)~Jamie

Dearest Jen, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for giving me a peak inside Silver Bella. I didn’t find out about this wonderful event until it was all booked. But next year, I’m there. I love each and every photo and have to say, I knew you would be the “best dressed” when I saw your PINK frilly skirt on your blog last week. I’m glad you are back and are able to give us this amazing peak into this wonderful event. I can’t wait for the next one, so I can come and meet all these lovely, talented ladies.

EEEEEkkkkkk! You. Are. So. ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You are as cute as a Barbie doll!! I give you extra bonus points for taking so many sewing classes when you don’t even sew. You go cutie pie pink girl!!!
sassy bella Dede

Fabulous pictures…You just looked terrific at Vendor’s night. Thanks for sharing all the photos…and I love my ornament. Kara

Jenn, your post is so amazing, i almost feel like i was there!!! i just love all the goodies you made and you look just adorable in your pink foofy outfit!!! sounds like you had a wonderful time there!!!
love the very sweet ornament you made, SO CUTE!!!

It was wonderful to meet you in person after months of reading your blog! You are so sweet and I LOVE LOVE your sweet adorable ornament!

Hi there Sweetie!! It was so fantastic meeting you and you’re every bit as cute and nice as I thought you’d be. Can I just tell you how jealous I am that you won that Mary E. print?? OHMYHECK, that’s so cool! I love her!!

Hi Jen, have just loved reading about Silver Bella and looking forward to hearing, seeing more about it on your blog:)

I got your link from Linda (first post) so I could see what a GREAT time this event was. Jen, you were the Belle of The Ball! If I couldn’t be there, reading your blog was THE next best thing! Your ornament was darling and your felt tree looked as good as the rest- I’d never know you glued rather than sewed. I’ll have to stop back for more Eye Candy, now that I’ve found you!

It was so nice to meet you at Silver Bella, and you were the bell of the ball in all your pink pretties!

Jenn Jenn Jenn you look incredible!!! You know I love your boots, they are gorgeous as is your lovely skirt and no wonder you won a prize! I love hearing about and seeing pics of Silver Bella! It’s almost like you’re taking us there!!! xox

thanks for sharing your pictures. It looks like it was a blast and maybe someday I will get there. πŸ™‚ Did anyone ever tell you you looked like Lolita Davidivich, the actress? It has been driving me crazy for weeks now as to who you remind me of and it finally hit me. lol Thanks again for sharing your Silver Bella experience!

You are way toooooo adorable. I would like to stand next to you in hopes that some would rub off on me! Thank you for sharing all your pictures. It was fun!

oooh!!! I am overwhelmed by the FABULOUS pics!!! sooo much fun!!! How cute are you??!! I adore your pink crown necklace!! I LOVE all the pics!!soo glad you had a great time sweetie!! xoxo!! Britt πŸ™‚

Looks like it was a blast! Love the pink outfit and of course, the ornament is adorable!

Oh my gosh, I LOVE your blog!!!!!! I cant believe I havent been here before!! I am a HUGE bunny lover too πŸ™‚ Oh Silver Bella looks awesome! I would love to have gone!!
Your kids are beyond cute too! πŸ™‚

Looks like y’all had the best time! I’ve been enjoying all of the pictures! Thanks for sharing! Maybe next year I’ll have my own pics to share….. πŸ™‚

Hi sweet Jenn! You girls look AMAZING!! What a wonderful time you had, wish we were there too :)!! Your cardigan with the ribbons looks SO gorgeous, and love your cowgirl boots!! Adore the Christmas ornament you made too, so Bella!! Talk soon! J & J xo

Hi Jenn,
It was so nice to meet you. I’m thrilled to hear that Silver Bella was everything you hoped for. Congrats on winning the contest AND the Mary print.

and you were the sweetest, most patient and good-natured non-sewing fabulous crafter! thanks so much for coming and for taking my class. loved what you made…with glue and determination! darling! xoC

Wonderful pictures – adorable YOU – and beautiful, beautiful blog!!

Hi Jenn!!! Welcome back, we missed you! Thank you so much for sharing your fab photos of Silver Bella, and what a fantastic well organised event this was! You do look adorable, clearly a standout, and those boots, yumm! Natasha will adore them πŸ™‚ Well sweetie so glad yo like your ‘designergirl’ it’s so cute on your Blog !! Take care, hugs and a little extra cuddle for Viv πŸ™‚ Jenn and Jacqui xoxo

Cynthia Flores

Jennifer, it was great meeting you at Jenny’s class. You are so funny and very sweet!! You were just the cutest in your pink candy outfit! I can’t wait till I purchase your items!! I just love your blog!
Cynthia Flores

Well, you are TOO cute for words! I loved all of your pictures and I’m so glad you had a great and special time! AND, I love your outfit that you had on when you were shopping – awesome jacket and purse!

Oh It looked like so much fun!
I LOOOOVE Your outfit, perfect!!!! So pretty!
That ornament for the swap you made is adorable!!!

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