So Ugly They’re Cute


A few months ago a box arrived on my doorstep. As I opened the box I found to my huge surprise a basket of 5 furry stuffed kittens. Each one had it's own distinct markings and look. No two were alike. There was one oddball kitten that was perfect, pink and fluffy looking. The others however were a bit motley.




This one looks a little grumpy.




 These kittens needed a home and they found their way to my house.

 Much like you see in the movies when a lone person finds an abandoned baby in a basket. They quickly take the basket in search of finding a warm cozy home and leave the baby at the doorstep.

My sweet friend Kari Ramstrom was that lone person who was shopping an Estate Sale in her hometown and discovered the silly cute basket of kittens that looked like they needed some TLC.

Kari immediately thought of me and figured I could rescue and give them the perfect home they desperately needed.



I lined them all up and with the help of my daughter we named each of them.


(L to R)

Marshmallow, Daisy, Prissy, Cousin Ed, and Snowball


We thought Prissy fit this kitten because she's the prettiest.



Vivan was most happy to welcome and show them love.






Kiss! Kiss!




Kitties must not have "cat fights" so we must teach them to get along and love one another.



I couldn't help but crack up watching this. So silly….I know!!!



We both had a terrific idea of letting the kitties hang out in the dollhouse.



Marshmallow was exhausted from the long trip so she retired to the bedroom.



Oops! Wrong way! This is the headboard.




Prissy wanted to surf the net and chat online with her kitten friends from far away.




Marshmallow wanted to chill at the posh outdoor patio and catch some rays.




Snowball wanted to hang in the attic and watch Strawberry Shortcakes dance moves.




They each had their own little spot.


Thank you Kari for thinking of me. You knew I would be tickled and giggle over them.

One day soon they will find a place on my studio "Happy Shelf".


I adore these so ugly but cute kittens. πŸ™‚




Thank you for ALL your fabulous and loving comments regarding my studio space. All your thoughtful well wishes mean so much. Im sorry if I have not personally replied to you. My children are out of school and Im trying to fit more time in with them while they are home on break. Just know your comments MEAN THE WORLD!!!



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β™₯HELLO!β™₯HELLO! Sweetie doll Jenn, did you know you made my day!!! I’m glad i’m stopped by today at you lil sugary sweet blog and *ugly cute kittens were way too funny lovely and love miss ViVi, she absolutely have a beautifulβ™₯BIG PINK HEARTβ™₯ like the mama:) Adore you girls & thanks for the smiled!!! I LOVE YOU GIRL<3β™₯ sorry i've been seldom check in blogland lately, life have to re~adjust perhaps soon you will hear some surprise news from this silly girl~ME*hee hee*
Muck β™₯

TOO CUTE!! I love seeing them hang out in the doll house – surfing the net! LOL!! xoxo JEnnifer

Hi Jenn… oooh, they are all precious!… I love magical, whimsical posts like this… and how fun the kitties each found a special spot in Vivi’s playhouse… she is so adorable playing with them… I don’t ever want to grow up (or grow old!)… I will always love stories like this!… xoxo Julie Marie

Love those furry little kitties! They surely have found a wonderful home!
Hugs and Blessings,

Those are such funny bunnies, our Amelie would have loved them just like Miss Viv. Funny Amelie came over the other day and she was wearing the same dress Viv is wearing.
She is such a doll and you Mommy take beautiful pictures. Cannot wait to see your new Studio get filled with all your treasures. I just know you are going to create magic!
oxox, Diane

Love the babies! Enjoy your family time. Blessings.

What a great way to end my day! This was AHHHdorable! Too funny, Jenn.
Ciao bella,

I found your blog through another one. This brings back such sweet memories – I got a basket of similar kittens for Christmas when I was a child in the 1950s-60s. There were a mother and two kittens. Thank you for sharing!

ROFL! Jenn I must say this is the most adorable post! So funny and cute I loved it! How sweet to see Vivi playing with them! Such a darling girly girl. Hope all is well! Hugs xox Cassandra

They certainly are a motley crew! I think Snowball is my favorite. πŸ™‚

Jenn, Your kittens CRACK ME UP!!!!!!!!!! Better than real ones girlfriend!!!! You could have had real ones! OMG NO!!!!!!!!! Can’t wait to see the new studio after you have worked your MAGIC on it! Enjoy the summer!

Jenn this is such an adorable post!! Those kitties are just too cute (even if they are a little motley looking!). What a fun way to tell a sweet little story and get your daughter involved. Seeing the pictures made me want to play too!
Big hugs,

Gerry Kruse

I always look forward to your posts. This one was absolutely adorable. Your daughter is precious. Love that age! πŸ™‚ I can’t wait to show my grandaughters the pictures of Vivian with the kitties. I read each picture as we look at them….like I am reading them a cute storybook. πŸ™‚ I love your taste in decorating and study each picture very closely. I look forward to seeing your “finished” kitchen. ..or did you post it, and I missed it??? Also …LOVE your studio room! Do you purchase your chandeliers with the beads that come with them…or do you buy the chandeliers separate and add beads. We are getting ready to remodel our home …and I want a chandelier with beads in every room! I don’t know where to look to find affordable ones that look good. Any suggestions? I would appreciate hearing from you…but totally understand how busy you are. I decided that it was worth a try. πŸ™‚

so sweet! I am particularly enchanted by the grumpy faced one!

Linda Diane

That Vivi is just a living doll! I love how you presented the homeless kitties to us with her help. When I was a little girl, I was very sensitive to the “feelings” of my stuffed animals and dolls. If these little kitties had entered my life, I am sure that I would have done my best to show them lots of love. I think Vivi is doing just that. I’m so glad that they found a special home where they will be appreciated as the unique individuals they are!


Aww how cute! What an adorable post. I love the names of the kitties.
Your daughter is beautiful and sweet.

OMG this is adorable! They are just perfect as they are! Love how Vivi loves them too, just like you see the beauty in them. The names kill me! Cousin Ed!!! hilarious!! They sound like our fish names! Gotta love names the kiddies come up with. So wonderful…. πŸ™‚

This absolutely made me smile!

Your kitties are awesome. Such a very nice and superb collection of toys. Your child is arranged each and every stuffs perfect place.

Your daughter is just darling. Mine is a grown woman now and I sure miss those sweet make believe days with her.

So glad you and Viv are enjoying the kittens. Too cute!! I knew your home would be perfect for them. You’re so very welcome.

I like pink one, it is very much beautiful. Your childes creation is wonderful as well as arranged each and every stuffs perfect place.

Gideon Weatherly

wow, awesome article post.Thanks Again. Much obliged.

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