Southern Belle in Savannah


Warm Greetings lovely friends! Im a wee bit late catching up on my blog. It’s been a WHIRLWIND of a week!!! My 16 year old dog Alli has been very very sick.


She has seizures every so often,and this past weekend the came back agressivly. It’s so heartbreaking!!! We’ve been to the vet, and she is being treated with medication. There are times she cant quite make it outside to use the bathroom or can barely get up for that reason because her back legs give out. The good news is my vet doesn’t think she is in pain or is suffering, AND she still has her appetitie and drinks plenty of water. She also stares at me with those big brown eyes and acts happy to see me everytime I walk thru the door. Im making sure her last little bit of time is full of quality and LOTS & LOTS of LOVE & TLC!!!

Last weekend my hubby and I spent a FUN adult weekend in Savannah, GA. My parents and my Uncle and his wife joined us as well. We own property outside of Savannah and if you have NEVER been. You are missing out! It truly is the OLD SOUTH!!! Im going to treat you to a few pics of large live oak trees and southern style homes ALONG with my FAV Savannah shops!!!

I SWEAR pics dont do this home justice! It reminds me of a home you would see on the Mississippi river.








This picture of my silly hubby and I at dinner after he had a great day of golf. He was a happy camper!


While the boys golfed all day, us ladies went shopping in downtown Savannah. My FAV place to shop is Vintage General. Liz is the shop owner and I met her several years ago at her first location. Her shop has continually grown over the years and she has moved three times. Her current location is FABULOUS! The shop is even BIGGER and FULL of more GOODIES! I was like a kid in the candy shop!!!!! She carries everything! You must check out her online store. Here is a little lookie at the inside. Come on! I’ll give ya a tour!




Display stand of yummy Millinery.


The most beautiful ribbons!



Vintage Bling!


Liz (shop owner) and I posing with my yummy fun purchases. Everytime I visit Savannah I MUST pay a visit to Vintage General.


Right down the street is ANOTHER super fabulous shop in which Im sure many of you have heard of. The Paris Market.


They carry the most beautiful and eclectic decor from big to small.




Cozy little spot.







This is a photo of the fountain taken at beautiful Forsyth Park.


Of course I did not come home empty handed. I purchased a few fun things from Vintage General. I fell HEAD OVER HEELS in love with this vintage Nestle Frutips cannister. The sherbet colors are so fun!



I found a great spot for it in my kitchen.


Of course I must bring my babies a gift home. I found this also at Vintage General, and just the candy theme alone made me want to squeal!!! My Mom wondered if I was really and truly buying it for Grant, or really for myself. hee! hee!


Here are the playing cards. SWEEEEEEEET!!!!!!!!!


Lookie at this OOOOH so YUMMY book I couldn’t resist buying! " Hello, Im a C-H-O-C-O-H-L-A-T-E addict! Nice to meet you!"



Read the fine print! THAT’S ME! :))))


Oh gosh! I wish you could see the reciepes and mouth drooling delish dessert pics inside. Im NOT a baker whatsoever, but I just had to have this book!

Lastly, I want to share a few pics of my BEAUTIFUL outdoor roses. I wish you could smell them. They are sooooo incredibly fragrant.



I hope ALL you Mommies have a WONDERFUL, RELAXING, and SUPER LOVING weekend! I’ll post again on Sunday to send well wishes, share some sweet Mothers Day pics, as well as pics of a custom vintage boy shadowbox that I just completed.

Hugs & Kisses! XOXO, 




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Happy Mother’s Day to you too. That candy matching game is soooo cute. I have never been to GA but it looks so charming.
Sending you good thoughts for your sweet Alli.

what lovely shops you visited. Have yourself a wonderful Mothers day πŸ™‚

What a fabulous post… I’m desperate to visit Savannah and even more so seeing your beautiful photos!!!
I have that cook book too…. I can’t help but drool when reading through it!!!
Thinking of Alli and hope you have a lovely weekend,
Victoria xx

Good Morning Jen!
Thank you, thank you, for taking a picture of that wonderful red sofa in Paris Market – I totally forgot to do that when I was there! I loved seeing YOUR photos of Savannah – how I wish we had been there at the same time, instead of a few weeks apart! I took SO many pictures because the place is so dreamy! Now how did I miss Vintage General??? Where is it? I’m so sad that I did!!
I hope you have a beautiful Mother’s Day sweetie and thank you, as always, for your BEAUTIFUL BLOG!!!

Good mourning Jenn,
Im so sorry your furry baby has been ill,
My doggies are like my childen as well and I know how upset I would be.
And also thank you for all the pictures of your trip to Savannah. They were so beautiful! I really really want to go there!!!!!

Hi Jenn, wishing you a wonderful Mothers Day for tomorrow…sorry to hear about your sweet Alli, poor baby… the pictures of your trip to Savannah are gorgeous…the shops look SO fun and the goodies you got are really cute!!!

Savannah looks divine! As long as I’ve lived in the South, I’ve never been (not even when I lived in Jacksonville). Looks like I’ve been missing out! Hope your pooch is better soon.

Hey Sissy!!
i love it down there. gorgeous!!
you hit all hte great stores!!
how perfect is that candy game! cha ching. you hit the jackpot with all your purchases!
glad to have you back.
Have a lovely Mothers day!
big sissy!

Oh Jennifer! I am ready to hop on a plane to Savannah right now!!! How beautiful! Your purchases are wonderful! We are so alike, I love chocolate and any candy, lol! I am going to have to tell Chad, this is where I want to go on our next trip!
I am so sorry about your poor sweet doggy. I hope she is feeling better! I know how much I love mine and cant imagine her suffering.
I hope you have a beautiful Mother’s Day with your sweeties!

I hope your puppy (They’re all puppies to me!) is ok, it’s good to hear she’s not in pain, she just needs depends and one day we will too. I don’t know if this actually works or even if it works with all dogs, but my friends parents have a yorkie that is prone to seizures and they rub her belly to help calm her down. like i said, they might just think it works, but maybe their vet suggested it.
Your trip to Savannah looks beautiful! I always wanted to visit there so now at least i was able to do it vicariously through you. I love that Vintage General shop, what a great idea! And probably even greater to shop in!

I hope your dear puppy feels better soon! Of course he looks happy to see you whenever you walk in the room. I would too. You are the candy lady!
Thank you so much for showing us those lovely pictures of Savannah. I’ve never been, but boy I would rush right down there just to scoop up some of the candy treasures you purchased on those lovely shops. I adore the Vintage General Shop!!!
I am glad to see you back home and blogging again.

Jenn, I love that game! Everytime I see it I want to buy it for myself. Lovely trip!! Bet Grant and Vivi were glad to see their pretty Mom come home!!! If you get a sec could you stop by I have a big favor to ask!!! Here’s wishing you a fabulous Mother’s Day!!! Love ya,Lori

Happy Mother’s Day Jenn!
Your sweet dog looks so happy and i am so glad she’s comfortable. What a wonderful friend she must be all these years.
Savannah looks devine! My son will be at Savannah College of Animation and Design in a year~the Vintage Shops look gorgeous and so fun!Thanks for the tour and show and tell~Oh so delicious as all your posts are.

Happy Mother’s Day Jenn! I’m sorry your sweet pup isn’t doing well. I hate that. I love Savannah and all of their town squares and beautiful homes.

What a fabulous post. Full of eye candy!!! And you sooooo make me want to get bangs! What a fun, fun blog. And I sure hope your pup is having a easier time of it. Happy Mom’s Day to you!

What dreamy homes those are! I love driving around in new places and looking at older homes! I LOOOVE your new tin.. and please take me to Vintage General with you πŸ˜‰
Take care
xo j.

Savannah is one of the top places I want to visit! I talk about it all of the time – hopefully within the next year or so we will be able to make a trip down. I love all of your goodies – that cookbook is wonderful my sister has a copy – delicious!

Those homes are gorgous and those shops! Oh my I don’t know how you dragged yourself away. Hope you had a wonderful Mothers Day

Another GREAT post, Jenn. Such pretty pictures and it looks like you’re having fun as always. So sorry to see that your furry four-legged has been ill. My thoughts and warm wishes are with you – I know how difficult it is when our pets are ill. We just wish they could speak to really tell us what’s going on.
Have a great week and happy belated Mother’s Day!

Diana Wood

Hello Sweetie Jenn!~
Would be honored to be entered into the “BloggAnniversary”!
Your ‘sweet eye candy creations’ are divine!
Congrats for June 25, 2008 XXOO
loves, diana (cupcakesugar)

Kay Bryson

Love your blog so much, love all vintage things, please enter me in your give-away.
Thank you so much, Kay

cheryl ryan

Love your blog… and Hope to win your goodies…. I am new to your blog… but love love love everything about it….
Especially the color PINK!!! You really have an eye for great things…keep it up!!!

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