Spring time pretties


Hello sweet friends! Can you believe SPRING is almost here? Right outside my door step the weather was 72 degrees today and the trees are starting to blossom. LOOK and it’s PINK!!! πŸ™‚ Daddy decided it was the perfect weather to take Grant and Vivi for a little wagon pull around the neighborhood. Of course Mommy must take a few pics before the ride begins.


Grant’s chillin’ out eating his goldfish.


Here KITTY KITTY!!!!!!


Let’s feed the ANTS!


My super sweet husband surprised me earlier that morning with "Just Because" roses! This has NOT happened in a LONG time ladies. Not sure what I did to deserve this, but I wont complain. LOL!!!


Now I must share with you some amazingly sweet eye candy. Miss Vivian and I did a little personal swap and from the moment I saw her chickie easter box I just had to have one! Isnt this the cutest????



Omigosh! When I laid eyes on it, it’s just sweeter in person! Thank you Miss Vivian!!!!   

I also just made my FIRST of many purchases from Heather of Pretty Petals. Oh my goodness she always finds the most beautiful vintage lovelies. These hats she created are DIVINE!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE my ultra feminine girlie hat.


Soooo soft and pretty!!!


Thank you Miss Heather!!! πŸ™‚

My next little show and tell is of my recent purchases at Marshalls. I hope many of you sweet friends have a Marshalls near you. They always carry beautiful home and seasonal holiday decor at fabulous prices. I could NOT pass up this DARLING pink bicycle planter. Even tho’ it’s a platner I have several other ideas for it. I was even thinking of using it in Vivi’s bathroom to put rolled up hand towels in the baskets. πŸ™‚



I also could not RESIST these sweet springy dresses for Miss Vivian. Now that she is a year older I can really start to dress her up. Last year this time we were still in onesies. Now the fun part of dressing up begins!


Many of you participated in mine and Cheryls Vintage Valentines swap. Well, being it was my first ever to host, of course I had to have a major OOPSY! EEEK! I totally forgot to assign someone to my BIG sis Jessi. πŸ™ Cheryl and I felt HORRIBLE, but it was truly all my fault and not Cheryl’s. Im the one who picked the partners. Anyhoo, I KNEW I had to make it up to Jessi. So,I put together a basket of Easter goodies to hopefully make up for my mistake. This is just a sneak peek of some of the things I created for her.


This is a fun and whimsy little creation I made for her "Easter Explosian" table.


Wanna ride???


I also made her a girlie bunny ornament.


Sorry again Miss Jessi. I hope this sweet package made up for it!   

I’ve been SPARKLED!!!!


Miss Dolly of My Cherry Heart sparkled me! Oooh thank you sweet friend! I of course must pass this on to a few of my friends that add sparkle in my life and their blogs put a smile on my face. She is one of my dearest friends Miss Cheryl. It’s her Monday Yummies that I just "oooh and aaaah" over, and is full of MAJOR sparkle! Diane of Saturday Finds. I looove your uber sweet pocket posies. I want to own them ALL! You are sooo sweet and nice and you so deserve this award!!!

EEEEK! Sooo cute!


Easter will be here soon. Im a busy busy girl creating away for my shop. I have some mini shadowboxes I will be listing at the end of this week ,along with a few small Easter ornaments. So be sure to check in soon! πŸ™‚  Have a FABULOUS and CREATIVE WEEK!!!!


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Ana Barrett

Hey sweet Jenn!!! I’m the first to comment again!!! Sooo jealous of the amazing lovely spring weather! Still in the 20’s here.. I really like your easter creations for Jessi so wonderful and springy! I love seeing all your amazing creations! Looks like the wagon ride was tons of fun! I can’t wait to Easter as well… I was still wondering if Rosalyn got her package yet… and maybe I could even put together a cute little easter package like you did for Jessi! So creative and thoughtful! Awesome to hear from you! Have a fantastic week!

Heather {Pretty Petals}

Hi Jenn!! Wow… it is so warm and sunny there and your flowers are blooming. I am so jealous!! lol Your sweet pumpkins look so cute in their wagon.
So happy you loved your hat and your photos look beautiful!! I LOVE all of your goodies. πŸ™‚
xoxo Heather

hi Jen,,I love looking at the things you make,,you are very clever and everything is so pretty

Hi Miss Jenn!
Gosh Spring has arrived in GA! Your Magnolia tree is magnificent, the scent must be AMAZING! How adorable the littles in their Radio Flyer with the sun shining and how adorable the little dresses too, Vivi will look so sweet and yummy! The treats you made for lovely Jessi are amazing, she will be so thrilled! And we cannot wait to see your shadow boxes!! lol Beautiful roses from hubby too, such pretty colours, he is such a thoughtful guy πŸ™‚ And are not Miss Heather’s hats amazing, we love that one you chose, so nice to see you have it:) It is truly beautiful, actually everything Heather makes is so beautiful πŸ™‚
Happy Spring Hugs Miss Jenn!!
Jenn and Jacqui

JENN!!!! WOW!!!! LOVe the beautiful dresses for Miss Vivi, so sweet!!! And that planter bike is amazing! Your little ones are adorable in their little cart, just the cutest little kiddies!
Your box from Vivian is stunning and the goodies you sent to Jessi are just divine, I bet she is glad she didn’t get assigned a partner because she scored big time with you! LOL!
The hat from Heather was my fave of all of them. Isn’t she so talented!!!


Hi Jenn, beautiful roses! Lucky you! Tony has not brought me flowers in a long time.. he used to all the time! I have to remember to put a bug in his ear about this!!! Your children are so cute! Those really were the days when the kids were little and so easy to please! I used to have the best fun shopping for clothes for the girls! it wasnt as much fun for the boys, but these days, there are some really cute boy clothes.. I love to look at targets kids clothes! I dont even have any one to buy for, I just like to look! I imagine someday I’ll be blessed with a grandchild or two! (not in any hurry!!!)
glad you like your chickie box! Have a sweet Monday!

Oh, they look so cute in their wagon, wish mine were still that young sometimes. LOVE that pink bicycle planter. OH Goodie, I have been waiting for one of your girlie bunny ornament, I will keep checking your shop.

hey girl!
what cute treasures!
that bike and those dresses! darling!!!
i wish it felt more like spring around here! a few more weeks!
I love all my goodies!! they are all gorgeous!!!
no reason to make up for anything. we all do things like that. but in the end i feel like i really am the luckiest girl. thanks doll.

Oh my goodness! Your blog is beautiful, as is your home!! I love the tricycle planter! So cute! And your kids are just darling πŸ™‚ Love those dresses! You are so lucky to have sunshine and warm weather! We still have snow here in Michigan. I cant wait to come back and see your Easter goodies! Easter and spring is my favorite time of year!

Hi Jenn,
The kids look like they enjoyed themselves. I can’t wait for the flowers to start blooming up here in CT. Still a few more weeks! I love the dresses you found and I can agree on Marshalls – we have one right around the corner and a few in neighboring towns. Love the gumball machine! Is that M&Ms I spy? Great idea!


Hi, Jenn! I wanted to drop you a note to say hello and introduce myself … and your latest blog has given me the urge to do so, it is such a nice post and so pretty! My name is Jill and I am also a wife,mother,decorative artist, lover of all vintage pretties! I have been enjoying your blog for a couple months now. I am new to the blog world, kinda strange in the beginning -I feel like I am “spying” on others lives! I have signed up for my own blog and have not had the courage to start posting yet. I am excited to do so, it looks like there are soooo many women “out there” that share similar interest and form connections. Anyway, I just wanted to say hello and let you know how enjoyable and encouraging all of your post have been to me! Thank you! Warm regards, Jill

Hi Jenn,
I always LOVE seeing your adorable creations! Thank you for sharing.
Miss Vivian will be a doll in those Spring frocks. My Claire is two years old and soooo fun to dress up! Hope you have a beautiful day!

love everything as always!! your little darlings are so cute! I am glad the weather has been nice there. It has been nice here too πŸ™‚ xoxo Britt


Such a Beautiful post, makes me so excited for Spring! Your Babies are truely beautiful…Jamie

Eeeekkk!!! Where to begin??? What dear little wagon-riders and I LOVE all the new sweets you got…dresses, bicycle…all of it! And what you made for Jessi is just DEAR. I’m sure she’ll SQUEAL over it! I hope she likes what I made her, too!

Hi Jenn,
I love all your wonderful creations! And those dresses are too ADORABLE! Thank you so much for sharing part of your world.
Happy Spring!

Hi Jenn!
Your Spring creations are just wonderful,
you are such a talented girl! Love those adorable dresses too! Aren’t little girls fun to shop for? Hope you are having a great day!

You sneaky little sweetie! Thank you for the “Sparkle” award. I am honored OMG what a surprise. And I have passed it on to two other very special ladies. I couldn’t believe it when I visited your blog the picture of the tree, I was out taking a walk yesterday and Looking up at the plum trees that line our street PINK flowers everywhere and I thought wow how wonderful I need to get a picture, two great minds think alike LOL, you beat me to it. And the music you have playing it is one of my favorites, very very cool. Thanks again Sweetie.
Hugs, Diane

I just love your site. It is so cheerful and spring looking. Here in CA we are staying sunny and warming up.
Come stop by anytime.


Your blog is such a fun place to visit. What cute and creative things you always have to post. Especially love the sweet little dresses. Wish my 12 yr old girl still wanted to wear stuff like that (just plain ol’ jeans & t-shirts!) Your kids are adorable!

hi Jenn:) the kiddies look so cute going on their wagon ride, brings back sweet memories for me…LOVE the chickie box from Viv, SO SO cute!!! and your hat from Heather is just stunning…love it!!! your roses are gorgeous… and on my, i love the planter from Marshalls…too cute!!!

Oh my gosh gollie I just love everything, I can’t believe you have a gumball machine that looks like that I have to have one!!!

wow..that is a whole lot of cuteness. pure undiluted, maximum strength cuteness. so much pretty-pretty!

oh! and i love the playlist!

Love your photos, love your posts, love your art and love your great finds…I have so much fun reading your blog…thank you

Awww… thank you for sharing all the beautiful imgages! I used to have one of those trees in my front yard… I was in heaven every spring when it bloomed. Hope you’re having a wonderful day.

Cute dresses! I love all the pretty spring dresses…fun to buy for my 3 mo. old granddaughter! I love the pink tricycle, that’s adorable. You could put just about anything in the basket. How sweet of youto do all that for Jessi, she showed on her blog her goodies and she sure was happy!
Enjoy that nice weather…in some places (HERE) it’s cloudy and rainy. (Some even have snow!)
Everyday Cookies blog

the explosion of pink flowers on that three is just breath taking and makes me long for this dreary winter to be over with…we are having another blah day with rain and the only thing exploding on the east coast is mud!

Hi Jennifer,
What amazing treasures. I love that pink bicycle.
I just gave you an award on my blog, come check it out when you have a moment.

I just stopped over to introduce myself. It is very nice to meet you and visit your blog. It is really filled with sweet eye candy! You children are beautiful!
I love the little pink bicycle planter from Marshalls…Very adorable!

Hi Jenn! It’s my first time visiting. Love all the sweet creations! Your babies are precious. I think Spring is finally here! Wishing you and your sweet ones many more days of wagon adventures!

This post is just what I needed today as we’re socked in with fog and rain and clouds! But I KNOW Spring is on it’s way…it’s just been side-tracked in the South! Nan

Dear Jennifer, you are one of my chosen recipients for the “You Make My Day” award! Please visit my blog today to claim your award.

What a fun blog( found you on flickr)! Grant and Vivi are lil dolls and look so cute-mommy’s lil angels~
Love the chick and I want one too!! Thanx 4 sharing~

Oh those little dresses are precious!

Jenn, this is my first time to post on your blog. I have so much fun looking at all of your pretties in your home and your wonderful creations! Thanks so much for sharing with all of us!

Whata wonderful walk, I long for that weather!

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