To Catch A Fairy….


When you were a little girl did you believe in fairies? Did you ever wonder what it would be like to find a little fairy or sprite frolicking in your backyard? I did! I have fond memories of when I was a little girl staying at my Grandmother's house and she would read dated books from the 1940's about fairies, brownies, pixies, and gnomes. 

Today's books are nothing like the one's my Grandmother use to read to me. My daughter Vivian has finally reached her new found obsession with fairies. She has several books about the lives of these magical and whimsical creatures.

 Her favorite book at the time is her pop-up book of Disney Pixie Hollow Fairies. This book was given to her by one of her Grandmother's. Kinda neat! 


She goes thru phases of her nightly bedtime book favorites. Almost every night before bed she either pulls out Karla Nathan's Grumpy Fairy or Pixie Hollow pop-up. 


It's a wonder as much as she pulls out the pixie book that the images still pop up and are not worn and tattered. Lol!




Bunnies and Fairies…..pure sweetness!


Seeing Vivi fall in love with fairies inspired a creative spark in me to make her a little "Fairy Catcher" for her room. Im sure many of you are familiar with Dream Catchers and so I took that idea and turned it into this…..


This darling fairy catcher is in the shape of a heart decorated in soft chiffon tulle, vintage millinery, butterflies, and crystals. 


Glittery butterfly





The most precious part of the catcher is the little birdcage that is open and waiting for a little fairy to flutter inside.


We hope to catch a fairy, but we must never keep them. They belong in Mother natures beautiful outdoors.


It's fun to play and use your imagination. I feel like I can be a little girl again thru Vivi's eyes.

Fc10-1 copy
The fairy catcher is temporarily hanging off her little cabinet. Vivi said she would like it to be over her bed, so now we are patiently waiting for Daddy to put a hook in the ceiling over her bed. πŸ™‚

Fc22 copy 

I hope you enjoyed this dreamy little post. 


Unfortunately, my family and I had to cancel our family beach trip. πŸ™ We had another family health scare with my Mother-In-Law this time.  We thought she was going to have heart valve surgery, but good news is the doctors ran some test and found the valve was not as bad as they had anticipated. We were thrilled to find out NO surgery! Whew!

So we ended up staying home and doing lots of local things where we live. One day we took the children to Wild Adventures theme park in Valdosta. WOW! I think we picked the hottest day to go!

Here are a few fun pic of the kids.



SOOO cute how Vivi is giggling at the bird on Grant's head.

Riding the carousel with Daddy.  




Despite some of the family health scare and set-backs we are really enjoying our summer.

This week I am SO EXCITED to be packing my bags and craft supplies and flying to sunny CA to attend Kim Caldwell's 

Les Sirenes Event.

Les Sirenes 

We are staying in Manhattan Beach and I CANNOT wait to smell the fresh sea salt air and feel the cooler 70's temps. Who knows…I might even transform into a Mermaid. πŸ˜‰

Ok….time to announce the winner of my yummy giveaway!!!

I seriously cannot thank you enough for ALL your comments!!! I know I've said this a MILLION times!! However, I've read each and every comment and I feel incredibly  blessed and grateful to have you visit me, and to continually inspire me too keep blogging. Now that my children are getting older life seems to be getting busier and busier for me. There are some weeks when I am so swamped with family and projects or, Im having an off week and feel uninspired. However, I always try to make a few hours of time to STOP and write a post. You ladies in blog world whether I've met you in person or not, have become a major part of my life. You are my friends. πŸ™‚

So with that being said, I will keep plugging along sharing many more blogging journey's. 

Ok…enough rambling and seriousness! hee! hee!

   For all peeps who host crazy cool giveaways and need to pick a winner…

Feel free to use this form to generate a random number!

Enter the numbers between which a random number is to be created.

Lowest Number: Highest Number: 

Result :   

*** I goofed when I copied and pasted it. The lowest # was 1 and highest 185

The final result pick was 13 ****

Lucky #13 is Miss Sandra Blanks!!!!!!

This is Sandra's Flickr.

YAY Sandra!!!!

So thrilled you are the lucky winner!!!

Alright ladies…I gotta shake my tail feathers and get ready for CA.

I will post later this week some of the fun creations I made for vendor night and share the swap goodies I made.

Have a FABULOUS week!







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Your fairy catcher is absolutely brilliant! I LOVE it!

Awww…thank you Holly! πŸ™‚ Hmm..I wonder what I could dream up for our boys??? Bug/firefly catchers? hee! hee! XO

Congrats to Sandra! WHat a beautiful Fairy-book your daughter has! And what fun and cute idea with the fairy-catcher!

That fairy catcher is pretty! What fun for a little girl…. or even a big girl.

Your fairy catcher=incredibly adorable!! You’re absolutely right, the open birdcage on the bottom is irresistible! I remember when Ebby loved fairies, I had a great time when she turned five, we had a ‘Fairy 5th’ birthday party–complete with wands, wings and a fairy maypole–so fun!
Sorry to hear you didn’t make it to the beach but glad your mother-in-law didn’t need surgery–phew! Have wonderful trip to California, can’t wait to hear about it!

Happy 3rd birthday Jenn!!!
your creation belongs at disney land for tink to live in!!!
xoxo, Tiffany

I’m so touched that she likes my book!
You make such sweet and pretty things, but this fairy catcher is probably my favorite of all your creations!!

Thanks Karla! Coming from you I take that as a HUGE compliment!!! πŸ™‚ See you in 3 days! XOXO

Hi Jenn… somehow I just knew 13 would be drawn, as that is my lucky number… I was born on a Friday the 13th… I was so excited when I left my comment on that post and was number 13… guess I can’t count though… still looks like I am number 13, not counting your own comments or the extra comment someone made… am I mistaken? xoxo Julie Marie

Katie Barker

So pleased your mother-in-law didn’t need surgery Jenn.
Congrats to Sandra she is sooo lucky. I will keep my fingers crossed that you list some super light treats in your Etsy shop soon as I have to have something made by your creative hands.
Have a lovely weekend away.

Katie Barker

Must add….i put super light as I live in the UK and postage costs can be a nightmare.
Big hugs

Love your sweet fairy catcher Jenn! It looks adorable in Vivi’s room… and the kids are getting so big! They look adorable with the bird on Grants head. lol
Hope you got my email thanking you for the sweet card! I LOVED it!! thanks for thinking of me.

sonia audelo

Love your fairy catcher. Just so yummy!!

Im SO glad you liked your card! I thought it was a hoot! hee! hee! πŸ™‚ Your welcome my friend! XO

What little precious kiddies, love to watch them have fun and grow!! Lori

What gorgeous books for Miss Vivi.
How sweet her fairy dream catcher is

beautiful post. I love the fairy dream catcher :O)
sorry you had to cancel your holiday, but looks like you were able to have a lovely family time anyway. Must have been a huge relief that your MIL did not have to have surgery.
lucky winner! green with envy here ;o) xx

I love the sweet fairy catcher! Vivi is so lucky to have such a creative mom who can come up with such fabulousness!

congrats to your lucky winner.
your little fairy catchers are adorable! great photos!
happy summer!

Hey Jenn,
I looovee your fairy catcher! It’s so beautiful & girly!! Lil’ Vivi is a very lucky girl. πŸ™‚ Sorry to hear about your trip… but I’m glad your MIL is better. πŸ™‚ hugs, Joanna

That is about the most adorable and BEAUTIFUL little fairy catcher I have ever seen! That birdcage is definitely my favorite part with the little rhinestones at the bottom!

hi jennifer!
i always am so inspired when i visit YOU! what a sweet post about your little vivi! she is soooo cute and i just love reading about how she loves fairies as much as you. your fairy catcher reminds me of a little tinkerbell cage. toooooo cute, tooooo cute!
i hope that this finds your family doing better. no fun having to worry about our loved ones when they are ill.
ps: the pics of grant and vivi with the bird crack me up! reminds me of my kids when they were that age.

LOVE the Fairy Cather! I LOVE anything Disney and this crafty extension idea is just too cute! Hope your daughter enjoys ‘catching’ her fairies πŸ™‚

Awww…thank you Katie!!! πŸ™‚ XO

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