Family Vacation In Paradise


Aloha friends!


My family and I just returned from a wonderful seven day trip to Kauai,HI.



After experiencing an incredible family reunion last year with my biological Father, half sisters and brother I was really anxious to bring my family to Hawaii to meet them all.


I took over 1400 photos! Eek! However, I promise I will only share the highlights of the trip. πŸ™‚


We stayed at the Waipouli Beach Resort


Waipouli Beach Resort

It had the most amazing accommodations and the BEST swimming pool which my children obviously loved most!





I was a SUPER long flight but Im really proud that my children did better than I expected. I was nervous that their might be some meltdowns. 

Vivi and Grant did great! Thanks to Delta Air Lines personal TV's in the headrest. They were able to watch cartoons the whole flight.

We spent our first night getting settled, unpacked, and rested up for our big week ahead.


Saturday we headed to Hanalei Bay to see my sister Kaiu and my father Keith.





 The kids were excited to meet Grandpa Keith.



We spent the day at the beach and later that evening went to my sisters Kuulei and Chris's house for a potluck birthday dinner party for Kuulei. 




So happy to see the girls again!




Vivi and Grant got to meet their cousins Makaia and Kamalei. 




We enjoyed some nice dinners out with the family.





Fruity Tropical Drinks Yum!!!






On the 4th of July the family rounded up and spent the entire day at Anini Beach.

It's a small little beach near the North Shore.


Chris and Kuulei really know how to do it up at the beach. They thought of everything!



Tent, tables, chairs, grill, drinks and lots of yummy food.

Even a cute children's picnic table.



I took a ton of photos. Here a few fun ones.


Kaiu pulling the children around. The little boy behind Grant is her son Jaden.






Aaaaahh….the bluest sky!


My hubby the wannabe surfer. πŸ™‚



 Trying to look cute and not fall. 







Water Babies



Hee! hee! Pretending to surf.




Baby Kamalei




With her Daddy



LOOK! I found WILSON!!!! LOL!!!



 Sister Love



 The girls and I got goofy and dorking around. We thought it would be fun to pretend they were Sports Illustrated models and I was the photographer taking rapid fast action shots.

I pray they don't kill me for posting these. hee! hee!





This shot of Kuulei rocks!!






Not only did we celebrate the 4th of July, but to our huge surprise we celebrated Chris proposing to Kuulei on the beach. 


It was the sweetest tender moment and Im so happy I could capture it!











So thrilled I had the chance to witness a this incredible moment!

Our 4th of July was truly a blessed day!


Leave it to me to wonder about town and discover the CUTEST Shabby Vintage Boutique called Serendipity.



I actually found the boutique last year, but unfortunately it was closed at the time. I was desperate to go back to check it out.

So one afternoon Curtis took the children to the pool and I went SHOPPING!!!

It was open and sooo inviting!

A shop after my own heart!






Even a cute mint bug was parked close by.



Awesome isn't it? The perfect beach car!



The shop owner Mona was not working that day but her lovely and gracious mother was very nice and helpful.

You can tell Mona put alot of love into the shop. It was amazing!












Dreamy vintage gowns!!! *sigh*









I noticed there were several inspiring magazines displayed around the boutique.

One of them caught my eye immediately!!!




My home happens to be featured in this very issue!

What are the chances??


I giggled and told Mona's mother that this was my home.

Pretty cool huh?




If you ever visit Kauai you MUST stop by Serendipity. It's full of the prettiest vintage treasures. Tell Mona I sent ya. πŸ˜‰




One afternoon we took the sunset snorkel cruise to the Napali coast.

My sisters and I went last year and it was a blast!







One of the highlights of the cruise was seeing TONS of Sea Turtles. They were swimming all over, and several were camping out on the beach shores.





Kids had a ball swimming in the ocean. They went down the slide over and over again.






Makaia and Kaiu



Gorgeous Sunset





Towards the end our vacation I finally got to visit with my brother Kika.

We visited the Sushi restaurant he works at.







We had a fabulous lunch and he really hooked us up with his favorite sushi rolls.


Later that afternoon before we headed to the airport to fly home, we spent more family time together with Kika, his beautiful girlfriend Leann, and their precious baby girl Kelani.




Now for my little GRAND finale….

I saved the best photos for last.


These photos taken on the beach were not planned and very spontaneous. 

We had just finished having a family dinner and decided to take a walk on the beach.


These are the beautiful shots I captured.
























It was a miracle that all the children smiled naturally at the camera. 

Beautiful and timeless….





What another amazing and memorable trip.

Family bonding and special quality time together. 


Now Im back to reality. Missing the low humidity weather, cool trade wind breezes, and laid back attitude.


I hope YOU are enjoying your summer as much as I am!!! πŸ™‚






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What an awesome trip!! Love that you were able to witness the proposal!!! How sweet!

I’m in AWWWWWWWWWWW sweet Jenn. Every single pic is FABULOUS!! The last pics of the children are my favourite, just like you. You all look AMAZING. Look at you hot mama.
So glad your hubby and kids got to meet your extended family. You are blessed to have such great memories to take home to GA.
I’m waiting for my “blogging girls” to arrive soon. I can’t wait.
Have a great rest of summer dear friend. See you soon.

Look like an incredible trip! Such wonderful pictures–the ‘Sports Illustrated’ ones you took are amazing! Love the driftwood at the beach in the final shots–which are just beautiful of the children and you and your sisters :-). So happy for you that you & your family shared such a wonderful experience, with many more to come I’m sure! xo, Jen

BEAUTIFUL, beautiful photos Jenn! It looks like you had an amazing time with family. Congrats!

Linda Diane

Oh my goodness, Jen! I could have scrolled and scrolled down FOREVER and not gotten tired of these pictures! I am so thrilled that you got to have this time to connect once again with these special family members and to get to do all of these fun things together. Thank you for the treat of getting to see so much of your trip.

Wow! Thank you for sharing these amazing photos of your trip – what great memories! Your story about your Hawaii family last year was so touching. I am so happy for you and your family that you are able to share the future with these “island” families forever….

Wow!!! That place is dreamy!!! I love the pictures!! You all look so happy, I wish the best for you and your family!!!
Thanks for sharing this fantastic photos!
Xo, Aylin

Gorgeous photos Jenn! You and your whole family are so beautiful! Hawaii looks like a dream!

aaawww jenn what a gorgeous vacation.
all of the pictures are just beautiful.
everyone is so photogenic!
How sweet that you were there for the wedding proposal. so sweet.
you will just have to go back for the wedding. o’darn.
tee hee.
see ya soon sweets.

wow Jenn, what a wonderful trip. How awesome that you have discovered this very special part of your family! and the hawaii part is a great bonus! LOVE all the pictures. everyone looks great! the pictures at the end are fabulous and little Vivi is gorgeous! and of course Grant is adorable too as are the other too precious children!
Now back to reality right?

Hi Jenn… I am just in awe of it all!… I need to go back again and again and look at all of the photos some more… so happy you had such a nice time… the pics of all the little kids on the beach are just precious!… and that vintage shop looks wonderful!… xoxo Julie Marie


Greetings! What a gorgeous family! Stunning vacation shots, ooh how blue the water is! Such a special moment to be able to share with your sister as she prepares for a new beginning in her life. Happy Summer! xoxoxo

What a beautiful, heart-touching vacation. The children looked so happy and also relaxed. Of course I am loving the last batch-very professional! I think you should set up a corner of your art studio and take photos too. Thanks so much for sharing with us. It was so nice to see your family having a blast.

Wonderful photos. I was glad you put up so many.
The little cousins sure related. How cute!
That was so neat the young man proposed!
Looking forward to the wedding photos.
Oh and the girls jumping in the water
was really neat. Aahh to be young.

Zoe Pittman

Awe Miss Jennifer my eyes are welled up – these are such beautiful photo’s – what a truly gorgeous family you have! Thank you so much for sharing. Lots of love, and miss you, Zoe xo

Benita DeVary

Such beautiful pictures of your family & Hawaii Jennifer ~ I’m so glad you had such a nice time with your family !!

What a beautiful post. All the pictures are gorgeous. How can you go wrong Beautiful scenery, beautiful family and the kids? Well they stole the show. Thank you for sharing. Grace xoox

Francie Thornton

Wonderful photos and now you have many beautiful memories. It’s been a while since I was in Hawaii but I actually did shop ’til I dropped.

OM MY GOSH….I am not sure where to start. The photos don’t look real it is so pretty and that shop I am drooling over. I hope you bought some great pretties to take back home from there. Oh, those photos of the kids…perfect!


What a great family reunion vacation! The photos are awewome (love the sisters in mid-air)…and such a relaxed good-looking family, too. Love their Hawaiin musical names. Ah, one of these years I hope we can visit Hawaii.
The shabby chic boutique sounds like a rare thing over there…but, I see vintage tropical inspired barkcloth and beach-y items so it makes perfect sense…glad it “found you”. πŸ™‚ Very cool for you to find your home in the magazine there…I did see it a while back at the store and it is always a thrill to see one of the blogs I regularly visit in a magazine.
Have a nice rest of the summer! πŸ™‚

Hi Jenn!
LOVED taking this trip to Hawaii with you… that’s what it felt like! Isn’t Hawaii the most special place on earth? I love it so much. Looks like you had an amazing time with your family. So many smiling faces! Everyone looked so happy and you know I love your photography- just gorgeous! Thanks for sharing. Hope you’re having a lovely Sunday.

That’s so funny! My husband and I took a trip to Kauai a few months ago, and I discovered that very same shop! I told the woman working, “This is my kind of shop-not all the tourist shops all over the island!”
Beautiful shots of the kids at the end!

Oh Jenn!! It looks amazing!! I am so happy for you to get to spend time with your family. Everyone is so beautiful!! It must have been so special to see your sister get engaged too! All of the children are just beautiful and everyone looks so happy. And that shop is to die for!! Hawaii is top on my list of places together. Dave and I are planning to go there in May πŸ™‚ Thank you so much for sharing these amazing pics with us all.
p.s. cannot wait to see your studio!!!! It sounds so happy πŸ™‚
Love and miss you,

Looks like you had another wonderful Hawaiian vacation. We stayed at the same resort in Kauai – and LOVED it! I would definitely stay there again – it was so quiet when we went in May, we had the entire beach to ourselves. I remember Serendipity, too!!! I spotted it when we had breakfast at the restaurant upstairs and down the street (can’t remember the name now), and I HAD to check it out. Now you’ve got me wanting to go back! Your photos are beautiful, and the kids looks like they had a great time. Take me with you next time! I’ll babysit πŸ™‚


How wonderful is that??? You and your familiy have had a fantastic time, one could see in in any pic you showed to us!
Thanks for sharing these lovely memories with us!
Sabine from Germany

Beautiful pictures, I looove the adorable shots of the kiddos! The colors are so brilliant, and their cute little faces are so happy and sweet! I have to mention the one where your sisters are in mid air, you captured such a fabulous moment in time! I’m sure each of you carried back some wonderful memories! Thanks for sharing! Debbie @ Cottage Hann~Me~Downs

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Wow! Did you really take more than 1400 pictures? That’s a lot of photos for a seven-day Hawaii trip. Oh well, seeing the beauty of Hawaii’s pristine beaches is sure to inspire any photographer to capture as many photographs as he can.

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