WHOO-HOO! My first Blog!


Hello Everyone! Im a major blog newbie! Im thrilled to finally be up and running. I’ve been procrastinating sooo long about setting one up. I’ve just been enjoying reading about everyone else’s life, thoughts, doing’s, etc. I finally decided it was time that I create my own. 

My main reason for blogging is I am finally able to find time now in my crazzy hectic life of raising a newborn and toddler to get back to creating my artwork, networking, and making new friendships with those that I have so much in commen with. My husband and I adopted Vivian Img_2937_edited1 5 months ago, and before that I was busy creating away! When I found out that we had been choosen as birth parents. Everything came to a screeching halt! I had to prepare for a baby. I put away all the vintage fabrics, glitter, buttons, trimmings,etc and put all of that on hold. Now that Vivian is getting a little older and I have some help, Im finally able to get back to my soul passion. Creating sweet keepsakes! Im pulling EVERYTHING out of storage and dusting it off. Im ready to get creating again. Im THRILLED to be attending this years SILVER BELLA. This will be my first time attending a workshop. Im so anxious to learn from the top artist, and meanwhile connect and make new friendships.

Here is a pic of me last year busy working away. Im beyond excited to find time in my life again to create!!!! Notice how MESSY and UNORGANIZED my work area is? I LOVE looking at other artist studios and seeing how perfect they look and how everything has it’s own little place. This room in now my daughters nursery. All my crafts are now in a corner of my dining room (and quickly filling up) for hopefully just a short time.  My dream is to one day have my own office/artstudio. Hopefully soon……………


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