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French Settee Makeover



Hi Friends!

Im excited to share with you my DIY makeover of this beautiful settee and chairs I had purchased many years ago.

Hubby and I were browsing Scott’s Antique Market in Atlanta, and I spotted this gorgeous French setee and chairs.

Upon looking at the set I wasn’t quite sure where I would put it. At the time we had just moved into our current home and I had 90% of the interior house finished and decorated.

I already had a beautiful sofa for my home as well as a victorian sofa I had inherited from my great-grandmother.

None of that matterd tho’… I  had already fallen head over heels in love with the gorgeous ornate wood carvings and caned back. 

The seller was willing to give us a good deal so it was too good to pass up! 🙂

*** Fast Forward***

All these years I never used the set. 🙁 They sat in my basement and later in the storage unit.

A few weeks ago I saw them in my storage unit and my  light bulb went OFF!

I knew exactly how I would decorate them and where I would put them.





I painted both the setee and chairs and distressed them lightly. 

I’ve yet to have them both reupholsted. However, for now and to keep the project budget friendly I was able to cover them all with gorgeous swoon worthy fabrics that were lightly drapped on the chairs. 

Believe it or not…I coverd the setee with a light pink lacy ruffled shower curtain I purchased from Urban Barn.

 Pretty huh?



The chairs I use in my Living Room.


The settee is in my bedroom (boudoir as I like to call it. 🙂 ) at the foot of my bed against the fireplace.







Hubby and I just recentely celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversay and one of my sweet gifts was a new Rachel Ashwell White Duvet called Petticoat.

So pretty!!!





Thanks to my handy little cellphone photographer Grant he captured this photo of me and my fur babies enjoying our lovely settee.


It’s truly amazing what a little paint and some pretty fabric can do!

A night and day transformation.

I have some fun photos to share with you REAL soon using the settee as a whimsy photo prop. Can’t wait to share!



DIY Fireplace Makeover

For as long as I’ve lived in my 1927 home I have been dying to paint the cold grey limestone fireplace.

The fireplace is historic to the look of the house. I know many people would cringe over the idea of painting it.

However, after 9 years of living in my house and debating over and over I FINALLY did it!!!

I painted it!

I am beyond thrilled with how it turned out!

Before & After

It’s a true testament that paint makes ALL the difference in the world!

It was simple to do.

~ Clean fireplace with vinegar and water

~ For Concrete, Stone, or porous material seal with two thin coats of Lock Down Epoxy Bonding

~ Paint 2-3 coats of Acrylic paint

~ When dry apply 2-3 thin coats of clear Aqua Plastic Urethane Varnish. I used a flat finish.

I would love your opinion…..mantel scarf or no scarf??? Which do you like best?

Im overjoyed with the results!

Now Im asking myself…Why didn’t I do this sooner? 😉

Email me if you have any questions and want to try it yourself!



Decorative Fireplace Screen

Hello friends! Just last week I barely squeeked by entering Fifi’s Oh-La-La contest. The rules are you must submit before and after photos of a furniture project. I had to act quick and decide what I wanted to redo. Hubby has cleaned out the basement and has practically moved everything into storage so I didnt have much stuff lying around in the basement to work with, and I didnt want to have to rumage thru my hot stuffy storage unit. I did however have this piece lying around.



It’s a wooden frame that was part of a dresser. It was a swivel dresser mirror. To give you an idea of what the piece looked like it is similar to this.


My neighbor years ago was having a garage sale and ended up giving me the dresser for free. However, over the years it has sadly been sitting in my basement and I’ve yet to do anything with it. The wooden frame at the time had no mirror attached, so I pondered and wondered what I can use this frame for. After thinking it over I had  a great idea pop into my head.

I transformed this frame into a gorgeous shabby decorative fireplace screen.



These gold Cherub Puti got a makeover from this.


To this.


Between the cherubs is a garland of ribbon and roses and an old clock that I “glamed up” as well.



The back is lined with a pink petticoat.


I am in LOVE with out it turned out!!!




Im keeping my fingers crossed that I might win one of the fourteen prizes! There are some amazing gifts!!! I’ll keep ya posted!!!!

About three weeks ago I received an email to participate in a fun creative art exchange. I know many of you received the same email and have participated as well. I was asked to create one item, and forward the email to six other talented artist. The goal is for each artist to receive six handmade creations.

My receipent was Amy Powers of Inspire Co. I know Amy loves vintage and whimsy things, and so I thought it would be fun to make her something that is a little bit both. 

This assemblage piece is a glamourous powder puff girl!


A vintage powder jar with the original pink powder inside the bottle. I attached it to a faux silver tray, added little millinery, and a white powder puff. Very Oh-La-La!


Shortly after I forwarded the art exchange email I started receiving goodies from other super talented artist.

My first package to arrive was this adorable angel bear assemblage lovingly created by Vivian Neroni of Viv’s Whimsy. She is so sweet! My little Vivian kept wanting to hold her, but I made sure she was very very gentle.  


My next yummy package was this fab painting by Christine Halbfoerster of Bella Colle.

I love fairies and she is a cutie! The colors are bright & pretty, and I love the little bling she added to her necklace.


This last gift I received was such a wonderful surprise. I about *gasped* when I opened it.


It’s a decorative assemblage box with the banner “Petticoats & Parasols”. This gorgeous pieces was handmade by the super talented Amada Lebel of Party Hats and Pretty Little Things.  Amada will be attending my upcomming event, so I thought it was a really sweet idea that she created this piece inspired by my event. 


I LOVE this southern silhouette and the gentleman holding the parasol.


Thank you SO SO SO much ladies!!! I appreciate you taking part in the art exchange and I love my gifts!

I would love to give a little shout out *promo* to my friend Priscila Barros that has a new blog called Little Miss Heirlooms


It’s a DARLING site geared towards vintage baby and children decor, parties, toys, etc. It’s a super sweet site, and just recently Priscila asked me to do a Q&A on her blog called “Mommy Tales”. The shop is full of ADORABLE vintage childrens items so when you get a chance stop by and check it out!

Off to start organizing craft supplies and packing. Im Silver Bella bound NEXT WEEK! YIPPEEE!!!!!

Have a fantastic weekend!!!!



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