HAPPY NEW YEARS my sweet friends!!!! Can you believe another year has flown by and now it's time to RING IN the New Year for 2009??? 


I've been very fortunate to have had a blessed and wonderful 2008! I know setting New Years resolutions is always a "must do" this time of year. I myself, dont tend to make them because 9 times out of 10 we really dont keep to them. However I do reflect on the little things within myself that I strive to improve and work on. So here are a few little things I really want to work and focus on.

1. Spend one on one quality time with each of my children. Over the Christmas holidays I took a break from "everything" and made special one on one time with each of my children. I always "overload" myself with so many projects and "to do" list that I sometimes get so caught up and dont make the "extra" quality time with each of my children. We play as a "group", but not one on one. Being Grant my son is older I could really tell he enjoyed his special time with "Mommy". Time as we all know flies, and I need to remind myself to "slow down" and enjoy this time with my children. They will be grown and independent in a blink of an eye!

2. I want to challange myself with new creative projects! I AM working on a new project which is a bit "Ssh Ssh" right now. It's something I've never done before, but Im really excited to try for the first time. You'll find out more down the road. 😉

3. Spend more time outdoors. Plain and simple. I dont do this enough! Im indoors majority time. I use to work on my garden room all the time and plant flowers and I've neglected alot of that over the year. Being outside on a gorgeous day is so theraputic for me as Im sure it is for many.  We just had a playground set up and built for my children in our backyard so that will be the perfect opportunity to spend more time outdoors and with the kids.

Last but not least….

4. Live for the moment. Im a structured planner, I always work best on a routine. I want  to chip away some of those walls and be a bit more spontaneous. When you have small children routine is a MUST! I tend to feel more uptight because I want everything to run smoothly and just perfect. That can be internally stressful! I want to relax a bit more and enjoy the moment and dont strive for everything to be just "so". 🙂

Now….Let's get this party started and on the way!!!!

I want to wish you ALL a HAPPY & PROSPEROUS 2009!!!!!!! I hope this new year will bring wonderful new changes to our lives and to our country.  

Jenn & heather new years




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