Dream Kitchen Makeover




Earlier this Spring I was tired of staring at my old painted yellow kitchen walls and dated decor.

I got to the point I didn't feel as happy and inspired while cooking in my kitchen.

I wanted the room to look brighter, fresh, and happy.


It's been a long slow process of re-doing the kitchen, but I am thrilled to say that it's finally the kitchen I've dreamed of.


Along the way I got frustrated with not knowing what to do for window treatments, or how to cover up the ugly TV when I have friends and company over. Plus, not being able to find the perfect wall clock for my kitchen.

So, I got creative and came up with a few DIY projects that solved my problems and look terrific.




The kitchen is fairly large. It's more of a long galley type kitchen. Lots of room for creating pretty vignettes.




(click on photos if you wish to enlarge)




I used Benjamin Moore paint for the walls. The color is named Mayonnaise.


Too funny!




















I wanted very minimal window treatments. I didn't want heavy treatments to block  the natural light. My desire was for open and airy.


I got crafty and used a vintage white petticoat to softly decorate the top of the door window. 

Gives it a pretty romantic touch.





Believe it or not…the tablecloth is actually TWO ruffled window treatments from Urban Outfitters. I purchased them awhile back to use in my living room and ended up not wanting to use them. The package sat on my desk waiting forever to be returned for credit, until I had a brainstorm idea to use it as a tablecloth for my kitchen.


Looks cute huh??




I purchased a brand new crystal chandelier online. If you are in the market for one I will give you my source. They have a huge selection!

This is the PRETTIEST chandelier with brilliant crystals and was VERY reasonable in price! 

Well worth the money!






This cabinet I purchased for $100 and gave it a fresh coat of paint and slight distress.











This gorgeous old cabinet I painted a powder blue.  



It's filled with fun vintage collectables.




I display vintage tins underneath my wine house. 





I love this pretty wall of pink and green.








I framed a few pieces of my photos.








Kitchen countertops full of retro sweetness!















I had fun playing with the windows above the sink.

I ended up using vintage embroidered tea towels as the treatment. I adore the vintage and whimsical look.




My personal favorite is the Southern Belle tea towel and directly above a clock from Home Depot that I altered.




I searched all over for a vintage inspired clock to hang directly above my sink.

I had no such luck. So, I decided to purchase a $20 clock from Home Depot. Paint the clock and use these super darling cake/ice cream/cupcake images from Everyday Is A Holiday. Jenny and Aaron so graciously allowed me to use their artwork images for Vivian's play table and chairs. I thought the images would look perfect decoupaged inside the clock. 






I wanted my kitchen to feel cozy and welcoming. It kind of  has that "Grandma lived in feel" to it. 






I found this oak mirror with roses etched on the glass. I purchased it and gave it an instant makeover.






Looks pretty with the millinery hats.





This little corner turned out lovely.







I repainted the kitchen bench from a green color to a pretty aqua blue shade.

Also added was a resin rose garland to give it more of a shabby look.



The lightbulb went off to cover the water bottle with one of my birdcages. 

Looks MUCH prettier now doesn't it? πŸ˜‰





Above my kitchen door I did another DIY project by adding darling embroidery 

to make a valance.



I can use my fingers to roll up it or down.



My favorite make-over of the entire kitchen was this built in cabinet.






I first took off the glass cabinet doors. In order to give it more of a cottage victorian look I added decorative wood bead trim, wood millwork corners, clear glass knobs, and resin flower baskets.

Last but not least painted it PINK!







I didn't want to spend a lot of time and money trying to cover up the kitchen TV & cable box. 9 times out of 10 it's not hanging up. The children enjoy watching TV in the kitchen while eating breakfast and snacks.

However, when I have friends or company over I think it looks much nicer hidden behind the ruffle white petticoat. 

I must give a huge plug to Sealah tape. I used it for everything.

I LOVE this stuff! 




I adore Mr. and Mrs. Humpty Dumpty S & P shakers.



How fun is this phone??

I purchased it on Amazon.



I played around with styling a bit and created a little breakfast table.










I hope you enjoyed viewing my kitchen make-over, and maybe were perhaps inspired to try out a few DIY tricks of your own.


The ONLY thing that would REALLY complete and truly make it the kitchen of my dreams was if I were to win the Loto so I could purchase these.








Oh well…Maybe one day! πŸ™‚


Thanks for stopping by! 

See you soon!!!

Hugs & Kisses,


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Oh Jenn, it is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO cute!! I love it!! Oh and you are right, those retro appliances would be the bee’s knees!

Erin Parker

Soooooo adorable. Love it.

Linda Diane

Oh my goodness goodness GOODNESS, Jen! I’ve been checking in, and am over-the-top THRILLED to see this post today. GORGEOUSNESS!!!! I will be coming back again and again just for a breath of fresh inspiration. Too many things I love to mention them all, but here a just a few of my many faves: bird cage hiding the water jug, almost-returned curtain turned into a ruffly tablecloth, and the ruffly white petticoat covering the TV shelf. (I may try to incorporate that idea in my living room.) Oh, I could go on and on, but I’d better stop. Need to save some time to get started doing some freshening up of my own house. I am officially inspired!! Sendin lots of hugs for your hard work in coming up with this post for us!

It was beautiful before but absolutely gorgeous now…I love all of it and now your retro goodies really stand out. Billy will probably not be happy when I tell him we have to make some changes around here! heehee.

Hello Jennifer,
your kitchen makeover is so cute. I too have the curtain from u.o. I’ve used it as a shower curtain, but now I’m tempted to use it on my table. I bet your children love to spend time hanging out in your gorgeous kitchen.
Bertie x

Wow–this is just yummy–so much work–you must be so proud of yourself!! Gorgeous! Now what magazine is it going to be featured in???

OM freaking G!! So beautiful Jen!! Looks like it could have been the kitchen of some very sexy grandma- stunning!!!


jenn, this is like steppping into a fairy tale. thank you for the tour and i’m sure we would all be delighted to see more of your home and your new crafting heaven/haven! thank you so much!!!

Oh wow, this is truly beautiful, well done you, amazing job,

Benita DeVary

Your kitchen is sooo cute and there are so many cute things to look at in every spot !!! It looks wonderful Jen : )

Wow it’s completely over the top and completely gorgeous! Love the chandelier and your clock turned out adorable! You know I adore it. BTW, I am about to paint my kitchen lavender! LOL! I was afraid you were going to go all minimalist farmhouse style on me when you started but I should know better!! xoxo… Jennifer

I love your kitchen and wish it was mine! Your magical touch is everywhere!

Sandy O'Donovan

Jenn..Your kitchen is YUMMILIOUS…The way you put it all together is the SWEETEST EYE CANDY EVER…. LOVE IT.. xoso Sandy

I am so many shades of green right now! What a magnificent makeover! I really love the open airy feel mingled with all the bright and cheery accents. The water cooler may be my absolute favorite part!

Oooh Jenn, your new kitchen is sooo dreamy!… I just love each and every detail. Your pink phone is fabulous!… and all of your collections make it so cosy and yes, it does look like grandma lived there!… you have such a beautifully soft way of decorating, and I think it is perfect!… I would just stay in the kitchen all day long!… xoxo Julie Marie

Your makeover is over-the-moon dreamy! Love the softness of your colors and how light and airy the room feels. And of course, you have added all of the perfect retro touches. Love it!


Hello Jenn, Your kitchen is so lovely and inviting:) Love the birdcage and clock idea,tea towel valance,where you did not cut your beautiful linens,tablecloth,using what you had. I have a pink kitchen,love it:) Thank You for some great ideas. You Hubby is so sweet letting you enjoy your home. Sweet Texas Hugs,Mary:)

I love love love it, especially the cage over the cooler idea. Clever! Do you have any “before” pictures?

Wow!!! WoW!!! WOW!!! I just wish I could jump right into these pictures. Pure bliss!
You did a spectacular job, everything is absolutely gorgeous!!!

Jenn, I love you’ve integrated so many of your wonderful collectibles into your kitchen! So nice to be able to see and enjoy everything! I also love the salvaged wooden architectural details, so much charm :-). Great job, hope you enjoy it for many years to come! xo, Jen

Your kitchen turned out beautiful just like I knew it would. It is amazing! Love the soft colors you chose and that pink phone is so cute! I love how you did your curtains too. Looks like a fairy tale kitchen. Great job!
Lee Laurie

Michelle from Manteo

I loooooooove it!!! Those are the same appliances I want in blue, no stainless for me. You did good!!! I am doing my kitchen in bluebirds and kittens, isn’t that silly!

So pretty and so you! The curtain solution is just wonderful, but I’m deeply in love with the water bottle cover! Can I steal that great idea? I’ve been wanting a water bottle, but hate the look of them for my kitchen.

You know how much I adore your pretty new kitchen! The bird cage over the water bottle is fabulous, girl! Each little detail is stunning and so JENN!! Call me when you get a chance, I have some fantastic news!
love you baby girl,
mama Sherry

WHAT FUN!!! Sooooooooooooooo YOU!!!!!!!! I can’t choose what is my favortie thing… the blue cupboard is divine, the gingerbread trim over the door, all the “EYE CANDY” everywhere. LOVE the vintage linens as curtains/shades! ADORABLE! Thanks for sharing. How’s the new studio coming along? I miss you sweet girl! Still pouting I don’t get to come play with you & all the other girls in North Carolina… Oh he owes me big for missing this one. HUGS!

It is absolutely darling Jenn! Fabulous. And you came up with so many wonderful solutions. I think the birdcaged watercooler is my favorite! Much health and happiness to you and your family as you enjoy good times in your kitchen!


Thanks for the post Jen! I keep on at you everytime I catch you, and at last it was worth the wait! Loving the bread bin!!!! Also the bird cage, the kitchen bench repainted and lots more! My own little kitchen (tiny) is work in progress right now.Managed to paint my basic cupboards white which looks better already….would like a new chandelier and Im also painting my pine dresser white/distressed (when I get the chance and my little darling isnt demanding my attention!) ..then the little window needs dressing. I also purchased a basic cream clock from a supermarket this week which I was planning to paint a blue colour…as I too could not find a clock to my liking so thanks for the inspiration! Hope to chat soon x

Penny @ The Comforts of Home

Jenn your kitchen is fabulous!!! I love everything you have done. I did spy the mosaic bread box too in all of your pretties!

Jenn, your kitchen makeover is the best I have seen in ages! I love it! The built in was my favorite part. All the little vignettes are just wonderful.
Thank you SO much for your lovely comments on my buzzzzzzzzz cut! I am truly loving it!!

Hi Jennifer, Oh your kitchen is just beautiful. I love the colors and all the lovely details that you did. Your table cloth is wonderful. Thank you for sharing your home with us. It looks so yummy. Hugs, Terri

lori v

OMG!!!!!! FABULOUS!!!! Your kitchen makeover is awsome. Enjoy, it looks the perfect spot to start every perfect day.

You know what would look lovely on your breakfast table? My Strawberry-Banana Jam! (I’m giving 2 jars away at my blog site!)
By the way….I Heart Your Kitchen!!

Keren Nguyen

Hi Jennifer I love your kitchen is gorgeous and cute.I love it that you so creative.My favorite part of kitchen the pink corner with the white petticoat curtain is so pink and cute.

Hi Jennifer I love your new kitchen is gorgeous.My favorite part is the pink corner with the white petticoat curtain to cover the tv is pinkish and cute.


OH MY GOSH JENN!!!!! You have outdone yourself!!!!!! This is amazing!!!!!! I wish I had a fraction of your talent!!! Ann

I just luv, luv, luv your kitchen it is soooooooooooooo yummy,. thanks for sharing Jen,. love from Glenda,. xxx

Holy smokes Jenn! Your kitchen makeover is AMAZING! it’s just so perfectly YOU!!! gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!!! Now we need to work on Curtis and see what we can do about getting you those fab colored retro appliances ;-))) xxoo

Soo love this – how sweet and airy. I would love your chandy on-line source. If you have the time, would you mind sharing your source.
I could sit and read your blog over and over. It’s like a magazine.
Enjoy your “new” kitchen.

“In my own little corner, in my own little world, I could be whatever I want to be.”…..From CInderella .
In my dream world, I would have a little cottage, a girls hang out, a crafting studio, a place to play bonko with the girls and a place to have as much pink as I want. I have this secret cabinet that is filled with pink kitchen things, like a mixer,blender, dishes, towels and other silly things on the chance that I will someday have this cottage with a pink and white kitchen. The new vintage appliances are to die for, I’ve seen them up close!
I am happy you have your dream kitchen because it turned out perfect! If you come to my blog I have studio photos and I have pink rotary phones hung up all over the walls, I’m up to 9! It’s magical. πŸ™‚

Gerry Kruse

Oh My! Soooo very pretty….I just LOVE your look! Thank you very much for taking the time to show us your NEW kitchen. I have been waiting to see it! I too, have been looking for a kitchen clock that is pink or white….did you paint the hands on the clock too? And please do tell where you ordered the chandelier from! I am looking for lots of them for our home. What color is your pink clock? sooo many questions! I would sure love to know the answers! πŸ™‚ I am going to keep looking at your blog as we remodel our home. I can get so many wonderful ideas from you! THANK YOU!

Gerry Kruse

You did a SUPER job on your NEW KITCHEN! Please tell me where you ordered your chandelier from! I am wanting to get lots for our home….different sizes. I also looked and looked for a kitchen clock. Loved your idea! What color of pink did you use? We are going to remodel our home this fall….and I am getting wonderful ideas from your blog. I was planning on painting our kitchen yellow, but liked your “mayonnaise” color. How did you decide on that color…so many whites to pick from! Thank you for posting these pics of your awesome kitchen….I LOVE your taste!


Thanks for the peek into your beautiful home! Your kitchen is so dreamy and fun. I love how you really put your own personal stamp on things. The birdcage on the water cooler is so fab…love all the little nooks and corners. Would love to see more of your home and decorating style.

Jessica "SouthernShabbySoChic"

I first saw your house on “The old painted cottage” web-site, and I have to say your house is one of my very favorites. I have been going on there over and over drooling over all the pretty “eye candy”!!! I have to say that you have really inspired me to just do it – I have redone my home decor to yummy cotton candy colors. I love the new look! I have held off thinking my husbands going to think I’ve really lost it this time when I started decorating with pink. To my surprise he hasn’t complained a bit in fact he liked it. SURPRISE! SURPRISE! I LOVE the way you have redone your kitchen it is sweeter than cotton candy!!! Great job it is absolutely gorgeous!!!

OMG Jenn!!!! It is absolutely to die for!! The most beautiful kitchen I have EVER seen!! I am sooooo jealous! It is so light, bright and romantic with that touch of whimsy that is so you!! Every single detail makes me oooohhh and aaaahhhh. You are so talented and have such a way with display! Wish I could hire you to come and help me with my new home!! I have to go back and look again πŸ™‚
Love and miss you,

This has to be the yummiest, sweetest Kitchen I have ever seen!! I just love how you used all the different elements on the walls and in your displays!! So very you Jenn!!
Huggs, Nancy


can you tell me where to buy that chandelier? I love your kitchen! it’s absolutely beautiful!

This is so pretty and so you! Wow-wonderful DIY projects mean one-of-a-kind items! I’m so glad you finally did what you wanted to do. I redid my kitchen in ’06-from scratch. : ) It’s my Cape May, NJ beachy kitchen.
I heard you can paint frigs!

And the birdcage over the water cooler-fabulous!

That is without a doubt the prettiest, most favorite room I have ever seen!! I love it!! Thanks for so many pretty photos to feast my eyes on!! If that was my kitchen I would never leave it again!
Charming Gardens

I just found your blog and am totally in love with your kitchen! Thanks for sharing your photos and I look forward to reading more!

Katie Posh Totty Designz UK

That phone…….arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrh I want it!!! You never cease to amaze me with your talents you clever girlie. Looks beautiful x

A sweet confection! Scrumtious!!!
Now you simply NEED a pink coffe maker, I received mine as a gift boughten off Amazon! Love, Lori

Jennifer, Your kitchen is just fabulous! I would soooo love to wake up and have my coffee in such a beautiful place as your new kitchen, but alas, my husband would just not go for it. Thanks for the inspiration and kudos to you for such a wonderful job.

What a treat to see everything! Every picture better than the next… but I have to say I LOVE your idea of putting the birdcage over the water jug. Brilliant Jenn! I think you’ve definitely created the “happiest place on earth!” Yes, there are no character in fur suits and no main street parade but I think you’ve got that place beat! lol
Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend.

I am truly astounded! I’ve never seen anything quite so adorable!!!
You said you wanted a place to feel more inspired in for cooking and I thought, yeah, great idea, a place where you feel more inspired to cook…
You blew me away! This is all so amazing!
xo xo from Miami Beach

I love every inch of this kitchen. Can I come over? How can you ever leave it?

Very nice photo. I like all of them. It looks very clean.. Nice blog. Keep it up. And thanks for sharing this kind of blog.


All right, I just have to know . . . are there any males living in your household? It’s just too charming! The birdcage idea is

What a beautiful place! The placing of the windows and doors allow a lot of natural light to enter the room and light up the whole place. Good job!

I was just going back to read some of your posts I missed and found this. I just have one question…. Can I please move in with you? LOL, I will bring Tiffany!!! Wow, love love love everything. You did an amazing job Jenn, it is so you and so perfect. I actually said EEEEKKKK when I saw the bunny shade on your door. So many sweet touches. It made me smile.

Oh my! You have such a wonderful kitchen, Jen. Those vintage curtains and linens are a treasure. Well, your work depicts your charming personality. πŸ˜‰ I also love the simplicity of your window treatment. It welcomes the sun, thus bringing a lively ambiance to your kitchen. Keep it up!

I think most girls/ladies/women dream about having a kitchen like this. The flowers make for great accents, and they make the kitchen even lovelier. It would be fun to work in a kitchen like this. Every detail is simply pretty!


Oh my goodness!! I love your kitchen!! It is beautiful!!

What a unique kitchen this is. Everything’s cute and done creatively; I assume children would be thrilled from seeing this. It’s like a dream kitchen where you can have fun while cooking all dishes that you want all day long.

This is the perfect example of a relaxing kitchen. It’s the product of effort and inspiration. That water dispenser is pretty fancy. The cage-like covering made it look quite unique. That would make a good conversation piece while preparing food! =)

Everything in your house is lovely and pretty. I also love the saying you shared, What you eat is who you are, so eat something cute.

WOW, WOW, WOW, is all I can say. Are you sure you live in a house. I am a Kitchen Makeover Specialist. And looking at what you achieved I think it is really wonderful for a person who has flair like yourself. But I think it is really not very practicable for people with children running about the place. I love all your little cabinets and chairs, your table cloth and all your ornaments. The bright colors are lovely and the amazing light you are getting in through those windows excellent. But I don’t think I would want the job of doing the dusting. Well done. . . .


What a light bright airy kitchen, you couldn’t help but be happy in this space. I envy you my tiny kitchen has 1 small window and its dark even in summer. The birdcage over the water fountain is a great idea, im going to give it a try, even in a dark space I hate that water bottle, so why not cover it. Thanks Jennifer for sharing. tam

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